Monday, May 31, 2010

A Day To Realize-

Two days which are true American holidays, Memorial Day and Thanksgiving, give us an opportunity to be selfish about our ownership.

The priest this morning reminded us that they are days that are not obligations in any way, but each individual or family sets boundaries and traditions that are unique.

What more can we ask? True freedom to appreciate those who have given their all to be totally free in our expressions of thanks.

Today meals were totally informal pickups and after church started and finished a book while my husband got his fill of WWII movies and History "stuff."

I hope you are all very pleasantly tired and refreshed for the upcoming week.

God bless..........

Sunday, May 30, 2010

AARP Raising Head Again-

Isn't it strange that AARP, with the exception of fawning over and supporting the Obamacare bill, first signing on and then denying that action and then signing on again, is now advertising all over the place for new members?

Could it possibly be that they lost a boatload of members when they signed on to one of the most hated bills to ever come across the news wires? The ads have pie in the sky type promises like 'AARP is helping us take trips' and who knows what all. When individuals or companies talk out of both sides of their mouths it is bound to affect their reputations negatively. Good luck with that? No way.

Another little blurb is this week's column by Kathleen Parker where speaking with forked tongue is frowned upon. Ms. Parker was talking about her Marine brother and other close relatives who served in the military who never found it necessary to speak of their heroic deeds to those who might not understand the whole scene. Sort of "you had to be there" events. (Just as my dad didn't talk about the POW experiences of 45 months after capture on Wake Island.)

Ms. Parker's focal point was Attorney General of Connecticut Blumenthal who "made mistakes" when referring to his service in Vietnam, when in fact he didn't leave the States. I think I heard him take "total responsibility." What does that mean? What does anyone mean when they say "I take responsibility?" I've never seen evidence of anything other than mouthing the words.

Anyway, she ended her essay with:

"Real heroes never brag and real Marines don't lie." And may I add "You can take it to the bank."
God bless.........

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Finger Pointing

I have no clue how long it took to dig that well that is now spewing forth oil resulting in a full blown catastrophe. But the reason I'm wondering is that during his press conference the other day the President said that of course this is George Bush's fault and that it's a wonder we don't have more problems since early on in the administration Salazar reported that the permit system was way too short to do a thorough job.

He went on to say that we should mever allow this to happen again and from this point forward the permit process will be much lengthier to be sure every potential problem is covered.

So, my question is: Since Salazar recognized the problem early on, perhaps a year ago, why wasn't there a moratorium initiated at that time so there would be no problems from that time on? And secondarily, why wasn't there a systematic inspection initiated to do a double check inspection both on site and on the paperwork necessary for the permitting process to be sure all t's and i's were crossed and dotted?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend--
God bless..........

Friday, May 28, 2010

Be Nervous, be very, very nervous--

Mom always used to say "you're known by the company you keep." And at this point since the Tea Party is probably deservedly taking credit for the Rand Paul election we have a chain of connections when Rand Paul seems to believe that individuals who own businesses stand above the position of all men being created equal.

That is a truly difficult, if not impossible position for anyone who believes in the rights and freedoms of all men, women and children, not only in our country, but in the world.

So what happens now? Are the Independents who are not signed on with the TEA party going to paint all us conservatives with the same broad brush? I'm talking about the Independents needed to win an election.

You should know how good the Democrats are at taking something like this and true or not, repeating and repeating and repeating it until those undecideds believe it. We can personalize that practice in Michigan because we have seen Mark Brewer do it over and over again.

All I am asking is that every time you get the chance, you should recognize the good that the TEA party is doing, how welcome they are to fiscal conservatism and all the things Republicans hold dear, but that there may be a few candidates who agree with some or most of our platform, but are out of sync in a couple of areas.

Please do not think I am criticizing the TEA party. I just want to point out what to expect from the Democrats and their lies and innuendos. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Have a great weekend-
Remember our fallen heroes--
and God Bless all of you......

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Couple of Quick Observations-

1-The lack of police protection for the 14 year old boy at home alone when 500 SEIU thugs gathered on the front lawn of the Asst. Attorney of Bank America in Montgomery County Maryland was blamed on: The DC cops said they called the Maryland law enforcement people before they left to tell them what was going on.

They claim they didn't receive such a call. That they couldn't make an arrest for trespass or anything else because they didn't actually see the event or any activity which would warrant police action. They said there was no violence and the crowd was peaceful. (How could they know that if they didn't see all those people?)

My point is this: Those of us who live in small town America and have heard stories about corrupt cops in seeing this played out don't need much more proof that the big city cops serve and protect the union brotherhood at the expense of the public.

Certainly most law enforcement officers are really great public servants, but it only takes a few to make the public suspicious when faced with facts like these.

2-When we were talking about the SEIU's efforts to maintain Democrat majorities for the purpose of absorbing private 401K plans into government pension programs I'm thinking I omitted a little advice from an old timer. Looking around at the young people at a meeting this evening it occurred to me that you should be made aware of the importance of a Roth IRA vs a 401K. If you can swing it at all, try to save enough extra to pay the taxes on the 401K now, making it a Roth which you then own in its entirety.

