Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ecuador and Venezuela/Connect the Dots

The only thing seen in the last couple of days which will bear investigation is the connection between Correa of Ecuador who is a good friend of Hugo Chavez and who has "skipped" a $30.6 million payment to bondholders which was due yesterday indicating that there were "irregularities" in how the deal had been constructed by his predecessor.

It just seems that there is hardly any gray area any more where we can give folks the benefit of the doubt. Good and evil are as black and white as they can be and lately it seems the good guys and bad guys are easily identified. In fact, if we don't approach any given situation with skepticism and look for trouble we will probably be caught flat-footed and look like fools for being too trusting.

It's pretty basic, isn't it? But who has the ability to do something about it?

Maybe it's the Christmas season, but it's more depressing than usual since we really do want to see the good in everything and it appears to be getting harder and harder to find.

See ya..........

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