Saturday, October 31, 2009

Protect the Troops

I thought this was the war Obama said was important--that Iraq was a diversion or some such thing.

All I can say is this is reported as the worst month ever for fatalities, so why doesn't he listen to his hand picked General and let the military do what needs to be done?

He is so busy being a celebrity that he doesn't have time to make a decision that will save American lives so what kind of "change" is that? Except for the lunatic fringe left it's certainly not the American way.

There's no sense in our talking about this. He needs to get down to business.

Prayers, please.
God bless..........

Friday, October 30, 2009

Not a Dime Added to the Deficit?

Unless you add back in the $249 billion it takes to pay doctors. Really! How can you have a health care bill without including doctors?

But let's go after a couple of basic questions: 1) Being forced to buy insurance but knowing full well that services will be rationed, is there a provision which allows those who can afford it, of course, to go outside the system and pay cash?

2) When are the taxes to pay for all this going to start?

These are the two questions I asked of both Sen. Stabenow's office and Cong. Schauer's office this afternoon. The subjects were predicated when I received the first of my letters of increase ie., the Medicare Part D is being increased by $20 each for the first $40 we need to budget. We know the other part of Medicare is going to rise as well, probably in the neighborhood of $30 to $40 each making our increase $100 at a minimum. Then we add our Medigap private insurance which will no doubt be about 10% bringing us to $140-$150 per month more than this year. (Without a COLA this is a total increase.)

The answer from the Senator's office to question #1 was that yes, we could go anywhere we want and spend as much as we can afford is in the bill as we speak, but not sure it will remain. I asked that Ms. Stabenow be prepared to add an amendment to keep that little bit of freedom available. As to Question #2, she had no clue, but did not deny that a tax increase or increase in costs of health care by the government would occur.

The answer from Schauer's office was much the same. It's also in the House bill so if folks who can't afford to wait for treatment can afford private care are able to get it. I made the same suggestion per an amendment to Cong. Schauer. As to Question #2 I was referred to the website and again there was no denial of the fact that our costs for health care from the government would go up.

Just an FYI--the House bill costs out at $894 billion which if you factor in $249 billion for doctors is well over the trillion dollars Obama said would not be broached.

As always, have as good a weekend as possible--
God bless............

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trying to Winnow the Governor and SOS Fields

Sometimes it's the little things that can make a difference between Aye or Nay when it comes to choosing candidates even for very important offices. Maybe even petty.

The title tonight only mentions two races since I have long since given my support to Bill Schuette. I've known Bill for quite some time and even if I didn't it would have been easy to recognize the experience garnered by representing districts ranging from local state representation, to State Senate and thence to Congressional numbers. First met Mike Bishop when he was a State Committee member and I think he was a district chair. This means that he has always been issues oriented and dedicated to the Party, but the years of experience are just a bit short. I've never met Bruce Patterson.

When it comes to Secretary of State it is a real problem. I am totally leaning toward Anne Norlander since she is so very qualified to step into the office and not only continue the good things started by Candace and Terri but she sees the big picture and is raring to go. However, as an old party hack I always look at the electability and the electricity in the air when Michelle is around cannot be ignored. She's a qualified candidate and a vote getter. Cam Brown is a really steady guy who is enamored of politics and government in every way from historical knowledge to future dreams. A man to be reckoned with. That single issue, the police building, seems to be taking over for folks who are obsessed with that issue.
I'm just not quite ready to commit.

As for the Governor's race it's a process of elimination. Dr. George is absolutely a fascinating candidate with a slightly different take from some of the others. Only because of the lack of name recognition do I dismiss the candidacy. And whether we like it or not, the guy with the most votes wins.

Mike Cox seems to be so wrapped up in Detroit problems and his connections there that there seems to be something lacking in the overall picture. I know he has a plan, but it tends to be obfuscated by all that other "stuff."

My very first thought as you may recall was that in a field of 5 it could very well be that the four politicians would split fairly evenly 75% of the vote and Rick could take it with 25% give or take. I love the idea of a businessman who really knows economics, but I'm not sure of the people he would choose to be his assistants in different posts. I'm backing off that position.

As far as Hoekstra is concerned, I'm being really petty. Since he decided to blow off the opportunity to take part in our little questionnaire, my nose is out of joint. Not because it's personal, but because he said he would and then didn't follow through. It would have been better had he not responded at all. That I could understand and it wouldn't have bothered me.

So that leaves Mike Bouchard/Terri Lynn Land. Both of these people are impressive alone, but as a team they are formidable. Close to twenty years ago Mike came to my rescue when I needed a speaker for a silent auction event. Terry has done the same for lowly little Jackson County any number of times. I don't really have to lay out any of their accomplishments since they have always been front and center.

So there you have it. It is simply too far out to make the last two commitments--anything can happen, but without going into detail on positions on issues side by side, and being nothing but superficial it is just too early. As I said, sometimes it's the little things, so these are my little things that just may tip the scale when I get serious about this.

Have a fun, sugary Halloween-
God bless............

ps-My information on Bart Stupak was garnered from Catholic publications which had a really heartfelt reason for wanting to believe that he would adhere to the standards he was espousing at the time. They can be forgiven for being naive. As knowing a bit more about the way the game of politics is played, I should have known better. Sorry.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Schauer's Premature Announcement--

Caught between a rock and a hard place. I criticize the Governor for making a trip to Japan when she already knows that the teaser she put out about going after new business is a done deal, but I'm about to do just the opposite with Mark Schauer. Usually he waits until all the Ts are crossed and Is dotted before he makes an announcement. This time, in conjunction with Debbie Stabenow, he makes headlines about a grant of stimulus funds to Consumers Energy that, guess what? Doesn't come through. Do you think he will wiggle around until we blame Debbie? It will be interesting to watch.

Also interesting to watch is what's happening in Detroit with the FBI raid on the Black Muslim cell. Are those guys really so smart that they can fool everyone around them into thinking they are religious teachers who are kind, thoughtful and fine people? One of the guys they interviewed made me want to barf he was so oily and
smo-o-o-th in talking about the one who got killed after he shot the FBI dog.

These home grown terrorists are the scary ones. You have to wonder how many more of them there are.

The other thing bugging me tonight has to do with the attack on Mike Cox with some criticism of how he handled the Kilpatrick "party" and the murder of the dancer. It's one of those stories where it might be easy to believe or not either side of the argument. Or is this being done for political reasons by one of his opponents?

Only time will tell. Looks like we have a lot of time to figure that one out.

Local news seems more interesting than the mess in Washington. It's almost boring.

God bless.........

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Do I Need to Eat Crow?

A couple of commentators today indicated that if states opt out of the health care reform they would still have to pay the federal taxes to cover the costs of those who do take advantage of the public option. Well, I would hope that wouldn't be true. I would think that if they think they can force people to buy something that's one thing, but to tell them they have to pay for something they didn't want in the first place but need to pay for others who do want it would be a travesty.

Now I'm looking for a way to formulate the language in a referendum which would take care of the issue. However, this is going to have to wait a few days. We need to find out how smart the people in Virginia, New Jersey and New York are plus the 19th district in Michigan before we take our next step. One thing at a time sometimes works.

Couple of other observations: In the old days the economists told us that 4% unemployment was full employment. Now we are hearing talk that 10% is going to be our new full employment figure. That cannot mean anything but trouble. If that many people are not working how are they expecting to raise the ordinary taxes for day to day expenses? Not only is less money coming in, the unemployed will be a drain on programs set up to help our unemployed and their children. I wonder how many more millions will be added to those who don't have health care coverage if that happens. This is a mess!

