Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Update on Blog

Since I don't make comments on this blog I was not aware that registration is necessary to post. Accidentally found out and changed the criteria so anyone at all can post anything at all (within reason.) What does that mean? My generation calls it common sense which, if I have to spell it out, means anonymity is OK unless the message is crude, rude or over the top. OK?

And with that as a new start to the New Year and having learned how to put video on the blog which we can start practicing with next week we are good to go in 2009. One other note: if you want me to research and/or address any topics I have given short shrift, just let me know.

We aim to please. Or if not, at least give you something to think about.

Happy New Year!

See ya

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Black Teen Murder Rate Increases 39% in Six Years

Why is this political? Let me count the ways.

In 2007 Michigan had a referendum on the ballot which gave an advantage to minorities and which I worked for and supported for 10 months. The inner city schools in Detroit are so bad that in my estimation we needed to give those kids all the extra help we could muster to make up for the adults who couldn't get the job done. In October the Crisis magazine, the NAACP official publication, included a story about teenagers who were involved in driveby shootings and other forms of outright murder.

The gist of the story was that many innocents were being hurt, that the problem was caused by Republicans not supporting gun control, was exacerbated by the gun running along I-95 from the south where guns were readily available to the major east coast metropolitan areas and then compounded by the hunting element in the New England states making a secondary source of easy procurement.

What to do about it? Counsel the young people about the negative effect on future jobs if they had a felony on their records was one remedy. A glaring omission was evidenced by no mention of the fact that it is wrong to take a life. The only place in the article where "wrong" was even mentioned was at the end of a trial resulting in finding the young man who shot a girl who became a paraplegic was when she was asked if she had anything to say was when she said "He done me wrong." At that point I decided that if they didn't even recognize an important part of cause and effect, I just couldn't support more of the same. Some tough love was called for.

Now we see a study indicating a 39% rise in murders of black teenagers between 2001 and 2006. I realize that the economy had taken over the headlines from just before and since the election, but I don't remember any earlier campaign promise which would make us think the Dems consider this a problem which might be rectified by naming a Gun Czar or Cabinet level Black Youth Safety position. (If they want to be politically correct, we can call it Youth Safety so self esteem is not an issue.)

Since Mr. Obama is so staunchly pro-abortion perhaps one could conclude that life in general is of little value to him, but I refuse to believe that. I believe that he has been caught up in the Democrat mantra of freedom of choice (euphemism for abortion) that he has no graceful way of standing up for life without alienating a good share of his base.

Other than prayer I see only one avenue to save these kids. We all need to keep nagging folks to listen to Bill Cosby who is one of the few who seem to get it. Keep your eyes open and write a letter to the editor now and then. Compliments if deserved, shame if not.

See ya

Monday, December 29, 2008

Our First Celebrity President

I know, I know. I can't give the guy a break. But it's so hard to watch the manipulation of the media by this guy's handlers and the way they are denied nothing by print, video, radio and cyberspace. (Of course I'm jealous. My ignorance of all things electronic in particular is almost insurmountable. All I can hope is that there are some conservatives out there who know how to reach these technophobes, if that's a word. All I want for Christmas is an even playing field.)

Anyway, my references today have to do with the photos of Mr. Obama released just as a movie studio press room in the old days. Remember the shot of Hillary and Bill dancing on the beach in their swim suits? We were supposed to think that all was forgiven and it was again a marriage made in heaven.

Well now we have all these pin-up type pics of Obama which will help us "get to know him" better resulting in our affection levels becoming closer rather than adoration from afar. (We know that the Secret Service would not allow anyone close enough to take these photos unless it was part of the publicity plan.)

The other shots on TV today were in a coffee shop, etc. where he performs what I call the "patronizing pat." Have you ever noticed when doing an interview where he is sitting face to face and leans over and pats the interviewer's knee or arm or hand? When in the coffee shop today he had to put his hand on the shoulder/back of a guy who just happened to be close as he was walking by. This happens over and over again. Are these folks supposed to be flattered by the gesture? I find it a bit condescending, but maybe it's my age. My mom taught me about personal space and being overly familiar with strangers or one's elders. There's something wrong with this picture.

Tomorrow I want to talk about the murder rate among black teens and where's the outrage.

See ya

ps-I'm not a golfer, but have many in the family and have watched a round now and then. I just want to say that if I had a chili dip like Obama I wouldn't want it put out there for all the world to see.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weekend Newspaper item you may have missed

Didja see that a veterinary hospital in Akron, Ohio needs $300,000 to put in a sewer for the expansion of a facility employing 45 vets and 120 full time staff? The city ran out of money just before they reached the area. So they are getting in line for a govt bailout as an infrastructure expenditure and you wouldn't believe the list that goes on and on and on....... I have a thought. Why not have the Akron community do some fundraising? By my arithmetic it would take 30,000 donations of $10 to pay for it and there would be no payback of bonds or loans. Surely Akron has the population to take care of this.

Now, what follows is a litany of other projects in the Akron area such as the red brick sewer in a residential neighborhood which presently is known to flow into the Cuyahoga River which has been known to burn--Remember Lake Erie? As for the brick sewer the guy in charge says it was put in by the WPA in the 30s and it is only fitting that the government should come take it out to correct the mistakes they made then and now they can do it right.

Think we should have a contest to see who can come up with the most ridiculous use of public monies?

Meet the Press, now hosted by Mr. Gregory was a joke today. Poor guy from the National Review was the only conservative, flanked by a guy from Newsweek who spoke with an elegant English accent, an editor from Vanity Fair and a bag full of hot air from the Washington Post plus, of course, the host. They really believe in piling on.

Remember when we spoke of the Clinton Legacy a few days ago? Just remembered that one of the problems I had ten years ago was that so many of the folks who supported him in his stall for time effort ended up spending upwards of a hundred thousand dollars when called before the grand jury. I've always wondered if the Clintons ever reimbursed these people. We're talking folks who work for a paycheck such as his secretary and other staff people. Not nice, Bill and Hillary. It's not too late. Send them a check--you can afford it.

See ya

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ten Best, Ten Worst--How about Best Comparison?

Clinton, 370 electoral votes
Dems: 258 House seats; 58 Senate seats
Govs: 33 then, 29 now
Obama, 365 electoral votes
Dems: 258 House seats; 58 Senate seats without Minnesota

Rep govs: 31 - up from 17
AND the
Contract with America!

The present recession is more serious than the 1992 situation. There are other obvious differences--terrorism for one--you can make your own list.

We have to do all the same things we did then plus the internet and rebuilding the base for both fund raising and philosophy. Most of this needs to be done at the state level, so let's get ready to go for it NOW, not later.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Obama will probably be smarter than Clinton in that he won't alienate the independents so quickly. The country wasn't quite ready for HillaryCare. Rather than charging in to fulfill all his campaign promises he will space them out trusting it will lead to apathy. We, however, have history to learn from and so we have. Haley Barbour did it right the last time and I'm sure we will have a new RNC Chair and state party chairs who are chomping at the bit.

This will not be easy, but hopefully the electorate will be able to see that the rhetoric and the generalizations can't get the job done. The President-elect has talked the talk, walking the walk is something else.

See ya,

Friday, December 26, 2008

Bush-A Giant of a Man vs the small, mean, petty, rich white guy

Yes, through the last 8 years I have criticized our President--for not getting rid of Rumsfeld soon enough and making what I considered other mistakes in timing. Perhaps I've let my first impression of him in 1996 at the Midwest Leadership Conference in Indianapolis color my attitude toward him in other inconsequential ways. (I thought he gave a lousy speech.)

However, in the last couple of days I see a need for sticking up for the guy. Case in point: Jay Leno has made some of his gazillions of dollars at the President's expense. His monologues consistently poke fun in a very mean-spirited way at our President. We certainly can bet the farm that he will not make any such comments critical of Obama. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that his 10:00 time slot will be an excuse to become more "neutral."

What makes Bush great? We've always known about his humility and if we thought about it, everything about him points to his self-confidence. He is what defines a Republican: doing the right thing whether or not anyone is looking and doing it because it truly is the right thing to do.

Here's where Jay Leno comes in. Most of the comedians stock in trade these days starts with the President's stupidity. But he and Karl Rove have had a friendly rivalry going on for about 3 years. Rove mentioned wanting to read a book a week and Bush, apparently in his usual friendly but competitive fashion, figured they could "go for it." And since it's Rove's idea, he's game. The first year the score was 110 for Rove and 95 for Bush. 58 of Bush's were non-fiction, mostly on history and bigraphy with 8 on mostly Mideast current events and 6 on sports. In 2007 they slowed a bit with Rove leading again at 76-51. And this year the score is now 64 to 40. Most of the reading is pretty heavy going. I'll give Leno the benefit of the doubt, but I'll bet a lot of his reading is about cars. At any rate, this President is not stupid. He can make a joke about shoes thrown at him and makes no comment about the comedians, but it takes a big man to smile through it all.

Other evidence? (In the interests of honesty I need to tell you it would have cost over $1700 to quote an article from the WSJ entitled "The President Comforts a Marine Mom." I can't afford it so I'll just tell you about it.)

The Mom in question is Mrs. McPhillips whose son was killed in Iraq. They met in the Oval Office a few years ago and have exchanged letters, many written in the president's hand since. "Through the sadness that binds them together, they look eye to eye and let their hearts do the talking." and "....the brave young lieutenant who was born to one and laid down his life under the command of the other." They spent 45 minutes a couple of days ago talking about everything from Iraq, what he hoped to accomplish in the Middle East and their conversation was punctuated with words on the challenges and consolations of faith.

