Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ten Best, Ten Worst--How about Best Comparison?

Clinton, 370 electoral votes
Dems: 258 House seats; 58 Senate seats
Govs: 33 then, 29 now
Obama, 365 electoral votes
Dems: 258 House seats; 58 Senate seats without Minnesota

Rep govs: 31 - up from 17
AND the
Contract with America!

The present recession is more serious than the 1992 situation. There are other obvious differences--terrorism for one--you can make your own list.

We have to do all the same things we did then plus the internet and rebuilding the base for both fund raising and philosophy. Most of this needs to be done at the state level, so let's get ready to go for it NOW, not later.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Obama will probably be smarter than Clinton in that he won't alienate the independents so quickly. The country wasn't quite ready for HillaryCare. Rather than charging in to fulfill all his campaign promises he will space them out trusting it will lead to apathy. We, however, have history to learn from and so we have. Haley Barbour did it right the last time and I'm sure we will have a new RNC Chair and state party chairs who are chomping at the bit.

This will not be easy, but hopefully the electorate will be able to see that the rhetoric and the generalizations can't get the job done. The President-elect has talked the talk, walking the walk is something else.

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