Also in today's news we hear that Chrysler is going to jettison Jeep. I see why Roger Penske was unable to get the full backing for Saturn given the manufacturing facilities interaction with other GM models. I'm not sure if this is duplicated at Chrysler, but if it isn't or if it's just a hurdle to be jumped I predict the people who love Jeep will do their best to buy that part of Chrysler. I've know several people who love the Jeep product so much that they don't mind being called a member of a cult. There is definitely a Jeep cult in this country. This might be fun to watch.

One last observation to try to get your head wrapped around--if health care is 1/6 of the economy and government costs 1/6 we're looking at a full third in only two spending areas. The budget numbers just 5 years ago called for 10% to pay interest on the national debt which has nearly doubled in less than one year but since interest rates are down now we'll leave it where it is. Defense was just over 15% and I'm not sure where it is right now, but what I do know is that with all those fixed costs where are we going to get the money for education, all of the other so-called "discretionary" spending that each one of us can make our own lists starting with what is important to us.

Without a graph or chart to demonstrate what these numbers mean is just too much to try to visualize. We'll get on this, but for now let's just try to agree that government is just too darn big on all levels and the Tea party people have it right: Taxed Enough Already!

God bless..........

Monday, October 26, 2009


Okay, gang-

We've known that they have the numbers to pass whatever kind of "universal health care" they want and that even though they talked about partisan input there was no chance for that to happen;

We know that the senior citizens/Medicare patients will be the first to feel the pain;

We know that there will be rationing of care for everyone;

We know that even though there is either just under or just over a $ trillion price tag and there will still be 15-25 million uninsured depending on whose numbers you use;

We know many businesses will be fined or pushed to the brink necessitating sending their employees into the public option;

We know there will probably be federal dollars in the offing for abortions;

We know that doctors will be getting the short end of the stick and tort lawyers will continue to be protected;


Today we heard that there is the possibility that states may be able to opt out of the plan. Methinks that might be the silver lining in the cloud.

Right this minute I don't know exactly where to start, and we know that there are time constraints involved in the project, but we need to get together with those who know how to write the proper language, get the printing done and the proper approvals for the language for a state referendum whereby the people can force the politicians to do the right thing. We need to get a ballot proposal ready to go.

It will require work, but with the responses to the tea parties and protests at Congressional offices plus the Town Hall meetings or lack of them which upset a lot of people we should have a real head start on getting this off the ground.

Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.

God bless............

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Health Care Derailed by Abortion Issue?

Please bear with us here if abortion is not an issue you want to deal with--it has a political influence that cannot be denied.

There will be many more voices calling out the President as a liar based on three statements regarding the funding of abortion in the health care bill if he does not adhere to his promises made at Notre Dame, his pledge that it was not "in his plan" to fund abortion during his speech to Congress and to the nation at large, and as he promised the pope. He is on the public record.

If he keeps his promises, he will veto the plan. In the meantime Bart Stupak, Democrat from the first district of Michigan is trying to get 40-42 House members to coalesce against any abortion funding in the House plan or final plan. I don't remember my source but I recall 38 as the number of strong pro life Democrat Congressmen and he will want a cushion. Of course the Republican block will have to stand firm. The cushion will be needed for a few pro choice Republicans.)

Stupak says he is counting votes for a rules vote to stop any vote at all by the full House on health care reform. A rules vote is required before any legislation can reach the floor for a vote. H says the coalition will be able to stop the health care reform bill and then hopefully get the floor vote the pro life lawmakers want and Pelosi is denying under any other circumstance.

The president is in a rather delicate spot. He campaigned on transparency and hasn't provided it plus other battles he is presently waging against the Chamber of Commerce and other areas a bit out of his control as we speak. How he plans to satisfy both the pro abortion factions of Planned Parenthood and NOW plus the Democrat Catholics who really wanted to believe in him but are beginning to doubt him, is just beyond me. This is called eating your cake and having it too, but this is usually an impossible situation. And he needed those Catholics. Can he win without them?

I erred when I mentioned that Bob Casey, Jr. was carrying the torch for his father. It turns out he believes "We shouldn't have this debate be an impediment to getting a bill passed."

Most of this comes from a Catholic publication,"Our Sunday Visitor," a weekly paper which also announced the new U.S. ambassador to the Vatican as Miguel Diaz, a theologian who taught at St. John's University and the College of St. Benedict in Minnesota. The Pope, in accepting his credentials from the United States, recalled "with pleasure" his meeting with President Obama and further stated "...I think particularly of the need for a clear discernment with regard to issues touching the protection of human dignity and respect for the inalienable right to life from the moment of conception to natural death, as well as the protection of the right to conscientious objection on the part of health care workers, and indeed all citizens."

We will watch, wait and pray--
God bless.........

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Big Ten Football?

So Penn State beat Michigan and Iowa beat Michigan State. Ohio State won so what else is new? You need to believe that nothing much happened on the real news front today if I'm talking about football. And there's not even much to say about that. This is the first time in history Iowa has been 8-0 and the first time since 1996 Penn State has beat Michigan here. How's that for listening to those guys who, as far as I'm concerned, are talking a foreign language. Do they still have tailbacks?

The only announcement from the White House today had to do with the lack of enough vaccine for the HoneNone flu. And if you didn't see that one coming after most of the map shows it pretty rampant you really have been living in a cave.

Maybe quiet is good. Not enough mischief to report. With that thought,

have a good Sunday--
God bless............

Friday, October 23, 2009

19th Dist Senate Seat - Nofs vs Griffin

We have just over a week left before the election and will be working right up until November November 3rd. We can always use folks to make Get Out The Vote calls. No survey qquestions, no bugging people about who is the better candidate, just plain and simple reminders to encourage citizens to vote. Please call Mike at 977-2002 to get instructions as to locaton and to volunteer your time.

The call center is open from 10 am to 8 pm and there are always snacks so you can keep up your strength--yes, that's a joke. The strength part, there will be snacks.

Has anyone heard how much the costs of Air Force I have been repaid by the Democrat party since the Prez has made over 25 fund raising trips? We'd all be interested in knowing.

One other thing to leave you with this evening. The puzzle is solved. How will Obama keep his promise not to add to the deficit with the health care costs? By having Harry Reid put up a bill which separates the doctors' bills out of the health care category. Pay them from a separate fund which is not a part of health care or medicare. Voila. Total bill for health care does not include the cost of the doctors and it comes in under the wire and Obama doesn't lie. You've got to be kidding. I think this is called Chicago politics.

Have a good weekend--
Go blue--
and God bless..............

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Balancing Budgets...........

I wouldn't for a minute absolve the State House and State Senate of Michigan of making a mess of the state's financial status by not using a little time management and scheduling to finish a job which has always had a deadline that everyone knows about. There can be no "ignorance of the law" type of excuse here.

But I can sympathize with them when we have a Governor who does nothing but threaten to screw up everything they might suggest which kind of puts them between a rock and a hard place. it has to be the toughest job in Michigan's world to realize that anything they do is doomed to failure from the eyes of the Governor who plays politics with the tear jerking "kids from K-12 being jerked around." If ever there were a self-fulfilling prophecy this has to be it.

If the Republicans present a good idea that she doesn't like she can threaten a veto and call it playing politics and it's dead on arrival.

Wouldn't you think that as a lame duck she would finally do what's right for the state rather than what's good for the Democrats? She can't go anyplace but the U. S. Senate or wait for a juicy judicial opening so she can afford to act like a statesman rather than a politician long enough to pad her resume as above the fray and working for the good of the people.

