Monday, October 27, 2008

Voting from Kuwait

I'm sitting here waiting for a phone call from my grandson who is in Kuwait and expects to leave in early November, but is finishing his absentee ballot. He came to the place where the non partisan judges were listed and if you're not around to either take part in the elections and know who they are, everyone needs to do a little research. So my chore was to get some information to help him decide who would get his vote.

So this is my advice today: either go online and check out a sample ballot or call your local Republican (or God forbid, Democrat) headquarters for some information as to positions of the candidates. It is so important to vote intelligently for anyone running as a non partisan. This is generally true of community college as well as judicial candidates. There may also be a few proposals on the ballot. You will want to do more than just read the verbiage since sometimes these bills have unintended consequences which are not obvious from just perusing the 100-150 word summary on the ballot.

Just a quick observation: I called on a lady after church yesterday and her question to me after prayer time was: "What do you think an Obama Presidency will be like?" And I had to say that I don't have a clue because I don't know who is pulling his strings. Does George Soros have an agenda, or just the power to say yes or no. Or does he have a philosophy which he wants to advance and wants the White House power to put people in cabinet and other power positions in order to accomplish his goals?
Or is he willing to just foot the bill and put his trust in others..............
I really don't want to know the answer.

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