Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rewarding Incompetence?

The CEO of AFLAC has it right! No pay for doing a bad job. (When hiring in to avoid injustice, maybe, but not after the period of time required to accomplish what any employee is being paid to do.) Did anyone else just hate that quacking duck the first few times we saw him? Now, he has become an American icon and AFLAC has greater assets than Prudential, Lincoln Life and a third I can't remember, all put together.

Golden parachutes have different levels. I abhor rewarding incompetence right down to changing lawn services. And guess what--the firm we had dealt with for 6 years and showing no improvement kept bugging us to take them back and give them another chance. Why would we when the new guy had it looking great in a year and a half?
Now, since retirement, the man of the house has no trouble keeping it looking good around here.

On a personal level I'd bet that everyone out there reading this has at least one example.

See ya

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