She hasn't blown us away by any stretch of the imagination. She has played fast and loose with ethics and people's lives. And she is a buck passer par excellence. Only one more year of this nonsense, but it's still one year too long until she can be replaced by one of five candidates who have demonstrated the ability to use their talents for the good of their constituencies or business associates.

We need to be one of the states that turns from blue to red and stops the nonsense and dishonesty because we know the difference between right and wrong. We know when we have been lied to from the federal to state levels. This really has to stop.

As we've said before, sometimes prayer is the only way--
God bless.........

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cool Kids. Successful Adults or NOT--

Heard a speaker the other day expounding on his opinion of cool kids and suffice to say that he found them shallow and had nothing much positive to talk about. Went so far as to say that at school reunions they were among the least successful.

My immediate reaction was "You've got to be kidding!"

And then I really started thinking about it. I doubt that times have really changed all that much and in my opinion through the years the cool kids were really the leaders and that for the most part that is not an easy job.

How do you get to be a leader? Mostly by setting an example and when I think of kids through the years the leaders were those who studied hard, got good grades, were active in extra curricular activities and encouraged others to participate as well.

How do kids develop in high school? By paying attention in class and learning and by participating in activities which will help them develop their God-given skills such as Chess club, computer club, forensics and debate, band, choir, class officers, drama, yearbooks and school newspapers, Future Farmers, Junior Achievement plus sports of all kinds for both boys and girls. Many, if not most schools now have programs which foster community service activities even to the point of making them a requirement.

When we attend school reunions and see that jocks may have become a little flabby and the cheerleaders show a little gray in their hair we cannot make the assumption that they are not successful individuals. Everyone "grows up" in different ways and it is a real kick to talk to pretty much everyone in the room checking up on what they're up to and realizing that most of them are content with themselves and their families.

When we look around at the community leadership, the leadership in philanthropic action, educational staffing, military heroes and all the rest I think we are looking at mature cool kids. When we look at our own kids and can be proud of them, as I'm sure most of us are, we know the next generations of cool kids are in pretty good hands. Cool kids felt their responsibility at an early age and we should be grateful to them and to their parents.

God bless.........

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is There a Conspiracy?

How hard is it to go into a conspiracy mode when there is so much evidence demonstrating at least the potential?

It's no secret that those of us on the right have little faith in the Obama administration when letting no crisis go to waste is the watchword of his team. We know that Carville, Emanuel, Podesta and I forgot the fourth guy (was it Stephanopolous?) from the old Clinton team have a conference call every morning. Isn't it pretty obvious that they are still plotting and planning just like they used to?

We have so many crises it's hard to keep them straight, but it's obvious that they really don't have a handle on any of them. Afghanistan? Wasn't this supposed to be his signature effort for cover the safety front? Global warming? What's he going to do on that trip to Denmark? Cap and Trade? That choice has to be between the economy and unemployment/recession. A three for one, right? We heard the promise about the don't ask don't tell issue, but haven't seen any action yet. And of course there's always health care.

Health care seems to be the area where the conspiracies abound. It doesn't take much of a leap of faith to a conspiracy when we see that war is declared against the insurance companies, the Chamber of Commerce (which as far as I know also represents the 60% of employers comprised by small business) as well as the few major corporations they have blackmailed into quitting the Chamber, the doctor's organizations which represent way over half of the doctors (not just the ones hauled into the White House and given white coats for the press conference,) and now Fox News.

I received a veiled threat a few months ago and was told that there are programs which can search for key words or names. I had mentioned a book and apparently the author or contributor didn't like my reference to some of the subject matter. So what do you think will keep the Obama administration and other liberal legislators or bloggers with deep pockets to look at us little guys? All they have to do is file suit against us and of course we can't afford to defend against trumped up charges and we will disappear like morning fog.

So they are taking on Fox news to scare a large section of folks who value free speech and use it to try to point out aspects of issues they don't like. All I can say is, can you spell CENSORSHIP?

Keep your chins up, guys and gals--
God bless...........

Monday, October 19, 2009

Is Capitalism Worth Saving?

The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research and the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty are sponsoring a Seminar/Discussion on the Cultural Case for Free Enterprise on Friday, October 30 from 8:00 - 10:30 a.m. at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, Pantlind Ballroom at 187 Monroe Avenue N.E. in Grand Rapids. All seats are complimentary and for more information you may call Melissa Burkholder at 616-454-3080, x 108 or email or access the website: to register: or

The economic events of the past year have raised several significant questions. Is our current situation a failure of capitalism? Does a free enterprise system shortchange the poor and middle class? Is capitalism worth saving? As government decision-makers stand ready to replace private citizens and free-markets as the drivers of the economy, Americans must decide which system can best promote and ensure their values and ideals. There will be question and answer sessions following discussions.

7:45 a.m. Registration and Breakfast

8:00 Introduction: "The Fight for Free Enterprise"
Arthur Brooks, President AEI

8:15 Roundtable Discussion: "The Morality of Capitalism"
Arthur Brooks, AEI
Reverend Robert Sirico, Acton Institute

9:30 Panel Discusson:
"My Brother's Keeper: Why Capitalism is Good for the Poor"
Stephen Grabill, Acton Institute
Kevin Hassett, AEI
Rudy Carrasco, Acton Institute

10:30 Adjournment

My husband and I are planning to attend this event and truly believe you should at least access the websites if nothing else.

Message from this morning: Are you concerned with God's Creation? Or are you concerned with the Creations of God?
God bless............

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Schauer, Stabenow and Schriver

Consumers Energy is sure using a lot of newspaper space these days. The first story I read had to do with an increase in the price of natural gas. And all this time I had been reading that gas prices are down really low. Their math says that even though the prices are low, we should be using less and the end result will be that we pay a little less this season than we did last year and they get $89 million. And, oh yes, they get to put on the increase before they get approval from the PSC now.

The next story I read had to do with a surplus in their tree trimming fund of $14 million. Good grief.

The next story has to do with Schauer and Stabenow stumping for $187 million from the stimulus package for Consumers to put new meters in that will perform magic. I think I first heard about these when California was talking about being able to manipulate the use of energy from a central location if citizens were using more than they should at any given time. How about that!

And speaking of Schauer the theory used to be that for every constituent who took the time to make a phone call or write a letter you could assume, with the number changing over the years, that it spoke for X number of voters. Now we find that Schauer has a better idea. His staff told a friend of mine that he doesn't pay any attention to the calls and letters instead preferring to think that the silent majority is more numerous and he has determined that he will represent that viewpoint. How should we get around that? Maybe we should start calling with the opposite message. Nah! He's just come up with another excuse for voting lockstep with Ms. Pelosi, right?

Now to Ms. Schriver. I usually don't talk about what happens on the Sunday morning talking head shows, but today is an exception. Maria and John Podesta have a new book out with all kinds of theories, some extremely legitimate, about women catching up with men as far as numbers in the work force, pay scales and comparisons but most of all the divisions of labor in the modern household. One of their premises was all about being able to talk to employers about flexibility in work schedules.

Talk about the inmates running the asylum. My impression from their conversation is that this needs to be addressed before hiring into a job. Some jobs can be extremely flexible. Others necessarily are more rigid. So called "worker friendly" companies will make money if they have a dedicated work force and the bottom line is what is going to keep everyone working.

