Friday, April 30, 2010

Tidbits About Schools

First, did you know that the reason we have summer vacations for school kids is NOT because the farmers back in the day needed their big kids to help with the crops?

Rather, it was because in the days before air conditioning the wealthy people wanted to go to the lake or up north during the heat of the summer. It makes sense because now that I think about it, crops are planted in late April and May and are generally not harvested until the October time frame.

Just a little information which proves that you're never too old to learn something new.

One more bit about schools. We're going to have to do a lot more research into this, but it has come to my attention that there s a racket going on. Not all of it, of course, as with anything else it has become an opportunity for a little nefarious activity. Without any hard evidence at this point I'm still going out on a limb and say that I think all professional grant writers should be eliminated.

Shouldn't we know where the money is coming from, if there is an agenda involved with the folks who make them available (and if it's taxpayers we should be told a lot more than we are presently) and just generally level the playing field so schools of all sizes, demographics and economic status have equal opportunity. More to come.

As always, if anyone has information which will help us flesh out this story we'd appreciate it.

Have a good weekend--
God bless...........

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is This What Water Boarding Feels Like?

You've heard of the old Chinese water torture, but that came only a drop at a time. This constant barrage of the foibles of the Obama administration and his lackeys (or is he the puppet?) never fails to disappoint. Having to sit by and watch one of the wonders of the world, our great country, being destroyed by a daily avalanche of activity chipping away at the Constitution and undermining the education of our kids is the toughest part and it goes on from there.

Stories about Obama'x disrespect of religious activities, the Boy Scouts, most of our previous friends around the world while stroking the egos of dictators and the countries hell bent on becoming the next nuclear power is enough to drive us up the wall or into a deep depression.

After a few minutes or hours, however, we gather ourselves together and recognize that we cannot stop fighting for the freedoms so many of our forbears died for.

I wish I were a Marine so I could say "Semper Fi" or "Oorah" or something that would help us all sit a little straighter, stand a little taller and get ready to face another day and fight back against the onslaught of corruption bearing down on us.

When the media shows swat teams walking around a Tea Party peaceful demonstration where the folks were chatting with local law enforcement is an abomination. Watching the left wing demonstrators burning our flag with impunity and not one word of criticism from the network reporters is just plain sickening. How can they look at themselves in the mirror?

Shall we pray--
God bless........

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Schauer "Name Calling"

We need to go back to the Friday before Easter and the Monday after. Preface with the fact that we have drawn some inferences when talking about the possibility of locating people through micro chips and how the first step might be considered a matter of public safety and being able to follow parolees, rich kids and people who might want protection regarding kidnapping, etc. Thinking about the liberal types who believe we should all have universal ID cards makes one wonder if some day the entire population might be traceable through microchips. Remember me theorizing about that?

Well, someone in Schauer's office must be assigned to read the blog because on the Friday before Easter during his interview he brought it up and his remark was "That's just crazy!" He apparently had referred to me as the person responsible. Of course the pick up from my friends was that he had called me crazy and I guess it's not far fetched to reach that conclusion. They all said his remark was disparaging or denigrating so he got the effect he was after.

That said, when I am writing something that I think might be quoted I am very careful to save my resource material for 6 months in case there might be a challenge. My usual sources are automotive trade magazines, the Wall Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily, AP pieces in newspapers, local reporters, TownHall and Washington Times on line. I have even called Schauer's office and spoken to a really sweet kid named Eddie for clarification of a position.

The Monday episode was one I've already written about. He called on me at the Senior Forum and when I asked him about the middle income tax increase he said I was wrong, he had read the bill and it wasn't in there. He tried to tell the entire audience that I was mistaken. By now we all know that he was in error.

So I'm thinking this way. Let Barak Obama get into tiffs with Sarah Palin. And we'll let Mark Shauer use me as his punching bag. I can take it.

As another local letter writer puts it: it is, after all just opinion, but I feel an obligation to let people know what facts lead to mine.

May is coming. Hang in there--
God bless...............

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

State Employee Pay Grew 25% Above Inflation Since 1999

Saw a graph put out by the Mackinac Center with the heading:
Adjusted Compensation of Michigan Classified Employees

Started in 1999 at just under $75,000
2000 rising to $75,000
2001 rising to just over $75,000
2002 approx $77,500
2003 rising to $82,500
2004 dipping to $77,000
2005 rising to $84,000
2006 rising to $88,000
2007 dipping to $87,000
2008 rising to $92,000

The average state employee compensation package costs approximately $93,039 inflation-adjusted wages and benefits have increased 25 percent since fiscal 1999. The figures include the value of all benefits from state-paid retirement contributions to dry cleaning allowances.

The largest cost increases came from retirement benefits (which increased from $209 million in fiscal 1999 to $772 million in fiscal 2008) and health insurance (which increased from $273 million to $554 million during the same time frame.)

The wages and benefits of Michigan's over 50,000 employees cost taxpayers $4.7 billion in fiscal 2008. This is up from $3.2 billion in fiscal 1999, despite the state now employing 15 percent fewer workers.

(This entire report courtesy of Mackinac Center for Public Policy)

God bless.........

Monday, April 26, 2010

Who? Me? Speechless?

Just when I think I've heard it all something comes up and knocks me down.

