Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Selling Healthcare Again?

Try these on and see if you really want to mimic the UK or Canada. (Statistics from the United Nations Internat'l Health Organization. If it were slanted it would certainly tilt the socialist way, right?

Percentage of men and women who survived a cancer 5 years after diagnosis:
U.S. 65% - England 46% - Canada 42%

Percentage of patients diagnosed with diabetes who rec'd treatment within 6 months:
U.S. 93% - England 15% - Canada 43%

Percentage of seniors needing hip replacement who received it within 6 months:
U.S. 90% - England 15% - Canada 43%

Percentage referred to a medical specialist who see one within one month:
U.S. 77% - England 40% - Canada 43%

Number of MRI scanners ( a prime diagnostic tool) per million people:
U.S. 71% - England 14% -Canada 18%

Percentage of seniors (65+) with low income, who say they are in excellent health:
U.S. 12% - England 7% - Canada 6%

Another interesting group of numbers:
You have to go back to Harry Truman to find the percentage of his cabinet members who worked in the private sector at 50% followed by Johnson at 47%, but after that Kennedy, Carter, and Clinton had 30% or more until you come to Obama who has 8%. That's right! 92% of the people surrounding Obama (including himself) have never held a private sector job. Ford at 42% and all other Republicans back to Eisenhower all had over 50% of their cabinet members who knew first hand about business. What does that make you think about who is running the show? No wonder the American public has such little confidence in the state of the economy and the future for their children!

God bless.......

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's Going On? A Little of Everything-

More campaign finance shenanigans. Actually no big deal. You can tell who paid for the ads because the Republican ads will be identified as such and all the rest will be paid for by liberal Democrats and can be ignored, deleted or muted. Unless the Senate shows a little sense and stops the fiasco.

A Congresswoman from California, Democrat Barbara Lee, was complaining loudly yesterday that the American public wouldn't stand for being at war in Afghanistan much longer making the point that this war has been going on longer than any other in our history. I'd like to remind her and the rest of those who measure the value in terms of time. My point: with 440,000 deaths and more casualties in WWII, wouldn't that qualify for the most spending under any counting method?

Juan Williams, a PBS broadcaster/commentator used the phrase in describing Obama's position with regard to the Supreme Court "he is at war with the Robert's Court." I can't think of anything quite so despicable as our President being at such great odds with any part of our government. But now that I think about it, I don't know which is worse his war with the Supremes or his war with the military...

A couple of forgettable comments by Ms. Kagan during her first day of questioning jumped out. 1-She waxed eloquently about her father's service in the military and her forebears who chose to come to this country and 2-after her rather theatrical rhetoric she opined that she would use a "modest" approach to the law. Try as I might, I'm not quite sure what she meant by that unless she was referring to a less than total enthusiasm for the Constitution as many liberals who would rather make new law than work with it.

Hats off to Arizona's Governor Brewer! If ever anyone needed visual proof of the federal government's attitude toward enforcing the borders a sign put up warning American citizens not to go into sections of the state and country is certainly the way to do it. As a matter of fact, perhaps that is a clear demonstration of what "modest approach" means to liberals who call D.C. home. If modest is the way to go, that is certainly a modest effort by the Obama administration and the ICE guy, Morton. Modest. Indeed!

Prayers are needed for all those who work around the beltway-
God bless..........

Monday, June 28, 2010

Lithium - Topic of non-Conversation

The only references past the original notice of lithium as a resource to be found in Afghanistan were a couple of comments on the Sunday talk shows in the vein of "Well, we don't want to go to war for oil so we certainly don't want to go to war for lithium." That is perhaps one of the most short-sighted thoughts I have ever heard. Granted that I am not going to quote chapter and verse on a business model and potential extensions, at least you'll see where I'm going with this.

Go back to the basics: What has happened in the more recent actions of war by the United States? Whether we like it or not it is obvious that we do not leave an area without indulging in a certain amount of nation building. Can we then take the quick trip from Point A to Point B? How many times have we heard it said that the Afghans are hard pressed to go against the Taliban and/or Al Quaida because they will ultimately be punished for that association when we leave? How do we fix it?

We have been looking for and studying ways to substitute for the poppies and resulting drug trade as a means of livelihood for the Afghans. Here it is! Lithium. Take it all the way. Lithium, due to the need for more and more dependence on batteries, is a precious and rare mineral and is not readily found in quantities necessary for this need.

Here's the deal: mine the ore, refine it, package it, market it, sell it, the government needs to be set up to capture enough of the profits to be able to plan for a stable economy which would entail building schools, hospitals, roads and other infrastructure. What does it take to make these facilities viable? Teachers, doctors, nurses, construction workers plus electricians, plumbers --- you have it. That is what it takes to build a country where voting and education for both boys and girls, men and women becomes a way of life and there will be no allegiance to the kind of underworld now in place.