In a service economy there is much more room for flexibility in scheduling. In the remaining manufacturing sector we may have a problem shutting down a production line so someone can go to a PTA meeting. Just as an aside, when I was working a service job I could start early, take a couple of hours off if I needed to when I had done certain chores ahead of time and return to the office to do work that didn't depend on any interaction with others and could contact folks in other time zones. It was a great fit. My point: BOTH sides need to be flexible.

Through the years we have seen couples work different shifts so someone was always home with the children. Not a perfect answer, but sometimes sacrifices need to be made for whatever reason.

One other point they made was that couples now need to sit down at the kitchen table 2-3 times a week to discuss issues such as "who does what" around the house, parent care, chauffeuring kids, etc., etc. This sounds so much like the proverbial excess meetings of many companies it made me want to throw a brick at the television. In an emergency, yes, but generally speaking the ground rules can be agreed upon early in the game and an occasional update might be necessary if circumstances change, but 2-3 times a week??? That time might be better spent doing something together as a family or having fun with a kid or two.

I know I'm old, but some things should be obvious. And not to be catty, but knowing it may come off that way: wonder how much time could be saved if all of those gorgeous women wouldn't have to be constantly pushing the hair away from their faces and how much time does it take to shampoo and dry those tresses every day?

One last thing. Maria said the fathers are not setting good examples when they go off to work every day--not sure of the exact quote. It just may be that the example of getting up early every day and getting to work on time might be the best thing that ever happens to a kid. That has to be the biggest slap in the face to a half the parents in the world ever.

Valerie Jarrett was on the panel as well. We could do a whole post on her condescending attitude toward Maria.

See you tomorrow-
God bless...........

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Are We Depressed Yet?

Is General Motors a viable company? With the government calling the shots on salary caps for a new CFO how much you wanna bet there will be no such company in 5 years? Have any of the Las Vegas odds makers started working on that yet? Anyone interested in a used Pontiac?

In 2011 the National Debt and the Gross Domestic Product will reach equilibrium. How does that grab ya?

So far we have 30,000 jobs to show for the stimulus package........... (Good grief! Mark Schauer said we'd have more than that in the state of Michigan with a whole bunch right here in the 7th district. Wha' happened?)

After months of saying no one whose income is below $250,000 will be taxed for the health care program, the question has changed from "will there be any tax levied on middle income folks to cover the health care bill?" to "how hard hit will the middle income bracket be?"

I thought we were supposed to have heard the last about earmarks---
A $2000 subsidy for a 77 mile airplane ride? A cab would be cheaper.....

Michigan used 5 quarterbacks in one game? Now that's really depressing!!!

Some Catholic priests just don't understand that anyone who is pro life can also be concerned about and support programs such as helping the homeless, the jobless, the marginalized in many areas and find it necessary to remind us that we shouldn't be one trick ponies.

Try to have a good "rest of the weekend" -
God bless.........

Friday, October 16, 2009

South Carolina Mischief Makers

Darling daughter and husband from South Carolina popped in for a visit and with Lindsay Graham jumping ship and landing with Kerry being small stuff compared with all the Sanford and state politicians in general driving their constituents nuts. The rest of us should be getting very nervous. Look around the country.

Most of the time we're in the position of knowing who our enemies are and being able to plan strategically, but with the Tea Party Express feeling their oats and putting up their own candidates we may as well forget about making any gains in the mid term elections next year. Why? Because conservative independents and Republicans will split the vote 30/30 leaving the Democrats to win with 40%. It is an equation that works like clockwork. In fact, it looks like something which may came to the fore in the gubernatorial race here in Michigan as it did in the 7th district primary for Congress when Joe Schwartz won in a 5-way.

And how about the "no new taxes" pledge? We are now looking at the proposed taxation of financial transactions which will touch a very large group of people whose incomes are a lot less than $250,000 per year. Since there is a mandatory withdrawal of 401K retirement funds every year that means it will hit every retiree who makes any kind of transaction to make ends meet in their "golden years." And how about folks who change jobs and subsequently change their 401K investment firms? And how about every time we put some savings into a college fund for our kids and grandkids? Give me a break.

And how about the latest trial balloon being sent up to see what it will take to bribe senior citizens to continue supporting the President by giving them $250 as a substitute for the COLA? (Last time they tried a bribe many of us used the money to support candidates running against his supporters. TeeHee.) Spending more money that we don't have. Can you imagine borrowing $125 from China to bribe American seniors?

And wonder what fund is tapped to keep Air Force I in the air. Yesterday he made a campaign stop in San Francisco on his way to President Bush 41's event in Texas. That has to be the biggest toy in the toy box. Obama just loves to fly that airplane.

Have a good weekend--
God bless............

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Teams of Doctors in Medical Homes?

Two very large clinics, Mayo and Cleveland, have apparently used what they call "teams" and what I would describe as "circles" to better serve their patients having complete services which are coordinated units. Apparently this type of medical service was used in Pediatrics as early as the late 60s and insurance companies are working in conjunction with the doctors in a nationwide testing of new methods of providing medical care. The doctors work as teams rather than individually and are paid a salary.

Admittedly I have done no research in depth, but I'm guessing this is a situation in rather large cities where wait times and availability of doctors is limited. The reason that it scares me a bit is because without teams of doctors in a city the size of Jackson I'm thinking we already have this approach and just because it has been successfully used in major metropolitan areas we may be forced by the government in cooperation with insurance companies to follow directives handed down from "on high" just because it works for some.

Jackson has fine doctors who, because of using the same hospital and pretty much knowing each other already, give this community really good service and care. Our family doctor, an Internist, is our primary care giver who recommends at times when a specialist is desired or required, any number of physicians who will fit the bill and because he knows us he has a good idea of a good fit personally and professionally. All reports of lab work or diagnostics are sent to both the specialist and primary care physician so that any medications or treatments are compatible.

Frankly, I can't think of any reason why I would change the systems used in a community of our size and proximity to Lansing, Ann Arbor and Kalamazoo. We can travel from Jackson to any of those locations in the same amount of time it takes to motor across any major city in the nation. It may sound trite, but that old cliche of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" would certainly seem to apply.

Depending on your age, that old question of "would you send your mother or sister to Dr. Blank" gets an honest response and there's no way we are swallowed by a system that treats us as a number rather than a name.

My point is that as in so many different venues and systems it's the personal touch that counts and if we're already getting it, please don't take it away.

Let us all hope and pray that those bureaucrats in Washington don't throw out the baby with the bathwater, just fix what needs fixing, and realize that they are playing with people's lives.

God bless...............

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Random Thoughts Acumulated During Interviews

1) David Letterman is a sexual predator and a bully. Any boss who takes advantage of an employee is both.

2) Since when is a "surcharge" not a tax? It is an increase of an original tax which certainly keeps it in the family of taxes.

3) Olympia Snowe, said it before and will say it again, can be identified with either an I, a D or in rare circumstances, an R.

4) How can anyone consider any parallels of logistics between any of the socialist country's medical services with those of the United States relative to population?

United States - over $320 million
Canada - 38 million
United Kingdom - 65 million
Sweden - 10 million
Norway - 5 million
Denmark - 6 million
Russia - less than 150 million
Germany - 85 million
Spain - 50 million
France - 70 million +
Cuba - 12 million

Please consider the sizes of the countries as well as variations of GDP and types of industry, service economies and government levels and types.

5) Increasing the deductible levels of pharmaceuticals from excess over 7.5% to over 10%. This results in an increase in taxes, no question.

6) Taking $400 billion from Medicare is an automatic increase in costs for those presently enrolled in Medicare Advantage.

7) New taxes of $500 billion on only those making over $250,000 is not possible.

8) State of Michigan taxing all doctors 3% of their income is an abomination.

