Thursday, October 9, 2008

Correct Me if I'm Wrong

I seem to recall that the first time I ever heard of ACORN it was in Obama's resume as the place where he got his managerial experience as a community organizer. And that was that--for awhile. (CORRECTION? While looking for something else, ran across a piece where Obama said he had worked as a community organizer "for a small group of churches." So is my memory faulty or has the message been changed lately? Added Friday am.)

Next we heard of the ACORN group protesting and petitioning in Washington and other locations and lending and banking institutions for low or no down payment methods of making it possible for low income people to buy homes.

Now we are hearing of the corruption and fraud endemic in voter registration efforts by, guess who--ACORN.

And we're not talking just about Chicago, but in city after city and state after state.

And now we're hearing that the only contact Obama had with ACORN was as an attorney with very limited access or influence.

And I don't seem to hear anyone calling him on it. So is it my faulty memory? Or is it just another instance of Obama-spin and the media as accessories.

See you tomorrow

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