Sunday, May 22, 2011

Let's Help out California--

Item-Not sure how many there are, but how about instead of letting the 40,000 felons who are responsible(?) for the overcrowding in the prisons go free, that they first take all the illegals out of the system and deport them? Some of them may not want to go, but too darn bad.

In fact, did you hear that there were over 500 in a semi truck parade standing and holding straps as politely as subway riders in New York? It would seem to be a good way to get rid of them- killing two birds with one stone as it were. I'll try to get the number and see how far it would go to solving the problem.

Item-How stupid do you have to be or, put another way, how stupid does this administration think we are, that we don't get the irony in concern about the national debt vs borrowing money to loan to foreign countries?

Item-"Our Sunday Visitor" is a Catholic weekly paper which each week features a column of Quotes. This week we read this:

"This vote is a serious disappointment and hopefully does not reflect the views of the faculty as a whole." from Holy Cross Father Bill Miscamble, president of Notre Dame's University Faculty for Life chapter, after the school's faculty senate failed to approve a motion commending the university president's commitment to life and dignity."

After the display of the Obama honors a couple of years ago and the subsequent arrests of truly pro life peaceful demonstrators, it would have been the height of hypocrisy to have commended the university president for commitment to life and dignity. In my opinion this is a breath of fresh air and a victory for honesty.

Now if they would only FREE THE 88! (This was written before I rec'd the news that the 88 have, indeed, been finally freed. Charges have been dropped. What a fiasco that was!

And finally, if you're in the Jackson area, please join us at the Under the Oaks Park for the commemoration of the founding of the Republican Party through the first State Convention and first actual use of the term "Republican." We will be giving an entertaining history lesson by a short reenactment replicating that day's events. We are encouraging the use of political signs and crowd participation. July 6 at Second and Franklin - 6:30 PM.

God bless and have a great Memorial Day and weekend.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Black President, White House, anti-Semite, pro-Semite????

Can't tell the player without a program. This has to be the epitome of trying to have it both ways. And who has ever played the game better.....

What was to be gained by the speech of Thursday when he told the Palestinians they had weeks or months to come up with a way to define a plausible or acceptable way to again tell the world that they do not believe Israel has a right to exist?

And how many times has he told the Jewish people that they are the ones who have to give up land or whatever else is necessary to achieve peace by his personal definition?

Since the entire exercise is predicated on how many votes he can get from both factions I'd like to see the actual population numbers and their voting patterns. I can tell you one thing. I am old enough to remember that in 1948 there wasn't an Arab in the world who was interested in Israel until the Jews went in and transformed it into a productive and profitable land. And then all hell broke loose. The first time it was brought to the world's attention in a violent way was the Arafat led atrocity at the Olympics and since then it seems everyone is taking sides.

All I can say is: With as few friends as we have remaining in the world, despite his Apology Tour early on, it would behoove him to stop. And if he won't, we need to stop him. He needs to be replaced.

Other things to think about:

Now that we are getting back the tail section of the helicopter, the next thing is to stop the check writing to our enemies. And call them that if the shoe fits.

Why is there another "Obama Affordable Housing" program starting? We can't even see the end of the first one.

Enough with the pretense of favoring drilling.

My back surgery patient is doing very well, thank you, and the cataract procedure of Wednesday is Okay as well. Thanks for asking.

God bless.....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The President Stands Alone!

As far as I know or have ever heard, we have never had a President who delights in ridiculing the very people he wants to vote for him. Or is it only those who disagree with him. No matter, what is demonstrated on nearly a daily basis, he has absolutely no respect for the citizens of a country and its forbears who have made it great.

Item: A few days ago he was heard to say that no matter whether our ancestors came over on a slave ship or through Ellis Island or swam the Rio Grande, we are all equal citizens of this country. Folks, I beg to differ. My dad and somewhere back in your lineage, I'm sure there was someone who worked hard to become a naturalized citizen so we could be American citizens by birth. HE IS WRONG! to equate swimming the Rio Grande with Ellis Island.

Item: Today instead of accepting the fact that border security has suffered under his administration he took the time to ridicule those who feel the importance of border defenses by saying they won't be satisfied even with a moat. Now really.

