Sunday, January 31, 2010

Age Old Question: Is it Being Paranoid if they're Really Out to Get You?

How is it that a 35% increase in EPA spending before the freeze thereby freezing in a huge increase is OK? Do they really think we are that stupid? Or are they really just plain crooks? And without any increase at all either before or after a freeze it doesn't matter because the rules they put in place or going to cost us a whole ton of money....

The number that came out today indicates way over a $trillion deficit this year. They say with a straight face that it will be going down after that. When has any spending ever gone down except when the Republican Congress during the Clinton years forced the issue?

Jenny is going to lay the State of the State on us this week. Good grief!

Get a good night's sleep. Rough road ahead.
God bless............

Saturday, January 30, 2010

FDR Resemblance?

Random Thoughts:

Does anyone else get the vibes that Obama studied old photos of FDR to get his tilt of the head just right so he can look "patrician" or as I see it, arrogant?

While the President takes his little ego trips does anyone else ever wonder how many more citizens will be hurt financially while he ignores the issues to make political points?

Now we're going to pay the Taliban $500 million to stop fighting with Al Quaida? If that money is funneled through the UN what are the odds that it will shrink appreciably through corruption and fraud? I'm thinking 100-1.

And even if they agree to stop fighting, if they do see any cash, what will be the end result? Odds about 100-1 again that nothing will really change?

If anyone ever says to us that "there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans and there's no reason to vote" we certainly have evidence to the contrary with the past year's activity in Washington---

Hindsight is always 20/20, but it sure would have been nice if we had zeroed in on the jobs problem before Mr. Obama decided he would rather be a successful one term President rather than a mediocre two termer. Again, how many people were hurt who may not have been had the priorities been changed.

Have a relaxing Sunday-
God bless..........

Friday, January 29, 2010

Don't Spend the Savings!

The Prez wants to shut down NASA thereby saving a whole bunch of money that he can spend on something else. STOP! Don't spend it. Isn't there a way to have your cake and eat it too?

How about letting private enterprise take over? A consortium or conglomerate could generate funds to integrate their present staffs of space guys and girls, hire the NASA employees who already know what they are doing and have at it.

Frankly, I don't know enough about any potential money making aspects of a project such as sending man to the moon and beyond, but we have always had dreamers and adventurers who are willing to invest in the future. People like JFK maybe. Most of us are probably more like Obama than we'd like to admit--you know, kinda timid and wimpy on taking chances, but methinks it is exciting enough for me to watch someone else successfully climb the tallest mountains and marvel at some of the things others do and most of us just might dream about.

Speaking of the President, has it occurred to anyone else that he seems to be manifesting the traits of ADD? Lately he has been jumping from place to place and subject to subject and as Judge Judy is fond of saying, "You don't have to have a good memory if you tell the truth." Says one thing to one group and the opposite to another group. Can't tell the players without a program anymore.

Another Friday evening has come and gone,
so have a good weekend--
God bless...........

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Remember Joe Wilson?

He was criticized for being disrespectful of the President by calling him a liar (which was true.) Wonder why the Democrats don't think it was disrespectful and discourteous when the President called out the Supreme Court? And he was wrong! Thought he was a Constitutional lawyer. Oh, well......

Just thank God you don't live in Oregon and need a job. After the unions succeeded in passing the increase in income tax which will hurt those who provide jobs these folks will just have to leave the state or line up for Medicaid and hope for more unemployment. Our dear old Michigan's public payroll indicates public employees earn 17% more than private sector employees for comparable work. In Oregon it's 30% and what do you suppose they will do when businesses and upper income types leave?
They used to have a slogan, please visit, but don't come here to live. Now they can just sit and admire their scenery and wildlife with nothing else to do.

So the President sarcastically says if anyone has a better idea than his, just bring it to him with that supercilious grin and arrogant tilt of his head. Even Olympia Snow said she advanced some ideas--each of which were not even recognized. Fat chance to get anything through on a bipartisan vote.

Not to worry, if it won't pass the legislature he'll take care of things with Executive Orders. Reminds me of the first few weeks of his administration when the mantra was "We won! Deal with it!"

He talked about trust and credibility. He should look in the mirror. He has almost single-handedly destroyed both, but he blames the Washington climate.

Last but not least, Leonard Pitts is at it again. He is calling Christianity a "cheap faith." Then says ".....the only kind of faith that matters is a life lived in the service of others." So, does he consider that for each kindness given someone has to receive it? So all those who receive are living failures?"

How did we ever get to this celebrity status thing where everyone has to have his or her fifteen minutes of fame and if you get more than that you're a better person and should be admired. Don't think so.....

