Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day Thoughts

Thinking about the meeting between Bush and Obama yesterday I naturally thought about each of them as Commander in Chief. And how the President salutes the troops and they him as well. There's a little knot in my stomach when I think of Obama being hypocritical when he will be put on the spot and must do this. Surely the military people will have a surreal sense of the situation knowing that the President does not respect them and what they are doing for the country. A few more minutes of wool gathering leads me to wondering if the Defense Secretary could stand in for him. Could a change be made without a Constitutional Amendment? Say an Executive Order? It would certainly eliminate the rubbing of salt in the wounds of either one of them.

And did you notice that Mrs. Obama was wearing a power red dress? Mrs. Bush was wearing an understated color, so the upstaging has begun. Sometimes less is more, less is more...........

What was your reaction when a couple of weeks ago I expressed fears for the freedom of religion among other freedoms in jeopardy? Having seen no mention of this episode in the press or media in Michigan let alone outside our state I can assume that the attack by the Michigan Left known as Bash Back Lansing is not common news. Please take just a minute to access http://www.rightmichigan.com and click on September 10. You will be horrified at the description of disruption at the Mount Hope Church, but we need to know our enemies.

As for yesterday's reference to transactional analysis suffice to say that basically it points out that if one person in a relationship acts like a child, it is incumbent upon the other to become the adult and act like a grown up. It is OK to know one's background, but the only way to improve one's life is to get on with it.

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