Item: A note about oil. It seems that the media is so wrapped up in blaming the oil companies whose names we know for high gas prices that they haven't done their homework. The big 8 used to include Exxon, Standard Oil, BP, Shell, Chevron, Mobil, Sunoco, Phillips, and others who merged and or bought out each other. Now things have settled down to the Big 4 which include Exxon, Chevron, Shell and BP. In reality, the biggest oil companies are the countries where the oil is produced such as Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and others in OPEC who have national ownership. It seems that about 6 cents is the profit margin of oil companies who have to make the huge investments but sometimes come up with dry holes, are mired in lawsuits, etc., etc. Just keep an open mind. Bill O'Reilly and other conspiracy theorists have not thought it completely through.

Item: A couple of examples of why the US Post Office keeps losing money and needs subsidies. I mailed a package and inadvertently used an old address where rural addresses had been given Road or Street names. Now we're talking really small town and country areas where everybody knows everybody else. I understand they don't have to forward mail after a specified time, but I'll bet it took more time to return the package to me than it would have to deliver it. Anyway, that was my first anecdote.

This week my daughter told me that one day she and her husband needed to mail a letter and stopped at Lowe's on the way to the Post Office. As they were leaving the store they met a postman in uniform entering. They took the opportunity to ask him if there were a nearby drop box and his response: "I'm off the clock." Can you imagine?

Item: How times have changed. When daughter graduated from college in 1975 we helped finance a 6 week trip to Europe with a friend. (Brother was career Air Force and stationed in Europe at the time which made us feel relatively safe as to both comfort zones.) They backpacked and used Eurorail and had a great time. We were reminiscing the other day and agreed that anyone letting two young women do that in this day and age would have to be looney.

Item: In a conversation with #2 son we wondered if it would help if we could insert ethics into the curriculum of every student starting really early in the elementary levels and then keep updating as they worked their way through all the grades. It just seems that so much bad behavior is becoming the norm that we need to call a halt. Teachers blame parents, parents blame teachers and everyone blames the unions for supporting the worst of their membership. How can we stop this and get back to the basic purpose of education?

We are still in the Easter season and should probably be taking advantage of it.

God bless...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life Returns----in Bits and Pieces

My high maintenance husband is returning tomorrow; all the preparations are in place, we have what we used to call a child proof home. Actually, not a bad feeling and the perfect excuse for less concern for aesthetics for awhile. We're getting our lives back!!!

A few bits and pieces collected over the last few weeks:

Peter King, R NY, held some rather brief hearings that had been widely criticized in advance, but which were apparently no real or lasting problem, but all that publicity got me to thinking. Is it too late to have some hearings on the Hispanic illegal immigration issue? I'd certainly entertain any comments and try to research any question that might arise.

The Muslim worry for many people, and certainly understandably for those who lives have been touched by Muslim radicals or terrorists, seem to be focused on Sharia law and the shadow of home grown terrorists. There can be no doubt that light should be shone on the subject. Just sweeping anything as serious as that should not be swept under the rug to fester and grow.

The Hispanic problem is similar in many ways with the violence and way too many deaths but the American public has been frightened into being politically correct and so far there really hasn't been any true investigation. Homeland Security and particularly Janet Napolitano keep trying to soothe away by sheer words and brazenly made up statistics to make it into a non problem.

Neither of these issues should be ignored. In order to work to eradicate serious problems such as these we have to have open dialog and honest discussions. It's like taking a half dose of antibiotic and keep hoping the sickness will go away.

I have news for you, folks--not gonna happen. It will only get worse. It's time to drop an honesty chit in the ear of your Congressman or woman. Please?

Something else that has been bothering me. We get the monthly employment figures but we never get any breakdowns. If we can't get statistics as to age groups, types of jobs, private and public employment, gender distribution and the like, how can a truly effective plan for solving the problem ever be worked out in the critical areas? And if they already exist (I'm pretty sure they do) what makes them so secret? Some of the Progressives who think they are smarter than anyone else in the country might learn something. Common sense and logic belongs to all of us and all of us live life in a way that we can see what some who breathe only rarefied air don't think we have the ability to figure out. Put together pictures of types of jobs, careers, education levels and find out how to get them together. Outside the box, people!! Think!!

Time to storm the ramparts! And from the looks of comments and Letter to the editor around the country some of those ideas cannot be stopped. We really need to find our voices so that we know we are not standing alone. It's amazing how many folks there are who are on the same wave length.

If you think we should be getting spending concessions with every couple of months of ratcheting up the debt, start talking to your legislators. They like to get re-elected. Your voice will be heard.

Here we are in May--
Easter's Resurrection seemed long in coming this year, but finally--
God bless...