Numbers 7 and 8 will make in economic terms a change of behavior inevitable. The resulting unintended consequences will be devastating.

It was uplifting to listen to the optmism of the gubernatorial candidates, but reality hits you in the face when you get back to the real world. Watching the government in action on all levels is nothing more or less than depressing.

Hope has always been a part of the American psyche--it's time for the old college try.

God bless...........

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Marty Griffin - the Next Generation

When we first moved to Jackson the Representative for the city was Mike Griffin, also called Mickey. He and his wife, Janet, lived on the other side of town and were parishioners of another church. Or I should say, we lived on the other side of town closer to my husband's employment and the opportunities to interact were limited.

Mickey Griffin was a man of integrity and was a pro life Democrat who voted his conscience. I admit that I could never vote for a Democrat and I wouldn't vote for a pro abortion candidate so on a couple of occasions I simply disenfranchised myself. How times have changed.

This was a time when even though there were political differences of opinion people were still respectful of other's viewpoints and rarely, if ever, were there comments made of a derogatory personal nature. All that changed by the time of the Clinton presidency. By then Pennsylvania's Casey had been dissed by the pro abortion crowd at the Democrat convention and James Carville's at first snide and then openly nasty descriptions of Republicans became the norm and it was a "Can you top this" contest to see how just plain mean they could be.

Enter the Griffin's son, Marty. He started out actually following in his father's footsteps until the ambition to rise to higher office presented itself and he became a little arrogant resulting in turning on some of the supporters he had in the beginning of his political career. Now he tries to call himself an Independent but we can see that he votes for Democrat leadership and plays the game with great skill.

One of my friends who has lived in Jackson all his life and even though a Republican voted for Mickey, once told me that now he votes a straight ticket. His astute observation: "Marty is no Mickey."

The big difference between the Casey's and Griffin's? Young Casey still carries the same strength of character as his father and carries the pro life banner.

Twenty one days 'til the election--
God bless............

Monday, October 12, 2009


If you were King for a Day, what would you do politically? Personally?

Mike Bouchard says "I wish it were easy enough to wave a magic wand to get Michigan back to where it needs to be. I love this state. I was born and raised here and want my children and your children to have the choice and opportunity to have their futures here too. We can ensure a bright future for generations to come with focused and principled leadership. Unfortunately there's no magic wand and it's going to take a lot of hard work. To help me fix Lansing and get Michigan back to work, please visit"

Mike Cox says "The first thing I would do would be to bring Barry Sanders out of retirement to carry the Detroit Lions to a Super Bowl Championship.

I would reform government to bring jobs back to this state. I would implement 'Putting Michigan Back to Work: The First Steps' to make Michigan the kind of state that will keep my family and yours in Michigan. I would cut taxes $2 billion, right-size Michigan government and reform the regulatory process to make job-providers want to bring jobs to Michigan."

Senator Tom George, MD says "MAKE MICHIGAN HEALTHY!"

Rick Snyder says "I would give the Tigers a shot at the World Series by putting them in the playoffs.

In all seriousness I have no interest in being a king. Reinventing Michigan will take teamwork. We need citizens to take the future into their own hands. That is why I have launched the Run with Rick Campaign, to encourage more participation in all levels of government."

And there you have it. I truly hope that being able to compare the answers in this manner is helpful. In my estimation it's tough to try to compare general interviews.
And I hope you agree with me that question #10 gives us an opportunity to see whether or not our candidates have a sense of humor (which I think is the prime qualification for any public office) or whether they are all work all the time.

Are you at all curious about what I would do as Queen for a Day? Forget the logistics, but I'd make it possible for everyone who wanted the experience to have a hot air balloon ride. (My kids chipped in and gave me a Mother's Day present one year that cannot be topped. Smooth, quiet and close to God.)

I've frequently been asked who I am endorsing in these races and my stock answer is that in a primary, since I've been around for such a long time and have known many of these candidates for 20 years or longer, that it's like asking me to choose between my kids. Ultimately I will since even among my children I recognize their talents are all different and I'll let you know.

Next up will be the candidates for 7th District Congressman, but we'll wait until the field is fully formed. If you want to look back at the Secretary of State and Attorney General questions they can be found in June 6-9 and July 22-26.

Back to work tomorrow--
God bless.........

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Governor Questions #8 and #9

Question #8: What would be your absolutely highest priority and first action upon election as Governor?

Rick Snyder says- "Jobs, jobs, jobs! Creating more and better jobs is at the top of my 10 guiding principles to the reinvention of Michigan."

Mike Bouchard says- "Simply put, I would lead. Michigan is going to need a governor who can sit down on the first minute of the first day and make the tough choices to fix Lansing. The first thing I would do as Governor is freeze all non-essential spending. That's the only way to begin to stop the bleeding.

I am the only candidate that has experience as a leader in the Senate, when we cut taxes every year and balanced our budgets. Also, of all the candidates, I have run the largest government agency with over 1200 employees. I've made tough choices and cut $20 million out of my budget. I adopted a three-year rolling balanced budget and I will do that in Lansing. My main priority will be to fix Lansing so we can get Michigan back to work. Recent tax increases have only compounded an already disastrous situation. If a ship is sinking, you don't add water - you'll only drown the people still left. But the tax increases are just a symptom of a larger problem - namely the current administration and Lansing's inability to control spending. To succeed we must do both - get spending under control and fix the tax system that's driving businesses out of Michigan."

Mike Cox says- "My first action as governor would be to bring instant tax relief to all Michigan taxpayers and businesses by cutting the Michigan Business Tax in half, and repealing the 2007 Granholm Cherry Tax Increase. Both of these actions combined would bring $2 billion dollars back into the pockets of Michigan taxpayers."

Senator Tom George, MD says - "Fixing Michigan will be a difficult task. There is no single bill or legislative matter that alone will transform Michigan. There are four things as governor I would work on immediately: 1) reforming Medicaid, 2) grant permits for the construction of a new "clean" coal fired generator plant, 3) create a redevelopment authority for metropolitan Detroit, 4) fix the budgeting process. You can read about these and some of my other initiatives at the "fix Michigan" tab on my website:

Question #9: If you could meet every constituent personally, what would you like us to know about you?

Mike Bouchard says- "I will make the tough choices to fix Lansing, no matter what. Michigan businesses and families cannot afford to elect someone with a learning curve. I'm ready to hit the ground running on day one.

I'm under no illusions as I enter this race. It took us a long time to create the mess we are in and it will take time to climb our way out. Even if the next Governor makes the tough choices, we may not see a complete recovery for years. Relief will not be swift, that's why it's essential that we start immediately. The next Governor should go in with the mind set that he or she may not get re-elected by doing what is necessary to turn this state around. I can't live with that. It's about time we start focusing on the ext generation and not the next election."

Mike Cox says- "If I could meet every constituent individually I want them to know that I will create the environment to bring jobs back to Michigan. I am a leader and a fighter and I have a specific plan to cut taxes, cut spending, and reform government in order to bring jobs back to Michigan.

My plan, titled "Putting Michigan Back to Work: The First Steps" is available on my website at

Voters should know that they can count on me to represent a change from the disastrous Granholm Cherry administration. I'm a fiscal conservative with the record to back it up, that's a record of doing more with less, and applying business sense and principles to my office.

Finally, I've never been afraid to take on the big fights - whether that's fighting Blue Cross or Utility company rate hikes, or my support for the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative."