Lt. McPhillips sister and father were also present and when they left the President wrote a note to the sister's kindergarten class asking them to excuse her for missing class that day. They spoke further about faith and prayer and how to live a Christian life. He described men like the Lieutenant as the kind of man any parent would want to lead their son into battle or wait at the altar when a father walked his daughter down the aisle.

One more quote: "This Christmas, Mr. Bush's last as commander in chief, Mrs. McPhillips would like him to know how grateful they are that Brian served a president who was determined, at great cost to his own popularity, to ensure that their son's sacrifice would not be in vain."

"Mr. President, Brian was proud to be a Marine. And he carried within him the same light that you do--a faith in God, in America, and in the dignity and worth of every man, woman, and child on this earth. A blessed Christmas for you and your family, Mr. President."

And I hope, also, to all of you.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas-Visions of Giving

It's difficult to write about anything that could be called negative, so we will try to give some time to its reality.

#1-How do you feel about giving through the IMF to prop up Russia's bad economy which was predicated on the high price of oil and no one apparently thought it could ever possibly go down, so they just continued on using up reserves to prop up segments of the economy. Following this, and with foreign investors leaving in droves, they devalued the currency and the stock market plunged 75%. Who puts the money into the IMF? And why should Russia be looking to repeat 1998, the last time they tapped the rest of the world.

#2-Nonprofits beginning to talk about getting a bailout. Whoa.......... When I think of nonprofits, I generally think of groups or organizations which benefit the public and are usually held in high esteem by those who send them a yearly stipend and sometimes, like Planned Parenthood, should be re-examined as to their need for any public monies other than those privately donated. Shouldn't the government be precluded from giving anything that could be construed as being labelled discretionary income on their balance sheets? Frankly, I think most of these should be funded by individuals. It should be pretty special to deserve public funding.

#3-from the NY Times: "....the financial ability to contribute to charity, and the willingness to do so, are strikingly unrelated. Amazing, the working poor, who have the least resources somehow manage to be more generous as a percentage of income than the middle class.

So, even in tough times, there are ways to help."

We all know that we have a culture which has givers and takers. And, we also should know that except under extraordinary circumstances, it certainly feels a lot more satisfying to give than take. At this time of year it is brought home in myriad ways that it is the season of giving and we should all enjoy the activity.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Blogspot Block

If "" shows up on your recently used addresses or faorites or bookmark, delete it or just don't use it. For some reason it showed up as an "invited guest only" and I didn't do it.

Same old get you here. Thanks

Why are we blocked out?

I don't understand this any more than you do; will try to get to the bottom of it.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Democrats, United or Divided?

We have heard the so-called pundits discussing the Rick Warren inclusion in the inauguration festivities as pitting Democrats against each other and since Obama has been making liberal use of all things Lincoln of late it would benefit him to remember "United we stand, divided we fall."

I beg to differ and in most cases the conservative view is just wishful thinking. My take? Obama is doing the same thing McCain did throughout his campaign. Taking his base for granted knowing full well that they had no place else to go and would complain for a little while and then go ahead and pull the Republican lever.

Since some of the analyses after the election indicate that although some Republicans would not cross party lines, they just stayed home. One can only hope, but if I were a betting person I would expect that when the next election comes around the Democrat version will have forgotten the incident or at least come to terms with it.

We will still need to work as hard as we possibly can and win on the merits. That is the only scenario which works.

See ya-

Friday, December 19, 2008

Clinton Legacy-Anarchy?

The above title is the same one I used exactly 10 years ago on the website I had at the time for Michigan Senior Citizens. (It was Dec. 19, 1998 when Pres. Clinton was impeached.)

This is a quick introduction to the next couple of columns since I'm going to share with you what I wrote at that time and how coincidental it is that just 2 weeks ago we heard about the young folks who cheat.

That's a teaser.

See ya

Thursday, December 18, 2008

AARP Friends

My friends at AARP are at it again.

They are describing our country as lacking in prestige with our reputation around the world in tatters. Why, then, I ask you, does the rest of the world turn to us when a catastrophe decimates their population? And, why do we still have an enormous problem with illegal immigration? And why, when they say "Yes we can" in answer to the question "can we fix this?" they reference the Obama campaign slogan indidcating that it's really the Republicans who are causing all the trouble?

They just have such a problem realizing that the so-called mean-spirited political climate started with the Clinton administration when the pot called the kettle black.
Not being a psychiatrist, but having picked up some of their jargon along the way, I'm sure there is a name for the response of someone who strikes out at others when they realize that they made the original mistake. All of those people who defended the Prez and vouched for his honor had, and probably still have, a terrible guilt complex about doing so.

They keep thinking that the best defense is a good offense and usually that is so, but they keep falling into the trap of two wrongs making a right and that is not so.
So, until they realize that in order to "cooperate" they must meet halfway, it's not gonna work to tell us we need to "work together."

We'll keep trying.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chrysler Shutdown, Obama's abortion stance/education choice

You pays your money and takes your choice.

Story #1: If you aren't acquainted with the automotive industry you probably are not aware that the company picks up the 90% wage that workers get during a shutdown.

Story #2: Obama has said (paraphrased) that the worst mistake in voting that he ever made was to keep Terry Schaivo alive and has hired the attorney who defended the husband who wanted to take her off life support to help his team.

Story #3: Obama's Education cabinet member, Mr. Duncan, has stated that certfication of teachers is no guarantee of good performance plus he supports charter schools, among other positions. Wonder when the teachers' unions are going to weigh in. They can't be too happy with this guy.

See ya

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ecuador and Venezuela/Connect the Dots

The only thing seen in the last couple of days which will bear investigation is the connection between Correa of Ecuador who is a good friend of Hugo Chavez and who has "skipped" a $30.6 million payment to bondholders which was due yesterday indicating that there were "irregularities" in how the deal had been constructed by his predecessor.

It just seems that there is hardly any gray area any more where we can give folks the benefit of the doubt. Good and evil are as black and white as they can be and lately it seems the good guys and bad guys are easily identified. In fact, if we don't approach any given situation with skepticism and look for trouble we will probably be caught flat-footed and look like fools for being too trusting.

It's pretty basic, isn't it? But who has the ability to do something about it?

Maybe it's the Christmas season, but it's more depressing than usual since we really do want to see the good in everything and it appears to be getting harder and harder to find.

See ya..........

Monday, December 15, 2008

Playing Both Sides Against the Middle------

American Greeting (the card company) has companies in Michigan and Tennessee. According to the Mackinac Center these folks put out the information that they would "probably" be closing one of the plants. So, what happened, you ask? Why, they're not stupid. They accepted both states' offers of, in the case of Michigan, $2.4 million in Single Business Tax Credits, $400,000 in job training subsidies and early $2.5 million in local property tax abatements. This was in 2000 and they were to creat 200 new jobs with the company by 2002 and 144 additional "spin-off" jobs by 2010. Tennessee was probably an equivalent.

The result was nowhere near 200. 60 jobs (it had been as high as 85) were the end result in 2002. Total tax credits earned for the tax year 2002 were valued at $346,560. You can do any kind of math you want, this does not compute. What are the odds that any monies will be returned to the state?

You can make up the end of this story any way you want. It just rubs me the wrong way and I don't want to talk about it any more today.

See ya,

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blogging, Dieting, Exercising.........

What's the Connection?

It seems if you stop any one of them it takes a major effort to get started again, at least if self-discipline is a fault in your psyche.

So, let's put it this way--

I've always tried to keep this short enough that it's not a chore to stop by and doesn't take too much time and will continue to do so.

With that in mind today I have only an update on an old subject: the gangs have infiltrated Hartford, Connecticut in the same way as Dallas, San Diego and other locations in the south where you might expect them. They are working in the same way with the Spanish title for "solid" meaning they are solidly together and their coordination is strong.

If yo have a few minutes to research the newspapers in Dallas and San Diego, you really should.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shame on you, Sen. Shelby!

Sen. Shelby is the epitome of working at cross purposes, having a vested interest, conflict of interest or anything else you may want to call it.

A guy who has new auto plants, non-unionized, etc. and from a state that has been tied with Mississippi and others for the bottom of the list of all things important for years is sounding a bit greedy, don't you think?

At first I thought he was actually concerned with sending good money after bad but the more vitriolic he gets the more it looks like he is trying to kill the Michigan sources in favor of those who have come to the table later than most. this another of those comspiracies I've been seeing behind all those trees?

Went to the 7th District Republican meeting last evening in Battle Creek where there was some crying over spilled milk but for the most part a genuine desire to get back on the horse and charge ahead. Especially here, where we have to replace Mr. Schauer who did not garner 50% of the vote, but yes, there was a spoiler. From this vantage point it looks like Repr. Mike Nofs from Calhoun County is the best guy to accomplish that feat. Go for it, Mike!

See ya...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ford Question Answered, I guess

Can't figure out why Ford even accompanied the other two if they are now saying they don't need any help and that they have had a plan in place for quite some time. Wich reminds me, I promise I will put up a video next week showing a Ford plant in Brazil that boggles the mind as to robotics, modernization, suppliers under the same roof, etc., etc. Of course the message is that it could never happen here because the unions wouldn't allow it. Some things ever change.

Only one response?

See ya tomorrow...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Union Bosses, Politicians and Kingmakers

Just heard Ron Gettelfinger expounding that GM and Chrysler are in real danger of failing but didn't mention Ford. What is he trying to do? Or is this just another example of the psychology of self-fulfilling prophecies?

We've watched the drama of the hearings and grilling of the auto makers leadership knowing full well that the Dems won't let them fail. That is one campaign promise they will keep--the open ballot so anyone who would rather operate without a union is fearful to voting in opposition to the union control.