I don't know all the laws, rules, regulations, but it would be a good idea for you to research the plans and protect yourselves. One of my kids is close to retirement and she already has some Roth investments and is going to turn the other over. If the SEIU prevails, she expects to retire immediately and take her pension in a lump sum and protect herself any way she can. Please look into this for your own protection.

Look forward-
God bless.......

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Never, Never Underestimate Your Opposition-

What is with all these people who like to think that November is going to be "take back" time? Through all the years of political contests I can tell you that over confidence is the worst thing in the world to the voter.

Any time they think you have it in the bag there is the tendency to stay home for a certain segment of the population. They believe it! You can't take anything for granted--we absolutely must convince folks that their vote is the most important one in the entire district and we need to offer rides and do everything we can to GET OUT THE VOTE!

One thing has been troubling me lately. What is Rick Snyder up to when he pays short shrift to an ad demonstrating the spending proclivity of Cong. Hoekstra and referring to him as a really nice guy? Yes, I know it's a way to jab at Mike Cox, but the subliminal message appears to be that he is just an inch away from endorsing Hoekstra himself. Why would he spend all the money he has on a pretty darn good campaign just to toss it away?

The other side of that coin would be that since everyone else in the race has a political background and so little is known about Hoekstra that folks might be making a choice between Snyder and Hoekstra. Ad here he is playing nice with him.
I don't get it.

If you love hot weather, be thankful-
If not, just wait a bit-
God bless...............

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How Many Third Rails Are There?

Fairly recently the third rail was Social Security since it was going to go broke sometime soon and folks were surprised to find out that Congress had complete control and the ability to change the rules in the middle of the game. They have been changing by raising the "entry fee" and raising the retirement age gradually, but now everyone knows about the Ponzi scheme and the results being considered.

Even more recently we've heard Immigration designated as the third rail. No need to go into detail on that. We're all choosing sides and the only surprising thing is that the President has chosen to take on 60% to 70% of the country who disagrees with him as to the Arizona law and that we basically know the difference between right and wrong. Now he's going to train and send up to 12,000 troops and spend about $500 million so we'll forgive his little lapse in judgment.

Then there are Freddie and Fannie which has caused so much grief to so many people with the buck stopping within the Congress itself, specifically Dodd and Frank and anyone else connected to them. I have asked Sen. Levin on 4 occasions when they are going to investigate those "financial institutions" as the others and just can't seem to pry loose an answer. That really looked like the proverbial free lunch for a little while.

They're not calling it a third rail yet, but Medicare is even worse off that Social Security. With the increase due to baby boomers retirements it can only get worse. Is there anyway those unfunded liabilities will ever be paid back? Don't think so.

Now we have the first of the reports from Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson. Apparently they have a lead on saving $1 trillion over ten years - and by the way, why is it that everything is now expressed in ten year time frames? Don't suppose they thought we were getting smart enough to understand the concept of a billion so they had to go to the next level to sound astronomical........
Anyway, it's mostly a matter of not replacing public employees, just letting attrition take care of it. But what might that do to the SEIU and the public service jobs which is where most of the employment is taking place?

The more things change the more they stay the same--
God bless......

Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Stuff

SEIU gets police escort to harass one of the employees of the financial institution they have a problem with----1:00 pm Tuesday. It was announced this morning that the D.C. police only followed the group of 500 protesters to the Montgomery County Line. The Montgomery County law enforcement, contrary to local laws, did nothing to enforce the laws against trespass, etc.
SEIU pledges to give somewhere in the neighborhood of $88 million to the Dems to be used during the mid term elections-
SEIU is looking for $165 billion to back up their pension funds-
SEIU had petitioned the government to waive the same kind of backing for their pension funds required of private business and industry-
SEIU wants Democrats to pass legislation to put everyone's individual 401K funds into public pension programs-
Teacher's unions need $23 billion in emergency funds so they can keep their jobs-

Need I say more?

We really do need a lot of prayer to educate the public on the dangers facing our country; there are some problems that can only be solved by prayer-
God bless.........

ps-If you haven't signed a petition exempting Michigan from the Health Care bill, call the office and someone will bring one to you 783-2697

Sunday, May 23, 2010

America The Story of Us

This series started on the History Chanel a few weeks ago and tonight started with the bank failures the last couple of months of 1930 and ended with the dropping of the Atomic bomb in August of 1945.

When watching or even reading that part of our history after being reminded of the earlier years with the very first people to come ashore is a real eye opener. We take so much of this for granted, but when it is brought front and center it makes one stop short. Why? Because our forefathers went through absolute hell in so many ways but stuck it out and we are the recipients of the greatest gift any generation ever gave another.

The stark contrast of the people who fought and died for the freedoms on which we place so little value and the lives we live should make us ashamed. There are still young men and women who are laying their lives on the line to keep violence away from our shores.

The other contrast comes from the men and women who are hell bent on changing everything we hold dear. The last two hours of the series will be next weekend. I thought they said Memorial Day, which would be next Monday, but it's always been on Sunday, so we should double check with the TV guide.