Of course this blog doesn't have the room to describe all the details of this kind of activity, but you get the idea. We are the only country in the world who can fight for and hand on this kind of vision. When I was a lot younger, there was a popular saying "let George do it" which was a euphemism for anyone admitting to little or no interest or just saying that it might be others' turn. Now, however, there are no other George's. If not us, it won't get done. We've awakened the Tea Party, maybe we can set an alarm for the rest of the nation now.

God bless.........

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Accidents Happen

If you noticed, there was no post last evening. Background of story is that our Bouvier has taken to sleeping in my bathtub of late--undoubtedly due to the coolness of the porcelain. When he stepped out of the tub the other day he bumped one section of the sliding glass door and I found it hanging askew and put it back.

Apparently didn't get it fixed properly and yesterday when I stepped into the shower it fell on my foot. Needless to say it was quite painful, I have a huge bruise and frankly, I just wasn't in the mood to write anything at all. Sorry 'bout that.

Today's comments are in the form of a teaser. A parent brought up a topic which will take some research but I think it may interest you. Jackson Community College has announced a $5 increase per credit hour and a student fee raise to the $17 range. Ultimately this brings up a lot of questions as to the costs of the sports programs at this little school. Scholarships for out of state students taking up space that local tax paying families' kids may be qualified for and the importing of coaching staff plus exorbitant, in my mind, costs of taking teams to out of town events, including out of state such as Florida, and all the other related costs. We are going to try to find out a little more about this. Stay tuned.

Also, it seems to me that cell phone towers might be made a lot more attractive. The county is looking to garner some cash by putting one up in the middle of Cascades park. Drove by one yesterday and frankly, they could be made to look more attractive if they eschewed chain link fencing for a brick wall which could be made to look like a building, landscaped, etc. They might even be made to look like an extension of an existing building. I wish they would think about things like this before the public gets all warped out of shape, and in many cases justifiably so, and feels it necessary to circulate petitions, attend meetings, etc.

Just thinking--
God bless.........

Friday, June 25, 2010

This is Justice?

I always thought that the court system stopped short of enforcing illegal contracts. That they wouldn't enforce gambling debts or they wouldn't enforce a contract made with fraudulent intent or coercion.

But just look at what is happening now!

There is an ad on television with the Secretary of Labor encouraging illegal immigrants to come forth and report employers who are paying them less than the minimum wage. This highly placed government employee, yes a cabinet member which is pretty darn high but still takes direction from the President, is actually becoming an accomplice in crime, petty though it may be in some eyes. By extension, her boss who approves of her actions therefore becomes an accessory, right?

So here we have the initial law breaker "hiding out" and working for less than minimum wage. Not nice on the part of the employer, but perhaps the illegal isn't as bad off as might be thought. Assuming that he gets paid in cash and has no need to pay taxes and may be smart enough to game the system through food stamps, medical care at the nearest hospital and who sends his kids to school where they probably qualify for a free lunch, he's not doing so bad, is he?

You can build your own scenario and fill in the blanks any way you want to, but bottom line is that everyone who has a part in this fiasco is guilty of a certain degree of criminality.

One of the arguments made is that Arizona can't afford the gas/transportation to take these people back to the border. News Flash! Ask for volunteers--I would be willing to bet that we could get enough volunteers to do the job. As so many other folks, I have a friend in Arizona whom I haven't seen in a long time. I wuuldn't mind taking a little vacation to see Terry and on the way back I could swing south far enough to drop off a few illegals. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who might speak up.

As I see it, all the sanctuary cities could budget a little stash for these folks which would equal what it would to house and feed them for X number of months. They could take it with them and parlay it into a small business and be able to be back with their families in Mexico or even farther South.

What do they call it?
Thinking outside the box?
God bless.............

Thursday, June 24, 2010

7th District Meeting

Met in Eaton County this evening and just returned home.

Just a few announcements.

If you didn't make the deadline to get your name on the ballot as a precinct delegate by the filing deadline, you may still file an intent to run with your township, city or county clerk by the Friday before the election and write your own name in with i think it is two other people and you're in.

Actually, you may also do it at the last minute at the polling place, but it will be a real glitch for the poll workers and they will not be happy with you. In fact, the people who count the votes and the Board of Canvassers as well will be very, very inconvenienced. Please try to make it easier on everyone.

If you know you're going to be away on election day, you can get your absentee ballot now. Again, don't wait until the last minute.

The Republican County Conventions will be August 12 and the State Convention will be August 28th, so put that on your calendar if you are a precinct delegate and think you might like to go to the state convention.

Any questions?
Fair season is starting-
God bless.........

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Midweek Ramblings--

1-The fact that lithium has been found in Afghanistan is NOT a call for us "to go to war over lithium instead of oil" as the lefties are putting it. It is truly the opportunity we have been looking for to replace the poppy trade which when connected to the international drug trade made the Taliban and Al Quaida so strong and fearsome to the Afghans. There need to be ways to change that and we can leave them with a lawful means to make a living. Not just mining, but some of the early means of supply, contracting with companies who use the mineral, etc. Some of the best news going.

