Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell - Color Blind?

A guy who would not lower himself to enter a contest for a political position of trust but who would have loved being drafted by the Republican party is now endorsing a guy who has used every underhanded way of going for that position up to and including using his own brand of racial prejudice has now endorsed the fella because of his color.

No need to comment.

More later


Phil W said...

In Powells case, one must be mindful of his long Military history.

In the Military one is required and trained to be Apolitical, to facilitate serving whichever party is in power.

His endorsement of Obama speaks not only to this fact, but also reveals him for the "Uncle Tom" he's always been at heart!

The Wolverine said...

While Powell's leadership abilities might not be in question, it should not surprise anyone about the endorsement. Obama's candidacy is the most racial issue that has come up in several year's. Please note that I said racial not racist. If anyone were to attempt to deny racial bias in the black community regarding Obama's candidacy, they are in the river in Egypt.

When you think about his stands on certain issues like abortion, you will note that Colin Powell can not be considered a conservative. He is moderate at best.

So pick up your jaws and blink your eyes. This should not have been a surprise.