Wednesday, June 22, 2011


When I think of treason I usually conjure up a visual of spies, espionage and the selling of state secrets by those who would destroy our way of life, our very country for either money or power. I think of the "high crimes and misdemeanors" stuff. So I looked in a dictionary (I don't do Blackberry) and found: to deliver up. Disloyalty or treachery to one's country.

Certainly it doesn't have to be one major incident or act as I see it because we have a history of the actions of President Obama that would certainly add up to an astronomical quantity that at some point becomes the very recognized object which cannot be denied.

Think about it.

Before he was elected he worked with ACORN and pushed the idea that everyone should have a home whether or not they could afford it and even gave them extra cash at the end of the deal. The end result? A totally depressed housing market that has double dipped and everyone in the country in varying degrees has lost net worth in the process. Shouldn't it be called theft?

The nation's debt was around $10 trillion when he took office (It had taken 8 years to go from $5 to $10 trillion) and since Obama was elected it has increased $4 trillion more.
The worst part of that whole story is that it does not include the unfunded liabilities of Social Security, but he keeps telling the country that Social Security is fine until 2036. NOT! If the IOUs are not paid off between now and then, there is no way that can happen.

Our freedoms are eroding faster than the earth being lost through the worst floods in history. Rather than having Congress pass laws that affect our lives, he has loaded up the Cabinet and Bureaus who pronounce by fiat regulations that hamstring business (so he can satisfy his people in the unions.) He had already stolen money from investors who held secured bonds and preferred stock in GM and Chrysler to benefit the union members and Fiat--I just don't know the details of that deal yet. Usually people who are guilty of theft are arrested and punished.

EPA and OSHA have been controlling our lives for so long it's almost taken for granted by now. Scandalous. Let's lump Transportation safety in that category also.

NLRB is the latest to infringe on a business' right to manage within the law by saying Boeing cannot use the building in North Carolina which had been built for expansion. No present union jobs would have been lost. That is dictatorship.

TARP and Stimulus money was spent to increase the size of public unions which would be helpful in his future election. The cost of each job ran into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Energy costs have risen because the President is out to destroy the coal, oil and nuclear companies in this country while subsidizing foreign entities. A coal fired plant provides energy at 4 cents per kwh while solar and others are over 20 cents per hour. The American public whether employed or unemployed are forced to lower their standards of living to feed his quest of destruction of our country and frankly, I don't see or hear anyone stepping up.

Homeland Security is an oxymoron. American citizens being killed by guns that were provided by our government and approved by the ATF under the jurisdiction of Eric Holder is an abomination. Remember Harry Truman? He had a slogan that the buck stopped in the Oval Office. What's going on today is nowhere close.

Subsidies. How much buying power is taken from the average American taxpayer to pay out subsidies for things we don't need, didn't ask for and who themselves don't need? Think about ethanol, farmers, high speed rail, Brazilian oil drillers, climate change propaganda programs, on and on and on. Hindus in India don't lose as many freedoms at the altars of Sacred Cows as we do.

And let's not forget Obamacare! Why have so many thousands of people asked for and received waivers? Unbelievable! It's a great political exercise. Just ask Debbie Stabenow. She got elected by taking busloads of gullible seniors to Canada to get cheap drugs, but never told them one word about the down side of socialized medicine and its rationing. Her buses needed to stay out of the way of the exodus of Canadians coming across the border this way to get services not readily available in their one size fits all system.

I'm sure I've forgotten the pet peeve of many of you, but there is a limit to how long you can sit still. Try not to let it get you down, but also try not to let him get away with it. Anytime you hear someone spreading errors, it's up to us to correct them as best we can. It's our duty. Think about the future generations.

God bless....

Just realized I missed the Executive Order--such as implementing the Dream Act over the weekend that failed in every major way earlier. More on the numbers next week.

Monday, June 13, 2011

So Many Things to Raise the Blood Pressure---

1-There goes another subsidy!! Now they have something called "Nascar Ethanol" which cannot mean anything other than the guys who are driving for a profit are now receiving subsidies taken not only from fans, but from those who think a sport is more than sitting in a car and turning left.

2- We now have another name to hang on the President: First Enabler. How? He is enabling folks who have no business thinking they should own a home worth hundreds of thousands of dollars when their income is in the $30 to $50,000 range. This business of affordability programs is nothing more than feeding a gambling addition or any other addictive behavior.

3-Our local paper described 5 companies in the county who have received stimulus money. Four of the 5 put the funds, some refi for good reasons, but basically they either hired more people immediately or strengthened the companies for future hiring. The fifth, however, apparently just moved around things in their accounting procedures, etc. to make their bottom line look a whole lot better. This from the housing and rehab and nursing facility that is more expensive than any of the others in the area. Why would they need the "help?" So your taxes go to keep the upper class lifestyle "looking good." Their words, not mine. (Another enabling example?)

4- Last week we talked about getting rid of the excess prisoner levels in California by deporting all the illegals. Now we hear Eric Holder is implementing the law passed last August letting out the guys who had prison sentences which were "too long" when comparing crack vs powder cocaine.

This was in view of the recent Supreme Court ruling which showed that when Pennsylvania let out a similar group due to the ruling of overcrowding the city of Philadelphia subsequently arrested thousands of those prisoners as follows: 9,732 new crimes including 79 murders, 90 rapes, 1,113 assaults, 959 robberies, 701 burglaries and 2,748 thefts, not to mention thousands of drug offences. And, yes, they had been careful not to release anyone who had originally been arrested with a violent aspect to their crimes.

Added note: Last year the statistics showed a 40 year low in violent crime. Wonder why and wonder what will happen now.... (Another enabling example?)

5- And finally, a little difference of opinion, or at least another aspect of thinking. Stu Varney, one of the financial experts on Fox and a likeable guy from the UK now a naturalized citizen, opined yesterday that we were in trouble because the government's regulations, rules, etc. were keeping small businesses from venturing into the market. Also, as we all know, small business acounts for the majority of jobs. However, I think he forgot one thing in his formula.

From the high point in the 90s when we had huge numbers of new business until now, normal behavior takes us from the introduction of the goods or services, to the acceptance, want and need of that new product, to perhaps what we have now: saturation of the market. The numbers of businesses equal the numbers of customers. (I'm not saying that is the entire answer, just saying it should not be ignored. Of course in a slow market folks with an idea will be more prudent with an investment of time and money that could wipe them out as well as make them rich.)

We went from tropical temperatures last week to frigid temps and cold toes yesterday. At least we weren't flooded out or swept away on the winds.

God bless.........

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm Just Askin'............

Why in the world would the Clintons feel bad about a couple where the husband was involved in sexual pecadillos, the wife finds out about it second or third hand, he lies in public and refuses to resign. DIDN'T THEY SET THE PRECEDENT?????

Other than that and the usual dismal economic news which will get worse when the new Commerce Secretary gets going, could we call this stability?

One announcement I would like to make however, is that the Jackson County Republicans are having a program as usual on July 6 at 6:30 PM to commemorate the founding/birthplace of the Republican Party. We always try to have a theme and this year we are going to do a re-enactment of the original events of 157 years ago. The casting has begun, we are asking members of the audience come prepared to interact with the speakers and officeholders and seekers, bring signs and enthusiasm. The event will be historically correct so folks can bring their kids and leave with a history lesson presented as fun filled entertainment. I will be putting the finishing touches on the script when I finish this and won't go to bed until I'm finished. Promise.

If you live close enough to Jackson, please mark your calendars and join us!

Blessings on your summer........