2-Kagan's true colors were apparent this week when the Supremes decided three cases on 6-3 votes. As it turned out, Kagan had written all three positions and was on the wrong side of each one. So you can see that her addition to the court would mean at the very least 5-4 and the possibility that they would have been turned around.

3-It seems the drug cartels have lookout posts in the mountains with communications systems to enable the drug runners and illegals to cross our borders and the great White Father, or head of ICE Morton determined that listening to their chatter was important and decided they should be allowed to remain in place. Can't help wondering, since they have known this for quite some time, whether the rancher who was killed a few weeks ago might still be alive if ICE had done their jobs.

4-I realize that the President has to have faith in his military personnel and it was his prerogative to fire McChrystal. My only thought was, what if this "lapse" in judgment was really an avenue to show folks that many of the military don't have faith in the President. Not my call, just wondering.

With the focus on civilian posts where political games are played and the name of Ambassador Eichenberry pops up there will undoubtedly be more to come out on this.

5-And thinking about leadership I can't help wondering about the managerial and executive capability of Cox, Hoekstra and George. All nice guys, but office staff is not my idea of executive experience. Heck, that's the kind of experience Obama had coming in and look where that has gotten us. (At least Republicans could be expected to pick better advisors.) If Snyder won't even take part in debates that kind of decision making is suspect as well. Bouchard just keeps looking better and better.

Which brings me to possible interviews for 64th, 65th House Seats and 7th Dist. Congressman. Since I have taken supportive positions on these races, I doubt that you would believe I could keep an objective viewpoint. If any of you remember those done earlier and would like it, perhaps you want to formulate questions as well. Just let me know.

6-And how about Mexico joining with Eric Holder, Obama and 49 other states ganging up on Arizona and taking them to court? Piling on?

7-One last thing: If President Soetoro can actually grant amnesty for 12 million illegals my prediction would be that he would seal his fate as a one term president. That's just too involved not to be spelled out by legislation which would, of course, need to be put to a vote. Sounds scary--can he really do that?

Another morning and evening of rather wicked thunderstorms-
Hope you're all safe--
God bless.........

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who Has Confidence in Whom?

Shouldn't it be a given that any time the President calls anyone into the Oval Office or a study session in a conference room with several participants that the guest(s) are automatically more educated and knowledgeable than he is on any given subject?

Surely the President didn't explain any battlefield strategy to any military person. Fortunately it looks like he had the best advice on how to run a war than he has had on how to deal with an oil spill. I would only ask this: Perhaps the question is not whether the President has confidence in those he chooses to assist in necessary areas of expertise, but do they have confidence in him to understand and then to carry out suggestions.

The analogy between President and Governor is so obvious. Faced with a disaster that caused loss of life, present and future job loss, danger and death to animals plus having to find a method to stop the carnage it looks like the bureaucrats are using delaying tactics. Court cases take time and in the meantime people suffer. Does he think that it's OK because BP will give them a check later on? Give me a break.

Here's the other side of that lack of leadership: After 9/11 we all heard reports of law enforcement and public service people throughout the country offering assistance and it appeared that New York had a full plate and no organized methods of putting anyone to work so they refused the offers. What did Sheriff Mike Bouchard from Michigan do? He gathered together a crack team of experienced deputies and other staff as needed. They were self-contained taking along food, bedding, communications and anything they would need so no one in New York would be inconvenienced with having them there and they got to work doing what they were experienced enough to know needed doing. Now, that's leadership.

Try to stay cool. It was a hot one today--
God bless.........

Monday, June 21, 2010

What's in a Name? plus How Deep is Deep?

You've never heard me speak about the President's birth certificate. Mostly because I think it's a waste of time, but also because even if the birthers have it right, there's not enough time to actually do anything about it. However, I did receive some information today which tickles the curiosity gene.

Apparently when Obama's mother married for the second time, her husband formally adopted him and changed his name to Barry Soetoro. The claim is that truly deep research has not been able to find where he legally changed his name to Barack Obama. The next bit of evidence was an interview when he was being questioned and asked whether he had ever been known by any other name. He said "no." The message included a photo which would lead one to think he might be under oath which would make it perjury. (Since Clinton couldn't be guilty of perjury we couldn't expect that Obama would, but it's a fascinating little anecdote if true.)

And then there's the story of really deep wells. My resource in all things having to do with oil tells me that a 5000 foot deep well is not uncommon. There are wells in the Gulf which are 7000 feet deep with the substructure (my word, not the description of engineers) of 20,000 feet. And world wide there are wells that are 11,000 feet deep that go down 34,000 feet to the bedrock. Lots of interesting stuff including layers of salt, sediment and all the other stuff beneath the ocean.

That geology course from long ago came popping up as well in describing tertiary and sub tertiary layers. Those, as I recall, are tapped after the primary and secondary and the flow needs to be helped along with heat and pressure meaning of course, that it costs more to get the crude up to the surface. A set of slides showing cross sections and comparative well depths, etc. were really interesting. Just that brief bit of information convinces me that the so-called experts the President talked to were probably academics, certainly not the people who work with really deep wells on a daily basis.