Undoubtedly they will give them enough to carry them through until January 21 when the new administration can move without opposition. Which reminds me, heard that the bars in DC will be open longer hours during inauguration week. Isn't that just asking for trouble?

It's still cold here-hope you are toasty and cozy...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Michigan State Politics

Friday evening the State Party met with the County and District Chairs of Michigan looking over the past and planning strategy for the future. There is much to share with our readers as soon as it becomes public knowledge. Don't look for rumors or letting cats out of bags on this site.

This morning the State Committee met and heard a pretty complete breakdown plus the highlights (and some low points) of the last couple of election cycles from our State Party Chair, Saul Anuzis, who has thrown his hat in the ring for Chair of the Republican National Committee. We wish him well. He is not a one-note Charlie being extremely knowledgeable about the cyberspace thing plus coming from an immigrant family whose roots were in the unions. So he can see the picture from both sides and can empathize with different points of view having lived them in some measure. Many people, through no fault of their own, do not have that advantage. The approaches need to fit the demographic voting blocs which is a fine science in itself.

Our Committees and officers have worked tirelessly and should be applauded for their efforts. Even though we came out losers at the top, we are building a strong foundation and the future looks much better. And even better if our audience is motivated to join us at the grassroots.

Today at the conclusion of my remarks I likened our efforts to the time, talent and treasure contributed by us as stewardship in our religious lives. Don't let anyone fool you, this is a three-legged stool and we just can't expect to do the job if we're missing one of the legs.

See ya tomorrow..........

ps-Brrr - the calendar says it's still fall, but it sure feels like winter!

Friday, December 5, 2008

What is Important in Your Life?

I've been away for a couple of days because even though I don't believe multi-tasking is a modern phenomenon not as much seemed as important as the fact that we had a very serious fire in our church building on Wednesday which was followed by the usual flurry of logistical discussions and phone calls, interspersed with every day chores and some attention being paid to Christmas. (Not to mention taking time out to shampoo carpeting in two rooms because the dog had "something" on his feet.)

Suffice to say that although there will be inconveniences during the next few months it was our church "building" that suffered damage and not the "church" who will gather in several different places to join hands in worship. No personal injury involved and not a complete loss. So praise God.

At this point in time (a cliche if I've every heard one) I need to make a request. Granted we started this blog during the campaign cycle and we are nothing if not political, but it is my opinion that if we don't keep it going, it will lose the three or four people who check it out daily and no one will have a reason to look for us in a year or two. Given the types of information we have put out during the last month, is this enough to hold your interest? Or, where would you like us to go? Thanks for taking your time.

Have a good weekend and we'll try to be back tomorrow.

God bless-

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rewarding Incompetence?

The CEO of AFLAC has it right! No pay for doing a bad job. (When hiring in to avoid injustice, maybe, but not after the period of time required to accomplish what any employee is being paid to do.) Did anyone else just hate that quacking duck the first few times we saw him? Now, he has become an American icon and AFLAC has greater assets than Prudential, Lincoln Life and a third I can't remember, all put together.

Golden parachutes have different levels. I abhor rewarding incompetence right down to changing lawn services. And guess what--the firm we had dealt with for 6 years and showing no improvement kept bugging us to take them back and give them another chance. Why would we when the new guy had it looking great in a year and a half?
Now, since retirement, the man of the house has no trouble keeping it looking good around here.

On a personal level I'd bet that everyone out there reading this has at least one example.

See ya

Monday, December 1, 2008

Cheating, Economy, Schadenfreude

We can go into the Cultures of Life and Death down the road, but today under the heading of Culture of Death meaning the culture encompassing the death of honesty and integrity as demonstrated by the fact that 64% of kids admit to cheating on tests in high school and over 93% think they are better than most of their peers is the scandal of the day.

When thinking about the economy it occurs to me that perhaps one of the reasons why stimulus packages or tax rebates aren't working quite as well as expected may have something to do with the fact that a few years back we moved from a product to a service economy. If we all have most of our needs and a good percentage of our wants already, all we can really do is upgrade and that makes a lot of used goods available. Also, even the most greedy of us stop someplace. How many cars can we buy? How many houses? How many appliances? How much jewelry or luxury items. Clothing? Food? Books? Electronics? But on the service sector do we need an extra visit to the doctor? An extra will? Take another credit hour if already carrying a full load? Go through the car wash? Have extra gardening? Go out to dinner more than once a day or week depending on your starting point.......I think you see where this is going. Buying stocks or bonds isn't spending, it's saving, right? (I don't have the answer, just the question and maybe the beginning of a discussion.)

Perhaps we can do a bit of our own stimulus by helping a charity do what they do best.

And last, my very favorite foreign word without exception. This always conjures up a certain amount of guilt by its very definition, but it feels good for a minute, or two or three. The definition: to take pleasure at someone else's misfortune. Today's reason for that feeling is Rosie O'Donnell whose TV special last Wednesday evening was a total bomb. That German word just fills a special niche, don't you think?

God bless--

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Border Gangs and Infiltration in America

A few days ago I had read just enough to want to alert you to what I saw as a conspiracy. (I'm beginning to see one behind every tree.) The first piece was about the fact that the military in Mexico appear to be the only front against drug trafficking since so many officials from law enforcement to government and judicial arenas appear to be corrupted. I was going to just put in a hint that we might be looking at a military junta in Mexico in the near future and with the unrest in other places in South America we should just be aware.

Well, Friday evening we happened on a History Channel hour describing "Gangland-Phoenix, Zeta." One of the first descriptions was that the drug cartels are so strong and so wealthy that they have hired the best of the best of Mexican military (I guess like Black Ops or Green Beret types) which makes a killing machine look like child's play.

I googled "Gangland-Phoenix, Zeta" and there were pieces from newspapers in San Diego, Dallas and Phoenix which I would recommend, but first I do want to tell you that on the program some folks appeared to put their lives on the line by just being photographed-reporter from the Washington Times and a couple of law enforcement folks.

The most shocking that, in my limited Spanish, means little Zetas or Zetillas. They also used the term Locenta or Locetta-difficult to understand, but which only means that they recruit young boys around 13 who appear to be amoral and alone to train in violence. One of the first ways they are tested is to just go up to someone, put a gun to their head and kill them with no compunction whatsoever. These people kill by burning (alive or dead,) killing with acid or fed to animals. Unbelievable!
They are told they can make a choice-plata (silver) or plomo (lead)-- live or die.

The infiltration is taking place by working into the already existing gang structure in the U.S. and using it to their advantage. This is apparently a cost benefit, saving time and money by using the Crips, Bloods, etc., etc.

It isn't as though we don't have enough problems, but burying our heads in the sand will not make it go away and will only get worse. Just be aware.

Global warming had to wait--this is more important. Wherever you are reading this, it would be interesting to know whether the media in your area is reporting on it.

God bless-

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Gift from Planned Parenthood?

So, is this a tax deductible gift?

Seriously, the latest in weird is the Indiana Planned Parenthood initiating a new gift card which on the surface sounds like a good idea? Right! PAP smears, mammograms, copays on your insurace, etc. However, here's the kicker: Also good for the "birth control method of your choice." In Planned Parenthoodspeak that also encompasses abortion, doesn't it?

You can write the end of this column, but my comment: Only in Indiana, so far, and then it becomes "Only in America."

We need to talk about carbon tax vs cap and trade tomorrow.

See ya

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Economy Puzzle

Having a little trouble figuring out just how a stimulus to the economy will work when it is comprised of road and bridge building? Are you thinking, as I am, that these are the kinds of jobs that Americans "won't" do so we need to let illegals cross the border to fill those jobs? How is that going to help the white collar folks who have lost jobs? And anyone else, for that matter.

Then again, younger folks need to be reminded of the definition of CCC camps, PWA and WPA. If memory serves, the Civil Service camps were for men only whose contributions consisted of chores such as the felling and planting of trees in public forest areas.

I admit I had to google Public Works Administration and Works Progress Administration because I get them mixed up, but I recommend it for fascinating reading in any case.

PWA - Created in June of 1933 by the National Industrial Recovery Act and was to spend "big bucks on big projects" and "prime the pump" to encourage economic growth. Some 34,000 projects included dams for electricity, airports, aircraft carriers and seventy percent of the new schools and one third of the hospitals built during that time. Apparently they considered affordable housing to be unsuccessful. It was disbanded in June of 1941 in favor of war production efforts.

WPA - Established in 1935 by executive order and in 1939 transferred to the Federal Works Agency. Projects included highways and building construction, slum clearance, reforestation and rural rehabilitation. (Its size made waste, and political favoritism inevitable.) Interestingly, it also included artists, actors, musicians and writers which brought art to small town America. It served 8,500,000 individuals and 1,410,000 projects before it was terminated in June of 1943. Some projects overlapped the PWA or perhaps continued when PWA was disbanded. Over 651,000 miles of highways, roads and streets were constructed or improved; 124,031 bridges, 125,110 public buildings 8,192 parks and 853 landing fields were added to the list.

So on this Thanksgiving Day our hearts and hands go out to those in need, but we are still thankful that we are blessed to live in the greatest country on earth.

See ya.....

Monday, November 24, 2008

Conspiracy, anyone?

I don't usually read the money pages in the Wall Street Journal--but you don't have to in order to recognize the name Cerberus, right? You know, the "investors" who have a stake in Chrysler and GMAC as we speak? Well, guess what! They also had/have their finger in the pie which contains the fruits of Mervyn's, Dayton-Hudson's and Target.