Senator Tom George, MD says- "I would want you to know that I am the only candidate who is currently serving in the state legislature. I have continued working part-time as a medical doctor which has allowed me to stay in touch with individuals and citizens outside of the political environment, and that I am thoughtful and compassionate."

Rick Snyder says- "I am a leader. I bring a fresh approach to solving our economic challenges, and I am not a career politician. My experience in the business world as well as my leadership in economic development programs, such as Ann Arbor SPARK, make me uniquely qualified to lead Michigan into a new Era, an Era of Innovation. Michigan is my home and a brighter future for my family, friends and neighbors is what we deserve. I am running for governor to reinvent this state, not further my life-long political career."

As you may have noticed I started the answers alphabetically and took turns with a "rolling sequence." Coincidentally they have come out exactly even with the 9th question. I call the last question my "signature question" because I think it gives us a chance to see a potential lighter side or the total personality balance. And I'm always looking for a little humor although I don't always find it.

We'll finish up tomorrow with "If you could be king for a day what would you do politically? Personally?" See you then--

God bless.........

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Governor Questions #6 and #7

Question #6: Without using the Obama Mantra of "I inherited the problem," would you define what you believe is Michigan's major problem?

Mike Cox says- "Michigan's major problem is failed leadership. We have a Governor who refuses to take accountability for the problems facing Michigan. 780,000 of her fellow citizens - our brothers and sisters, our friends and neighbors - are looking for work. 465,000 of our fellow citizens have left Michigan. The working man and woman need a defender; the failed leadership in Lansing has failed the People of Michigan. The People of Michigan need a leader and a party that will stand up for them.

Our Michigan must choose: do we choose a long, slow retreat of small steps and little action or do we choose to stand up and fight? The timid have brought us to this point of despair; only the bold can lead us back to prosperity. Cutting taxes, cutting spending and freeing our people from over regulation; these are the bold steps that will bring jobs and vitality back to our State. Michigan needs leadership and that's why I am running for Governor.

Senator Tom George, MD says- "Michigan's economic demise is the result of the loss of nearly 1,000,000 manufacturing jobs this decade. In order to become economically competitive again, Michigan must invest in education, fix its business tax, and repair its infrastructure.

In the face of declining revenue, Michigan must reform its social assistance programs (Medicaid and Welfare) in order to free up the resources necessary to fund these improvements.

Rick Snyder says- "The major problem in Michigan is the economy. In addition, the leadership in Lansing has failed us. It is time for a new leadership with a positive vision for our future. Pointing fingers does not solve problems.

We need to create more and better jobs, reform Michigan's tax system, fix Michigan's broken government and create an environment that will keep our youth, our future, in Michigan.

Mike Bouchard says- "Substantial structural reform of state government is long overdue. That is the main problem for Lansing. Michigan is a great state--with unparalleled natural resources and a talented and resilient work force. But, Lansing's inability to cut spending and effectively manage what remains, as well as cutting taxes, must be the top priority of the next Governor. Not living within our current means translates to more people and businesses fleeing our great state.

Question #7: The Governor's home has been the recipient of donations to have it become a "Green Mansion" which can demonstrate the economies and advantages of going green. Considering the initial investments and years needed to recover before saving anything for the average citizen, how do you anticipate selling the public on "going green?"

Senator Tom George, MD says- "The state needs a reliable and affordable energy portfolio for both residential and commercial use. Though renewable energy sources such as wind and solar have great promise, at the present time they are too expensive to meet Michigan's future needs. The states' energy policy should include the construction of new clean coal generating facilities and nuclear energy sufficient to meet future growth."

Rick Snyder says- "Michigan needs to be a leader in the development and implementation of clean energy. As a native Michigander I know that our lakes, landscapes and natural resources are some of our most valuable assets. That is why protecting Michigan's environment is one of my Top 10 guiding principles to reinvent Michigan."

Mike Bouchard says- "Going green must be done in a smart and economically viable fashion that always includes a determination of (ROT) return on investment. They can work hand in hand as long as we understand being green does not solve any of Lansing's structural problems and if done improperly can actually crate more."

Mike Cox says-: "The public shouldn't have to be 'sold' on going green. Market forces will compel the public to 'go green' when such choices result in a benefit to the consumer."

So there we have 7 out of 10. Tomorrow we'll do 8 and 9 and Monday will bring us to my favorite question and the wrap-up. Not quite on the edge of your seat? Just wait and

God bless.........

Friday, October 9, 2009

Questions # 4 and 5 for the Next Governor

Question #4: Earlier this summer a decision was made to build GM's small car in Orion, Michigan over Janesville, Wisconsin with the new painting facility in Spring Hill, Tennessee both of which offered lower costs. Do you believe this was a political decision?

Rick Snyder says- "I have no idea if politics played a role in this decision. However, I am pleased with their choice. As governor, I will be focused on creating jobs in our state. We need to be competitive, both domestically and internationally, in order to cultivate a vibrant economy."

Mike Bouchard says- "Regardless of why the decision was made, remember those jobs were already here. On the day about 1400 jobs were "saved," sadly about 3200 were permanently lost. That is why the incentive path is unsustainable. Only Lasing would call losing 2/3 of our current jobs a win. A new path must be followed if our state is to have a future. I know I can lead us on that path.

Mike Cox says- "I applaud General Motors for building several of the vehicles that will drive its future right here in their home town - with not only the small car plant in Orion, but also the revolutionary Volt, to be built in Hamtramck.

In today's world economy, Michigan is not only competing with neighboring states for new investment, but with countries around the world. Michigan workers can compete with the rest of the world, the state just needs to provide the leadership to produce environment where companies like General Motors can succeed. There is no reason our state should lose jobs to California, Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio or anywhere else in the nation."

Senator Tom George, MD says - "I do not know what the decision was based on. For Michigan to become economically competitive again, ti needs to create an environment that is attractive to job providers. This necessitates having a skilled work force, affordable and reliable energy, a strong educational system, a fair business tax, and adequate roads. At the present time, the state's ability to provide this environment has been weakened by the diversion of resources to overburdened and open ended social programs such as Medicaid and Welfare.

In order for the state to become competitive again, it must reform the social contract with the recipients of these programs so that resources can once again be directed to job growth."

Question #5: Would you be willing to make a "No new programs" or a "no new taxes" pledge?

Mike Bouchard says- "I have reaffirmed my long standing commitment to Michigan taxpayers by signing the Americans for Tax Reforms (AFR) "Taxpayer Protection Pledge." I was the first candidate to sign the pledge. Right now, Lansing spends too much and taxes too much. Job one for the Governor is bringing businesses back to Michigan. We aren't going to do that by raising taxes. Our economic renewal is anchored in fixing Ur tax system and Lansing's abysmal spending habits. You can't fix one without addressing the other."

Mike Cox says- "I was proud to take the No Tax Pledge in 2002 when I ran for Attorney General and I reaffirmed that pledge this year. One thing is clear - Michigan residents and businesses are overtaxed and over burdened. The problem is not that Lansing has not taken sough money out of the pockets of Michigan families and businesses; it is that it has taken too much. I am the only candidate with a specific plan to cut taxes, cut spending, and reform government. I encourage you to read "Putting Michigan Back to Work: The First Steps" at"

Senator Tom George, MD says- "No. Though I have no plans to create new programs or raise new taxes, faced with an ongoing economic crisis, it would be imprudent of a gubernatorial candidate to take such a pledge. For example, is fiscal insolvency, debt to foreign interests, or a government shutdown always preferred to raising taxes? In those scenarios, the cost to the taxpayer may actually be higher than raising taxes.