Oh, well. He puts more faith in theory and people who film science fiction than in folks who have practical experience. He just never fails to disappoint.

We'll keep plugging along-
God bless...........

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekly Wrap-up

1-Have you ever heard of the Peter Principle? You know, the one which says that everyone rises to one step above his or her level of competence? It occurs to me that pretty much that is what our U. S. House and Senate is composed of. Would "a bunch of dolts" seem to cover it?

2-Our debt is now officially over $13 trillion. And that's not counting the unfunded liabilities which if adjusted for inflation, will be well over $100 trillion within the next generation.

3-Grandson in Air Force, stationed in Germany, is making a tour which will include Turkey. In a Father's Day call his dad responded with "Isn't that a little iffy given that our usual friendship is a bit strained at present?" Grandkid's response: Doesn't matter. Nobody over here likes us.

4-Big to-do in D.C. about the cases of fraud by some mortgage brokers compounded by criminals preying on the unsophisticated making promises of being able to save their homes from foreclosure and then actually selling the victim's houses out from under them. Or having them pay fees for their "assistance" in negotiating refinancing, etc. and then just walking away with the money. We're all for catching crooks.

Now, the question should be: when are they going to investigate those who gave mortgages and cash rebates under the auspices of Fannie and Freddie to those who in no way could qualify for a mortgage? Still haven't heard from either Levin or Stabenow. Didn't expect to, but one can always hope and keep bugging them.

And how about the original instigators, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd? Term limits, anyone?

Let's hope for a good week--get that well capped.
God bless................

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oil Addiction?

Are you really an addict? Isn't it strange that someone can put a couple of words together and the rest of the folks on that side of an argument start using it and ultimately it comes to be accepted terminology?

I would venture to guess that most of us who use oil and its by-products do so out of necessity and rarely, perhaps once or twice a year for a little vacation, use a car for pleasure. All of the other uses seem to be very purposeful.

Addict is a word with mostly negative connotations and frankly, I resent being labeled by someone who thinks they should be running not only my life, but the lives of everybody else except their fellow elites as well.

Have a great Father's Day!
Hit 'em long and hit 'em straight!
God bless........

Precautionary Measures

Last night we had severe thunderstorms which resulted in my turning off the system even though I have a surge protector. Played it double safe. This morning 14,000 customers just down the street a mile are without power so I'm glad I did.

When it gets right down to it, there wasn't much to write about anyway and when I looked at the headers this morning I'm told this will be the 616th post since we started.

The election and associated activities requiring hour after hour is not leaving much time to look up the types of information I like to share hoping that I can save you the time for research. The kind of thing friends do for friends and neighbors--

I'm not sure that this is the best use of your time as well as mine. We're going to give this some thought. I think part of the reason is that when I had a once a week website from 1997 to 2004 the hits were measured in the thousands and I think it was because it was only once a week and took less time. The other side of that coin is that on a daily basis ( and especially since there are so many blogs out there now) we're only looking at a couple hundred or so per week who probably look on a daily basis. That number has slipped about 20 for each of the last 2 weeks so I'm thinking:

Is this getting as boring to you as I feel it getting repetitive to me?

Beautiful day--enjoy today and
Happy Father's Day!
God bless.........

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Answering Letters

Would you call it a slow news day when all that is being talked about is the BP oil pollution and whether or not the 16 year old sailor's parents are guilty of child abuse?

There was a lengthy comment on my post about the Census which brought up a good point. Of course people work and everyone won't be at home, but that shouldn't turn 2 weeks (which would have been an optimum) into 6 months. Plus I had figured the driving time between single dwellings and apartments would be averaged out. It was not an in depth piece, just an observation. The only place where travel would enter into the picture would be in rural areas.

Actually, I think folks who live in the country, except for those who don't want to be found, are probably more law abiding than the average city dweller. Personal opinion only. Also, I expect that once you find no one at home you would make a notation and try other methods to touch base and make an appointment. There are many ways to skin a cat. And I trust there is enough intelligence to figure out the alternatives.

Bottom line, surely they could do better. And, oh yes, since our Congressman Schauer is all warped out of shape by the trinkets made in China being distributed makes me wonder. Why do we need handouts at all? Baseball caps to key chains? I don't get it.

The other posts I wanted to talk about were the lengthy diatribes against a Tennessee Congresswoman named Marsha Blackburn. I simply mentioned her name as a co-sponsor of a bill, knowing nothing about her. Twice we received the same comment.

I think I have it figured out. I know there is a program whereby an individual can scan the internet for their own or someone else's name and references will be listed. I'm sure an opponent of Ms. Blackburn is collecting information on her and sending out rebuttals. I'm thinking since we mentioned her name, the automatic response was sent. Just a guess.

The only reason I ran across this is that there was an implied threat at one point last year when I mentioned a particular author. A friend in law enforcement was able to do some tracking and found the writer lived in San Diego so we breathed a sigh of relief and forgot about it.

