Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Could this be Called "High Tea?" accompanied by Humble Pie!

It took a bit more than a half hour, but here it is from Snopes:

"Michelle Obama was in Fort Wayne, Indiana last Wednesday afternoon; her speech began shortly after 2 p.m. She could not have been 580 miles away at the Waldorf Astoria less than two hours later (as indicated by the time stamp on the "receipt.")



While Jennifer Granholm and the other leaders of the takers of the country are pretending to be economics and labor experts and helping Obama look educated today, they probably are not aware that yesterday Barry's wife, Michelle, was acting the part of the Queen and she has not yet been crowned.

How, you say?

By ordering her 4:00 "snack" at the Waldorf-Astoria, a Hilton Hotel on Park Avenue, New York City from room service.

The bill reads:

2 lobster hors o'doeuvres 50.00
2 whole steamed lobsters 100.00
1 Iranian osetra caviar 150.00
1 Bollinger champagne 44.00

Sub total 344.00
20% service chg. 60.00
412.00 subj to NYtax 34.59

Total $447.39

Suite 29m
signed by Michelle Obama

One can only hope that all of the $150 million contributed in September were from those who would find this common spending and not anyone who has to work for a living.

(I jumped the gun. Will check this with Snopes and if it turns out to be false, will print a retraction. If you don't see it here in a half hour, send it to your friends.)

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