Sunday, November 30, 2008

Border Gangs and Infiltration in America

A few days ago I had read just enough to want to alert you to what I saw as a conspiracy. (I'm beginning to see one behind every tree.) The first piece was about the fact that the military in Mexico appear to be the only front against drug trafficking since so many officials from law enforcement to government and judicial arenas appear to be corrupted. I was going to just put in a hint that we might be looking at a military junta in Mexico in the near future and with the unrest in other places in South America we should just be aware.

Well, Friday evening we happened on a History Channel hour describing "Gangland-Phoenix, Zeta." One of the first descriptions was that the drug cartels are so strong and so wealthy that they have hired the best of the best of Mexican military (I guess like Black Ops or Green Beret types) which makes a killing machine look like child's play.

I googled "Gangland-Phoenix, Zeta" and there were pieces from newspapers in San Diego, Dallas and Phoenix which I would recommend, but first I do want to tell you that on the program some folks appeared to put their lives on the line by just being photographed-reporter from the Washington Times and a couple of law enforcement folks.

The most shocking that, in my limited Spanish, means little Zetas or Zetillas. They also used the term Locenta or Locetta-difficult to understand, but which only means that they recruit young boys around 13 who appear to be amoral and alone to train in violence. One of the first ways they are tested is to just go up to someone, put a gun to their head and kill them with no compunction whatsoever. These people kill by burning (alive or dead,) killing with acid or fed to animals. Unbelievable!
They are told they can make a choice-plata (silver) or plomo (lead)-- live or die.

The infiltration is taking place by working into the already existing gang structure in the U.S. and using it to their advantage. This is apparently a cost benefit, saving time and money by using the Crips, Bloods, etc., etc.

It isn't as though we don't have enough problems, but burying our heads in the sand will not make it go away and will only get worse. Just be aware.

Global warming had to wait--this is more important. Wherever you are reading this, it would be interesting to know whether the media in your area is reporting on it.

God bless-

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