God bless us--
and God bless America..........

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Calderon Criticizes Arizona---Black Pot?

This is even worse than the pot calling the kettle black--this is the most hypocritical activity from someone other than our own State Department when apologizing to whomever and wherever they happen to be at the time.

This is the guy who meets with the dictators of the Americas and want to toss out the Organization of American States. This is the guy whose country is exactly 180 degrees off position.

Mexico deals with "undocumented" immigrants as felons, wouldn't consider giving them medical services, free food, free housing, free educations and just about any other service you can think of. If they are caught, there is no due process, they are unceremoniously booted OUT!

Here, on the other hand illegals get all of the above and if they are caught they are guilty only of a misdemeanor.

And Princeton is giving them ID cards to make life easier for law enforcement types plus they are encouraging everyone else to get the same card so the cops can't tell the difference and have a good excuse not to do their jobs.

Go figure--
God bless........

Friday, May 21, 2010

Well, Aren't We the Lucky Ones? We have Levin, Stabenow and Schauer!

It is disturbing to say the least to know that no matter what opinion we might have, it will make no difference to our representatives. The time honored tradition of informing our Senators and Congressman of our opinions is worthless when you know going in that it will go in one ear and out the other.

It is particularly distressing in the case of the immigration issue to know that our representatives are aware that 76% of their constituents disagree with them, but it just doesn't make a darn bit of difference to them.

Today I called all three and suggested, loudly, that since Mr. Morton publicly announces that there's a good chance he won't help out the locals in Arizona that he shouldn't be paid if he's not going to do his job. I "suggested" that if people in Michigan were being killed by illegals it would be nice if we could depend on our Senators and Schauer, but given their proclivity to walk lockstep with Obama that I didn't feel very safe about it.

I had called the Governor's office in Arizona with the offer to be the first person to make a donation if they were to start a fund to send illegals to DC, LA, San Francisco, Minneapolis or any other sanctuary city. She politely declined the offer which also was very frustrating.

I just can't understand why Obama didn't just issue an injunction or call for a quick over view or whatever they call the fast track at the Supreme Court and get a ruling. Right now it's just him and his followers disrespecting law enforcement in Arizona and telling everyone this is a racist bill and they WILL break discrimination law. This is all politics and dirty is maybe too nice a word.

When I was at the 1996 convention in San Diego we were shown lots of publications giving directions to illegals so they could vote. It was disgusting. This whole thing is disgusting. How can any parent teach their children right from wrong when the Democrats and both Catholic and Protestant clergy are encouraging breaking the law by both the illegals and those who take them in.

God bless.........

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Can't help wondering if McCain will become the next old guy to bite the dust in this climate of "Beat the Incumbents." Not that McCain has changed parties, but he does appear to be changing his positions and if I'd known I was going to write about this a month ago, I would have counted the number of pleas for help in the form of money for his campaign.

Maybe McCain has delusions of grandeur, but it sounds like he has forgotten that he had a tough primary and he was second choice for a whole lot of people. Certainly those of us who were not with him from the beginning would not be expected to support his candidacy at this time especially when he has an attractive opponent.

I really don't know in detail the positions of J.D. Hayworth, but I have witnessed the bouncing around of McCain's positions from the national to the state contest. I had the pleasure of meeting JD a few years ago when in Washington for a conference and was impressed with his maturity even though he was younger at the time. He appears to have lost some weight since he was built like one enormous football player.

Bottom line, it would be my expectation that McCain would whine just like Specter should he lose.

The only other thing that happened today was that Calderone (you remember, the guy who is meeting with Castro, Chavez and the Ecuadorean dictator) came to dinner and insulted the country, specifically Arizona, and the Democrats gave him a standing ovation. And, of course, our President not only let him get away with it, he agreed with him. Shouldn't the entire country feel betrayed by our President dissing us in front of the whole world? That man never fails to try my Christianity, let alone my patience.

Until tomorrow--
God bless........

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Democrats, Stabenow & Imported Drugs

Back in the year 2000 the Democrats developed a campaign scheme that was supremely successful. In all of the border states the Dems, in particular the Senate candidates, used the same playbook and chartered buses to take senior citizens across to Canada or Mexico to buy cheap drugs.

For the most part the Republican position was that drugs from other countries or re-imported drugs were not dependable because our FDA had no control over the quality and distribution. (Blogs were not in vogue at the time, but I did have a website which was posted on a weekly basis and was connected to the State Party website as well. It was during the time I was 5th Vice Chair responsible for senior issues. I warned against the campaign tactic at that time, but not enough people listened)

Because Michigan has three border crossings that I know of, it was easy to make a big splash and it was a large part of the reason that Spence Abraham was a one term Senator. Why am I telling you this?

Because the WSJ published a column today describing the counterfeit and diluted drug market existing in India. 10% seems to be the accepted number for the percentage of fake drugs not including those that are exported to Latin America, Asia and a couple of other places.

