Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weekend Newspaper item you may have missed

Didja see that a veterinary hospital in Akron, Ohio needs $300,000 to put in a sewer for the expansion of a facility employing 45 vets and 120 full time staff? The city ran out of money just before they reached the area. So they are getting in line for a govt bailout as an infrastructure expenditure and you wouldn't believe the list that goes on and on and on....... I have a thought. Why not have the Akron community do some fundraising? By my arithmetic it would take 30,000 donations of $10 to pay for it and there would be no payback of bonds or loans. Surely Akron has the population to take care of this.

Now, what follows is a litany of other projects in the Akron area such as the red brick sewer in a residential neighborhood which presently is known to flow into the Cuyahoga River which has been known to burn--Remember Lake Erie? As for the brick sewer the guy in charge says it was put in by the WPA in the 30s and it is only fitting that the government should come take it out to correct the mistakes they made then and now they can do it right.

Think we should have a contest to see who can come up with the most ridiculous use of public monies?

Meet the Press, now hosted by Mr. Gregory was a joke today. Poor guy from the National Review was the only conservative, flanked by a guy from Newsweek who spoke with an elegant English accent, an editor from Vanity Fair and a bag full of hot air from the Washington Post plus, of course, the host. They really believe in piling on.

Remember when we spoke of the Clinton Legacy a few days ago? Just remembered that one of the problems I had ten years ago was that so many of the folks who supported him in his stall for time effort ended up spending upwards of a hundred thousand dollars when called before the grand jury. I've always wondered if the Clintons ever reimbursed these people. We're talking folks who work for a paycheck such as his secretary and other staff people. Not nice, Bill and Hillary. It's not too late. Send them a check--you can afford it.

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