Saturday, November 1, 2008

Junping the Gun?

Random thoughts while driving..........

After all the issues, personalities, weak and strong points and prejudices about all kinds of things, not just race or religion, there will probably always be topics of conversation to be researched and discussed.

My first thought was that the election itself in light of all the problems we have, who will address them and what kind of influence we will have makes it seem almost anti-climactic. How long have we been reading and listening and arguing over the same old, same old questions? Seems like forever. And will spending a few minutes every day picking up on some issue and writing a few words about it become tiresome to me and boring for you.

Or shall we just delve a little deeper into carbon footprints, global warming, how to nationalize or privatize this program or that?

Since I clip much of what interests me or put on tape or DVD an occasional video (which I could learn how to put on this blog when I'm not in the middle of election chores) or any number of ways to interact, maybe we'll just see how it goes for awhile.

Any objections?

If you haven't volunteered yet, you still have time to give a couple of hours at your local Victory Center to make Get Out The Vote calls or offer rides to the polls.

See you tomorrow-

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