Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New York and L A Times Pravda?

When television was in its infancy it was described as a vast wasteland by some because of the light weight fare which was predominant. So those of us who loved the old black and white movies needed to justify our allegiance to the tube by thinking of ways it acted for the good and probably was why National Public Radio and Television became important. (They no longer need public support and since they are left leaning don't fit the criteria any more.) Can you imagine how much more of your taxes will be used for government approved media under the Dems?

It has become so pervasive that we now lump it together with the rest of what we call the media. So television, radio, "newspapers" and magazines fall into that category. So what?

Given Biden and Obama's response to recent interviews which are hard hitting but they consider too tough or "gotcha" questions by cutting off their access is just a preview of what will come if they are elected. You are not alone if you are shivering at the thought.

Pravda (which I looked up to double check) means "the truth" and was the official (censored) news supplied in Russia for nearly 100 years. So, starting next year we should probably be thinking about a petition to change the names of "official" media outlets so we can tell the players if any opposition is allowed.

ACORN is now shown to have tax liens against them. What a bunch!

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ps-forgot to mention how much we enjoyed, with our children, Captain Kangaroo, Howdy Doody and the youngest ones, Sesame Street.

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The Wolverine said...

"You betcha!" Guess Sarah was right when she said Chairman Obama "pals" around with terrorists. At the time of course she was speaking of Mr. Ayers, but now it turns out another one of his "pals" is the local PLO representative - Kaleedy or however he spells his name.

Will the nation wake up in time? The longer this goes on the more troubling the Obama candidacy is. Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who have received a phone call from Palestinians for Obama. Or you've heard how Obama thinks the Founding Fathers missed the boat on the Constitution by NOT including a section on the redistribution of wealth. His disappointment that the Warren court didn't go far enough on civil rights by not being activist around this share the wealth thing.

Then in addition to the items listed by Lola, Obama has gagged his aunt who lives in south Boston until after the election (she actually told reporters she could talk to them after election day). Kind of reminds you of the immenent Rev Wright book that was stifled.

On and on and on.......

It's not too late folks. Be sure to pray for our nation and get out and vote.