Monday, September 27, 2010

Does Anyone Remember What the Definition of "Is" is?

I just can't look at the former President without thinking of him concerned about the definition of "is" and the fact that he "did not have sex with that woman." I just can't imagine that anyone would ask that man to participate in a campaign when everyone knows full well that unless he is under oath (and even then one can't be sure) that he has a lot of trouble with telling the truth.

I don't know enough about subconscious thought or subliminal suggestions, but it would seem to me that any candidate would want someone of good character, integrity and at least a modicum of honor to speak for and ask for support. Hmmm, maybe it's because the choices for believable former and present Dem Presidents is so limited....

Read a short piece written by a surgeon who has been helping out in Haiti both immediately after and periodically since the earthquake. After such a horrendous experience and given that it's not the first time that island has suffered a disaster, I started wondering what it is about the human race that pushes us to keep "returning to the scene of the crime." I mean, rebuilding after a flood, or a forest fire or a hurricane or even a volcano.

Is it because we all deep down enjoy the excitement? Or might it be a simple trade off of risk vs the sheer beauty of a location and joy at being able to wake up every day looking at a picture post card scene? The next thought was wondering if that mindset is similar to the one which leads some folks to vote for a government which takes away freedoms in exchange for security? Does it seem that these two positions are so opposite as to be a comment on the gamut of emotions between risk and security? Those of us who consider ourselves somewhere in the middle look at the extremes and mutter, "Go figure."

It looks as though Obama is trying to convince people that his health care plan is a positive and one of the issues being talked about this week is the one allowing folks to keep their kids on their insurance plan until age 26. I called a couple of companies but of course they wouldn't commit to an actual number (I had seen $3000 as the average cost for such coverage) but it was frustrating for me when they said that of course this was not going to be free coverage, but couldn't explain why the insurance companies weren't clarifying the fact.

Have you heard anyone at all indicate that there will be a cost for this benefit? If you did, I'm sure it was in the small print or an afterthought. Just another example of a half truth. It seems pretty obvious that the public has already made up their minds and the polls are not changing. Too little, too late, Mr. President.
When Ms. Pelosi said we had to pass the bill to see what was in it, apparently she spoke the truth. All the warnings were accurate.

Had a request on how to make a comment. When this is posted, I will click on the pencil and at that point if memory serves, a screen will appear, you can choose any name you want, and follow the prompts. I'll give it a try. It's been a long time.

Sorry I'm a day late, have my husband in the cardiac unit at the local hospital. He rec'd 3 stents and I'm bringing him home tomorrow.
God bless.........

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Washington, DC - the Largest Example of Discrimination in the Whole Darn Country!

1-And much of it is self-imposed. For years and years and years Blacks in DC have had to suffer second rate schools for their children. They took part in lotteries and made applications for the few spots given as scholarships in the private schools in their city. They existed in a constant state of fear and hope for the futures of their children.

Then, when they elected themselves a mayor who championed the betterment of the public schools with test scores moving up and things in general were looking up, along came the election just a few short days ago. They turned out a mayor who was concerned for their children's education because he was too friendly to white people. Now they have a mayor who made some pretty tepid promises. Wonder how long it will take for him and the electorate to forget them.

2-Just one word to the Democrats like Mark Schauer who don't want to do anything about Social Security knowing full well that they won't have to take the heat when there will be absolutely nothing left for the next generation who will be paying through the nose for the baby boomers.

The very word PRIVATIZATION is what is driving the argument. We need to demand that both parties plus the CBO and OMB "run the numbers" and figure out exactly how much the twenty-somethings and the thirties and perhaps into the forties might be phased in and let them see where there is equilibrium to pay those who are already retired or close to it will be collecting what is due.

We need to start using terms like PERSONAL SAVINGS SECURITY or something akin to it to demonstrate that this is not the risky "toss it all into the stock market" that Schauer would have them believe. He is such a charlatan. Mortgaging our children and grandchildren's futures with borrowed money while at the same time being blind to the need to actually protect Social Security rather than let it go to the point where even the IOUs are worthless.

Allowing for a personal retirement account for the younger half of the workforce ranging from 15 to 30% of their FICA tax would mean that everyone would have money that actually belongs to the individual -- actually have it in their own name and be able to spend, save or will it. It's their money!