God bless..............

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

President Declares War on Senior Citizens

When the President said he had given tax breaks to 95% of the working Americans we looked at each other and voiced "that excludes seniors, right?" That's about a third of the population. Add in that group of perpetually unemployed and it makes one wonder exactly who got a tax cut and in what way--oh, yeah, more money for day care. Maybe he's already counting the forgiveness of student loans......

The President had an hour and 15 minutes to make his case and I know you aren't going to sit and read more than a couple of minutes. So we'll just toss out a couple of observations tonight and then add one or two for the next few days.

Now just how much chance do you give his energy promises? More nulear power, more off shore oil and gas drilling and more clean coal plants (remember, when campaigning he said "there is no such thing as clean coal",) and biofuel movement. The special interests who elected him will have a hissy fit and the liberal Dems in Congress are not going to go for it. Don't be fooled. Especially when I think I heard that part of the cost would be to accept global warming as a just cause so you'd better support and pay for "our share" in green power.

And a Trade commission? Doubling our exports by starting a trade war isn't going to get the job done. We've already discussed some potential problems such as a tariff on steel met with a boycott of our grains. And that would be just the beginning.

He said something about equal pay for equal time. Not sure of the exact word he used but it certainly wasn't equal pay for equal work.

Out of Iraq by August? Let's see now. Gitmo was to be closed in a year. That mght be done by August which would mean it took 19 months instead of 12. My guess on Iraq would then make it approx 50% longer so they just might make it home for Christmas.

That deficit of trust in Washington starts at the top. Did you notice he didn't use the word "transparency" once? And if he didn't believe he could fix all those problems he has been talking about, why did he promise he would on the campaign trail?

Michelle is really going to be busy. First she has to figure out how to put all the overweight kids on a diet and then she has to work for the military. Those 23 or more people on her payroll might come closer to earning their high paying salaries. And since she had never had a reason to be proud of our country until the Democrats nominated her husband for President, will her heart really be in helping the military? I hope he is finished with his apology tours. That might make it a little easier for her.

That's enough for this time-
And as the Governor of Virginia said in his speech, God bless this great country of ours.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Acts of_________

Kindness-per last night's posting on compassion I was reminded that we are presently in the throes of the kind of activity we are known for best: helping others in times of need. The Haiti situation is garnering much attention and many dollars and what might be called in-kind contributions via the woman and man hours sent by all kinds of organizations, government and military from our country.

Common sense-the first place the Cadillac tax on health care plans should be levied is on the Congress and a good share of the government work force (courtesy of the man of the house.)

Hypocrisy-The Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee is going to war against the Supreme Court's decision to allow corporations to practice what the unions have been so good at for a long, long time. No problem agreeing that unions are made up of people, but what do they think corporations are composed of? Every stockholder is a person or made up of many, many people acting in concert. They are planning to "call out" the Republicans who like the decision. Really?

Embarrassment-Liberal Democrats keep telling us that we should be concerned with what the world thinks of us. I can't help wondering if they are thinking we are lowering ourselves to the likes of Venezuela, Haiti or any other government where bribery and corruption are the methods of governing. In the olden days they may not have liked us much, but they respected us for our strength, the protection we provide for weaker countries, foreign aid even if they wasted it, our dependence on the law as our basic rule of governing. Now they are probably thinking that our leaders are just like any other where nefarious services are sold to the highest bidder. Sorta reminds us, and maybe them, of the Mafia or the Chicago mobs.

Dismay-watching the White House in denial flailing at ideas to float before the State of the Union address tomorrow to see if any get a positive reaction. My take? I'll think The Man is serious if he announces the grounding of Air Force I
so he can stay home and get down to business instead of acting like the Tourist in Chief.

Bottom line: Hope is one of the "top three" that keep us going and we need a lot of it these days. Talk about Faith, Hope and Love is usually followed by "and the greatest of these is love" but I gotta tell you, without hope in the future of our country these days we'd have a tough time working out the love angle.

God bless...........

Monday, January 25, 2010

Compassion Equals Civilization

Our pastor shared this story as part of his homily Sunday.

A reporter once asked the noted anthropologist Margaret Mead what evidence she had used in determining the beginning of civilization. He expected that either an arrow or flintstone might be the answer or possibly on a higher plane it could be a musical instrument or a bowl or something of that nature. Her answer apparently surprised him.

She said it was a "broken, but healed, femur." She went on to explain that it demonstrated that when misfortune fell upon the injured person it was obvious that someone, whether it be a family member or just some kindly person, would have had to wait on him or her allowing the bone to heal. Someone would have had to gather food and bring it to the injured person. Someone had to have had compassion for another and manifested that feeling long enough for the injury to heal.