It really is interesting to compare opinions and realize that every one of us is totally unique and never looks at a particular situation in exactly the same way. Let's hear it for the freedom to express ourselves!

God bless........

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gentlemen and Ladies! Start Your Engines! It's Time to Stop Stabenow and Elect Her Replacement in November of 2012-

Yes, it's true. Which makes it time to start gathering up the facts, voting records and whatever we need to unseat one of the most liberal Senators ever. And to think she does it without being original in any sense of the word. The Caucus must be kept busy finding Simple Simon types of legislation she would be able to explain if asked.

So shift gears just enough to pause and put Stabenow in the line up with the President, affix the targets on their backs and let's go get 'em!

On another front, there was a reminder today of how our lady governor has decided on a couple of occasions to take a little vacation, but she needs to make it look like she's on a business trip. Didn't she take two trips to Japan and one to Germany with just that itinerary?

She prefaced the journeys with the story that she was going to go over and make a pitch to try to get some business to settle in Michigan. Of course we all know that it would have been foolish to think that she would take a chance on being embarrassed. Therefore, we found the deals were done before she left so she could make the "news flash" announcement after her meetings with businessmen and politicians.

Weren't you experiencing a little deja vu when the newscasters began reporting that Obama had come out of a scheduled 20 minute, but actual 45 minute, meeting with the great news that BP is putting up an escrow of $20 billion to start? All to be controlled by the same guy who (color me sarcastic) did such a bang up job with the funds for the survivors of 9/11? I guess since it's not our money this time we're not supposed to care?

Enough for now-
God bless.......

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Well, Did You See the Speech?

If not, I can tell you what he said.... If you did, we can compare notes and see if we received the same message...........

He said that he called in this really great team of experts from every applicable field (plus movie people who photograph deep water scenes) "just after" the explosion causing the oil spill. (Why is everyone calling this a spill? An explosion resulting in an eruption with oil covering the surface and wetlands might better be called oil pollution or at least something closer to the description. - my opinion) Question: What time frame encompasses "just after?"

He was "on top of this from the beginning." So why did it take 9 days for his first acknowledgement of the problem?

Said he welcomed any and all suggestions. As we said before, using two man teams to pick up tar balls is ridiculous. Teen-agers could do a better job with a strong butterfly net and s Hefty bag.

3 point plan: BP to establish escrow account for funds to be used for claims; commitment to a long term plan as well; establishment of a National Committee to study the problem and make sure it doesn't happen again.

There will be a 6 month moratorium on new drilling. (Our reference to Salazar not carrying this out a year ago when he "discovered" problems would have been a good idea) but Salazar determined firing the guys at MMS he considered corrupt a better use of his time. (Hardly a safety move.)

He said we have known for many years that we are too dependent on oil but no one has had the "political courage" to do anything about it. Doesn't want to saddle our children with the problem so he will take care of it. (But he doesn't care about saddling the children with the enormous debt he has already incurred for them)

We can't afford not to pass Climate Change/Energy legislation. (With the already avg of $700 for healthcare tax and the estimated cost of "only $1 a day" which I don't believe for a minute, we are already on the hook for a minimum of $1430 per year.)

We put a man on the moon, we can do this. (Really? Since he has put the kabosh on space travel, he apparently doesn't have much faith in it....)

He ended what had been advertised as a really great speech, his first from the Oval Office, with an anecdote about the blessing of the fleet and a message of faith. (This coming from the guy who went to great pains to tell the world that we are not a Christian nation. Just a tad hypocritical, right?) Why in the world would he mention prayer? I just don't get it.

All in all, it appeared to be a very weak effort. Good thing it was short. Can't help remembering what he said when talking about the costs of an energy bill:


God bless us........
We need all the help we can get.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Census and Cap&Tax plus Windmills

Heard the head honcho of the Census Bureau defending the fact that out of 600,000 people hired to finish the census "only" a few were found to be felons guilty of such things as assault, rape, theft, etc., etc. The conversation segued into what the 600,000 were doing and he proudly said that they were completing the count of the 47 million who did not return the census forms.

Now, if my hand held calculator is correct, that amounts to 78.8 households per counter and even if they were allowed one full hour to ask the basic questions and get to the next house or apartment, they could complete 8 in an 8 hour day which means they would have ample time to finish their jobs in two weeks. I ask you, have you heard anything about the terrific job they are doing? And shouldn't they have announced Mission Accomplished quite some time ago? Duh...

As for the Cap and Trade deal, is it only me who thinks the whole thing is a scam? I'm thinking they have taken the words "carbon footprint" and figured out how to put a price tag on something that actually doesn't exist? Can't you just see a bunch of guys sitting around a table figuring out how to sell this get rich quick scheme?

Point Two on the energy front: Has anyone ever figured out just how many windmills it takes to equal the amount of oil generated? The cost of those windmills plus the acres and acres of land on which to "plant" them must be astronomical given that there are only pockets of wind in each state where it makes sense to put up a farm.