Turns out, to make a long story short, that Cerberus came into this picture and bought Mervyn's, but did it in a way that would be the equivalent of the golden parachute for the big boy players in the event of bad business. They split the purchase into the retail operations and also the real estate which made them landlords to the stores.

For the first year things were going along nicely enough for them to get a healthy dividend but as things went south (they have a disproportionate number of stores in California) they were at the forefront and Mervyn's was liquidated, all the employees lost their jobs receiving no severance pay or accrued vacation, etc. which is now in the hands of bankruptcy judges.

And, you guessed it!! The big boys (Cerberus) still have the real estate.

What does this have to do with a conspiracy? Well, it's a stretch, but isn't it interesting that many of their "investments" aren't faring so well? Perhaps if I were more of a student of the private equity news in the financial section I would have seen this coming. I just can't help thinking that there is probably someone on the staff of each and every Congressman/woman and maybe a couple for Senators whose job it is to follow this kind of reporting.

How can Washington be so surprised? And how can they be so indignant when questioning some of the participants? Seems to me that they are a part of the problem since they sure as heck are not part of the solution. This has got to be one of the worst kept secrets on the Hill.

God bless us all--we really need it when some really smart, sneaky people are in charge of areas that affect all of us.

See ya

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just Some Food for Thought

When I called it "Change Back" I didn't realize that someone had already coined the Obama administration the "Clinton Third Term." Seems much more appropriate.

No matter how you feel about the "assistance" to the Big Three you might be interested in the following:

#1 - The auto industry has been historically connected to Detroit. However, as an example Fairfax, Kansas assembles the Malibu and the Saturn Aura with 2500 workers plus collateral services in finance, education, healthcare, legal needs, retail, etc., etc.

#2 - U. S. based companies have 105 assembly and component plants in 30 states, including California, Texas, Louisiana and Maryland to name a few not generally considered to be dependent to any degree on the automotive field.

#3 - The Big 3 last year purchased $156 Billion in parts, materials and services which support jobs in all 50 states.

Let's just hope they do it right, whatever the action.

See ya--

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Deal or No Deal????

Oh, for Pete's sake! I just can't figure this out any more. Another Clinton appointee, Larry Sommers.

What kind of deal have they struck? It's almost as though Obama is willing to settle for 4 years so Hillary can get ready for 2012. These kinds of deals don't cost anything monetarily, but somewhere along the line Hillary has to pay off her campaign debt and Bill has to open the books on his library donations, many of which were apparently from abroad. Does this make anyone else squirm just a little bit?

Just returned from a dinner with family and friends about an hour north of Lansing. On the way we stopped at an apple orchard which does a great business selling fun for kids, gift shop in one building, winery in another, snacks such as cider and donuts in another and farm produce in another. The sign on the highway advertised Honey Crisps at 30% off so we thought we'd buy a few because they're so expensive at the supermarket. Imagine our surprise when we were told they weren't sold by the pound or even per apple, but only by the peck or bushel starting at $14.

This is either a hobby for these folks or even people on unemployment still buy apples. I guess I'd be a terrible business person 'cuz I'd surely try to sell whatever a potential customer wanted. I always thought most businesses were concerned with service and repeat business. You learn something every day, right?

Romorrow is Sunday. Have a good day and God bless--

Friday, November 21, 2008

Leaks vs Intentional Leaks?

It's getting to the point where you can't tell which is subversive, intentional or acidental or who is playing whom without a program. We need an organizational chart!

One thing we know for sure: the market reacts to anticipation and the odds on the bets make the world go 'round and 'round. The futures markets are the casinos of Wall Street. It's just too bad these guys aren't clairvoyant or we'd all be rich.
Well, maybe not. The manipulation scares the heck out of me. There is still this nagging thought in the back of my mind: Is George Soros wealthy enough and smart enough to have brought the bad economic news that elected his guy? Or is there a group out there who don't leak their intentions/actions who really are capable of manipulating the economy of not only the country but the world? Um. Um. Um.

So the losses of the past few weeks have had many cause and effect scenarios, but the "leak" of the next Treasury Sec'y is enough for the Street to anticipate what should be good news and we watch the market ramp up. There's one thing for sure. We have nowhere to go but up and the scenario calls for all the credit to go to Sen. Obama. Is this that obvious or am I that naive? Doesn't everyone see it

God bless.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trail of Tears

The Indians' Trail of Tears ended in Oklahoma,

the 2008 Trail of Tears is ending at the White House.

You really, really need to access

Be back later in the day.

I'm back with a question: Don't people who are shown in clips like the one we have just watched have to give permission for their photo to be shown? How could anyone who comes across as being so ignorant (not stupid--I hope they are just uneducated)sign a waiver or whatever they do to allow their picture and a Q&A such as these be used for all the world to see?

This is one documentary I will not miss!

One other note about what is bothering me today-didn't we hear about Obama bringing change ad nauseum for nearly two years and now what we are seeing is a "change back" to the Clinton years?

God bless

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Republican County Conventions

Michigan Republican County Conventions will be held Thursday evening for the purposes of choosing the volunteer side of the County Republican Executive Committees and to discuss pertinent issues. If you have any interest at all in serving in your area, please get in touch with any precinct delegate (list available at County Clerk's office) to get the time and place of the meeting.

This is the way to help out a bit but most of all acquaint yourselves with how things work, how to help and to start re-building the party NOW.

If there are vacancies in precincts in your area you may be seated by vote of the elected members present. And, you will be made to feel very welcome.

God bless--

Monday, November 17, 2008

More Bad Press for Michigan?

Why is it that when Michigan is in the national headlines all the news is bad or the comments derogatory? Case in point: Both Rick Waggoner, CEO of GM, and is it Ron
Gettlefinger?--prez of the UAW, say that they need a bailout without any kind of restriction. Rick says he won't step down nor will he take a pay cut and Ron says the union has given as much as they will give. (added Tuesday am: I am reminded that as much as I criticized Lee Iacocca for paying back the govt while some of the suppliers went under due to 120 day non-payment, at least he personally worked for $1a year and if things turned around he would recoup his losses. Not so with Rick.)

Given the mood of the electorate wouldn't you think they'd be willing to give just a little or are they so sure of the payback from the Obama campaign that they can hang in there until Jan 21 and get it all. And our good Senator, Carl Levin, wants to fire Waggoner but doesn't say a word about the union costs. That's gotta tell us something.

This family has never bought a foreign car, but given the way things are going, we are being put in the position of at least considering the pros and cons and I never thought I'd say that.

As soon as this thing is settled, we'll be back to big arguments about global warming what with that NASA guy (FOAG, Friend of Al Gore)trying to pull the wool over our eyes while we're concentrating on something else. Deliberately putting out bad numbers to make October look worse than it was is just a big, fat lie! People!
Read everything twice any more - who can we trust?

See ya-

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Transition Time for All? History Repeats.......

I have been reading a book (don't know how to italicize, sorry) called THIRTEEN MOONS which is set a couple of hundred years ago and long story short, an orphan boy is bonded to a trader who puts him in charge of one of his trading posts. As the story progresses he is freed a couple of years later and becomes owner of the store and this is his reaction to commerce:

"As for the business, I knew something about how credit worked in such a fluid and uncertain economy. It was nothing more than paper stacked on paper, varieties of hope and speculation, handshakes and promises, moonbeams and horse sh__, trust and risk layered one atop the other in thin strata like cards in a deck. And not much different from betting all you had on a shuffle and a deal."

Charles Frazier wrote the book and I recommend it for the way he uses words and the pleasure of reading them. When real life gets more than a bit trying, there's nothing like the escape to be found in the pages between two covers that takes one far away or long ago. Circumstances change, but human nature seems to stay the same and politics and commerce control our lives more than we should allow.

God bless.........

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Week-end Wrap-Up

1-Jenny is at it again. Our Governor is on her way to Jordan and Israel to bring back contracts and jobs--energy and water this time. Just a reminder. The way this works is that the grunt work is finished and that's a good thing, but instead of just making a great announcement and supporting her staff and their hard work she usually makes a big deal of flying off to Japan, Germany or other places and then coming back to make these announcements as though she accomplished it in a week. Thanks to the folks who really put it together.

2-Remember that overworked word from years past? Gravitas? Looks to me as though Obama is dragging out all of the "respected" names from the Clinton administration to give his administration that comfy, cozy and feel-good mood of the heady, glory days of the nineties, so we can lean back and figure that all is well with the world. DON'T BE CAUGHT OFF-GUARD!! He made some promises that would be better if not kept, but we need to watch carefully and keep the light of day on them.

3-So both McCain and Obama wanted to close Guantanamo and so it will be done. The probable location for those prisoners is Kansas followed by costly trials. Just a thought, but how much you wanna bet that there will be no more POWs? (Read into that anything that comes to mind.)

4-Interesting election statistics:
Catholic Church Attendance weekly-Obama 49%, McCain 50%
Less often than weekly-Obama 58%, McCain 40%
Protestant Church Attendance weekly-Obama 32%, McCain 67%
Less often than weekly-Obama 45%, McCain 54%
No Religion Obama 75%, McCain 23%
Source: CNN exit polls

What's that old adage? Work as though everything depends on you
Pray as though everything depends on God

God bless-

Friday, November 14, 2008

Time to Revisit AARP

AARP has a coalition of labor unions, some Chambers of Commerce, pharmaceutical companies -- in fact, what reads like a good cross section of political groups under the umbrella "Divided We Fail." And now, after the election, they have a new ad out which, by the way, has developed a logo of an animal half elephant, half donkey with the donkey in back kicking up its heels.