Barak Obama's strategy for winning the upcoming election is to get out women, Latinos and African Americans. No kidding!

What have we been hearing for the last few weeks? Tea Party members and Republicans are racists. What is the definition of a racist? You got it. Discrimination based on ethnic heritage, color, gender, etc., etc.

So when Obama mentions those three categories he is automatically saying "No whites need apply" and we would suggest those old codgers who are getting short changed and overcharged for health care would make him very happy if we stayed home also.

He has drawn the battle lines so we'd better get used to it, be on our best behavior and be sure to vote on November 2 this fall.

Sleep well-
God bless..........

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Watching American History with Tears in My Eyes

We had looked forward to the programming on America on the History Channel this evening. The problem came when there was an introduction from the President who stressed that we should be looking forward to the changing of America still to come. It just didn't make sense--that we would be looking at one of the most inspirational stories in history and that our very own President can't wait to change it to whatever he has in mind.

What followed in the first half hour or so (we're up to April of 1775 now) were the demonstrations of strong people willing to face privation and work themselves to the dropping point and this spirit has been strong throughout the years. And now he wants to change it to a country where it is more important to redistribute wealth making more and more people dependent.
Go figure...

Which brings to mind the IMMIGRATION problem brought to everyone's attention by Arizona. Of course everyone has an opinion, but the one that concerns me the most is Cardinal Mahoney in California. He has been out there in the thick of it for something like twenty years now and of course he knew of its seriousness long before anyone in middle America.

It has always irritated me that instead of encouraging illegal activity and welcoming anyone who wanted to come and encouraging the Catholic community to accept and assist illegals it would have been so easy, when it was a small problem, to do something constructive about it. In my opinion he had the ears of all the clergy in North America and a good share of wealth in other countries and could have started the kind of assistance programs that would have enabled the Mexicans to start their own businesses and work up to industrial activity with the sky being the limit as in any pioneering arena.

Can anyone imagine the investments that might have been made by entrepreneurs if they could depend on others ' investments if across the world every Catholic family would have contributed $5 per year starting in 1975-1980 time frame? But no, he chose the old habit of making people dependent rather than teach them how to become self sufficient and able to take care of themselves. Disgusting!

Last item: Is everyone aware that one of the FEC Democrat member's last job was as the head of the U. S. legal team of about 100 lawyers with Deutsche Bank? Apparently he intends to recuse himself if anything comes up with the German bank, but not when it came to being the deciding vote to land on Goldman Sachs. His old job was doing for Deutsche Bank the collateralized debt obligations or CDOs which is exactly what the problem being pursued by the SEC. Does this pass the smell test?

WHY IS NO ONE CONCERNED WITH FANNIE AND FREDDIE?? Particularly with Dodd right in the middle of the whole thing.

Busy week coming up. Take care-
God bless..........

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Here's a Story About a Union Guy Who Voted for Obama

Seems my husband was in conversation with a group of fellas this afternoon and the conversation turned to health care and the infamous Obamacare result.

Most of those present were critical, but one guy who was a retired GM union worker, said he was really happy with the bill because he was really going to benefit.

My husband, who rarely gets into a discussion because he usually gets accused of being his wife's patsy, had apparently had enough. He said he just couldn't take any more, so he asked,

"Do you itemize your taxes?" The answer was in the affirmative so he followed up by saying, "Do you have enough medical deductions to qualify?" Again, he said, "Yes." To which my husband asked, "Did you know that the 7.5% floor has been changed to 10%?"

The guy said, "No way!" By the time he was convinced of the truth of the matter, he stuck out his hand making a fist and as he opened it palm up, he said, "Just when I think I have something, the d---- government takes it away and I'm left with nothing again!!!"

After the laughter subsided one of the men said, "Well, maybe you can now go to a palm reader and find out what else he has in store for you." And again there was much laughter........

Have a nice Sunday--
God bless..........

Friday, April 23, 2010

Surprise! Surprise? $340 Billion More in Health Care Costs

We already knew that the fictitious figure of just under a trillion dollars wasn't holding up when we found it didn't include doctor's costs. Now the next independent study to come out has added another $340 billion to the cost. It's looking more like a trillion and a half -- how high can it go?

Second observation has to do with the front page stories of our local newspaper one day last week. Three of the four stories had to do with "programs" benefiting various entities such as Tenneco Corp. of Grass Lake with other plants in the area. As I recall about $1.8 million in a grant from the Michigan Development bunch was enough of a bribe for them to add a little to it and they plan to hire 185 people. As I'm looking at this story I'm thinking how much did this cost the neighbors of those 185?

Question: Have you ever heard of anyone who got a subsidy or a grant thanking the citizens for their largesse? Didn't think so.

The other stories included the highway work and Mark Schauer's pleasure at seeing orange barrels on the highway and taking credit for them. Again, does he ever think of thanking the folks who paid the taxes to make the project possible?

The third story had to do with schools and I need not go into detail on that. We are all aware of the proximity of the school and out pocketbooks. The part that was a tiny bit of a surprise was that the teachers apparently voted to be sure they got all of the percentage points of their raises and have 31 teachers lose their jobs rather than have everyone get 1% less for a couple of years. How kind.

