Tuesday, November 4, 2008

People of Faith

My primary concern tonight, before I know any results, is that there have been so many prayers and prayer chain type emails making the rounds that it concerns me that people of faith may have that faith tested beyond their personal limits. Of course God answers prayers. Of course He performs miracles. Of course we think we are following His will.

But think of all those on the other side of the aisle who also believe those things. I would make only this observation: I don't think I even know anyone who I would consider less than someone of faith, let alone have a leaning toward evil. So even though our prayers are aimed at following God's will, not ours, it is necessary to remember that He also gave us free will. And these may be opposed by those who do have an evil intent.

Many ugly and sinful actions have happened throughout history while men of good will must stand by and watch until numbers great enough to make a difference gather together to stop whatever evil befalls us. Apparently we have reached the threshold of 51% of voters who value security over freedom. We need to diminish those numbers.

Now I realize that Mr. Obama will be the next President. And I believe that given his position on the life issue and some of the methods used in his campaign that he is surrounded by many whose scruples are few. Now we must try to figure out how we can lessen the potential damage to our country and to our value system. It will be up to us to bombard our Congressmen/women with our opinions and try to stiffen their spines when faced with Pelosi and Reid and the President. (I usually don't touch base with Michigan's Senators because I realistically know that I have no influence. But occasionally I call to voice an opinion so they cannot say "my constituents are in unanimous agreement" or "I haven't heard any disagreement.") And I believe we need to be constant thorns in the sides of all Senators and Representatives during the next 2 years.

If we can find out who the big money people are and Obama's mentors we can anticipate some of their actions. We will need to be ready with our responses to all of the promises made during the campaign. What are our responses to legislation making all abortions legal all the time. What about energy costs both in the home and private transportation. The unions governing the school systems, public services, transportation and other areas. Using the courts to direct welfare and other financial venues such as socialized medicine will become another plum in the pie of the trial lawyers.

Tomorrow I will make a list of the topics we have covered since the beginning with the dates printed. Perhaps we can have a sort of index so we can find things easily and add your additions and thoughts more easily. We'll give it our best shot. I sincerely believe that it is our duty to study issues and take appropriate action to expose the unscrupulous.

And the good news of the day: Joe landed at the BWI in Baltimore this afternoon and as we speak is watching election results as the guest of the Maryland Republican Party. Thanks to everyone involved and God bless........

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