My personal addition is that Margaret Mead, herself, had to be much more than just a scientist interested in facts and evidence. Her interpretation tells us as much about her as about her research. It is no wonder she is thought of so highly.

And of course you are wondering how this relates to politics. I can only say that we should be able to expect no less compassion from those we elect to represent us. Redistribution of wealth is certainly not compassionate--stealing from one group of people to give to others based solely on numbers seems to be missing the point.

The new "middle class" gift giving seems to miss it by a mile. If a family of 4 with two kids in college making $250,000 a year with two sets of parents to take care of would seem to be just as needy as a couple with no children and no needy parents in the $85,000 bracket. Just grabbing numbers out of the air, but you get the picture. Think about it.

God bless..........

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Voting in November with a Broken Heart?

There seems to be an undercurrent of thought with a message making for an uncomfortable situation. Uppermost for many is just wondering what the Democrats are going to do. Full steam ahead--we know we're doing what's right? Or is there really a message we should be listening to?

Frankly, I'm thinking we shouldn't waste our time trying to figure it out. Just wait and see and take care of either position as it presents itself.

More important, is what is our game plan? We know what is right, we know what it takes to win an election, 51% of the vote, we just have to get the message out. And how do we do that?

The biggest hurdle we have, I believe, is how to work with the Tea Party. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, right? Our basic premise is not to divide our vote and ultimately give the victory to the liberals. But the message from the leadership of the Tea Party is certainly mixed. The interview with one spokesperson indicated that they didn't want nor need help from the Republicans. But last Tuesday I read another leader say that he had tried unsuccessfully to get in touch with Republican leaders.

My question, therefore, is: which is it? Work together or not? The Republican Party is already structured and New York 23rd notwithstanding, is experienced in running campaigns and have staff and volunteers in place and ready to go. Witness the beautiful job in Massachusetts with volunteers from all over the country. The Tea Party is very young with a few knowledgeable folks at the helm.

Those of us in the trenches have little or no influence on those decision makers and we can only hope and pray that they will give up their ego trips and do what is right for the people of the country who know that the grandiose plans of the Obama machine are not good for ordinary citizens.

My biggest fear? That the big tent position will prevail, as it should, but at what cost? There are many of us who have our own litmus tests or test. On a personal level this is a very difficult problem. Knowing that most, if not all, Democrats are pro abortion, we have no problem voting for all Republicans. But we do know that we will be put in the position of voting for pro abortion candidates if Tea Party folks put up candidates in primaries to whom life is not an important issue and defeat pro life Republican candidates. If that happens I, and many others, will vote with broken hearts knowing that the average number of abortions in this country is 825,000 dead children each year and the number will go up if it is not an important issue to some non-Democrats or Independents.

This is a very sad commentary on the year 2010--
God bless........

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Unions-Once Necessary, but Now?

Just a short commentary on the news blurb I heard early this morning about Andy Dillon checking to see whether the union's rights are being trampled on in that they have the Constitutional right to bargain collectively. With the State of Michigan asking all unionized employees to take a 5% across the board pay cut Andy is not sure we can do that.

Well, really!

If they refuse, what do you say we just fire their behinds? Everyone is sacrificing something these days and if they have a job they should be very happy.

If it's not in their "contract" to lay off or terminate according to seniority, let them decide if they want to have a lottery or whatever their little hearts desire to make the determination.

Unions have been yanking Michigan around for a lot longer than I care to remember. It's time they face some of the facts that the rest of us are facing.

I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but there are too many people walking through the line at the church's and other organizations' Food Pantry assistance centers to make me feel too bad about a temporary pay cut.

Have a good Sunday-
God bless...........

Friday, January 22, 2010

Where Do Ordinary People Think Their Pensions Are?

The President is so intent on finding "bad guys" on whom he can blame any problem that arises that he fails to see the long term problems such as the present falling stock market where many of the pension funds are invested. So, what's happening? The market goes down, our investments shrink. When stocks go down investors are apprehensive about putting money in companies who will be hard pressed to show a profit as in the case of interest or dividends or growing companies, ie., the stock price increases for profits for investors.

For a guy who has been touted as brilliant, it's getting tougher and tougher to understand how his mind works. Sorta reminds me of a guy I used to know whose motto was "Don't confuse me with facts, I've already made up my mind." I thought that breed was extinct, but I see they are still around.

The other thing I noticed this week was the report by the moving van companies who indicate that Michigan is still the "winner" or is it "loser," by having two moving out for every one moving in. Illinois, California and New York are also on that end of the contest. The places where folks are going are generally states without income taxes and other attractive attributes like: Oregon, Arkansas, Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Georgia, New Mexico, Texas and North Carolina.