Third-why were all the signs protesting giving strength to officers of the law written in Spanish?

And what did Obama mean when he said that Arizona has to be very careful not to step on the rights of citizens, not use profiling while doing a job that wouldn't be necessary if the federal government were doing its job of protecting its citizens? It was one of the more laid back and casual statements he has made in a long time.

Have a good weekend-
God bless............

Thursday, April 22, 2010

True Story-Death Panel Can't Be Far Off

Just returned from the 7th District monthly meeting at which our Chair told the following story:

He and a friend, both of whom have back problems (friend's more serious so it is obvious) went to check out the Tea Party event on the University of Michigan campus last Thursday, April 15th. Nothing eventful happened such as fisticuffs or arguments which could have been considered violence of any sort.

As they were leaving, they happened to meet a couple walking toward them and if you know the UN Quad, the sidewalks are wide enough for four pedestrians abreast. When they were nearly side by side, Wyck heard the woman say to her boy friend, husband or significant other "When old people reach the age of 85 we should stop giving them any medical service; we should instead give the resources to three year olds."

Wyck spontaneously said "thank you" and her response to him was "well, it's our money." This out of the mouth of the generation who will be making the decisions regarding who sees a doctor and who doesn't. Certainly it was also the opinion of a Democrat. Which brings us to the bottom line: Isn't it supposed to be the Democrats who are all heart and compassion? That's the line they try to spin. Not so, not so.

There are some problems (and people) that can only be helped by prayer--
God bless........

PS--How do you not have an abortion litmus test but maintain the importance of women's rights-code word for abortion?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

There May Be Hope That Cap and Trade Will Fail

Last week John McCain introduced a resolution which passed 85 to 13 in favor of a consensus or "sense of the Senate" that the Value Added Tax would be a massive tax increase falling most heavily on those with fixed incomes and reverse the current recovery. We can only hope and prayer wouldn't hurt.

A Notable Quotable from the Wall Street Journal and taken from the book "Free to Choose" written by Rose and Milton Friedman. Mrs. Freidman recently died.

"Economic freedom is an essential requisite for political freedom. By enabling people to cooperate with one another without coercion or central direction, it reduces the area over which political power is exercised. In addition, by dispersing power, the free market provides an offset to whatever concentration of political power may arise. The combination of economic and political power in the same hands is a sure recipe for tyranny.

The combination of economic and political freedom produced a golden age in both Great Britain and the United States in the nineteenth century. The United States prospered even more than Britain. It started with a clean slate; fewer vestiges of class and status; fewer government restraints; a more fertile field for energy, drive, and innovation; and an empty continent to conquer....

Ironically, the very success of economic and political freedom reduced its appeal to later thinkers. The narrowly limited government of the late nineteenth century possessed little concentrated power that endangered the ordinary man. The other side of that coin was that it possessed little power that would enable good people to do good."

Here's to freedom--
God bless.........

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Economic Miscellaneous Headlines (personal)

1-My daughter has several friends who work at the Johnson Space Center and she was concerned that Obama's closing down the Constellation project would cost some of them their jobs. Looks like John M. is the first of them. Now what was that about Obama's plan which would create more jobs?

2-If Spirit Airlines wants to set up a series of extra charges for luggage based on online reservations at one price, somewhat higher if checked in curbside, another jump at a self serve kiosk and the final one at $45 if customers wait until the last minute and check it in at the ticket counter or whatever that final point is, isn't it their business? If they lose customers and lose money and their stock goes down and ultimately they change back or go out of business, isn't that what capitalism and competition is all about? Someone should tell Chuckie Schumer to get the heck out of the way!

3-So GM has paid back the loan in full. The Government still owns 60% of the company? And how much do the unions own? I can't help wondering when the other shoe is going to drop. It reminds me a little of when Chrysler had a government loan which Lee Iococca paid back early. The dirty little secret on that one was that he used all the available cash while stiffing the small suppliers by making them wait over 60 and 90 days to get paid and many of them went out of business because they just didn't have the capital to make it through lengthy waits.

Are they really thinking that people are going to buy stock in that company? After stockholders taking the huge losses last year who in their right mind would do such a thing? Maybe if they gave a credit equal to the loss? We just might consider buying a GM car again.

This just isn't my father's America any more--
We need His help, God bless.........

Monday, April 19, 2010


Yep! Mr. Geithner spends the weekend painting with the broadest brush possible before Goldman Sachs knew what was aimed at them. One very logical defensible remark came with regard to Warren Buffet. Apparently he recently made a $5 billion investment with Goldman Sachs and of course he took a 20% hit when the stock took a dive, but the point is that a guy of Buffet's caliber doesn't make that kind of investment without doing his homework. Had he had even a glimmer of the kind of problem we are hearing about one would wonder if he would have made a move to invest.

I have no idea who is right or wrong, it's just that it's really tough to see a sleaze like Geithner piling on like that. A little dirty fighting even if they are guilty--would like to see an even fight.

Another guy who evidently needs a little press is Bill Clinton. Do you think he might be planting ideas which he hopes will become self-fulfilling prophecies? And frankly, I'm sure he'd like nothing better than to be able to say "I told you so." The problem which might occur, however,could end up having some left wing nut trying to do something so it would be blamed on conservatives. No doubt there are fringes on all sides of the argument.