Moreover, when candidates take such pledges voters should ask themselves what other promises the candidate made in the past and whether they have been able to keep them?"

Rick Snyder says- "As Governor, I will be focused on reducing the tax burden on individuals and businesses in the state. We need to eliminate wasteful spending and change the structure of our budget process so that it prioritizes essential services and shows value for money.

Making a pledge, as career politicians have often done in the past, does not solve the economic problems we are currently facing. We need action not lip service."

Have a good weekend-
God bless............

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Questions #2 and #3 for the Next Governor

Question #2: Should subsidies be given to businesses or industries if there is already that type of business represented in Michigan:

Mike Cox says-

"In a perfect world, the best tax credit is low tax rates for all businesses and residents. That's why I am the only candidate who has presented a specific plan to cut taxes $2 billion, cut spending, and reform the regulatory process to bring jobs back to Michigan. I have proposed a specific tax cut to cut the Michigan Business Tax (MBT) by 50% and eventually eliminate it and roll back the Granholm-Cherry tax hikes from 2007.

That being said, Michigan cannot unilaterally disarm. It is an ultra-competitive environment to bring jobs to a state and with the lowest unemployment rate in the nation, Michigan has to compete. In the past, tax credits have not been benchmarked properly and there needs to be real oversight to how these tax credits are issued. Lowering the overall business and personal income tax rate is the best answer, but tax credits should continue on a limited case-by-case basis."

Senator Tom George, MD says-

"Tax incentives are one of the tools the state needs to lure new jobs in order to fix Michigan. This tool should be reserved for nascent, migratory industries that would otherwise locate elsewhere. I believe that under the current governor this tool has been misused."

Rick Snyder says-

"Fixing the economy in Michigan is my number one priority. In order to successfully create jobs and improve economic development it is imperative that a fair and competitive tax structure is implemented. We need to create real incentives for businesses to bring their establishments to Michigan, hire Michigan employees, and engage in the Michigan economy. Raising taxes to provide subsidies is not the answer.

Attracting new businesses is only one part of the equation. We must also create an environment where existing businesses can grow and prosper."

Mike Bouchard says-

"We need to create an atmosphere where all businesses in Michigan can grow and flourish--not just new businesses or those given incentives. Government should not be in the business of picking winners and losers."

Question #3: What is your opinion of subsidies, tax breaks, MEDC in general?

Senator Tom George, MD says-

"MEGA credits and other incentives can be useful when in competition with other states. However, under the current governor, this tool has been misused.

I have voted in the senate to provide more accountability and transparency to the MEGA tax credit program operated by the MEDC. I have also sponsored legislation to cap the film tax credit program. As Governor, I would advocate for and sign such legislation.

The tax credit tool should not be discarded, but should be honed and refined for limited use."

Rick Snyder says-

"The MEDC has been poorly managed and become too political. When I was the Chair of the MEDC under Governor Engler, we were recognized as the second most business friendly state in the nation by Site Selection magazine. Rather than picking winners and losers, we need to level the playing field by bringing out of control incentives back down to earth and getting rid of the gross receipts tax and surcharges so we can eliminate the MBT. Businesses are looking for a fair, simple and consistent tax structure."

Mike Bouchard says-

"It is time for Lansing to break out of the status quo thinking that got us here. Our leaders must focus on what is sustainable and what will help Michigan flourish."

Mike Cox says-

"Michigan's priority should be creating environment where credits aren't necessary to lure businesses across our border. That's why I've proposed cutting the Michigan Business Tax, or the 'job killing' tax in half as one of my first acts as Governor. That will bring Michigan's business tax structure from the 3rd worse in the country, to the 7th best and will send the message that Michigan is open for business, and more importantly, open to those who will bring jobs here.

I don't agree with everything that the MEDC has done. It has been mismanaged and has lacked consistent priorities and focus. One of the first actions I will do as Governor will be to bring the MEDC Director into the Governor's office to show the rest of the nation that we will be more hands-on in creating the environment to bring jobs to Michigan. The MEDC over the past six years has had shifting priorities--ranging from life sciences to advanced manufacturing to homeland security, to alternative energy, to battery and hydrogen fuel cells. The constant change has undermined the state's efforts and produced an environment in which job creators aren't sure if theirs will be the "pet-project du jour' for Jennifer Granholm and John Cherry.

However, as I have said before, Michigan cannot unilaterally disarm against other states and countries that are competing for a piece of the development pie. The purpose of the MEDC is to put a emphasis o developing the economy, keeping jobs in Michigan and bring jobs and job providers to Michigan. I won't disband the MEDC, I will properly manage it and provide the business sense and leadership that has been lacking. That starts with moving the office of the Director of the MEDC right next to my office. It worked with Mitch Daniels in Indiana, it can work for Michigan."

See you tomorrow-
God bless..........

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Interviews with the Next Governor of Michigan

I will make an arbitrary decision here. If the questions appear to consistently generate lengthy answers, we will take only one per day and that is apparently the case with the first question.

Question #1: Should the State Police move into the new building?

Mike Bouchard says

"I want more troopers on the road, not fewer troopers and a new building. Three years ago this project should have been scrapped. What good is a state of the art building without the troopers? Media reports estimate that moving into the new state police headquarters will cost roughly $4 to $5 million, which equates to 40-50 additional troopers on the road.

The facts are clear: Michigan leads the Midwest in violent crime today and we have the least number of police officers per capita. Michigan has lost nearly 2100 police officers since 2001. Did Granholm and Cherry really think opening a new building and dumping 100 state troopers was the right decision?"

Mike Cox says

"State Police asked for this headquarters. This process has involved two gubernatorial administrations, the Michigan State Legislature, numerous boards and commissions, and the constant coordination and advice of the Michigan State Police.

Many reasonable and thoughtful people have vehemently opposed the new State Police headquarters. I stand with them in their opposition to seemingly out of control state spending and misguided priorities. There is no doubt - it doesn't make much sense for the State Police to move into a pristine new facility at the same time the state is laying off State Troopers. However, this headquarters was the request of the State Police Department.

Earlier this year, my office issued a letter of advice to the legislature which stated that the state could break its 25 year lease on the building by simply not appropriating dollars to fund its obligation.

Just because the state can break the lease, doesn't mean that it should. Businesses in Michigan should be able to count on the state to fulfill its obligations. Our state government is too unpredictable as it is, most notably the fact that the State of Michigan does not have a budget and residents and businesses are in the dark as to what their full tax burden will be for the upcoming fiscal year. In these tough times, businesses shouldn't have to worry about whether or not the state will be an honest broker in multi-million dollar contracts. Doing so would make it more difficult to the state to attract new job providers and developments.

The issue was debated, all voices were heard, and the matter was ultimately decided. The State Police have asked for a new facility and it has been approved. The state ought to live up to its word."

Senator Tom George, MD says

"No. It is inappropriate that the state is purchasing a new state police headquarters during this time of fiscal crisis and budget cuts. The previous headquarters was leased for $1 per year. The fifty million dollar purchase price (seventy million, when interest is fully paid) could have been better used to provide state police services, such as processing the backlog of evidence that has accumulated in the state police crime labs.

Funding for the new headquarters came up at two different times for a vote in the Senate and each time I voted against this funding proposal."

Rick Snyder says

"Considering the current budget crisis this was the wrong time to invest in a new building. Decisions like this by the Cherry/Granholm administration clearly show that special interests were put ahead of the interests and needs of our customers, the citizens of Michigan. We need to reform the budget system so it shows value for money, prioritizes results, engages citizens and is done via a multi-year process."

