Saturday, November 15, 2008

Week-end Wrap-Up

1-Jenny is at it again. Our Governor is on her way to Jordan and Israel to bring back contracts and jobs--energy and water this time. Just a reminder. The way this works is that the grunt work is finished and that's a good thing, but instead of just making a great announcement and supporting her staff and their hard work she usually makes a big deal of flying off to Japan, Germany or other places and then coming back to make these announcements as though she accomplished it in a week. Thanks to the folks who really put it together.

2-Remember that overworked word from years past? Gravitas? Looks to me as though Obama is dragging out all of the "respected" names from the Clinton administration to give his administration that comfy, cozy and feel-good mood of the heady, glory days of the nineties, so we can lean back and figure that all is well with the world. DON'T BE CAUGHT OFF-GUARD!! He made some promises that would be better if not kept, but we need to watch carefully and keep the light of day on them.

3-So both McCain and Obama wanted to close Guantanamo and so it will be done. The probable location for those prisoners is Kansas followed by costly trials. Just a thought, but how much you wanna bet that there will be no more POWs? (Read into that anything that comes to mind.)

4-Interesting election statistics:
Catholic Church Attendance weekly-Obama 49%, McCain 50%
Less often than weekly-Obama 58%, McCain 40%
Protestant Church Attendance weekly-Obama 32%, McCain 67%
Less often than weekly-Obama 45%, McCain 54%
No Religion Obama 75%, McCain 23%
Source: CNN exit polls

What's that old adage? Work as though everything depends on you
Pray as though everything depends on God

God bless-

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