Wednesday, October 29, 2008

IQ Tests for Candidates?

I am getting so fed up with Mark Schauer. He cast the vote for a tax increase which made it a tie. But he keeps saying that it was the majority leader who broke the tie who is responsible for its passage. Duh! There would not have been a tie had he not voted for it!!!!

Either he is so stupid he needs to be tested or he is so crooked that he now believes his own lies or is that some kind of psychological or pathological problem? If he were to be elected, God forbid, I am going to have to introduce all my friends and somehow get the word out that there are a good number of Republican Congressmen/women in Michigan. In particular I will put my faith in Thad McCotter, Mike Rogers or Candice Miller. They are great!

Only 5 days left. Went to my township office to vote today, so not every early vote is Democrat. And others I saw doing the same thing and/or turning in their ballots could not all have been liberals.

see ya

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