Friday, November 7, 2008

Jennifer Granholm? Play Nice?

Now, kids...
If you like Jennifer you'll love Obama? Last year we already had the highest tax increase in history and we are pushing 10% (9.3 at last report)unemployment here in Jackson County and you want me to give this economic team a chance to make it worse nationwide? (I should put this in context--pundits are talking about the similarities between when Carter took over from Reagan--which always reminds me of what Carter left us with. 9.7% unemployment in the country, but double digits in Michigan, 12% interest rates and as I recall, 18% or so inflation rate or maybe 18% interest/12% inflation. No matter, they are all bad.)

I would venture to guess that the highest percentage of foreign car owners are the elites who supported Obama so where do we go with that? How much help do you suppose the US auto companies will get from them?

That press conference was less than impressive. Remember when we did a columm on his first impulse being to ridicule when he couldn't use ordinary fact and logic to criticize? Well, today he did it again when his knee jerk reaction when talking about past presidents was to mention Nancy Reagan's seances. Give me a break.

Play nice? This is going to be so hard.....

see ya

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