Friday, December 5, 2008

What is Important in Your Life?

I've been away for a couple of days because even though I don't believe multi-tasking is a modern phenomenon not as much seemed as important as the fact that we had a very serious fire in our church building on Wednesday which was followed by the usual flurry of logistical discussions and phone calls, interspersed with every day chores and some attention being paid to Christmas. (Not to mention taking time out to shampoo carpeting in two rooms because the dog had "something" on his feet.)

Suffice to say that although there will be inconveniences during the next few months it was our church "building" that suffered damage and not the "church" who will gather in several different places to join hands in worship. No personal injury involved and not a complete loss. So praise God.

At this point in time (a cliche if I've every heard one) I need to make a request. Granted we started this blog during the campaign cycle and we are nothing if not political, but it is my opinion that if we don't keep it going, it will lose the three or four people who check it out daily and no one will have a reason to look for us in a year or two. Given the types of information we have put out during the last month, is this enough to hold your interest? Or, where would you like us to go? Thanks for taking your time.

Have a good weekend and we'll try to be back tomorrow.

God bless-

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deerlady said...

you are a world of knowledge, keep up the good work joan