Oh, yes- Before I close, I'd like to say that we had an extremely successful event this evening with what was probably a hundred or so folks coming out for ice cream and to learn about the opportunities for precinct delegates. I ended up with fifty Identity Affidavits to turn in to the County Clerk tomorrow, 41 from this evening's affair. You have until May 11 at 4:00 pm to turn in your own.

Hope it warms up this week--
God bless............

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Good grief! Can't they just get over it? There is nothing that cannot be justified without just saying that "Bush did it."

Some Congressman was being interviewed and the question had to do with some of the abysmal polling numbers. The guy first said he didn't follow polls. Then he said it was still too far away to matter and when his back was at the wall, he finally said in effect that everything was the result of the bad economy for which George W. Bush was responsible.

Put a sock in it!

This morning Donna Brazile was talking about the Tea Party demonizing all the Democrats and my only response, with the above typical blame game answer, is that the demonizing has been non stop against G W Bush ever since the election.

When the volcano stops, the next catastrophe will probably be laid at his feet as well. Other than that

I hope you had a great weekend-
God bless.........

Saturday, April 17, 2010

More Random Thoughts-


There will be a short term buying spree if it becomes the law of the land (God forbid) precipitated by folks making purchases of any big ticket item they believe they might need in the foreseeable future. Autos, kitchen appliances, prepaid services of any anticipated need, including home improvements and even things like memorial headstones will be put on the list of some consumers.

Those of us who don't keep much cash in savings accounts and such will certainly tap their 401Ks even though we'll have to pay income taxes -- it will probably be less than the added VAT. The buying spree to be followed by the inevitable downturn.

WHY CAN'T SARKOZY take a train or even drive to Poland for the funeral? It isn't as though he'd have to cross an ocean or anything. Some people will grab at any excuse.

Why do the citizens of so many European and selected countries so readily accept the fact that global warming is the result of human activity? It occurs to me that one of the reasons might be that the leadership is using the issue for many political reasons and tell them it's necessary. Why don't they question their leaders? I'm thinking that in a Socialist society where the government takes care of them from the cradle to the grave they have surrendered their rights to many freedoms including the freedom to think for themselves.

SAW AN ENORMOUS GARDEN TRACTOR sitting in the middle of a very small lot today and couldn't help thinking that a big boy just has to have his toys. Then it struck me that this property had changed hands within the last year and perhaps this was a senior citizen who moved to town from the farm and that's the only lawn mower he has. Hope so.

MARK SCHAUER NAME CALLING - Found out today that it was possible that the posting that started this may have been the bit about micro chips. Since that was a theorizing piece I can see where someone without an imagination might fail to see the potential problems I'm still concerned that under the guise of safety and protection of the public from say "chipping" parolees on tether it would be one more small step toward using it as a substitute for the Universal I D card so many liberals are thinking about. (It still doesn't excuse him from ridiculing in public a constituent. Bad form.)

Hope your weekend is going well-
God bless...........

Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

1-While Tea Party and others were protesting constantly rising taxes yesterday, the President was fund raising and ridiculing us as per usual by "being amused" by our activities and wondering aloud why we weren't thanking him for his tax cuts. WHAT TAX CUTS?

And why would we thank him for putting our children and future generations into bondage to pay the bills for his grandiose plans?

2-Almost forgot--While he was talking to the people at Kennedy Space Center about hitchhiking on Russian space ships so we could save money he was simultaneously stopping the Constellation project. Wonder what he expects the unemployed workers at the Johnson Space Center in Houston who have been working on that project are thinking right now? Do you think they are amused as well?

3-The World Jewish Congress has finally had enough and written a letter to the President asking him to listen to reason and get serious about the problem of the Iranians who believe Israel has no right to exist. Particularly in view of the fact that they are getting closer and closer to being the latest country to be counted in the nuclear power list. Any missile attack by Iran in conjunction with the Palestinians will be directly Obama's responsibility.

Big problem, however. How is it that the American Jewish community can be pushed around and taken for granted by the Democrats and still be counted on as part of their base?

4-I have been trying unsuccessfully since Tuesday to get the exact quote that some of my friends told me about Monday. Mark Schauer has a weekly interview with a local radio personality and as the story is going around Schauer made reference to me by name and said (and "crazy" is not the exact aword, but something derogatory in that vein) either that crazy Lola Peterson or Lola Peterson writes crazy things.

The radio station is, of course, less than forthcoming since apparently the announcer and he have been friends for a number of years. It seems I'm going to have to try some other tactic like asking anyone who was listening on April 2 to give me a call or even offer 5 bucks to the first person who calls in with the "word." Any other ideas?

The only reason I need to call him on it is that my credibility is at stake and I don't want to destroy the trust that many folks have in my opinion on issues and candidates.

Enough for a Friday-
God bless..............

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Second Annual April 15th Tea Party

Certainly not as well attended as the first, but since it was scheduled from 4:30 until 7:30 it's logical that a fair crowd would gather early and there would be an ebb and flow to the time frame. My estimate of the size of the crow would be from 76 to 100 with the potential for a few more who came later.