AARP is nothing if not, patient. The last time they kicked up their heels was in 1993 time frame when HillaryCare was all the rage for the Democrats and AARP was pushing it all the way to the bank. But then a strange thing happened. Members started cancelling their memberships in droves because they intuitively knew that socialized medicine is rationed care and AARP backed off. For the time being.

Now the Dems are in control again, stronger than ever-especially since Minnesota may give them a filibuster-proof Senate. They, and others like AARP and members of their coalition which will benefit the most from having the government take over the costs of medical care, have been working hard and doing a good job of keeping it under wraps until the crucial time during the past campaign.

Their new campaign slogan goes something like: President Obama, you are ready to lead and we are ready to help. I have only one question: Since AARP gets so much money from the federal government, is any of it being used to lobby for this kind of legislation? If so, Sarbannes Oxley might be interested in seeing where the advertising costs are being written off: the insurance side? or the education side?
And under what heading.

See ya

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

World Opinion-Should We Care?

I just can't seem to think it's important for us to think about what the rest of the world thinks about us. It appears that just as we have spoiled our children we have spoiled the rest of the world as well. They can act with impunity because all we do is threaten. Remember the 17 resolutions to try to make Saddam Hussein behave himself before we actually did something concrete? Apparently there are more folks who believe we should have issued another 17 or 27 resolutions in the last 7 years without taking any action for bad behavior. How many more mass graves and tortuous actions would have resulted from our empty threats? No way to know, I guess.

But now the world seems to think that we have a better chief executive at the helm. Do you suppose they will start behaving themselves? I notice there have already been suppressed threats from Iran, Russia and China. What will they be doing while the talks are going on?

The above thoughts were due to seeing some European commemorations of Armistice Day
yesterday. Wonder how long it will be before the anti-Christian and anti-religious coalitions will put a stop to this kind of activity in honor of living and dead heroes.

Joe gets back into Michigan tomorrow and instead of having Grandma cook for him he wants to go to the Outback Steak House to thank them for sending 3000 pizzas to his unit in the war zone. I had heard about it but didn't realize it was going to get personal. Oops-I mixed up my stories. The pizzas came from someplace else. The Outback Steak House went to several different locations and Joe's unit of 1200 was served a full meal-steak and trimmings. Thanks, Outback.

God bless.......

see ya

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day Thoughts

Thinking about the meeting between Bush and Obama yesterday I naturally thought about each of them as Commander in Chief. And how the President salutes the troops and they him as well. There's a little knot in my stomach when I think of Obama being hypocritical when he will be put on the spot and must do this. Surely the military people will have a surreal sense of the situation knowing that the President does not respect them and what they are doing for the country. A few more minutes of wool gathering leads me to wondering if the Defense Secretary could stand in for him. Could a change be made without a Constitutional Amendment? Say an Executive Order? It would certainly eliminate the rubbing of salt in the wounds of either one of them.

And did you notice that Mrs. Obama was wearing a power red dress? Mrs. Bush was wearing an understated color, so the upstaging has begun. Sometimes less is more, less is more...........

What was your reaction when a couple of weeks ago I expressed fears for the freedom of religion among other freedoms in jeopardy? Having seen no mention of this episode in the press or media in Michigan let alone outside our state I can assume that the attack by the Michigan Left known as Bash Back Lansing is not common news. Please take just a minute to access and click on September 10. You will be horrified at the description of disruption at the Mount Hope Church, but we need to know our enemies.

As for yesterday's reference to transactional analysis suffice to say that basically it points out that if one person in a relationship acts like a child, it is incumbent upon the other to become the adult and act like a grown up. It is OK to know one's background, but the only way to improve one's life is to get on with it.

See ya

Monday, November 10, 2008

A bedtime story or At Grandma's Knee

I've told this little anecdote a few times since the election so figured it deserved a little space here. Maybe the title should be "Discrimination is Dead."

When trying to explain my own attitude I can think of nothing more appropriate as to why blacks stay in a mindset which makes them either victims or vengeful than to describe the kind of Norman Rockwell moment where the kid, if it's a boy, is fishing with Grandpa or, if it's a girl, in the kitchen with Grandma. And what do you suppose they talk about?

Now raise your hands if you ever had an "elder" talk about walking 5 miles through the snow to school? Or having to build a fire for the teacher in the one room school house? Or having Monday for washing clothes, Tuesday for ironing, Wednesday for baking, Thursday for cleaning, etc., etc. (With no labor saving devices.) Or on a farm making hay and threshing. And having a paper route, being a Boy or Girl Scout or in the 4-H club and going to the county fair or even to the point of telling about the boat trip that brought them from another country to Ellis Island.

Now, if you are darker skinned, did your grandparent ever tell you the story of a grandparent, great grandparent or shirt tail relation who was lynched? Did you learn what "separate but equal" meant? Which relative had a cross burned in their yard? Which hotel would allow you to register if you were lucky enough to travel? Separate water fountains, having to move off the sidewalk when meeting certain people on the street, not being able on a hot day to buy a tall, fizzy Coke because coloreds were not allowed at the soda fountain--plus a whole bunch of other Jim Crow laws.

You're right. Those days are gone, but if those are the stories you grew up with, it would be pretty hard to just dismiss the stories of Grandma or Grandpa. Especially if there are folks around who have made a living making you feel like a victim and the monetarily successful around you are gangsta rappers, drug dealers and pimps. Not to mention single parent families, sperm donors and an abortion rate 5 times greater than white women. 50 abortions per 1000 pregnancies vs 10.5 per 1000for white women. In Mississippi, Louisiana, Maryland and Georgia more than half of all abortions are performed on black women.

So now try to tell me that they don't have good reason to shed some emotional tears. We'll get into "I'm Okay, You're Okay" aka as transactional analysis which was a popular contrast to the Freudian "Mom made me do it" era.

A Christian or spiritual attitude is going to be absolutely imperative for all of us and working together a necessity if we're to get through some pretty trying times.
I leave you with a Reagan quote if you think I am getting too Pollyanna-ish:
Trust, but verify.

See you tomorrow

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Carbon tax, executive decisions

Started thinking about these two topics today because I was quite frankly surprised at the amount of change possible in one or two days by reversing some of the Bush executive decisions. Since we as yet do not have a comprehensive list of the 200 decisions we will wait to comment, but I'm shivering at the prospect. Say what you will about George W. I would imagine that we agree with a good many of those decisions.

Now to the carbon footprint tax. The Wolverine a few weeks ago warned us to beware of that possibility--it would make the gas price look like a bargain.

I went to to figure out just what our household emissions amount to and I had accurate, not estimated kwh and mcf. The average is 16.64 and ours is 9.17. Their "suggested donation" to offset our usage is just under $200 per year. We live modestly with no air travel this year, 2 vehicles which average 24 mpg between the two of them and approximately 2200 sq ft home and are retired.

You can either go to the website yourself or do a fairly good guesstimate using our base of .99 for heating and electricity plus 22000 miles equalling 8.18. In other words, if you have a family at home and use more utilities, need to drive to your jobs every day and transport children plus laundry, showers and day to day utility usage, you can see how it would add up.

Now think about the fact that the $200 figure is a suggested donation. When putting in a bureaucracy and the costs of running it added to the "tax" we really are talking big bucks.

Visualize this: me sitting here shaking my head back and forth..................
Ooooops..make that side to side...............

1 hour later:
Shaking more vigorously since just happened to come across a piece in the National Geographic which indicated the average footprint in the US to be 24.4 which is 50% more than the figure noted above. I'm sure we'll be seeing all kinds of numbers soon, so this is a good place to point out that everything we read needs to be verified.

see ya

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fooling All the People All the Time?

Is there any good news out there anywhere?

From Bloomberg in New York to Arnold in California with begging hands outstretched it is hard to find any segment of the country or the population which is not in dire straits.

The kids from the South and West have checked in with the following: #1 from California says his bonus will be hurt by low gas prices (tongue in cheek--cough, cough,) #2 from South Carolina says that if all the manufacturing plants who went from the rust belt to the south to get away from unions are unionized it will compound their problems and #3 from Atlanta is the eternal optimist who says Obama is too smart to try to pay back his liberal special interest groups early on because he will ask them to be patient until his second term--that he will concentrate on the economy and things will look good for his re-election.

Personally, I think that many of his angels will be patient, but some (such as Naral, the global warming folks [which will cause another uptick in fuel because of their no drilling stance,] and possibly the unions) will be pushing at him constantly. His campaign message that his tax cuts will be paid for by leaving Iraq will evaporate when he sends 134,000 troops of the 140,000 to Afghanistan. I doubt that it costs much less to change the location.

We'll just have to wait and see. I am particularly fearful that he thinks he has a mandate to pass the Freedom of Choice as he promised would be his first signed legislation for NARAL. He has fooled some of the people on this one and it will cost the most lives. As #3 kid observed, there were 57 million who were not fooled at all. I can't put my finger on the "all of the people some of the time" issue.

Read in the paper that a Red Roof Inn room in downtown DC goes for $700 a night for the time around the inauguration. Whew!

See ya tomorrow

Friday, November 7, 2008

Jennifer Granholm? Play Nice?

Now, kids...
If you like Jennifer you'll love Obama? Last year we already had the highest tax increase in history and we are pushing 10% (9.3 at last report)unemployment here in Jackson County and you want me to give this economic team a chance to make it worse nationwide? (I should put this in context--pundits are talking about the similarities between when Carter took over from Reagan--which always reminds me of what Carter left us with. 9.7% unemployment in the country, but double digits in Michigan, 12% interest rates and as I recall, 18% or so inflation rate or maybe 18% interest/12% inflation. No matter, they are all bad.)

