Monday, November 17, 2008

More Bad Press for Michigan?

Why is it that when Michigan is in the national headlines all the news is bad or the comments derogatory? Case in point: Both Rick Waggoner, CEO of GM, and is it Ron
Gettlefinger?--prez of the UAW, say that they need a bailout without any kind of restriction. Rick says he won't step down nor will he take a pay cut and Ron says the union has given as much as they will give. (added Tuesday am: I am reminded that as much as I criticized Lee Iacocca for paying back the govt while some of the suppliers went under due to 120 day non-payment, at least he personally worked for $1a year and if things turned around he would recoup his losses. Not so with Rick.)

Given the mood of the electorate wouldn't you think they'd be willing to give just a little or are they so sure of the payback from the Obama campaign that they can hang in there until Jan 21 and get it all. And our good Senator, Carl Levin, wants to fire Waggoner but doesn't say a word about the union costs. That's gotta tell us something.

This family has never bought a foreign car, but given the way things are going, we are being put in the position of at least considering the pros and cons and I never thought I'd say that.

As soon as this thing is settled, we'll be back to big arguments about global warming what with that NASA guy (FOAG, Friend of Al Gore)trying to pull the wool over our eyes while we're concentrating on something else. Deliberately putting out bad numbers to make October look worse than it was is just a big, fat lie! People!
Read everything twice any more - who can we trust?

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