As I recall last year there were a few major speakers but this year we simply opened up the "podium" to anyone who wanted to say a few words and setting a limit of 3 minutes or so. It worked pretty well--folks were respectful and frankly I doubt that there were any anti people in the crowd.

I counted 47 signatures on the Health Care petitions plus giving out 27 pages to people who wanted to get signatures as well.

We covered many of the topics that "everyone is talking about" with some rather poignant personal stories, but it almost seemed rather same old, same old. I'm wondering if that might not be the problem with attendance as well. Is it getting old hat or do folks just figure they know the issues themselves and have little to gain by joining a group.

I believe we missed the boat. In my opinion it's time to start calling up the troops and making plans for the attack 8 months hence. I made the point, but didn't have any takers. It is still a mystery to me as to how they plan to work the campaigns nationwide rather than just focusing on one race in one state. The Republican and Democrat parties are certainly not going to wait to see what the Tea Party is going to do.

We'll just have to wait and see--
God bless...........

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Grunt Padre

I just finished a book with the above title--the story of a heroic Navy Chaplain assigned to the Marines (thus the term"grunt") in the Vietnam era. He was killed in action earning the Medal of Honor trying to save the life of a Marine after he had spent hours giving last rites, helping the wounded and doing what he had been doing for many years having earned other medals before his last battle.

I would like to share a couple of paragraphs with you, beginning with his biographer's description of his attitude after years of research and getting to know the people who knew Fr. Vincent Robert Capodanno best and does a superb job of helping us to know him as well.

"The Vietnam War, like all wars, was fought to conquer and destroy the enemy in order to achieve a military goal; but military goals are not ends in themselves. They are set in light of some higher goal--in this case, the defense of freedom. For Father Vincent, the United States' involvement in Vietnam was a justified and ethical undertaking. He firmly believed that the war was fought in order to free the Vietnamese from Communist oppression. He had understood the tragedy of Communist rule in China (note-having served there for 8 years) and believed the freedom for which the Vietnamese people longed could be won by working with them."

After one tour of duty and a short time back in the States he returned and according to a Supply Captain in 1st Engineer Battalion

"Two Marines asked Father what was going on in the USA. Father Vince explained that he had recently returned from a Stateside leave and that there was opposition to the war in the United States, even among priests and religious in the Church. They (at home) asked him how he could support the war.

He told them, and he told us, that the opponents simply didn't understand what was going on in Viet Nam; that they (the opponents) were being misled. Father assured the Marines that what they were doing was right and justified and that they could be proud of their service.

I still take comfort in Father's defense of our efforts in Viet Nam. The Church became more or less a "hostile environment" for the veterans of that war and, although I knew we were right, that Navy chaplain put a confirming stamp of approval on our war effort that affects me in a positive way to this very day.'

Father Vince had several chapels dedicated in his honor, a painting, a statue, a naval vessel was commissioned in his name plus another statue in Italy where his father's family originated. He was loved and respected as not many men are and he was truly heroic.

From the book:

"A stranger walked into chapel last night, prayed devoutly for a while, then left. We asked him who he was and where he was from. He told us, then mentioned that he had been a teacher in the local high school during 1959 and 1960 and had known Father Capodanno who was here at that time. Then he went on to say that he had not been to church for several years, but after reading an article in the Catholic newspaper about Father's death in Vietnam he decided it was time for him to get back to what the 'old' Church used to call his duties.....A missioner doesn't stop working even after he dies, does he?"

Fr. Vince was a Maryknoll Missionary priest before military duty.

God bless.....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let's Lock the Old Guys in a Room Until They Figure It Out!

As I recall we had 40 years of Democrat control of at least one and usually both houses of Congress. At the same time there was a Democrat President giving them complete control until 1994. Doesn't it make those years totally responsible for, if not, the total debt mess, at least the unfunded liability part of it that is coming from Social Security?

I'm talking like John Dingell, John Conyers, Carl Levin, and Bart Stupak to name a few from Michigan plus guys like Chuck Schumer, John McCain, Byrd, Durbin, Harry Reid, Boxer, Feinstein, and anyone else I can't remember just now. These are the thieves who stole the Social Security funds and substituted IOUs and are now trying to figure how they can cut the benefits.

I have a feeling many Republicans would have balked like Bunning, at least I hope so, every time they tried to spend someone else's money. The other thing I'm wondering is: would we even have a Social Security program had there been someone other than FDR in office and folks would have started taking care of themselves a long time ago. For those who are seniors today, however, it's too late to try to rectify the situation since through the years we lost the opportunity to be totally self sufficient and responsible for our own futures since the savings was taken by the government before we had a chance to decide what to do with it prudently.

This is certainly one of the best arguments for term limits around.

Did anyone notice that the Ecuador leader has pulled a Chavez maneuver and we now have another totalitarian state in South America? And did you notice at the same time that Barak sent a mid level diplomat to make nice with him? Before we know it the entirety of South America will be in a different category.

Keep watching, it's like a science fiction scary movie-
God bless............

ps-Bruce, thanks for checking the debt clock. I looked at it earlier today and couldn't believe it. What does it take to say something is growing exponentially? That unfunded liability number sure looks like it.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Debt, Deficit, Unfunded Liabilities

Back in 1998 I published the first tri fold addressing some background on Social Security and Medicare which included a pie chart showing the national budget with some statistics in actual dollars as well.