3-I must have missed the actual date that the Student Loan program turned into the "College Grant" program. A loan needs to be repaid. A grant is free money. Now tell me-if all loans will be forgiven after a period of years depending on whether or not the recipient works for the public or private sector-doesn't that make them grants? Just more socialism and he calls it "cradle to career." He is truly a master of deceit.

4-Speaking of government jobs, how about this? We know that wage and price controls don't work. But how about freezing public job hiring? How about a 5 year attrition program?

5-Deja vu? Where have we heard the buzz words before? The stimulus money (which he now calls something else) is being doled out and millions are being spent on 55 jobs here and 24 jobs there, etc., etc. They could make these people millionaires who could live off their investments and do it cheaper having money left over. They're not calling it "shovel ready" this time, it's repairing the infrastructure. And don't forget the $26 billion a few weeks ago that saved or created so many teachers' jobs. Top it off with the bundling of mortgage money again and selling it to Fannie and Freddie. Same old, same old. The recession will not be over until they get a handle on the housing market. Visualize this: I'm sitting here just moving my head back and forth, back and forth. I just don't get it. How can they think it will work this time when it didn't the last time.?

First day of Fall is Wednesday-
Beautiful time of the year-
God bless...........

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Are You Stressed Out Yet?

I know it sounds conspiracy theorist, but it just seems to me that there are too many people or factions who are hell bent on putting as much pressure on the rest of the population that they will fall without a fight because we simply are using all our energy just to maintain equilibrium and get our jobs done. Say it isn't so!

How many hours have been wasted by how many people over the question of where or if to build a mosque when there already is one four blocks away? How many people have agonized over hearing an Imam who is on the U. S. payroll making a foreign tour as our representative who returns to U. S. soil to make the observation that the concept of hallowed ground at Ground Zero is disingenuous? This is freedom run amok. It would seem to me that if localities can make laws keeping one individual from building something that obstructs another's view, there should certainly be a way to stop this nonsense, but politics will prevail when liberals are involved.

We went through months and months of being told how much money we would save with Obama Care and now the Democrats are being told not to use that as an argument in favor of it. Pelosi said we had to pass the bill to see what was in it and here we are at the same old place with more people every day deciding it was the worst thing they could have imagined.

Rec'd a photo of the speakers on the speakers' platform at Ft. Hood during the flag ceremony with everyone but the President saluting. Obama's hands folded in front of him in what was termed "the Presidential Crotch Salute." It's enough to make us scream.

Adding insult to injury, the Democrats are lying about their votes during the past 20 months like Mark Schauer. The local newspaper quoted him in one of his ads and then went on to list the ways he was not telling the truth. He is taking advantage of senior citizens by lying about privatization and NAFTA. They just parrot what he has told them. Reminds me of when that "lady" told the same story to 5 different Democrat candidates who used it as though she lived in their districts when that was not the case, but the story was a lie to begin with.

Democrat politicians have a practiced leader in Mark Brewer whose playbook contains lies, lies and more lies. "Tell it often enough and they will believe it."

We are waiting to hear whether the Tea Party will win in Delaware where they have truly become a third party and have split the Republican vote. If the young lady wins, the race will go to the Democrats as happened in New York's 23rd. Of course, that candidate was no better than the Democrat, but at least would have voted for Republican leadership which is another chapter in political science.

And of course we now have the President in full campaign mode, campaigning now on the taxpayer's dollar. For a guy who pretends to be a unifier he bad mouths the very people he says he wants to work with. And just for the record, if he cons the Republicans into giving him something, we can be sure that he will not keep any word that he gives to work with them in a future area. Remember Reagan-he worked with a tax increase with the understanding that they would cut spending. Yeah. Right. In your dreams.

How hypocritical will it be if I say "have a good day" after all this?

So I'll just say-have as good a day as you can make it--love your kids.
God bless......

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Home is not a House? or "He has the attention span of a gnat on crack"?

The gnat remark I just wanted to share. Read it in a book a few days ago and thought it descriptive of a whole lot of people as individuals or groups who say they are representative of vast numbers of citizens.