I would venture to guess that the highest percentage of foreign car owners are the elites who supported Obama so where do we go with that? How much help do you suppose the US auto companies will get from them?

That press conference was less than impressive. Remember when we did a columm on his first impulse being to ridicule when he couldn't use ordinary fact and logic to criticize? Well, today he did it again when his knee jerk reaction when talking about past presidents was to mention Nancy Reagan's seances. Give me a break.

Play nice? This is going to be so hard.....

see ya

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Don't Believe Everything You hear.......

At this point we should be really careful of what kind of information we pass on. Some of it can be termed rumor. Some of it can be called wishful thinking. Some of it can even come from a credible source. But most of it is bits and pieces and until there is more information to connect things, we can't be sure of some of the "stuff" we are hearing.

Just a quick example of how diverse opinions that are credible need to be looked at objectively and not jumped at as a conclusion: The stock market is down because we are in a recession. The stock market is down because the housing market collapsed. The stock market is down because people are saving too much/too little. The stock market is down because of hedge fund traders. The stock market is down because of greed by the financial institutions. The stock market is down because Greenspan didn't do something about it earlier. Too many, too few regulations. Not enough transparency. No watch dog. Fox guarding the hen house. Congressional blame?

Or, how about as simple a reason as too many people chasing too few dollars or any variation of basic supply and demand.

We talked about it before when the Congress started working on the first bailout and now we are looking at increases in that one and others standing in line. So call it unintended consequences or collateral damage or benefit, but take enough time to look at all the angles before bestowing credit or blame.

See ya,

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


What an experience! Watched a television program without any political ads!

This will be a start--
will add to it tomorrow

ACORN 10-9, 10-18

Carbon tax credits 8-27

Checks and Balances 10-16

Economy 9-14
9-22, 9-25, 10-1, 10-15

coal, Al Gore 9-30

Environment 9-2

Foreign Policy 9-27

Morals 10-16

Abortion 9-14
Skin color 10-12

Socialized medicine 9-12, 9-18

Tax, service 9-15

Unions 9-15

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

People of Faith

My primary concern tonight, before I know any results, is that there have been so many prayers and prayer chain type emails making the rounds that it concerns me that people of faith may have that faith tested beyond their personal limits. Of course God answers prayers. Of course He performs miracles. Of course we think we are following His will.

But think of all those on the other side of the aisle who also believe those things. I would make only this observation: I don't think I even know anyone who I would consider less than someone of faith, let alone have a leaning toward evil. So even though our prayers are aimed at following God's will, not ours, it is necessary to remember that He also gave us free will. And these may be opposed by those who do have an evil intent.

Many ugly and sinful actions have happened throughout history while men of good will must stand by and watch until numbers great enough to make a difference gather together to stop whatever evil befalls us. Apparently we have reached the threshold of 51% of voters who value security over freedom. We need to diminish those numbers.

Now I realize that Mr. Obama will be the next President. And I believe that given his position on the life issue and some of the methods used in his campaign that he is surrounded by many whose scruples are few. Now we must try to figure out how we can lessen the potential damage to our country and to our value system. It will be up to us to bombard our Congressmen/women with our opinions and try to stiffen their spines when faced with Pelosi and Reid and the President. (I usually don't touch base with Michigan's Senators because I realistically know that I have no influence. But occasionally I call to voice an opinion so they cannot say "my constituents are in unanimous agreement" or "I haven't heard any disagreement.") And I believe we need to be constant thorns in the sides of all Senators and Representatives during the next 2 years.

If we can find out who the big money people are and Obama's mentors we can anticipate some of their actions. We will need to be ready with our responses to all of the promises made during the campaign. What are our responses to legislation making all abortions legal all the time. What about energy costs both in the home and private transportation. The unions governing the school systems, public services, transportation and other areas. Using the courts to direct welfare and other financial venues such as socialized medicine will become another plum in the pie of the trial lawyers.

Tomorrow I will make a list of the topics we have covered since the beginning with the dates printed. Perhaps we can have a sort of index so we can find things easily and add your additions and thoughts more easily. We'll give it our best shot. I sincerely believe that it is our duty to study issues and take appropriate action to expose the unscrupulous.

And the good news of the day: Joe landed at the BWI in Baltimore this afternoon and as we speak is watching election results as the guest of the Maryland Republican Party. Thanks to everyone involved and God bless........

Monday, November 3, 2008

Some really, really good news!

Grandson, Joe, is to be returning from Kuwait as we speak and here's the rest of the story:

After I told you about his absentee voting story, I got another call asking me to find out where the best place to watch the election returns would be. Fortunately I know people who know people -- not that I have any great personal connections. At any rate, I emailed the Michigan State Party chair and asked him to get me the address of the Maryland State Party chair because Joe is landing in Baltimore. Within 7 minutes I had his name, phone #, address and email address. Since it was getting late I just sent an email hoping for an early return this morning and did I ever get it!

Jim sent me a flyer describing the party (to be held at the BWI Hilton) and inviting Joe to join them. Some time later I received a note from Jim's wife, Marianne, who sent a copy of the activity of the local party who welcome home the troops at BWI. What a coincidence! Of course, there's more to the rest of the story but I won't know it until after I give Joe the information tomorrow and after he reports what happened.

So, the lesson for the day is that no matter how tired we are at this minute or how we are on a roller coaster ride watching and listening to election news, there are some things which open the door to recognizing the importance of family and friends.

Hang in there!

ps-I just noticed the time stamp on these messages again--keep forgetting to tell you. Don't pay any attention to them since I can't find the list which includes the eastern time zone so it uses a default which is nowhere close. Right now it is 10:00pm.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Negative Campaigning

Added Monday morning: (from party chair's website)

Quote from John McCain--

"He (Obama) said the other day that his primary victory vindicated his faith in America. My country never had to prove anything to me, my friends, I've always had faith in America."

If this be negative, so be it. We must do everything we can in the next 24 to 40 hours, the polls close at 8, to alert folks to the consequences of an Obama presidency.

George Will had a column today in which he said something like: we have been on the short end of the stick before, vastly outnumbered in Congress and the roof hasn't fallen in. Well, that may be true, but we also didn't have the same elite liberals who have such animosity and vindictiveness against us that the only reason the rest of us are allowed to live in their society is to serve them.

When we wrote about checks and balances we should have made a list of the things that can happen in two years before we have a chance to replace enough of them to have a chance at freedom again.

Let's start with Freedom of the Press. Wonder what the NY Times and LA Times Pravda, are thinking now that three reporters were kicked off the Obama plane? They had better not even think about making a critical remark, right? And what about the Second amendment? We know that will be one of the first efforts--taking away all rights to hunt or protect. And what about the promise to the National Abortion Rights Action League by Obama that his first signed bill will be to make all abortion OK all the time.

How long do you think it will be voluntary to roll over your 401K into the Social Security fund in exchange for a 3% return on investment? I'm sure you've seen how innocently Social Security was described when it started. And if you think their nationalized health care will be on a par with what politicians get, think again. That just sounds good.

Since he thinks that those of us in flyover country take refuge in their guns and Bibles and it was easy to quash the 2nd amendment, how tough will it be to have churches free from taxation turned into cash cows, a parochial school to be forced to use NEA teachers and there will be no public mention of God anywhere, anytime.

And speaking of unions, there will be no secret ballot for union members and how long do you think right-to-work states will remain so? Economically they are now doing the best, but it appears that we will be seeking equality at the lowest levels so it shouldn't take long for that to take place either.

I could go on, but you get the picture. And add to it as well I'm sure. So just do one more thing, please: Turn on the after-burners, the end is near and it's time to sprint to the finish.

God bless you all...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Junping the Gun?

Random thoughts while driving..........

After all the issues, personalities, weak and strong points and prejudices about all kinds of things, not just race or religion, there will probably always be topics of conversation to be researched and discussed.

My first thought was that the election itself in light of all the problems we have, who will address them and what kind of influence we will have makes it seem almost anti-climactic. How long have we been reading and listening and arguing over the same old, same old questions? Seems like forever. And will spending a few minutes every day picking up on some issue and writing a few words about it become tiresome to me and boring for you.

Or shall we just delve a little deeper into carbon footprints, global warming, how to nationalize or privatize this program or that?

Since I clip much of what interests me or put on tape or DVD an occasional video (which I could learn how to put on this blog when I'm not in the middle of election chores) or any number of ways to interact, maybe we'll just see how it goes for awhile.

Any objections?

If you haven't volunteered yet, you still have time to give a couple of hours at your local Victory Center to make Get Out The Vote calls or offer rides to the polls.

See you tomorrow-

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sarcasm, Ridicule, Humor??

There has to be a name for people who use sarcasm and ridicule to belittle folks and then pretend it was just "being funny" or some such excuse. But it's getting pretty tiresome.

The sweet potato pie thing ad nauseum ending with him making fun of the owner of a restaurant because business was bad and he was still a Republican.

The caustic remarks about Joe the Plumber, gun owners and Christians, the list just goes on and on and on. The elites just have a different definition from us commoners.

But we took a break from all this tonight and went to see "Nunsense" at the local college. Didn't realize how long it had been since we did nothing but laugh for a couple of hours.

I know it's asking a lot, but please make a visit to your local Victory Center for the last push. Our Michigan State Party Chair is making a swing through the state to rally the troops. I think I said this once before: We need to work hard enough so that no matter the result we will be able to sleep at night knowing we did our best.

See ya tomorrow

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

IQ Tests for Candidates?

I am getting so fed up with Mark Schauer. He cast the vote for a tax increase which made it a tie. But he keeps saying that it was the majority leader who broke the tie who is responsible for its passage. Duh! There would not have been a tie had he not voted for it!!!!