Counterfeit drugs are just that--Capsules filled with plaster dust, etc. or pills compounded with look alike materials while liquid medicines are diluted which means the profit is up and the effectiveness is down. This has no doubt been going on for a number of years throughout the world and is now growing to the point where it is becoming serious enough to talk about.

This is just what we feared in years past, it just took a bit longer to develop to a point where Joe and Mary Mainstreet would be more readily affected. So this is just a heads up. The Dems are still using getting foreign drugs as a cost savings measure and we need to be sure that we get to our Congressional representatives in order to stifle any law which would allow for ease in crossing our borders.

Temperatures are on the rise--
God bless..........

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Never Say Never, but Newt?

It is my understanding that by next February Mr. Gingrich will consult with his wife and family and decide whether he should make a run for President in 2012. He was such a lightening rod can't help wondering if he can ever shake the scandal of notifying his wife while she was in the hospital that he "had other plans." Somehow I'm thinking that's doubtful.

This does not mean, however, that he isn't a man of good, even great, ideas and interestingly enough his take on Social Security changes matches much of what my message was a few years ago.

Briefly, I had figured out the costs and actual personal benefits to making just a beginning of a move to individuals taking ownership of a part of their benefits in the SS program.

If individuals were able to invest just 1/6th of the amounts they contributed to FICA on average and at retirement receiving a thousand dollar average which is what it is right now, over a 40 year working life, the worker would have $100,000 in a personal account. Investment proceeds could add to the income or they could do something really special. It'a quite difficult for families earning $30,000 to be able to start savings plans. One fact usually overlooked would be that this would be passed to heirs in case of death which does not happen now.

Granted there are market ups and downs, but over 40 years of stock market history there would be little loss. And of course this would be totally voluntary. The Newt outlook sounded like 100% privatization, but if phased in over perhaps 60 years it would arguably be something we should look at. In fact, given the possibility of the Obama and liberal/progressive politicians who want to change everyone's 401Ks into annuities and combined with the Social Security program, I'm thinking most people would jump at the opportunity. (This doesn't have all the details, but you get the idea.)

Anyway, with all these possibilities being dropped into the mix, we should be looking at many ideas for the "food for thought" category. Forewarned is forearmed?

God bless.......

Monday, May 17, 2010

"ROADSIDE CROSSES" by Jeffery Deaver

Just finished another book by one of my favorite authors. Does great research. This one was woven around the Gamers who sometimes live parallel lives on the computer. I won't even try to tell you about it only that it drives home the point that there are some really quick thinking, really smart kids out there. But it isn't just kids. Labeling some of the games as addictions is not a stretch and it is apparently not all that hard to slip into the universe of the games they play.
From teenagers to thirty-somethings they look like ordinary people.

Which made me start thinking today when we heard that a Senior State Department employee went to great pains to equate the potential racism in Arizona with the despicable human rights violations to be found in China. So now the Chinese think that we don't think their bad behavior is any worse than the liberal view on picking up illegals. Visualize this: me shaking my head back and forth and not being able to comprehend that kind of mentality.

The mind then drifts to Eric Holder's lack of common sense. Makes me wonder how some of these people got through college. We have a President who doesn't do too well without a teleprompter and who goes on a world wide apology tour. Certainly not many Washingtonians understand much about economics.

Not making any accusations, but one wonders how many people in the government were customers of the online essay sales store, or the specific professor's "sample" test, or having a sub take a test, or any of the truly sophisticated ways to cheat these days. No wonder they have no problem handing over their union dues and just going along to get along.

If you see a health care petition floating around, please sign it. If you'd like to get some blanks so you can get signatures, just give me a call.

Surely summer will be here soon?
God bless............

Sunday, May 16, 2010

AM News: Should Holder Resign? PM News: Can Holder Keep His Job?

Can you spell R-U-M-O-R? Or is this the definition of a self-fulfilling prophecy? Isn't it dumbfounding how something can change in a matter of hours from someone's wishful thinking to a fait accompli. Of course, it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Why? First, his DOJ is trying to convince either themselves or the public that there is not enough evidence to build a case against the two blackboot Black Power guys with baton weapon out in the open at the polling place in Philadelphia last November. You have got to be kidding! We all saw the picture over and over again. Sure looked obvious to me.

Second, after admitting he hadn't read the 16 page Arizona Immigration bill I started thinking... Surely this guy has the VIP limo driver pick him up in the morning and take him home in the afternoon. Seems to me that 16 pages could have been read in the car in about 3-4 blocks. Just didn't get around to it, right?

Does it occur to you that the biggest difference between Democrats and Republicans in the White House is that the Dems never stop campaigning? Good grief, Mr. President, take a break!

Regular readers will remember the interviews of the Secretary of State candidates, the Atty Gen candidates and the gubernatorial bunch were very gracious about doing interviews and we put the questions and answers next to each other for ease of comparison.

I'm thinking it is time to go for the State Reps, Senators and U. S. Congress candidates and ask you to submit questions you would like included. So feel free.

FYI-SOS Q/A May 5 and later, Atty Gen July 22 and later, Gov Oct 7 and later.
God bless......