Our kick off -

And Fact #5 on Planned Parenthood:

PP accuses Right to Life of not caring about the teen pregnancy rate in Jackson. Remind people that their Form 990 (for PP Mid-Michigan Alliance of which Jackson is a part) for 2005-2006 shows $5.3 million in "medical services" yet only $331,000 on education (a mere 6% of the medical services.) They are in business to profit from abortion not to education on preventing teen pregnancy.

God bless.........

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Democrats - Horse Traders Par Excellence

Have you younger people ever either heard or understood the "horse trader" term? Briefly I think it could be called extremely shrewd negotiating on just about any level including business and political. One of the ploys used is what you see going on right now with the EPA and the global warming/carbon footprint issue.

Liberal Democrats have fine tuned this to a level of blackmail or extortion by making the extreme alternative so punitive that the other side will "settle" for what they were going after in the first place, ie., Cap and Trade which punishes the entire electorate rather than just the big guys at the top.

In fact, you can see that's what they are doing with the health care bills to get the big pharmaceutical companies and others to come on board and give huge donations to help sell the bill so all of us at the bottom of the pyramid will suffer with the rationed care and taxes that we have been concerned about. A corporation is, after all, in business to make money. They have no conscience and really shouldn't be expected to act as though they do.

Back to EPA. They have now formally made an "endangerment finding" on carbon dioxide which will impose the command-and-control regulations of the Clean Air Act across the entire economy. And, according to the Wall Street Journal, because this law was never written to apply to carbon, the costs will far exceed those of a straight carbon tax or even cap and trade. So there you have horse trading rising to a level that is about to cross the line into illegal activity. It is, after all, still against the law to use extortion for ill-gotten gains.

Today's Planned Parenthool Fact #4:

This organization continues to be investigated for covering up statutory rape and defrauding the government by overbilling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Starting Governor interviews tomorrow-
God bless................

Monday, October 5, 2009

Surprise! Heard from 2 Candidates Today - GEORGE actually sent in answers

I'll take some blame here. Because I specifically mentioned wanting to start posting on October 5th that date was the target date for George and Hoekstra. Dr. George actually completed the interview and Hoekstra's will be in tomorrow. I will send an email to the others this evening and if they show by Wednesday they will be included.

A couple of miscellaneous notes:

More and more we are running across wind and solar power stories indicating that sometimes Mother Nature doesn't cooperate like when clouds pass in front of the sun and when the wind blows during the night when usage is down. The energy czars of all stripes are finally admitting it will be a long time before they will be able to have efficient distribution systems and count on their target percentages of supply. Therefore: we need to have backup energy sources meaning more coal fired plants, more gas and oil and once in a while we see the term "nuclear" being used.

The President appears to be not quite as enamored of the Iranian leadership as he has been. Perhaps he is figuring out they can't be trusted? Ya think?

And the Palestinians being trained by the United States so they can annihilate the Israelis just doesn't make any sense at all.

Planned Parenthood Fact #2-

They continue to be the #1 abortion provider in our country.

Fact #3-

They received over $350 million from taxpayers destroying 305,310 unborn children in 2007-2008.

Please add to your prayer list-
God bless...........

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Time to Eat Crow/Humble Pie

I'm thinking that the candidates for Governor in 2010 have much bigger fish to fry than a little old blog and a couple of hundred readers isn't worth their time and effort. And we do understand that with limited hours in a day and days in a week there are times when choices need to be made.

However, there is something to be said for common courtesy. The three candidates who indicated they would take part and didn't are Bouchard, George and Snyder. The two who never answered the invitation were Cox and Hoekstra, both of whom were left messages on their voice mail 2 or 3 times and at least 2 emails each. So you can make up your own mind how much we owe them our attention or support if they ever decide to ask for it.

I need to be honest. I informed them of the format used here and gave them the dates of the Sec. of State and Attorney General's interviews so they could look at them before they decided whether or not to participate. Perhaps what I thought was a good idea wasn't attractive to them and I apologize for letting you think that I would have a complete roster.

Participated in the annual Life Chain today and want to share with you some information about Planned Parenthood which was distributed. I'll just toss one in at the bottom of the postings for the next several days.

#1-"They are mobilizing to force taxpayer abortion funding through mandated government health care and holding President Obama to his promise in 2007 'that funding for reproductive care, including abortion, would be 'at the heart' of our health care plan and that the 'public plan' would cover such services."

God bless..........

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Al Gore Backs Car Firm and Gets Big Bucks from U.S.

Yes, US. A $529 million loan to help build a hybrid gas-electric sports car in Finland that will sell for about $80,000. They say you have to start somewhere so you can get to mass production to bring the price down. Oh, and by the way, the design team hasn't started yet.

However, the Silicon Valley venture-capital firm in which Gore is a partner is also known for the $2.2 million in political campaigns, mostly for Democrats, including Obama and Hillary.

Of course the DOE says Mr. Gore had no influence on Fisker's loan application.

Now that's a bedtime story for the weekend.

God bless us all.............

Friday, October 2, 2009

Peace at any Price?

Attended a funeral this morning at which a eulogy described Josephine as being a woman of peace and she was, indeed, a lovely person with many talents. And, as is often the case, my thought process went to what might someone say about me as far as being known as a woman of peace. I figured it should go something like this:

She was a woman of peace but well recognized that sometimes, from the smallest incident of domestic violence to a nuclear conflagration, it might well be necessary to vanquish evil before peace can be achieved.

This is a message which has been handed down through my family and one which has become my mission to pass on to the next generation. Appeasement never works--in fact--it generally makes a bad situation worse. So much time and heartache could be saved if politicians would face facts and get the job done quickly. And as my friend, the Bishop says, and all the people said Amen!

And now back to the Olympics. I have never been more pleased to be wrong. Apparently it is still not possible to "fix" the IOC which is a good thing. Let's hope that Chicago goes on to fix the problems existing with gangs, murders, slums and other problems that they would have worked hard to be sure were taken care of had they been awarded the games. Ah, the city of my birth. Do you ever wonder what your life would have been like "IF" you had grown up somewhere else or you put some other "if" in the formula? If you have time to daydream...........

I'm hoping not to disappoint, but at the current rate of returns of the interview questions sent to gubernatorial candidates things are not looking all that great.
I'll have to make some calls this weekend. Wish me luck.

Have a good weekend and Go Blue!
God bless...........

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Someone has started a group to try to get some justice for the owners of car dealerships whose businesses were stolen by GM and Chrysler and given to others. This whole car thing has been driving me nuts since January when we first wrote about it and before the nationalization of two companies General Motors and the give away of Chrysler to Fiat with the unions getting their payback from the President.

We can only hope that someone will see the fallacy of the President firing a CEO, and there's no other word for it--taking property without due process can be called nothing more or less than theft.

And as we said about another topic the other day, the receiver of stolen goods is as guilty as the thief. And they certainly can't say that they didn't know it was stolen goods because it made headlines in many newspapers and radio and television programs. Even worse than most fences they didn't even have to pay for their ill gotten gains. I remember seeing one guy with a Dodge dealership bragging about getting the Chrysler line from the guy across the street who used to be his competitor.

Even here in Jackson we saw Motor Quest lose out to EXtreme Dodge. How brazen can you get?

Let's wish them all the luck in the world. Even though Obama says the Constitution has some fundamental flaws, he doesn't have to be an accessory to throwing this kind of activity in our faces.

It should be obvious that this is a therapy post--needed to get that off my chest. Not only luck, but prayers should follow the dealership victims.

See you tomorrow-
God bless..........