What with Bernanke, Geithner and other assorted "experts" all over the place talking about our unsustainable debt and that we will have to raise taxes or cut to "bare bones" the scare tactics have begun so we will all go running to big daddy crying that we will pay anything and accept anything, big government wise, if he will only save us. Never saw so many trial balloons at one time in my life. We'll address those at a later time, but right now let's talk about the debt.

In 1998 The National Debt stood at $5.5 Trillion and was growing.At that time it was clearly traceable to 40 years of Democrat control of Congress.

Also, at that time and in subsequent years 2000 and 2002 the percentage of the budget spent on Interest to service that debt fluctuated between 10% and 11%. That first year I had no figure for the Unfunded Liabilities. In 2000 the debt moved to $5.71 Trillion with unfunded liabilities at $7 Trillion. That means the money owed to the Social Security fund was not counted in the budget! By 2002 the debt had stabilized at $5.651 Trillion but the unfunded liabilities had climbed another $2 trillion to $9 trillion making the debt's actual total: $15 Trillion.

So where do you think we will find ourselves today? And FINALLY it appears that someone is getting excited about it other than just a few conservative economists. And me. I'll try to dig up the actual number for 2010--anyone want to guess?

Pray for your children-
God bless.............

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Disrespect for the Supremes - So What Now?

Since the President was so "in your face" when speaking of and directly to the Supreme Court during his State of the Union I can't imagine why anyone would figure he would use his second opportunity to do anything other than political. It is obvious that he either doesn't know his Constitution as advertised or considers it something to be changed and will do his utmost to name someone with the same ideas. I'm sick of it already. Will someone let me know when it's over?

Also, I'd like to be able to say that one of these days the Dems will quit blaming everything on Bush or just pointing to an event in the past administration whenever they can't think of anything else to say which is negative. They can call the Republicans the "party of no" but they are nothing more than the party of "Blame Bush" for anything and everything. I'd say "wake me when it's over" but I'm afraid I'd be Mrs. Rip Van Winkle at that point.

I have a question: I always thought that an entitlement was something you got for nothing--like welfare or even a scholarship--that there was no personal investment in the end result. So, when did Social Security and Medicare become entitlements? Has everyone forgotten that Social Security has been paid for by individual contributions along with a like amount from an employer? And that if you were self-employed you paid both portions? (Medicare started later so we didn't pay into it all our lives if we are of a certain age, but you young folks have been paying all your working lives already.)

Since the Congresses through the years have seen fit to steal that money from the taxpayers almost since its inception (tossing a little IOU into the file cabinet in Virginia or wherever the heck it is located now) and the Ponzi scheme has become obvious to even those who didn't recognize it just a few short years ago, everyone is now calling it an "ENTITLEMENT" so they can fool around with the basic premise and change the terms of the contract.

When I used to speak on the subject there's one line I remember even though I don't remember the exact number of years it went something like: If you were a low income earner you got back every dollar taken for FICA in a relatively short time--perhaps 10 years. If you were a middle income earner it would take something like 26 years meaning you would have to live to 90+ to recover just what you put in. If you were a high income earner, you'd never get all of it back.

Now, I have no problem upping the retirement age since we all live a lot longer overall, but if Congress is thinking about dropping the return or as they like to say "benefits" that is outrageous. Especially given the way prices will go up with a VAT or National sales tax and the sky's the limit spending we have now and the increased taxes being levied on middle income folks.

Does anyone have a clue as to how to change the language of politicians and pundits as to the word "entitlement?"

Hope your weekend is going well--
God bless.........

Friday, April 9, 2010

Bart Stupak-Proof He Never Intended to Stand Up For Life

When he showed his brochure from his very first campaign and admitted that his sole purpose through all these years was to vote in a health care bill it was the final straw on the back of that little burro hauling BS around all these years. It was all for show - he never intended to go the distance for his pro life constituents. What a con job.

The other news of the day, of course, had to do with Justice Stevens' resignation. This may be very interesting since the President said he is mostly concerned how a judge tailors his judgments on how the end result, or the Constitution, will affect the citizenry.

This is doubly interesting since his health care bill is so detrimental not only to present taxpayers, but future generations as far as the eye can see. Wonder how that will play out. And he will certainly need to think about his abortion rights base along with the possibility of damage to his majorities in Congress. For anyone else I'd say he's between a rock and a hard place, but this guy always seems to be able to double talk his way out of tight places.

However, now that everyone is still talking jobs and his commission is talking higher taxes, maybe folks will start to realize how we have been taken so far.

A little chilly this weekend-
God bless.........

Thursday, April 8, 2010

American Hospital Association - Warning!

Has put up ads for Mark Schauer and I presume all other Democrats in the state that are so sweet and sugary and thankful and lauding and praising the Congressman that if you get too close to the screen you may catch diabetes. Saw the first ones last evening.

When I called Allegiance Hospital today to find out if they were members of the association I was told indeed they are, but they have no control on what is happening. As it happens I was the third person who called today to complain. I took great care to tell her that she was only the messenger and that I was not criticizing her, but would appreciate her telling the folks in her Marketing Dept. that I will be telling my doctor that if any procedures or tests he recommends that he give me an alternative location to get the service.