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Commander in Chief or Commander of Scold?

I don't know about the rest of you, but one of my pet peeves is having someone half my age indulge in telling me how wrong I am in numerous ways. If you are one of the "fortunate?" few who listened to the President as a part of your Commencement ceremony only to have him stand there and scold the world for not agreeing with him I'm thinking that's not the most inspirational speech you've ever heard. Week after week we have heard clips of rant after rant.

Like he doesn't know how to use all those little techie machines with apps and such. Duh--which President was it who hid his Blackberry from the Secret Service the first few days of his term? Sure can't blame that one on Bush. Unbelievable, both literally and figuratively.

If he were a woman wouldn't he be called a shrew? or a fishwife? And the original buck passer criticizing TransOcean, BP and Halliburton for pointing fingers at each other. Bet there's enough blame to go around.....

Did you hear about the Tea Party group who are sitting around this weekend reading the health care bill to see how long it really takes to read the whole thing? They figure they can hold all the legislators' feet to the fire who have said they read it completely before the vote. Results at 11?

Since this has been a really busy day and caught less than an hour of news and read only the local paper and one section of the WSJ not much pops up. Finished a book after finishing shampooing some carpet, attended church and had supper brought in.
Looking forward to Sunday--it's a robe day.

Have a good one yourselves--
God bless...........

Friday, May 14, 2010


Listening to Eric Holder, the President and everyone connected to the White House plus all the liberal spokespersons one would think that every law enforcement officer in Arizona as well as any other state that didn't fall in Obama's column is corrupt, bigoted and unworthy of wearing a badge.

If any of these people had actually read this bill they could just sit, wait and watch as the first arrests are made and the "victims" start suing the State of Arizona. They could then file suit themselves and take care of things legally--unless they know they couldn't win and therefore are waging a war of words and their own kind of discrimination.

More and more it becomes obvious that the liberal elite truly believe themselves to be superior to the rest of us and consequently they have no obligation to respect us. They can call us by any names they choose. It's very difficult to take the high road, but as they say, "Hang in There." November is coming.

As for the "Party of No" it occurs to me that the real naysayers in this country are the ACLU and environmentalists and so-called conservationists who just don't want anyone to do anything with which they disagree. Don't use incandescent light bulbs, don't keep your home as warm or cool as you want, don't dig oil wells or put up nuclear power plants, be prepared to pay more for energy for the phantom carbon foot prints, and on and on ad nauseum. Don't mention God in any public building, don't interfere with anyone else's free speech but be prepared to be censored if we don't like what you're saying. The list could grow and grow. We need to grow some back bones and refuse to play nice. These are freedoms that are being stolen from us.

God bless..........

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Goodbye Sunkist and Other Tidbits-

1-Grocery shoppers unite! Going to have to start looking at the fruits and veggies in order to be sure we don't buy anything grown in California. Gotta help those law-abiding citizens of Arizona fight back. Florida's Disney world is as good or better than Disneyland also.

2-Wonder why Pelosi thought she had to make a big deal out of the USCCB helping the illegal immigrants (many follow in Cardinal Mahony's footsteps already) when she already has them in her pocket for health care no matter the abortion allowance.

3-Wonder if Governor Arnold really had an invitation to speak in Arizona or was he just making a joke at their expense. Dirty pool.

4-Seems we heard AG Holder on the Sunday talk shows spouting off about how he plans to sue Arizona and their new unconstitutional law. Guess what. Today he admitted that he still hasn't read the bill! Good grief.

5-Called Mark Schauer's office last Friday and asked whether there was a constant balance with the IMF or would we have to borrow for the Greek bailout. Called again Tuesday only to be told that they don't do that kind of work locally. Called the D.C. office and they gave me a website that ineffective. Couldn't get on. Big help.

6-Called Levin's office and left a voice mail for Jeremy asking him the same question on Tuesday afternoon. Haven't heard as yet.

When my husband got home for dinner he mentioned that he heard on the radio that we had to borrow $64 billion for that little obligation.

7-Does it seem like political timing in that Schauer is now on a crusade to boycott Chinese goods? He's been in office for a heckuva long time. Did he just notice how much comes from China?

Is this the season that reminds us that the more things change the more they stay the same?

Hang in there-
God bless......

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bill Clinton Begging for Donations???

I kid you not. I searched through Snopes with every word or combination of words to try to see if this was true. Nothing popped up and since we know the Snopes people are liberal they probably won't post something like this unless forced to. On the other hand it could be a complete hoax, but in any case, "Now I've Heard Everything."

Received an email with a red, white and blue letterhead with Hillary's campaign logo. It was a letter from Bill indicating that they still had campaign debt and would really appreciate it if his old friends would come to their assistance.

If you make a contribution of $5 or more, you and a guest could win a chance to spend a day in New York with Bill!! Whoopee!

There is a link to a "secure" site where you can make your contribution as with any legitimate purchase. Unbelievable!