Either he is so stupid he needs to be tested or he is so crooked that he now believes his own lies or is that some kind of psychological or pathological problem? If he were to be elected, God forbid, I am going to have to introduce all my friends and somehow get the word out that there are a good number of Republican Congressmen/women in Michigan. In particular I will put my faith in Thad McCotter, Mike Rogers or Candice Miller. They are great!

Only 5 days left. Went to my township office to vote today, so not every early vote is Democrat. And others I saw doing the same thing and/or turning in their ballots could not all have been liberals.

see ya

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New York and L A Times Pravda?

When television was in its infancy it was described as a vast wasteland by some because of the light weight fare which was predominant. So those of us who loved the old black and white movies needed to justify our allegiance to the tube by thinking of ways it acted for the good and probably was why National Public Radio and Television became important. (They no longer need public support and since they are left leaning don't fit the criteria any more.) Can you imagine how much more of your taxes will be used for government approved media under the Dems?

It has become so pervasive that we now lump it together with the rest of what we call the media. So television, radio, "newspapers" and magazines fall into that category. So what?

Given Biden and Obama's response to recent interviews which are hard hitting but they consider too tough or "gotcha" questions by cutting off their access is just a preview of what will come if they are elected. You are not alone if you are shivering at the thought.

Pravda (which I looked up to double check) means "the truth" and was the official (censored) news supplied in Russia for nearly 100 years. So, starting next year we should probably be thinking about a petition to change the names of "official" media outlets so we can tell the players if any opposition is allowed.

ACORN is now shown to have tax liens against them. What a bunch!

see ya

ps-forgot to mention how much we enjoyed, with our children, Captain Kangaroo, Howdy Doody and the youngest ones, Sesame Street.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Voting from Kuwait

I'm sitting here waiting for a phone call from my grandson who is in Kuwait and expects to leave in early November, but is finishing his absentee ballot. He came to the place where the non partisan judges were listed and if you're not around to either take part in the elections and know who they are, everyone needs to do a little research. So my chore was to get some information to help him decide who would get his vote.

So this is my advice today: either go online and check out a sample ballot or call your local Republican (or God forbid, Democrat) headquarters for some information as to positions of the candidates. It is so important to vote intelligently for anyone running as a non partisan. This is generally true of community college as well as judicial candidates. There may also be a few proposals on the ballot. You will want to do more than just read the verbiage since sometimes these bills have unintended consequences which are not obvious from just perusing the 100-150 word summary on the ballot.

Just a quick observation: I called on a lady after church yesterday and her question to me after prayer time was: "What do you think an Obama Presidency will be like?" And I had to say that I don't have a clue because I don't know who is pulling his strings. Does George Soros have an agenda, or just the power to say yes or no. Or does he have a philosophy which he wants to advance and wants the White House power to put people in cabinet and other power positions in order to accomplish his goals?
Or is he willing to just foot the bill and put his trust in others..............
I really don't want to know the answer.

See ya-

Saturday, October 25, 2008

SELL LOW??? Now hear me out.......

Ever since the first big Dow drop I've been wondering who in their right mind would sell at a low and now I think I have the answer (other than the computer driven hedge funds and all the ultra sophisticated economic reasons.)

The last couple of days there has been a lot of talk about the possibility of the government "offering" to take over our 401K investments for an assured 3-5% return on investment which would be added to the social security. Various qualifiers such as getting half the value, not having to pay the taxes, etc., etc. ad nauseum. This, of course, is the socialist way of taking what is yours and putting it to a "better" use. The Dems are testifying right and left on the Hill about how to equalize and redistribute our wealth.

So, I was thinking.........If you sold a good share of your 401K now, on which you will have to pay a tax when you take the distribution either now or in the future, since the amount is less your tax obligation will be less and you could then re-invest it in a Roth IRA since you just paid the tax on it. If the law precludes you buying back what you just cashed in, that shouldn't be a problem. There are plenty of good American companies out there just poised to come back strong.

I will double check with a really smart guy I know who is a tax expert and if there is a flaw in this, you know I'll post it as soon as I know. Otherwise, let's hear what you're thinking. It appears that the Dems are counting on the White House, a filibuster proof Senate and gains in the House so they can pass this legislation as soon as they take the oath of office. You know that they will make their program as close to 100% mandatory as they think they can get away with.

See ya--

ps-Just talked to the tax guy I know who reminded me of two things: one is to take into account whether you are still working or retired and what the tax would mean to you which I guess I assumed we would all take into account and the second is that there are apparently other states who along with Michigan do not tax 401K distributions unless they are taken out earlier than what is mandatory. So that state income tax in Michigan which Mark Schauer voted for would add another 3.4(?)% to the mix. I'm still thinking that each individual has to consider whether the government can be trusted to do what they are saying today. Right.........

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eleven Days Left

Now we're being told that there will be rioting in the streets if Obama loses. I guess that is meant as a threat so when the Ragin' Cajun' Carville says it's so, I guess we'd better take note.

Are we getting so used to violence that we can ignore or at least just take reasonable precautions when we're threatened? I'm thinking we need to consider the source of the threats--it's not just law enforcement being prudent in getting ready. They had to have had some reason to begin with to even start thinking about the possibility.

So where are the threats originating? And are they anonymous or are folks like Carville considering themselves omnipotent and above the law? And will they escalate? We can only wait and see.

So if you live in areas which have witnessed this kind of activity in the past and there is a history of unruly behavior perhaps it would be prudent on your part to use the buddy system when traveling and to avoid potential danger areas.

We can only hope these warnings are unnecessary.

See ya

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Talking to my husband a bit ago and we started listing the things that we find important that will be in jeopardy if Obama is elected.

Freedom of Speech for conservatives. Whether you listen to him for 15 minutes a day or 3 hours, Rush Limbaugh and Hannity plus all the other guys and girls who are good enough to garner good ratings and advertising will either be silenced or the airwaves will be filled with equal time for liberals who can't sell a necessity like a toothbrush.

Other aspects of speech: the freedom to peddle smut, libel and slander by the elite
and the budgets of NPR and TV will go sky high.

There will be absolutely no restrictions on abortion when he keeps his promise to NARAL and once done, there will be no legal way to rectify it.

Now that Social Security is called a tax those who say conservatives are trying to privatize it will destroy it. There will be no disability insurance, benefits for kids whose parents have died, and all benefits will be predicated on need. It will just be used to pay the 40% of people who pay no taxes at all their allotment and put the remainder in the general welfare pot.

Instead of freedom of religion we will have freedom from religion or the tyranny of the minority ie., the elite who have no "need" for a faith belief/foundation.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg in a 5 minute conversation.

If you're scared, pleeeeeze call your local Republican or McCain headquarters and offer to help out during the next 12 days.

At my age, I'm not only scared, I'm depressed since actuarily there is a distinct possibility that this could be the president in my own endtime. Not to be morbid, but I really don't want to die with a Democrat in the White House.

Help your local activists!!!!

See you tomorrow

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Could this be Called "High Tea?" accompanied by Humble Pie!

It took a bit more than a half hour, but here it is from Snopes:

"Michelle Obama was in Fort Wayne, Indiana last Wednesday afternoon; her speech began shortly after 2 p.m. She could not have been 580 miles away at the Waldorf Astoria less than two hours later (as indicated by the time stamp on the "receipt.")



While Jennifer Granholm and the other leaders of the takers of the country are pretending to be economics and labor experts and helping Obama look educated today, they probably are not aware that yesterday Barry's wife, Michelle, was acting the part of the Queen and she has not yet been crowned.

How, you say?

By ordering her 4:00 "snack" at the Waldorf-Astoria, a Hilton Hotel on Park Avenue, New York City from room service.

The bill reads:

2 lobster hors o'doeuvres 50.00
2 whole steamed lobsters 100.00
1 Iranian osetra caviar 150.00
1 Bollinger champagne 44.00

Sub total 344.00
20% service chg. 60.00
412.00 subj to NYtax 34.59

Total $447.39

Suite 29m
signed by Michelle Obama

One can only hope that all of the $150 million contributed in September were from those who would find this common spending and not anyone who has to work for a living.

(I jumped the gun. Will check this with Snopes and if it turns out to be false, will print a retraction. If you don't see it here in a half hour, send it to your friends.)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell - Color Blind?

A guy who would not lower himself to enter a contest for a political position of trust but who would have loved being drafted by the Republican party is now endorsing a guy who has used every underhanded way of going for that position up to and including using his own brand of racial prejudice has now endorsed the fella because of his color.

No need to comment.

More later

Saturday, October 18, 2008

More on Acorn

From the WSJ piece of the 14th:
"Acorn uses various affiliated groups to agitate for "a living wage," for "affordable housing," for "tax justice," and union and environmental goals, as well as against school choice and welfare reform. It was a major contributor to the subprime meltdown by pushing lenders to make home loans on easy terms, conducting "strikes" against banks so they'd lower credit standards.

But the organization's real genius is getting American taxpayers to foot the bill. According to a 2006 report from the Employment Politicies Institute (EPI), Acorn has been on the federal take since 1977. For instance, Acorn's American Institute for Social Justice claimed $240,000 in tax money between fiscal years 2002 and 2003. Its American Environmental Justice Project received 100% of its reveue from government grants in the same years. EPI estimates the Acorn Housing Corporation alone received some $16 million in federal dollars from 1997-2007. Only recently Democrats tried and failed to stuff an "affordable housing" provision into the $700billion bank rescue package that would have let politicians give even more to Acorn."