All I can see coming out of Washington and the Democrats is spend, spend, spend. More stimulus funds to the tune of $55 billion was the latest number bandied about today. Pretty soon instead of indicating how they plan to pay for a bill, they should be indicating an approved line of credit if they can find a lender.

My vocabulary doesn't have words to describe their chutzpah and my chagrin.

God bless.......

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sarah Palin and the Oil Problem

Not connected, just two topics.

The mainstream media really has a problem. They are hell bent on destroying Sarah Palin, but the more they criticize and give her space both in print and air time they are giving her publicity as well. If you were to put all that together they'd realize that no one could begin to pay for what they are giving her. They usually call that an in-kind contribution, don't they?

And they're doing the same thing by talking up the oil problem. The more they talk about it the more frustrated the public becomes and the more we get tired of it so they talk about it again because they don't like the polls. (There's only one thing that is so obviously from the stone age. One guy holding the plastic while another scoops sand into it. My husband who likes to do yard work has fashioned a frame which holds a trash bag so that he can fit the bag to the top and scoop away. How more 101 can you get?

Get ready for another week during which time perhaps we can get down to serious business and try to fix the things that are dragging down this country's future.

God bless........

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Needing Help

I'm nearing completion of a piece of literature to be used as hand out material at county fairs and events where appropriate.

Even though there are a number of examples of Obama's rhetoric on the one hand and action on the other it's not easy to pull them up.

I'm thinking of things like no new taxes for folks whose income is less than $250,000 when in reality medical costs deduction is now based on amounts over 10% rather than 7.5%. And you can keep your doctor if you choose when in fact Medicare Advantage is being cancelled which makes that an impossibility. Also that nothing will change for those people who have Medicare Advantage such as the CBO using the figure of 50% for those who will suffer a decline in benefits because they are cutting funding by $136 billion.

I'm asking if you have a "pet peeve" that has popped up in the last 18 months to share it by using the Comment section. Appreciate it.

Have a good Sunday--
God bless..........

Friday, June 11, 2010

EPA Victory?

The EPA was targeted by a block with the legislation we talked about a couple of days ago. Senator Lisa Markowski and Jay Rockefeller were the point people in the attempt to stop EPA from putting on restrictions without the consent of Congress.
(Strangely, the first article I read mentioning Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee was not mentioned as a major player.)

Along with Rockefeller, Landrieu, Bayh, Pryor, Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln voted with the Republicans. It wasn't enough, however, and the writer opined that it must have taken some intense pressure from the White House to win the no vote from Jim Webb of Virginia who is up again in 2012 and it's already looking tough for him.

Failure of the resolution means the larger liberal group of supporters will keep chasing a climate bill. Hopefully it can be delayed and after November will be a moot point.

Have a great weekend-
God bless.........

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Balance the Budget by Snapping up Social Security and Adding Cap and Trade?

I have no clue as to why liberal groups are trying to save Social Security, it seems counter intuitive, right? Perhaps it's due to their patron saint, FDR, or just because the thirties was the last best chance for socialism until now, but whatever the reason, it is apparently true. Could it possibly have something to do with the project in the works by some to bribe 401K holders into believing they can turn their life savings into a "guaranteed" annuity and absorb those funds?

We conservatives, on the other hand, want to save it because it is the morally right thing to do. The program was sold and promised to the American public as the third of a three legged stool which was supposed to make for a comfortable retirement. They didn't foresee the war years, baby boomers, flower children, Kent State, Vietnam and all the rest. The under current of progressive socialism was hidden deeply enough that most of us were unaware. Silent but deadly for a good many years and above all, patient, waiting for the opportune time.

Now we have a situation where redistribution of wealth is feasible as never before and one might call this the perfect storm if their timing is right. We'll just have to wait and see. All I know for sure is that promises were made, the FICA tax has increased on a regular basis, the Congress has used every penny wage earners have put into the so-called trust fund and it is now going by the name of an "unfunded liability." How's that for progres. Worse, instead of trying to rectify the problem by admitting to the corruption and having everyone get into the act, take responsibility and do more than raise the tax and delay the retirement (which given life expectancy needs to be done.)

There needs to be a moral reawakening to be sure there is no more sleight of hand and there is honesty in the final fix.

Finally: don't expect any contribution of ideas from the President. We knew he had no managerial experience when we elected him and he hasn't gained any hands on experience since January of '09. He might have, except that his instinctive move seems to be "hand off" not "hands on." Then he just waits until the staff or committee or commission comes back with an answer which feels comfortable.

And so we wait-
God bless............

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

HB 1388, PBGC, Social Security

There are emails going around again about HB 1388 which supposedly is an Executive Order spending $20 million to bring Palestinian refugees to this country and take care of them at taxpayer expense. Not true.

The bill has to do with education including AmeriCorps, and other educational programs. Please do not send this on if you receive it. If you want to see the bill or a summary, just google HB 1388 and you'll find lots of information.