Can't help wondering if this is a scam from someone who received an email from the Democrat Congressional Caucus a couple of days ago with the same premise. If you make a contribution of $5 or more, you get a chance to bring a guest and fly to San Francisco where Obama is heading a fundraiser for Barbara Boxer and you can have dinner with both of them.

I'll let you know what I can find out, or if anyone knows, please share--
God bless.........

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I was fortunate this evening in that I attended a mini-seminar on what was going to be a few good tips on how to "protect your nest egg." It was so much more!

An extremely talented young woman presented a picture of how easily some folks are manipulated into "investing" most or even all of their savings. And the schemes are as numerous as, I was going to say stars, but that's ridiculous. Perhaps there are as many or more than the total number of McDonald's in the state of Michigan. Unbelievable! She graciously agreed to share her power point by email so I will be able to give you a logical progression of her message.

Just a couple of things that are so critical you need to hear them NOW!

Use the telephone number above and get this, a real live person will answer the phone. The question you want to ask first because it's the first thing you need to do before you turn over the first dollar to anyone for investment is "Is this person licensed in the State of Michigan?"

You can also access to get an accurate check on the background, education, etc. of any registered broker.

Information tidbit: At present, when asked for statistical numbers as to how much fraud is known, the department started counting and stopped at $250 million. And apparently due to low interest rates during a downturn such as we have now, people are looking for more return on investment and are ripe for the picking. Greed is a part of the problem.

I will try not to waste your time, but want to share the rest of the information as soon as I get it.

God bless...........

Monday, May 10, 2010

There are LIES and OBFUSCATIONS - take your pick

The Labor Dept. announced the cost of living increases as .7% excluding food and gas. Well, duh, wonder why---

Probably because food went up 2.4% and gas 2.1% which makes for about 25% on a yearly basis. That is quite a jump and who doesn't use food? And who doesn't depend on gas for either their own transportation or the cost of having just about anything else they buy get trucked in and delivered?

Lie of Obfuscation?

On another subject, a friend sent me this note:

"The United States has an agreement with South Korea to maintain 28,500 troops in South Korea indefinitely to guard the border with North Korea. That's 28,500 troops with guns, and airplanes, and rockets, and hand grenades, etc. So I hope you can understand why it baffles me why we can't send a few troops to protect our southern border with Mexico."

I would just add: Why can't we just pay a portion of putting the South Koreans on their own border? Isn't it just about time some of these people quit their total dependency? Just as we wrote about Japan a few weeks back.

No lie, just a lot of foreign policy obfuscation.

Called Mark Schauer's office today to get his own words in answer to the question: Do we keep a constant 50% in the IMF (joke) or are we going to have to borrow the ever changing amount of Billions of Dollars for the Greek bailout?

Wanna bet on whether we get a Lie or Obfuscation?

Makes one wonder if anyone in Washington knows how to say "yes" or "no" without trying to have it both ways..... With Bennett of Utah down, how many more surprises are in the offing? This is getting interesting.

Nice day today, more rain tomorrow-
God bless..........

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mom's Day!!

Excerpts from a piece by Michael Graham of Boston from the Wall Street Journal:

"If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. And if you've been to a tea party, you know Momma ain't happy at all.
Forget 'angry white men.'"

He points out that women, especially moms, are the backbone of the Tea Party movement by 55% to 45% and the most telling quote is "The tea parties are an extension of our need to protect the future for our children." Followed by "If we waited around for you men to do it, it would never get done."

The leader of the Boston tea party was quoted saying because moms tend to be "the CEOs of our households. We do the shopping, bill paying, budgeting, etc. WE KNOW LESS MONEY MEANS LESS FREEDOM. Maybe if the president and Congress did the grocery shopping, they'd know why we're mad."

Dana Loesch of St. Louis says "Motherhood itself has become a political act. And the tea parties are an extension of our need as moms to protect the future for our children."

Even women who have yet to start a family get the message. Keli Carender of Seattle says the tea party "just clicked in the minds of conservative women. Most women I know are thinking 'I'm taking care of my family and the government's taking care of its business--right?" After watching the government and seeing what they're really doing they say "'Whoa, whoa! I guess I've gotta take care of their mess, too.'"

All I can say is Right On, ladies! Those of us who have been fighting in the trenches for years and years are extremely happy to see the next generations joining in the fight for doing the right thing even when no one is looking. It's called "character" and you have plenty of it.

Again, a Happy, happy Mother's Day!

God bless.........

PS-Tomorrow we'll talk about the possibility of paying income taxes on foreclosures.

Friday, May 7, 2010

New Job Numbers and Immigration

There was good news on the employment front today in that there were increases in private sector jobs.

We have a problem, however, that is not going to go away which is stretching into the foreseeable future for men, in particular, who do not have education which can take them off the production line and other jobs not requiring a college education.

At present 6 out of 25 men age 24-56 are unemployed and the projections for five years from now with employment figures improving in all areas will show that there will still be 5 out of 25 men in that category who will be unemployed. I am very afraid that good paying construction jobs and skilled production jobs among others of that nature will be emphasizing the illegal immigration problem.

