Friday, October 17, 2008

Corruption of Under the Oaks

The historical marker in the Under the Oaks Park says: "Here, Under the Oaks July 6th, 1854 was born the Republican Party, destined in the throes of civil strife to abolish slavery, vindicate democracy and perpetuate the union."

Jackson is the Birthplace of the Republican Party. However, we must recognize that good citizens across the nation at that time were in agreement with the general philosophy and need for change and meetings were held from Ripon, Wisconsin to Bangor, Maine and Washington, D.C., Exeter, New Hampshire, Friendship, NY, Crawford, Indiana and Ottawa, Illinois. These meetings were held before July 6 of 1854 but Jackson's claim is stronger than any other.

Witness: All the other meetings were extremely local and were composed of relatively few people. In Jackson there were citizens from Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan numbering in the thousands! (Estimates range from 1500 to 10,000.)

At the end of the day, the name "Republican" was formally adopted, a platform had been initiated, candidates were nominated (many of whom were elected) and there is no question that this event was unarguably the first Convention of the party!

Conceived elsewhere, perhaps........ Born in Michigan, no doubt!!!

From great oaks to little acorns, but now the Democrat Socialist Party has corrupted the name of our progeny into the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now which from 1970 has corrupted its namesake acronym by stealing government funds in the millions of dollars for their own uses and any number of nefarious activities to subvert our democratic system of voting.

We'll add a little note about the ACORN activities daily.

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