Saturday, November 22, 2008

Deal or No Deal????

Oh, for Pete's sake! I just can't figure this out any more. Another Clinton appointee, Larry Sommers.

What kind of deal have they struck? It's almost as though Obama is willing to settle for 4 years so Hillary can get ready for 2012. These kinds of deals don't cost anything monetarily, but somewhere along the line Hillary has to pay off her campaign debt and Bill has to open the books on his library donations, many of which were apparently from abroad. Does this make anyone else squirm just a little bit?

Just returned from a dinner with family and friends about an hour north of Lansing. On the way we stopped at an apple orchard which does a great business selling fun for kids, gift shop in one building, winery in another, snacks such as cider and donuts in another and farm produce in another. The sign on the highway advertised Honey Crisps at 30% off so we thought we'd buy a few because they're so expensive at the supermarket. Imagine our surprise when we were told they weren't sold by the pound or even per apple, but only by the peck or bushel starting at $14.

This is either a hobby for these folks or even people on unemployment still buy apples. I guess I'd be a terrible business person 'cuz I'd surely try to sell whatever a potential customer wanted. I always thought most businesses were concerned with service and repeat business. You learn something every day, right?

Romorrow is Sunday. Have a good day and God bless--

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