Wednesday, October 15, 2008

There are Givers and Takers

What do these have in common?
Barney Frank
Chris Dodd
Execs of Fannie and Freddie
Former Execs of Fannie and Freddie
"Homeowners" who "bought" homes with no down payment--
--in fact sometimes made a buck or two in the deal
ACORN and other community groups who lobbied for the unqualified who
could never be expected to pay the mortgage
and Barak Obama and his advisers
and many, many more

Answer: They are all takers and they are all Democrats

One thing I wouldn't have given them credit for: the ability to time an economical collapse to benefit the Democrats in the 2008 election cycle--I would have been wrong
had I been asked.

The Socialist/Marxist rule of law that they would be able to take over any country who had been able to increase the takers to 51% of the population or at least the population who votes.

If they have any honesty left they will follow the lead of other countries who have many political parties which specifically identify themselves with labels. And the truly honest label for Democrats should now be: The Democrat Socialist Party--particularly in view of him telling the world that Bill the Plumber who has "made it" is now expected to use his profits to distribute to all those behind him in the food chain.

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The Wolverine said...

Step back and look at the big picture. When anyone talks about "redistribute the wealth", that defines socialism. Time to call a spade a spade.

And as long as we're talking about straight talk, why is the word "liar" taboo in politics? In tonight's debate he said that he did not launch his political campaign in Bill Ayers living room. That's been documented. That makes chairman Obama a liar. There, I said it.

America, you only have a couple of weeks to wake up. Shake off the cobwebs and see things clearly. Obama might be your emotional choice, but emotions don't feed the bulldog. The logical choice is McCain. Now go make it happen.

Phil W said...

I think it would have been great of McCain could have used the line Dick Morris came up with...If Obama were Applying for the job rather than running for election, he would never get a Security Clearance; which is probably quite true given some of his associations!

As far as the Polls go and the Media Flacks...I keep reminding myself...that they had Kerry way ahead in '04 and Gore ahead in 2000 at the same point...It's beginning to look like they been telling the same lies long enough to start believing them themselves; at least that is my fervent hope!