I keep hearing "solutions" to the illegal immigration problem that are similar to those I used to talk about 2-3 years ago in all but one way. Most folks are agreed that it is logistically impossible to send 12 million people back, but they don't have the answer to how to identify and send them to the back of the line after they have paid back taxes, fines and learn English. If one presses hard enough they all admit that not all will turn themselves in.

I believe the answer lies in having all employers identify illegal immigrants working for them, work out plans to pay fines, etc. and go from there. The next step, however, is to actually put out a reward (call it a bounty if you will or perhaps incentive is more acceptable) to anyone who turns in a friend, neighbor or relative who has not voluntarily signed on to the program. At that point the employer will also pay a fine. If they are not working, they should sign up on a voluntary basis.

After that, if they are "found out" they will be summarily shipped back to their home country. The appropriate fines will fund the program so there should not be any extra bureaucratic costs to move through the new system.

Looks like Saturday is going to be rainy, but have a good Sunday--
God bless...........

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Greece, Health Care and the World Economy

(Please read yesterday's posting first. Also--added later--
Although the Stock market dropped on a broker's mistake, please do not think anything in this posting has changed. You can say we dodged a bullet, or you can see the Hand of God giving us a warning, but in any case the message stands.)

It is now just a few minutes after three. I sat down at 2:30 to re-read the FOCUS piece included in Catholic church bulletins this past weekend which emphasized the need for health care as a right of all Americans accompanied by statements throughout the years by various church Fathers and Diocesan statements.

Last night I spoke to you about the problems with the Greek economy and the protests there with a couple of comparisons including the debt as percent of GDP. Granted that the GDP of Greece is only 2% of ours, there is much to be learned from what is happening "over there."

Please keep in mind that what they call the "PIIGS" meaning Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain have somewhat the same problems, but it would make sense to remember that the UK, France and other members of the Euro countries can't be far behind in their approach with cradle to grave government services.

The scenario: Within 20 minutes I watched the Dow Jones drop over 7% of its value which was coming closer than I want to think to the 10% necessary to close the DJ to trading in order to give so-called "breathing space" to the Players. A couple of days ago the numbers were over $11,000 and today I saw those numbers drop nearly 1000 points before they started moving up again. Right now it's "only" down about 500.

Why do I tell you this? Because the FOCUS piece was eerily similar to the Democrat talking points, using the same fictitious numbers (such as that 45 million number of uninsured), mixing Michigan and National statistics, does not differentiate between illegal and legal immigrants for specificity and stops woefully short of offering any remedies such as tort reform, being able to purchase insurance across state lines and on and on.

Bottom line is that Greece is demonstrating what can and may happen in other areas of the world and that message is: YOU CANNOT HAVE EVERYTHING AT NO COST!

The European countries have institutionalized their help and before they help Greece monetarily, the Greek government has agreed to cut some programs. That is what the riots are all about. After those countries have voluntarily come to their aid the next stop is the IMF to which we contribute close to 50% of the funding (last time I looked.) Interestingly enough, there is no specific reference in our budget--the amount is just lumped in with the rest of the Interest numbers.)

So don't let anyone tell you that we can just ignore this. We can't and we shouldn't. Everything is connected to everything else as the old saying goes and since we deal with European banks and the IMF we cannot get away from this problem. Add to that the potential for other countries and California following in these footsteps makes it imperative that we start cutting our budgets NOW!

As for health care for everyone, of course we should approach the problem with heart. Republicans have always been responsive to need and a kind approach. Obamacare is not the answer. We need to be loving and smart. What a combination.

Work as though everything depends on us, pray as though everything depends on God--
God bless..........

Sorry that those of you who read late in the day will find both last night's post and today's, but they are inter related. Hope you understand.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bailing Out Greece?

So it's not enough we have to look at our kids and grandkids paying off our debts, we are responsible for a share of paying off the Greek's splurges?

And speaking of the Greeks, their debt turns out to be 125% of their Gross Domestic Product. Do you realize that ours is climbing and is presently at 94% of our GDP?

The last budget of George W was based on $11 to Obama's $15. That just about knocks your sox off, at least it did mine. Funny how the percentages of the expenditures seem to stay about the same with interest around 10%, defense about 16% and discretionary spending at 19% with the remainder of about 50% on so-called entitlements.

In our case, however, looking at the actual numbers is scary. That spending ratio from Bush's last year to Obama's first year is nearly a full third higher plus Obama is including the carbon tax which is anything but a sure thing. If it does not pass or passes in any kind of lesser numbers, we will have to add the shortfall to the debt.

That has to be the most irresponsible approach to each and every one of the citizens of this country and its future. Does this remind anyone of the famous gigolo and the line "Trust me?"

Don't be fooled, folks. This administration is perpetrating a con the likes of which we have never seen before.

Hope you love thunderstorms--
God bless..........

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Two Happiest Souls in the Universe-

An elderly friend of mine has passed away and so has Ernie Harwell. You know I'm not a sports fan, but you don't have to be to appreciate his contributions to the Detroit area especially, and the whole of Michigan. My comment for both of them: Right now they are two of the happiest souls in the Universe.