We have talked before about the Pension Benefits Guarantee program which takes over the pensions of companies who have gone bankrupt. These companies' funding is incorporated into PBGC. Presently they are underfunded about $2-3 billion due in part to the market and partly because Obama has not named anyone to head up the agency.

The bigger problem is that the public unions are asking to be put into the plan as well, but as we have mentioned before, they had asked for and received permission to vest their funding at a much lower rate than private corporations. If they are allowed to enter the program the unfunded amount would increase immediately to about $8 billion. This is not acceptable and they are trying to do it while the Democrats still have majorities in both houses. Be aware and talk to your Congressman plus sending the information to your friends in other districts and states.

You're not going to believe that Conservatives are needed to join some very left wing people and organizations such as, Soros, liberal AARP and others to keep the Finance Commission named by Obama from incorporating all Social Security funding into balancing the budget. I will do a detailed report on this tomorrow night.

Again, as I have said before, previous Congresses have actually stolen this money which was taken from taxpayers to use for whatever purposes they have desired through the years and that amount is presently #2.558 trillion! Two bills, one by Cong. Ron Paul entitled the Social Security Preservation Act, HR219 and the other called the Savings for Seniors Act HR 1712 by Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn are attempting to protect those funds.

That Commission is looking at VAT and Obama says "everything is on the table" and it is a scary thing.

I have never asked you to get involved with anything more than a phone call, but this is serious stuff. Will relate more tomorrow.

God bless.............

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Two Things: Oil and Oration

Our leader tells us BP has been lying and the workers are cheating. I have it on good authority that most of the other worldwide oil companies have sent teams of workers to the scene of the oil spill and those who live around the area have been working 10 days on and 2 days off and are in their third tour.

For instance, Chevron's annual meeting focused on the Gulf oil spill. Outlined for the stockholder audience, Chevron's worldwide major actions included reviews of their processes and procedures at drilling operations along with well-control contingency plans. (I don't have the exact number but Chevron has more deep wells than any other company with operations in the gulf.)

They also sent subsea experts to help BP and joined a Coast Guard incident command team further participating in two industry taskforces examining offshore drilling procedures. Last week Interior Secretary Ken Salazar (I call him Ken the Slow Moving Reactor) received draft recommendations for improving offshore safety. We may hear from him some time after the Fourth of July.

So, yes, there may be anecdotes of low level employees goofing off, but for the most part I tend to believe that most of these people are not only interested in solving the ecological problems, they are also sure as heck trying to preserve their jobs. Stands to reason.

As far as Obama is concerned, this one hits a little closer to home. A Kalamazoo High School Commencement audience was treated to a speech by the most powerful man in the world. His message focused on advice to the young graduates with tidbits to get them through life such as: "Don't make excuses," "Do not finger point," Take responsibility as much for failure as for success." He further indicated that: "You will screw up," "You will hurt people you love," "You will stray from values you hold deeply."

Now I ask you: Have you any evidence that he has ever taken his own advice? How many times have you heard him say he inherited the bad economy? Or that the breakdown by BP was not his fault but that he would take control and deal with it? And one of my favorites: "'They' drove the car into the ditch."

He campaigned on having all the answers and yet he hasn't demonstrated one.

Food for thought: Has he ever admitted to a mistake? That entire speech could have been the best example of classic irony ever if he were using it to ridicule or show contempt which I assume he was not. The other most common definition would entail humor but if he thought he was being funny, he wasn't and it went over the heads of the audience and everyone else. So, if he truly meant what he said, it turns from irony to hypocrisy. Take your pick.

Have you been blown away by the beauty of the pines this year?
The mix of rain and various temperatures must have been perfect.

God bless.........

Monday, June 7, 2010

Everything You Do Counts-

Never start thinking that your little bit doesn't count-

"It helps, now and then, to step back and take the long view.

The Kingdom is not only beyond our efforts, it is even beyond our vision.

We accomplish in our lifetimes only a tiny fraction of the magnificent enterprise that is God's work. Nothing we do is complete, which is another way of saying that the kingdom always lies beyond us.

No statement says all that can be said.
No prayer fully expresses our faith.
No confession brings perfection,
no pastoral visit brings wholeness.
No program accomplished the Church's mission.
No set of goals and objectives includes everything.
That is what we are about.

We plant seeds that one day will grow.
We water seeds already planted,
knowing that they hold future promise.
We lay foundations that need further development.
We provide yeast that produces effects far beyond our capability. We cannot do everything, and there is a sense of liberation in realizing that. This enables us to do something and to do it very well. It may be incomplete,
but it is a beginning, a step along the way, an opportunity for the
Lord's grace to enter and do the rest.

We may never see the end results,
but that is the difference between the master builder and the worker.
We are the workers, not master builders; ministers, not messiahs.
We are prophets of a future not our own."

(This has been attributed to both Archbishop Oscar Romero and John Cardinal Dearden.)

The blog site was shut down last evening so posting was not possible. Seeing this today makes me think it needs to be here early today and left on until Tuesday evening.