Put together housing with the fraud involved in thier registration of voters for which some attorneys general are finally recognizing a need to act and you have a scandal which we'll have to coin a new "gate" word.

See ya

Friday, October 17, 2008

Corruption of Under the Oaks

The historical marker in the Under the Oaks Park says: "Here, Under the Oaks July 6th, 1854 was born the Republican Party, destined in the throes of civil strife to abolish slavery, vindicate democracy and perpetuate the union."

Jackson is the Birthplace of the Republican Party. However, we must recognize that good citizens across the nation at that time were in agreement with the general philosophy and need for change and meetings were held from Ripon, Wisconsin to Bangor, Maine and Washington, D.C., Exeter, New Hampshire, Friendship, NY, Crawford, Indiana and Ottawa, Illinois. These meetings were held before July 6 of 1854 but Jackson's claim is stronger than any other.

Witness: All the other meetings were extremely local and were composed of relatively few people. In Jackson there were citizens from Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan numbering in the thousands! (Estimates range from 1500 to 10,000.)

At the end of the day, the name "Republican" was formally adopted, a platform had been initiated, candidates were nominated (many of whom were elected) and there is no question that this event was unarguably the first Convention of the party!

Conceived elsewhere, perhaps........ Born in Michigan, no doubt!!!

From great oaks to little acorns, but now the Democrat Socialist Party has corrupted the name of our progeny into the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now which from 1970 has corrupted its namesake acronym by stealing government funds in the millions of dollars for their own uses and any number of nefarious activities to subvert our democratic system of voting.

We'll add a little note about the ACORN activities daily.

See ya

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Checks and Balances

Seems to me that this government was set up with a system which would guarantee we wouldn't turn into a dictatorship. Executive, Judicial and Legislative come to mind along with States Rights, House/Senate, electoral college and perhaps others not immediately surfacing. (Should have paid more attention in class.)

Are we perilously close to having Obama being able to name the next couple of judges who will do his bidding on his promises to NARAL with Reid and Pelosi there to put on their rubber stamps?


I can remember thinking that Bill Clinton couldn't do too much in 4 years to destroy this country, but if it hadn't been for the Contract with America and the majority of Republicans as a result, I would have been very, very wrong. I am as certain as I can be that Obama and those he controls and those who control him are smarter than Bill Clinton and they are poised to do the damage before the next election.

As it turned out, our majorities led us to let our guard down and he had 8 years, not four, and look what happened. All the liberals tried to point out that it was about sex not perjury and we'll never know why the issue wasn't forced by the good guys.

I remember predicting on my Senior Citizen website that those kids in school at the time were being taught by example that they could cheat since the President did. That they could cheat not only in class but the playing field as well. That some of them would become lawyers and then judges. That the oath taken in the court room would soon eliminate "So help me God" and as a result there would be no bastion of truth or trust left in this country. And so, has it come to pass?

President Clinton and his gang played the spin game. Obama is an outright liar and all his cohorts and supporters not only think that's just fine, they back him up.
Are they going to get away with it because we are all afraid of being called racists?
That's the defense: no matter what the issue or evidence it's racism.

Have we been put in the position of having to just throw up our hands, not in defeat, but to say "OK--we're racists, but here's the truth........" What say you?

See ya

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

There are Givers and Takers

What do these have in common?
Barney Frank
Chris Dodd
Execs of Fannie and Freddie
Former Execs of Fannie and Freddie
"Homeowners" who "bought" homes with no down payment--
--in fact sometimes made a buck or two in the deal
ACORN and other community groups who lobbied for the unqualified who
could never be expected to pay the mortgage
and Barak Obama and his advisers
and many, many more

Answer: They are all takers and they are all Democrats

One thing I wouldn't have given them credit for: the ability to time an economical collapse to benefit the Democrats in the 2008 election cycle--I would have been wrong
had I been asked.

The Socialist/Marxist rule of law that they would be able to take over any country who had been able to increase the takers to 51% of the population or at least the population who votes.

If they have any honesty left they will follow the lead of other countries who have many political parties which specifically identify themselves with labels. And the truly honest label for Democrats should now be: The Democrat Socialist Party--particularly in view of him telling the world that Bill the Plumber who has "made it" is now expected to use his profits to distribute to all those behind him in the food chain.

See ya

Monday, October 13, 2008

P. S.

I probably should have been more detailed in the last post.

Contrary to what Obama thinks, there is still racism, but it's not around every corner and is no excuse for him to lose this race. He can't recognize the fact that he just isn't qualified.

But I want to tell you that the reason I am a member of NAACP is that there are still some incidents of prejudice which, to put it bluntly, are against not only the civil law but our moral laws. It is wrong and for that reason that is the job I do for the NAACP. I take care of those problems brought to my attention in my County.

I will continue to do so until the problem is solved or I'm told I'm not needed any more which is sort of what happened yesterday. I wasn't needed, so we'll watch and wait to see what happens both in Jackson County and the nation.

More later

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saved by the Bell? No, Just my Congressman

Couple of comments:
Where are all the protesters who usually follow the G7?
Aren't we supposed to buy low, sell high? Someone has to sell--I don't get it.
Re Michigan: Apparently we aren't so bad off. An increase in taxes last year which resulted in a surplus has us looking OK. Prediction? The Dems will spend it all and there will be another tax hike.

This is what saved by my Congressman means. I was to give a Republican greeting at the NAACP banquet today, but luckily for me Cong. Walberg was able to attend so I was dumped from the program in his favor. Big sigh of relief, but I intend to distribute my remarks at the meeting Thursday evening.

After a couple of inane remarks I identify myself as "an 8-9 year dues paying, invisible voice who retrieves the calls made to the NAACP office. Then I forward messages to those which are specific and return all other calls to get addresses so I can send them a complaint form if needed. Sometimes those calls run up to a half hour or more when someone who is hurting is calling and needs a shoulder to lean on and needs to find where to go for help. And this is the 8th year I have put together the program book for the banquet event. (They used to pay a Democrat a couple of hundred dollars to do it.)

So why am I here speaking for Republicans? Because my dad and his family did not come here from Germany seeking economic and political freedom only to be entrapped in a depression and subsequent war where he was captured on Wake Island because he went there to work rather than accept a handout. His example for me consisted in seeing honesty and a strong work ethic as an admirable goal. Because I am convinced that this country should not turn socialist; that the government should do only that which individuals cannot do themselves. Yes, we need to levy taxes to build roads. We need to collect taxes for public safety-police and fire protection. We need to defend the borders of our coutry. But throwing more and more money into the education pot has never helped a kid stay in school. You know what I'm talking about.

And because I fear for the future of the family with so many single parent households and the government making it easy for folks to send their little ones off to public programs in many cases just warehousing our little ones who eventually grow up not knowing the open arms of Moms and Dads. Yes, I know we need the safety nets like Head Start and Medicaid, but we also need to guard against making the programs into an attractive ivitation to abandon our obligations to our kids.

And although we all need to be concerned with genocide in Rwanda, Bosnia, Darfur and other places in the world, I AM MORE CONCERNED with the genocide against African Americans through abortion on demand. This is unconscionable.

It is my fervent and prayerful hope that all of the bigots in our country who will vote AGAINST Sen. Obama because he is black will be offset by all those who will vote FOR him only because he is black. Then there will be a level playing field with the future decided by those who vote for issues, character and experience.

I would be willing to bet that fewer than half of you in the room are dues-paying, card carrying members of the NAACP. Why not think about popping for the minimum $30 yearly dues?

I know you will forgive me for not sticking around, but my kid from California is visiting.

God bless us all and thanks for listening."

My work for the NAACP is limited to working with victims of discrimination. That is wrong and this is something I need to do.

Back tomorrow

Friday, October 10, 2008

Follow the Money

It has always been easy to say that--following the money usually leads to the real truth, as to who is pulling the strings, etc.

Last evening I saw something that made me sit back and wonder. The comics were in the section of our local paper that also includes the want ads. They're usually in another section. Anyway, I noticed a want ad which was asking for people to work for the Democrat party at an hourly rate plus mileage working phones, placing yard signs, etc.

At first I thought I would like to have that kind of funding since all of our efforts are volunteer and it would make life a lot easier. But then I started wondering about things like: Where does that money come from? Where is the accountability? How much allegiance do the employees demonstrate and is this what makes it possible and attractive for petition signature gatherers to cheat?

Further, is it this kind of mentality that is making it doubly difficult to depend on polling? Is it the Bradley effect? Or is it the breakdown of truth and trust in that the man/woman on the street know that they are being manipulated to answer a question in a particular way.

It's almost over and I'm scared to death! At my age not too much will affect my lifestyle. The slide into socialism with Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the others on the far left will take a little time. But I fear that my kids, grandkids and greatgrands will no longer be as free as they are right now.

More tomorrow

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Correct Me if I'm Wrong

I seem to recall that the first time I ever heard of ACORN it was in Obama's resume as the place where he got his managerial experience as a community organizer. And that was that--for awhile. (CORRECTION? While looking for something else, ran across a piece where Obama said he had worked as a community organizer "for a small group of churches." So is my memory faulty or has the message been changed lately? Added Friday am.)

Next we heard of the ACORN group protesting and petitioning in Washington and other locations and lending and banking institutions for low or no down payment methods of making it possible for low income people to buy homes.

Now we are hearing of the corruption and fraud endemic in voter registration efforts by, guess who--ACORN.

And we're not talking just about Chicago, but in city after city and state after state.

And now we're hearing that the only contact Obama had with ACORN was as an attorney with very limited access or influence.

And I don't seem to hear anyone calling him on it. So is it my faulty memory? Or is it just another instance of Obama-spin and the media as accessories.

See you tomorrow