Also heard that Obama is coming to Michigan to give the Commencement address at a high school in Kalamazoo.

And Ooh! Ooh! Hey Rahm! We had another crisis yesterday when a car bomb almost went off. Law enforcement took care of that nicely and within a short time so poor Rahm wasn't able to work his spin with it. Too bad.

Cooling off tomorrow-
God bless.........

Monday, May 3, 2010

Crisis du jour?

Remember when Rahm Emanuel said Obama "should never let a crisis go to waste?"

Talk about an over abundance. Talk about tripping over a room full of choices. Talk about trying to keep up with the flow.

Tell me, have you ever witnessed so many protests nationwide than we have had this year? In January we had the Right to Life protests which shocked the heck out of the President of NARAL. When she exited the subway she was heard to say "I've never seen so many young people in my life" or words to that effect. Seems the women aren't growing their ranks in the same way as those concerned with the life issue. Wonder if Obama thinks this might be a crisis in his youth support.

There were protests all over the country while awaiting the TEA Party Express many of which were duplicated on April 15 when people realized that the promises not to raise taxes on those making less than $250,000 became another in the list of lies.

Now we have the protests, also nationwide, both for and against immigration reform in Arizona. And Obama who made a promise during the campaign has nothing to show for it. The 700 mile fence in Arizona plus doubling of the security patrols were a product of the Bush administration. Think he will react to that issue or will he just hope it will cool down.

It took several days to decide the oil spill was really serious and his cabinet seemed to be caught flat footed. There seemed to be a casualness in the attitudes of the whole bunch until they had to react to public opinion. Platitudes of BP making it right just doesn't seem to cut it. They apparently didn't even know there was some equipment available that should have been implemented earlier.

After he passed his health care bill he decided the outcry over how it was going to be paid for was getting louder so he called together a Finance Commission. Another too little too late action? He hasn't admitted that he has already broken the tax promise--wonder how he'll get around their recommendations.....

All those Senators trying to find out what happened with Goldman Sachs and CDOs, but won't try to talk about or fix the Fannie and Freddie problems starring Chris Dodd and Barney Frank. (Not to forget old Potty Mouth Levin--we Michiganders can be so proud.)

He even made a joke at the Correspondents' Dinner about his falling poll numbers.

Hey, Rahm! How many more crises do you need? How about solving just one or even a couple? We're waiting.

More to come--
God bless.........

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Obama Has Alzheimers?`

Isn't the predominant symptom the fact that you can remember things from long ago but can't remember recent events?

How about Exhibit 1 which took place yesterday of the U of M when he said that the name calling has to stop before the violence takes over. Now I ask you--who is the biggest name caller you know? Perhaps Obama? Perhaps he doesn't remember what he has said in the recent past?

Things like greedy, criminal behavior, the use of sarcasm, ridicule and laughter as he says he is amused by the activities of those with whom he disagrees, calling anyone who doesn't agree with him racist. You can undoubtedly make up a list of your own.

It's really sad to see the cover up taking place regarding his so-called promises which have been broken and how he is attempting to reinterpret his comments. What a guy.

Nothing was really gained by his coming to Ann Arbor. Certainly he didn't say anything that would have changed the minds of the few Conservatives on campus and of course all the liberals already are in line, so what was the point? He could have mailed or phoned it in.

The second and third hours of that series mentioned last week on America by the History Channel is moving very fast with very little detail tonight. Can't figure out what the hurry is.

If you live in an area where there is a school election Tuesday, be sure you vote.

Have a good week--
God bless.........

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Photo Ops for Jennifer-

Is it true? I didn't see it, but am told that Jennifer actually signed the bill outlawing texting while driving in Michigan on Oprah. Does this make it more legitimate? Is she actually auditioning or trying for face time to make Obama notice her while he's ruminating about whom to appoint to the Supremes? Does she actually think being photogenic is one of the criteria? Poor baby. If she doesn't get a job where she can be on camera now and then, what will she do for her ego fix?

Incidentally, if that bill were so important to her, why didn't she put it on her agenda and ask the Legislature to draft a bill? It seems she has had 8 years to get steamed about it. Thanks, instead, should go to the authors of the bill. It was long overdue.

Not a lot of news today--attended the Republican State Committee meeting. Would like to share one item with you which pleases me.

The Party has instituted a little publication entitled "Veterans & Military Families Monthly News" and we brought home Vol. 1, No. 1 today. Along with a Military Report, there are articles entitled Helping Those Who Protect US, The Frontlines of Freedom, The Battle of Najaf and a piece about "Sound Off" from a VFW of MI page.
If you would be interested I believe it will soon be online or can be received by calling Matthew Hauser at or calling 313-244-2060 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 313-244-2060 end_of_the_skype_highlighting who is looking for contact information of individuals or groups that might be interested in receiving the newsletter or in writing articles. Signed by Lt. Col. Hank Fuhs and Matt Hauser.

Tomorrow promises sunshine in the afternoon--
God bless........