As an aside, it is general knowledge in Jackson that the CEO of the local hospital and her husband, who has previously run for office, are staunch Democrats, so I am sure that she would not police any political activity resulting in support for Democrats. I certainly do not intend for any of the money I spend on medical expenses should go to Allegiance if there is any way to avoid it. I trust that you will not only do the same, but will help spread the word.

NUCLEAR POWER-Treaty to reduce bombs and delivery systems signed by the President, but there was a statement yesterday that will blow your socks off:

The President made the point to countries who do not presently have the capability of nuclear power that if they do not use nuclear against us, we will not retaliate with nuclear. Doesn't that beg the question? Hasn't he as much as told them that if they decide to use chemical or biological warfare systems against us we will have no way to defend ourselves? Isn't that an engraved invitation?

VAT-VALUE ADDED TAX/NATIONAL SALES TAX-Well, now we have it. The so-called experts are on record that there isn't enough money in the "wealthy pot of those whose incomes are over $250,000" to fund all the expenditures, certainly with the additional Trillion Dollars of health care and an increased deficit/debt situation. Surprise! We will have to include middle income, and the way I look at VAT and Sales taxes, even the very low income folks to try to make ends meet.

So when Obama said our taxes wouldn't go up one single dime, can we now call that a L-I-E? As mentioned earlier, the average tax increase on medical expenses by the Accounting Board will be $700 which I guess would be 7,000 dimes. And every time you buy something with VAT included or a national sales tax added start counting your dimes.

Woe is us--
God bless.......

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Respect for Jihadists but not Americans?

1-What the heck is going on now? Schauaer and Obama ridicule and use sarcasm to put down citizens who are really not as stupid as they believe us to be, but the Prez is now going out of his way to be sure that we don't look askance at Muslim terrorists.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: "If you don't speak out against certain behaviors, it is logical to believe that you approve of that behavior." Does that ring any bells about the majority of Muslims who are silent? It makes me proud that the only ones who have spoken out against terrorist activities are many in the community in Michigan. They have stood tall as Americans who have spoken out. Our thanks to them, but I've never heard anyone in government recognize or compliment their behavior.

2-I'm not a meat person, but just to spite Jennifer and now those folks in San Francisco who want to have a weekly meatless day, I'm planning to have at least two extra servings a week. It's just more of the liberal left animal lovers (and I have never lived in a house without at least 1 dog and 1 cat) who think they should be making decisions for the rest of us dummies out here in fly over country.

3-Did you see any news on March 30 featuring an antiwar rally/protest with lefty liberals burning the American flag? Shades of the 60s and 70s. I had assumed those people had matured enough not to pass that kind of activity on to their kids. Sometimes it's just not possible to over estimate a grown up hippie. Bad, bad, bad.

4-I forgot to mention that the ice cream social on April 19 will feature Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land and Marlene Chockley from Washtenaw County who has the best record in the state on grassroots recruiting. Marlene is an inspiring young woman whom I have admired for many years. You'll be glad you made time for this event.

See you there!
God bless........

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Canaries in Coal Mines, Comcast, Rainwater Taxes and Pct. Delegates

I have this eerie feeling that if the reason for the mine explosion in W Va was caused by methane, we're going to see all kinds of excuses masquerading as reasons as to what happened. I'm just old enough to know that before lots of new methods of measuring air quality, etc. they used to have canaries who could be sacrificed in case of bad air. Sometimes we put too much faith in machines and forget about the old fashioned but easy way to do it. I hope that's not the case.

Comcast and I are having lots of little discussions about putting in the little converters that allow cheapskates like me to be able to watch old analog TV sets, but it sure is a hassle. The first one was pretty simple, but I decided to switch out VCRs and my first mistake was trying to work a remote before both sets were set up and activated. That was the first call. Then called to activate and things were apparently OK until trying to change the channel on one. Second call. When everything looked really good, we got a message on one that said service was being interrupted for just a moment. Twenty minutes later I called again and there was a lock in place. Now I'm just going to wait until morning. Oh, dear......

Taxing Rainwater? Just before starting this I noticed I had a message from an outfit called Americans for Prosperity who described an EPA effort to wreak havoc on real estate developments under the guise of water run off, etc. So don't be surprised if this hits your very own Town Council or a City Commission near you.

Last, we're in the last weeks of being able to file to be on the August ballot and run for a precinct delegate post. Deadline is May 11. Jackson is having an ice cream social April 19 from 6-7:30 pm-no charge. Join us and we'll help you make out your Affidavit of Identity if it's giving you any trouble and notarize it for you.

The leaves are sprouting nicely--
Spring is clearly here,
God bless........

Monday, April 5, 2010

Schauer's Senior Forum in Jackson

This afternoon we were among those present at what was to be an hour event, but surprisingly went a little more than 10 minutes overtime. This rarely happens. Another rarity was that he didn't have as many hand picked folks ready with questions as is usual in his format. He did his regular half hour warm up with a little added information from his "non partisan" advocates. One for AARP and the other for a group I hadn't heard of before but professed to represent 10,000 to 12,000 Michigan seniors. It was all self serving, with lots of statistics, etc. on handouts which he also repeated.

