Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hey, Occupiers! You're in the Wrong Places! Congress Makes the Laws!

And look what they did when they passed the restrictions on your lives if you ever take out a student loan!!!

Two thirds of you are in debt to the tune of about a Trillion Dollars. You are now a part of our debtor status. And you can never escape! Unlike a mortgage, no one can repossess your degree or your debtor obligation status.

Get this: Student loans are not "dischargeable." If you file for bankruptcy, student loans cannot be included but will continue in perpetuity. Your debt will follow you for life, even to the point of having your wages garnisheed.

They will get first dibs on your tax refunds.

You will be ineligible for federal employment.

Professional licenses can be revoked AND

even your Social Security checks will be docked when you retire!

So, hang out and take free food and make a mess in as many cities as you can, but you can never escape your student loans.

Good luck and

God bless...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Obama: "Solyndra deal was Complicated"

How complicated can it be to give money to political friends or decide to borrow money from competitors?

What competitors, you ask? Well, since we borrow so much from China it's not a stretch to figure we are borrowing from them to prop up solar power companies to compete with the Chinese, right?

Another sleight of hand: 103,000 "new" jobs? When over 40,000 of them are just Verizon workers going back to work after their strike? Really.

And I wonder where all those union workers think their pension funds are invested. Couldn't be the stock market where they are protesting with the, some paid, some not, demonstrators around the country protesting capitalist greed...

And last, did you know that the average age of the homeless is Nine (9)? Yes, and as soon as one is identified in any school district the feds put up a quota which must be met to still get the Title I funds due them?

What is the definition of "homeless?" Say a family loses their home due to foreclosure and they go to live with Grandma. The kids are now considered homeless. What a scam.

No wonder no one is working on the jobs issue--they're too busy thinking up ways to con the public into knuckling in another direction. Such as, the new Labor Relations regulations saying 16 year olds on farms can't recognize the dangers of any machinery that isn't hand or foot powered and a whole lot more. Couple that with the EPA regulations against raising any dust in a field or a gravel road in the country.

Will it never end?

God bless...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What's All the Whining about Civil Rights for a Traitor?

Am I the only one to draw the correlation between the FBI's Most Wanted List and the legitimacy of information gathering by the Executive Branch? A relatively small agency has more power than one third of the branches of government? Too much time on their hands.

God bless...

Monday, October 3, 2011


Can you afford 15% sales tax on your next car? Do you really think Michigan can survive another dip in the recession??

And when we've finished with the car companies, the next step will be the rest of us. Who in his right mind would call a 21% tax rate (which is his flat 9% plus his 9% sales tax which those of us in the middle would get hit with since we actually do pretty much spend our entire income--and half of the Michigan 6% that is used for hard goods) fair? And don't forget, there are many states with higher sales tax and income tax rates than we have.

Start counting the tax on every dollar spent. Doctors, lawyers, insurance policies, school tuitions, college tuitions and loans, barbers, beauticians, lawn and garden services--see where we're going?

Come on, Republicans. Get real.

Next on the list has to be Romney. He is way too much a gentleman than to get down and dirty and fight Obama who knows how to fight gangsta style Chicago politics. Not only that, how is a guy with his wealth and upbringing going to connect with folks who have had to struggle and work their way up out of the trenches to get a toe hold on the good life? He has no idea what it is to make a choice between which kid gets to get the new pair of tennis shoes this paycheck and which one, just as needy, has to wait.

If Newt had a sense of decency in his younger days he'd probably be a shoo in, but he just didn't plan ahead and the rest of those guys just have delusions of grandeur.

Just my opinion...

Don't mean to take too much of your time, but we need to talk about the guy from Solyndra who spent so much time at the White House talking to the President about his philanthropies. Really? And no, neither Eric Holder nor the President saw any kind of memo regarding the ATF's Fast and Furious. No joke. Holder said he'd only heard about it within the last few weeks even though memos have crossed his desk at least twice, April and October of 2010. Really? (When I earned a paycheck one of the prime responsibilities from any boss I ever had was "Don't ever let me be surprised." Do you suppose Obama and Holder have given instructions to "don't tell me anything?" Yeah, right.Don't worry, there will be more.

Transparency? What's that"

God bless...