Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fooling All the People All the Time?

Is there any good news out there anywhere?

From Bloomberg in New York to Arnold in California with begging hands outstretched it is hard to find any segment of the country or the population which is not in dire straits.

The kids from the South and West have checked in with the following: #1 from California says his bonus will be hurt by low gas prices (tongue in cheek--cough, cough,) #2 from South Carolina says that if all the manufacturing plants who went from the rust belt to the south to get away from unions are unionized it will compound their problems and #3 from Atlanta is the eternal optimist who says Obama is too smart to try to pay back his liberal special interest groups early on because he will ask them to be patient until his second term--that he will concentrate on the economy and things will look good for his re-election.

Personally, I think that many of his angels will be patient, but some (such as Naral, the global warming folks [which will cause another uptick in fuel because of their no drilling stance,] and possibly the unions) will be pushing at him constantly. His campaign message that his tax cuts will be paid for by leaving Iraq will evaporate when he sends 134,000 troops of the 140,000 to Afghanistan. I doubt that it costs much less to change the location.

We'll just have to wait and see. I am particularly fearful that he thinks he has a mandate to pass the Freedom of Choice as he promised would be his first signed legislation for NARAL. He has fooled some of the people on this one and it will cost the most lives. As #3 kid observed, there were 57 million who were not fooled at all. I can't put my finger on the "all of the people some of the time" issue.

Read in the paper that a Red Roof Inn room in downtown DC goes for $700 a night for the time around the inauguration. Whew!

See ya tomorrow

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