Monday, November 3, 2008

Some really, really good news!

Grandson, Joe, is to be returning from Kuwait as we speak and here's the rest of the story:

After I told you about his absentee voting story, I got another call asking me to find out where the best place to watch the election returns would be. Fortunately I know people who know people -- not that I have any great personal connections. At any rate, I emailed the Michigan State Party chair and asked him to get me the address of the Maryland State Party chair because Joe is landing in Baltimore. Within 7 minutes I had his name, phone #, address and email address. Since it was getting late I just sent an email hoping for an early return this morning and did I ever get it!

Jim sent me a flyer describing the party (to be held at the BWI Hilton) and inviting Joe to join them. Some time later I received a note from Jim's wife, Marianne, who sent a copy of the activity of the local party who welcome home the troops at BWI. What a coincidence! Of course, there's more to the rest of the story but I won't know it until after I give Joe the information tomorrow and after he reports what happened.

So, the lesson for the day is that no matter how tired we are at this minute or how we are on a roller coaster ride watching and listening to election news, there are some things which open the door to recognizing the importance of family and friends.

Hang in there!

ps-I just noticed the time stamp on these messages again--keep forgetting to tell you. Don't pay any attention to them since I can't find the list which includes the eastern time zone so it uses a default which is nowhere close. Right now it is 10:00pm.

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