Thursday, October 16, 2008

Checks and Balances

Seems to me that this government was set up with a system which would guarantee we wouldn't turn into a dictatorship. Executive, Judicial and Legislative come to mind along with States Rights, House/Senate, electoral college and perhaps others not immediately surfacing. (Should have paid more attention in class.)

Are we perilously close to having Obama being able to name the next couple of judges who will do his bidding on his promises to NARAL with Reid and Pelosi there to put on their rubber stamps?


I can remember thinking that Bill Clinton couldn't do too much in 4 years to destroy this country, but if it hadn't been for the Contract with America and the majority of Republicans as a result, I would have been very, very wrong. I am as certain as I can be that Obama and those he controls and those who control him are smarter than Bill Clinton and they are poised to do the damage before the next election.

As it turned out, our majorities led us to let our guard down and he had 8 years, not four, and look what happened. All the liberals tried to point out that it was about sex not perjury and we'll never know why the issue wasn't forced by the good guys.

I remember predicting on my Senior Citizen website that those kids in school at the time were being taught by example that they could cheat since the President did. That they could cheat not only in class but the playing field as well. That some of them would become lawyers and then judges. That the oath taken in the court room would soon eliminate "So help me God" and as a result there would be no bastion of truth or trust left in this country. And so, has it come to pass?

President Clinton and his gang played the spin game. Obama is an outright liar and all his cohorts and supporters not only think that's just fine, they back him up.
Are they going to get away with it because we are all afraid of being called racists?
That's the defense: no matter what the issue or evidence it's racism.

Have we been put in the position of having to just throw up our hands, not in defeat, but to say "OK--we're racists, but here's the truth........" What say you?

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