God bless.........

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rose Parade Tomorrow-

I need to ask your indulgence for just a short message this evening.

Today was spent on the finishing chores for the Republican float in the parade and working with check off lists, etc.

The biggest problem we faced was finding someone to paint the Cascades Falls on the backdrop of the trailer so we could base the Fun-n-Games theme on our great park system where kids play Little League Baseball and football and then continue with sports throughout their school years and even later life.

I warned the meeting this morning that if I had to end up doing it there would be only an abstract which hopefully would at least remind folks of the falls. And so it was and so I hope it may be.

Now that all is in place we can only hope for decent weather.

Have a good Sunday-
Pray for clear skies-
God bless........

Friday, June 4, 2010

Where Did the Stimulus Money Go?

Here are a couple of paragraphs from the current issue of "Metal Casting, Design & Purchasing" magazine, a foundry trade publication.

..."the Investigative Reporting Workshop found several cases of wind farm developers in the U.S. receiving turbines, blades and other components imported from Europe and Asia the same (2009) year. The report also discovered that of the $2.2 billion of stimulus grants awarded to renewable energy companies, $1.7 billion went to foreign wind power companies and $500 million went to domestic companies. (Reference to Table which gives statistics.)

Furman argued the stimulus grant helped companies like his--a Spanish firm with a North American division--stay afloat during 2009 and encouraged them to invest in American ventures.

'We would have had a lot of turbines to store and people to lay off,' he said. 'When the grant program occurred, we changed our plans for the next couple of years and reallocated capital to the U.S. We are installing more capacity in the U.S. for the next few years.'"

The article goes on to say that American jobs were lost for some time but they are hoping for a turn around coming up. I'll try to add a bit to this and put it in perspective, but sometimes it's hard to put much faith in the strategies used by those who want all kinds of subsidies and then we find they weren't used as advertised.

With only 41,000 private jobs gained this month and the loss of jobs when the census is completed and all the folks who used to make a living from southern coastal waters who will probably be paid minimum wage to help in the clean up, it's hard to be optimistic for a great summer, right?

Maybe we'll get an unexpected gift somehow--
Go to the Rose Parade Sunday for a lift--
God bless...........

Thursday, June 3, 2010

More on Oil Spill-

Certainly no one has blamed the President for the actual disaster, but folks are coming out of the woodwork who are critical of his handling of the problem. As I recall, my only comment was that Salazar did have the opportunity to shut it down when he recognized how poorly the permitting process was being handled.

Now, however, it seems as though people from the left to the right of the political spectrum are being critical. Each with a different criticism which has truly become a litany.

I can see only two topics that make me cringe.

1-With all of the vacations, golf and BB games, dinners, that abominable awards ceremony where he fawned all over the contributions of the Beatles as though they were the opening act for the Second Coming or perhaps it was the other way around, wouldn't you think that he would keep a low profile so the country would think of him as being just a tad serious while disaster is surrounding our southern coastal states? I'm as sure as I can be that there would be plenty to keep him busy at the White House.

2-The constant politicization and campaigning and laying the blame on George W every time he opens his mouth. Does he not realize yet that he won and is the President? Shouldn't someone tell him he should start acting with some of that gravitas the Democrats love so much and act Presidential?

Let's all pray for answers to the problems both with illegal immigrants and the devastation of the southern coast, both of which threaten livelihoods and the way of life our friends and neighbors have worked so hard to achieve.

God bless..........

Ps-Justice Robert Young will be joining us at the Republican Committee meeting at 9:00 Saturday morning at Steve's Ranch. Feel free to drop by to meet him. He's a great guy. You may prefer to pop in at the Jackson Coffee Company in Downtown Jackson where Justice Young will be from 10 - 12 after speaking to our meeting. More time for you to chat with him.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rahm Emanuel-Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste

So this is going to be the excuse for Cap and Trade (Tax)?

After he lulls us to sleep with all the finger pointing and rhetoric he finally comes out with the plan he has been working on rather than capping the well:

This is a great reason for a new tax.

Hold on to your hats!

God bless us all and this country,
or what's left of it when he finishes.........

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


No kidding--

Heard a television news person ask Mr. Jackson why he was so adamantly against the Arizona immigration law when as a matter of fact the Arizona law requires that there has to be some reason such as suspicious behavior, traffic infraction or something out of the ordinary before law enforcement officers can make a stop or ask the first question. Then, and only then, are they allowed to ask for papers.

The federal law has no such restriction and anyone can be stopped or questioned for any reason if law enforcement wonders about their citizenship. This is certainly racial profiling.

However, since the President, the former governor of Arizona who appears to have forgotten her roots, the Attorney General and just about everyone on the Washington scene whether or not they have read the 15 page bill, have determined the bill is a bad bill.

Poor Jesse. He wants so badly to be on the "right side" of the issue that he has to come down on the side of the federal law and I'm not kidding. He was asked the specific question at least three times and he tried to talk himself around the answer.

God bless.........