Friday, October 10, 2008

Follow the Money

It has always been easy to say that--following the money usually leads to the real truth, as to who is pulling the strings, etc.

Last evening I saw something that made me sit back and wonder. The comics were in the section of our local paper that also includes the want ads. They're usually in another section. Anyway, I noticed a want ad which was asking for people to work for the Democrat party at an hourly rate plus mileage working phones, placing yard signs, etc.

At first I thought I would like to have that kind of funding since all of our efforts are volunteer and it would make life a lot easier. But then I started wondering about things like: Where does that money come from? Where is the accountability? How much allegiance do the employees demonstrate and is this what makes it possible and attractive for petition signature gatherers to cheat?

Further, is it this kind of mentality that is making it doubly difficult to depend on polling? Is it the Bradley effect? Or is it the breakdown of truth and trust in that the man/woman on the street know that they are being manipulated to answer a question in a particular way.

It's almost over and I'm scared to death! At my age not too much will affect my lifestyle. The slide into socialism with Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the others on the far left will take a little time. But I fear that my kids, grandkids and greatgrands will no longer be as free as they are right now.

More tomorrow

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