Monday, December 29, 2008

Our First Celebrity President

I know, I know. I can't give the guy a break. But it's so hard to watch the manipulation of the media by this guy's handlers and the way they are denied nothing by print, video, radio and cyberspace. (Of course I'm jealous. My ignorance of all things electronic in particular is almost insurmountable. All I can hope is that there are some conservatives out there who know how to reach these technophobes, if that's a word. All I want for Christmas is an even playing field.)

Anyway, my references today have to do with the photos of Mr. Obama released just as a movie studio press room in the old days. Remember the shot of Hillary and Bill dancing on the beach in their swim suits? We were supposed to think that all was forgiven and it was again a marriage made in heaven.

Well now we have all these pin-up type pics of Obama which will help us "get to know him" better resulting in our affection levels becoming closer rather than adoration from afar. (We know that the Secret Service would not allow anyone close enough to take these photos unless it was part of the publicity plan.)

The other shots on TV today were in a coffee shop, etc. where he performs what I call the "patronizing pat." Have you ever noticed when doing an interview where he is sitting face to face and leans over and pats the interviewer's knee or arm or hand? When in the coffee shop today he had to put his hand on the shoulder/back of a guy who just happened to be close as he was walking by. This happens over and over again. Are these folks supposed to be flattered by the gesture? I find it a bit condescending, but maybe it's my age. My mom taught me about personal space and being overly familiar with strangers or one's elders. There's something wrong with this picture.

Tomorrow I want to talk about the murder rate among black teens and where's the outrage.

See ya

ps-I'm not a golfer, but have many in the family and have watched a round now and then. I just want to say that if I had a chili dip like Obama I wouldn't want it put out there for all the world to see.

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