The interesting thing was that during the Q/A time there were comments made around us such as "With all this free stuff, who is going to pay?"

I was pleasantly surprised that the Congressman called on me early and that I was able to make the point I wanted to about the taxes of middle America being raised starting RIGHT NOW with the deductions for medical costs having been raised. This year all out of pocket costs over 7 1/2% of the gross were deductible. Next year and in the future it will only be those over 10% of the gross.

I shared that our income is less than 25% of the #250,000 which qualifies one as being wealthy and that I had to write a check for estimated taxes increased to accommodate the tax increase. So our taxes started this month. That is a tax increase!

You're not going to believe this, but he said he didn't think that was in the bill and that perhaps I should spend less time at the tanner. (No, it didn't make sense to me either.) I think I can live with him better as a liar than just plain stupid. Although we know logic isn't his strong suit.

The best thing was, however, five, count 'em 5, people referred to increased taxes after that point and spoke of me as "that lady" to be sure he understood what they were talking about. This was probably a surprise to much of the audience, but they certainly picked up on it.

He also wanted to "put to rest" the misinformation and rumors and ridiculous claims of some bloggers who are concerned with a civilian security force and putting micro chips in people. Chuckle, chuckle.

The best part of all was that outdoors as we were leaving a very nice young man asked us if we would like to sign the petition to get Schauer's name on the ballot. I didn't hear one person say yes or stop to sign. Rather, there were comments that you can imagine all close to "You've got to be kidding."

He is as bad as Obama in his low opinion of his constituents. He doesn't think we are smart enough to know when someone is trying to put something over on us.

See you at the Tea Party on the 15th?
God bless...........

Sunday, April 4, 2010

People Track Pets; Government To Track People?

First things first: On April 1 we talked about the Race to the Top awards to Tennessee and Delaware. The pot of gold is $4.35 billion and I misspoke when I said they got either $5 million and $1 million or $50 to $10--a 5-1 ratio. I looked it up and the ratio was right, but I was way off on the money. It was $500 million and $100 million. That's a hefty reward for meeting what we hope will become common criteria to better the schools. Let's hope the unions decide to cooperate.

Now about these tracking devices. Apparently the Dept. of Justice has a test case going whereby they argue that folks have no expectation of privacy when they use or carry a cellphone. Therefore, triangulation can be used to determine the location of individuals.

The next step would be that any device implanted in anyone's body such as a pacemaker, pins or plates, etc. could be programmed just like the implants to find lost pets. Can anyone say "right to privacy?"

The activation of a National Medical Device Registry is noted in the Reconciliation portion and allows "postmarket device surveillance activities on implanted medical devices."

How does that grab you? Are their possibilities for all kinds of clandestine and unnecessary stake out types of activity in our future? Let us count the ways. Just think about it.

Hope you had a great Easter. The sky was blue and cloudless-who could ask for more?
God bless.........

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Obama's Cheap Shot

NEVER, absolutely NEVER in my 80th year or my friend's 85th, have we ever witnessed a President of the United States of America give a speech in which he used ridicule and sarcasm when referring to half of the population of the country. And, as with all such cheap shots, his hand picked, chosen liberal and Progressive audience laughed and applauded with glee while he grinned and absorbed the adulation. This is reprehensible. We're all just a bunch of Rodney Dangerfield's to him--he has no, absolutely no, respect for anyone who disagrees with him.

Last night was one of the times I just couldn't find it in me to post any legitimate comment on anything of interest. Everything was just over shadowed by that display.

Then this morning I attended Bible Study, it was my turn to lead and some of my research led to a passage in Mark which told of Peter reacting to a look, just a look, from Jesus after Peter realized that he had, indeed, denied the Christ 3 times before the cock crowed. Just a look. That's all we need to make us take time to be introspective enough to realize that we all have the same problem. Further, as St. Augustine has said "God cares for us as if he had no other." And the theme of this year's Lenten suppers was "God loves us no mater what." "And Peter wept bitterly."

I am so sorry that I do not have that same capacity--none of us does, but as we have said before, we may not have the right to judge others but if we don't criticize certain behaviors it is as though we approve of and agree with them. And the President just does not represent much of what I hold dear including the freedoms we have in this country including calling this country a Christian and religious nation even though the President denies it world wide.

I am thankful that there are churches that are filled to capacity this weekend along with Christmas, the Synagogues for Passover, and that attendance testifies to our Judeo Christian heritage.

Happy Easter!
And God bless......

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Education: Race to the Top

Remember the 15 state finalists plus D.C.? And how political it looked at the time? Well, Arne Duncan appears to have maintained his integrity by choosing only two schools who met the criteria: Delaware and Tennessee.

It looks like the major problem with the remaining schools was that the unions failed to sign on in the numbers necessary to facilitate the planning which would have culminated in a successful program.

They are going to have a second round of grants in September since there was $4.35 billion available for distribution and the two winners, don't hold em to this-I read it somewhere and can't find it, receoved somewhere around $5million and $1 million or maybe it was 50 and 10, but it was a 5-1 ratio.

According to the first information we looked at it seemed to indicate that charter schools would be a plus, but neither of these two states has much of a program there. We'll just have to wait and see and keep track of the progress.

Thanks for your patience--
God bless..........