Sunday, December 7, 2008

Union Bosses, Politicians and Kingmakers

Just heard Ron Gettelfinger expounding that GM and Chrysler are in real danger of failing but didn't mention Ford. What is he trying to do? Or is this just another example of the psychology of self-fulfilling prophecies?

We've watched the drama of the hearings and grilling of the auto makers leadership knowing full well that the Dems won't let them fail. That is one campaign promise they will keep--the open ballot so anyone who would rather operate without a union is fearful to voting in opposition to the union control.

Undoubtedly they will give them enough to carry them through until January 21 when the new administration can move without opposition. Which reminds me, heard that the bars in DC will be open longer hours during inauguration week. Isn't that just asking for trouble?

It's still cold here-hope you are toasty and cozy...

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