Friday, November 14, 2008

Time to Revisit AARP

AARP has a coalition of labor unions, some Chambers of Commerce, pharmaceutical companies -- in fact, what reads like a good cross section of political groups under the umbrella "Divided We Fail." And now, after the election, they have a new ad out which, by the way, has developed a logo of an animal half elephant, half donkey with the donkey in back kicking up its heels.

AARP is nothing if not, patient. The last time they kicked up their heels was in 1993 time frame when HillaryCare was all the rage for the Democrats and AARP was pushing it all the way to the bank. But then a strange thing happened. Members started cancelling their memberships in droves because they intuitively knew that socialized medicine is rationed care and AARP backed off. For the time being.

Now the Dems are in control again, stronger than ever-especially since Minnesota may give them a filibuster-proof Senate. They, and others like AARP and members of their coalition which will benefit the most from having the government take over the costs of medical care, have been working hard and doing a good job of keeping it under wraps until the crucial time during the past campaign.

Their new campaign slogan goes something like: President Obama, you are ready to lead and we are ready to help. I have only one question: Since AARP gets so much money from the federal government, is any of it being used to lobby for this kind of legislation? If so, Sarbannes Oxley might be interested in seeing where the advertising costs are being written off: the insurance side? or the education side?
And under what heading.

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The Wolverine said...

I'm ready. I am letting my dues run out. I can get my discounts from AAA, and that really is all I've seen AARP do for me. Their support for everything else is contrary to what I believe.

Winds and fires here in SoCal. Pray for the firefighters and all those who lost their homes.