Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trail of Tears

The Indians' Trail of Tears ended in Oklahoma,

the 2008 Trail of Tears is ending at the White House.

You really, really need to access

Be back later in the day.

I'm back with a question: Don't people who are shown in clips like the one we have just watched have to give permission for their photo to be shown? How could anyone who comes across as being so ignorant (not stupid--I hope they are just uneducated)sign a waiver or whatever they do to allow their picture and a Q&A such as these be used for all the world to see?

This is one documentary I will not miss!

One other note about what is bothering me today-didn't we hear about Obama bringing change ad nauseum for nearly two years and now what we are seeing is a "change back" to the Clinton years?

God bless

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