Thursday, December 18, 2008

AARP Friends

My friends at AARP are at it again.

They are describing our country as lacking in prestige with our reputation around the world in tatters. Why, then, I ask you, does the rest of the world turn to us when a catastrophe decimates their population? And, why do we still have an enormous problem with illegal immigration? And why, when they say "Yes we can" in answer to the question "can we fix this?" they reference the Obama campaign slogan indidcating that it's really the Republicans who are causing all the trouble?

They just have such a problem realizing that the so-called mean-spirited political climate started with the Clinton administration when the pot called the kettle black.
Not being a psychiatrist, but having picked up some of their jargon along the way, I'm sure there is a name for the response of someone who strikes out at others when they realize that they made the original mistake. All of those people who defended the Prez and vouched for his honor had, and probably still have, a terrible guilt complex about doing so.

They keep thinking that the best defense is a good offense and usually that is so, but they keep falling into the trap of two wrongs making a right and that is not so.
So, until they realize that in order to "cooperate" they must meet halfway, it's not gonna work to tell us we need to "work together."

We'll keep trying.

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