As for the "home is not a house" reference, as I was watching a TV show following a character walking into an apartment building through a narrow hallway lined with glazed brick, it brought me up short. In college days our apartment and the first job after graduation also, were the second story of private homes. I am not suggesting that one is better than the other, but the way folks have grown up and where they have lived will certainly give different ways of looking at life in general and in specific instances too numerous to list. Can there be any wonder that we have so many varied outlooks on political issues? Just saying...

Posting on a weekly basis certainly gives one a different perspective. For two years every day brought what might be called a "headline news" mentality where we felt outrage on a daily basis interspersed with a rare feeling of euphoria and many times, however near despair. How is it that the general public just won't accept the truth so often but just as often will repeat outright lies so easily?

I am so tired of Democrats slapping a "PRIVATIZATION" label on the Republican idea of giving young people up to a certain age the opportunity to INVEST a portion of their Social Security tax in stocks or bonds or other approved areas on a VOLUNTARY basis!! This would belong to the individual! Private property which they could leave to their families in case of a fatal accident. As it is now, you get a monthly check until you die and that's the end of the whole thing.

The entire so-called Trust Fund which the Democrats say will fund SS until 2037 is nothing but a bunch of IOUs in a file cabinet in Parkersburg. The government will have to be borrowing money from China and Japan to pay back the money they have stolen from the fund over the years. How stupid and gullible do they think we are?
One other comment on SS - by the President. In trying to balance the budget there will be nothing left off the table, including Social Security. Watch out!!

Just like Obama, Pelosi and their spokespersons keep saying that the stimulus money goes to the people which increases their wealth. Really? Since we don't have the money and need to borrow, again from foreign countries, any interest and repayments go to the foreign countries!! Undoubtedly there may be a small percentage of Americans who buy Treasury bonds, but that number is certainly dwindling and is minuscule in the big picture.

An interesting couple of numbers: American businesses on average through the years carry about a 7% cash to assets. It now stands at 11%. Wouldn't you think they could use some of that to hire workers? Democrats say it's because there is no market for their product. Businessmen say it is because they don't know what the future tax structure will look like and they have no clue what the health care plan will actually cost them. So who are you going to believe?

Ran across a photo of twisted steel which has been formed into a cross at the site of the BP Horizon explosion. I double dare the ACLU and the Atheists groups to suggest that it be taken down.

On the "withdrawal" of troops from Iraq. Overheard several Democrat apologists opine that Iraq is worse off than when we went over there since there were civilian casualties. Can't help wondering if they have forgotten about the 350,000 Iraqis found in mass graves. God bless our troops who have given hope to so many Iraqis.

It's at this point I'm tempted to go back to more frequent posts. I would like to tell you the entire story of how we, and the rest of the world, are getting glass from China, but it would go on too long. Suffice to say that Toledo, Ohio used to be called Glass City. My son swam on the Glass City Aquatic YMCA team for a number of years so it's close to my heart.

As it turns out the making of glass is hugely power intensive and to put it simply, from a satellite camera it is easy to see that where China has smokestacks generating power, the United States has the equivalent in stacks of pollution control equipment and restrictions prohibiting that generation. This is a much more detailed story, but you get the message.

The worst part of it is that it also connects with the other American companies in China who are not making the kind of profit they anticipated because China is starting to regulate foreign countries means of production and favor their own burgeoning companies. As you know,many of those companies' foreign profits have enabled them to stay in business here at home. It also has implications on the manipulation of the rare earth minerals we have discussed before.

Final comment: Start correcting people who call Rick Snyder a moderate. The Democrats slapped that label on him shortly after his name recognition started picking up. I have to hand it to them. It's always a good idea if you can define your opponent, but we really need to fight back on this. I do believe Rick is going to clarify his position on abortion. He really hasn't made a definitive statement. But no matter what his position might be, he can't begin to look as liberal as Virg Bernero who is a flaming pro abortion candidate, make no mistake. That is the only issue about which one might use the term moderate, making it truly a moot point.

He's a great candidate and Brian Calley's background is only a super plus. So let's get rid of the moderate label. Next week I want to talk about Con Con.

Have a good Labor Day--
God bless...........