The ultimate winner? Washington, D.C. For every seven moving in, only three leave. What does that tell you? More and more people are needed by this administration and their programs to separate the American public from their money for redistribution. It also "proves" the point that jobs are increasing. Just not in the private sector. Everywhere else the unemployment rates are still on an upward trajectory.

Enough. I hope this is a weekend for most of us to rest up from the daily chores that keep us busy and allow for some recreation.

Have a good weekend--
God bless...........

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Everybody Has An Opinion

When we were kids back in the "olden days" we could go to the movies for a dime and see not only the chosen movie, but at least one cartoon, previews of coming attractions and a serial episode. Every week it was a new chapter and in those days it didn't take much to entertain us. I have a feeling that the next few months are going to be a chapter a week as well with everyone writing a different scenario.

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Obama actually blamed the anger of the voters in Massachusetts on the 8 year Bush administration!

And can you also believe that the White House is bent out of shape because everyone, not just his supporting PACs, bundlers, Soros types, unions and all the other types who gave money to his campaign which raised gazillions of dollars will be able to make their voices heard?

Since it's anybody's guess how this year will shake out, I'm thinking it's time to revert to doing research that most of my readers don't have time for so we can look at all the subjects with as many facts as possible. Not to say opinion won't make its usual appearance, but at least we'll know that we have an informed conscience as we used to say.

Looks like we'll have a few days of above average temperatures so old Dad was right. Let's enjoy them so if we get a big old blizzard before spring we'll at least have had a reprieve.

God bless........

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Apologies from Me to You

No post tonight. My Facebook account was hijacked today and Windows keeps trying to sell me spyware even though McAfee has it under control. That is why I avoid Microsoft like the plague, but somehow they have the ability to pop up and make me log in and out every ten minutes. Will work on it tomorrow. I'm sick of it.

God bless and don't ever open up anything from anyone you're not sure of as a source.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wonder What Rahm Emanuel Will Do With This Crisis?????

There are so many points that can be made, but you have all heard as many as I have. The rest is just a guessing game.

Will the White House learn from the Clinton years in order to be re-elected and move to the center just a bit?

Or will the inherent arrogance and need for a legacy make for just pushing health care through and who cares gets hurt?

Or will there be enough Congressmen or women who have enough character to stand up to their leadership?

There are so many scenarios we could spend all night at this, so I'd just like to say that the reading from the book of Samuel this morning where Samuel is led to choose David as the king designated by the Lord has some striking parallels to the contest in Massachusetts. It was almost prophetic.

So we'll just wait and see and watch our futures unfold. One thing: get ready for the campaigns of your lives. It will be an exciting year.

And for long time readers, you just know this post would not be complete without mentioning "that" word: schadenfreude, said with prayerful thanks, not the glee of a hostile foe.

God bless.............

Monday, January 18, 2010

Massachusetts Election

Massachusetts is the only thing I can think about for the next 24 hours. I can't remember when there has been such national interest in another state's contest nor can I think of one that might have such an influence on the rest of the country.

I find it very interesting that the Tea Party is using some of the funds they have collected to make it obvious that they are supporting the Republican candidate. Are they trying to take credit for the candidacy and hopefully the victory? If Mr. Scott loses by a whisker I wonder if they will think their money may have been spent more wisely?

Actually, even if he loses, a razor thin victory by the Democrats ought to scare the heck out of a lot of people who might vote for the health care bill. The only problem is that if he wins, there probably won't be any vote. Nancy will pass it through without a vote and Obama will sign it. Scary stuff in Washington, right?

I have a one track mind right now so we'll call it a day and see if we know the results by this time Tuesday evening.

Hang in there-
God bless......

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day Trip to Chicago Area

Just returned after logging in 9 1/2 hours in the car to spend 3 1/2 hours with cousins not seen for many years. What a treat and worth every minute of it!

My cousin, Ches, turned 95 today. Both his daughters welcomed us and we had a 2 hour visit with non-stop conversation and catch up time including singing Happy Birthday and having cake. Frankly, I have never considered wanting to reach that age but after today I guess I could handle it. He still drives--takes a driving test yearly--and says when the state of Illinois or his doctor tell him he needs to stop, he will. Wears a hearing aid, no glasses and has all his own teeth. (Since I doubt he is online I think I can safely talk about him in this way.) Just delightful.

After another hour in the car we caught up with another set of cousins whom I haven't seen in years and years. We have exchanged Christmas cards for quite some time without having a clue about what is really going on with them and their families. There is no excuse for this on either part, but geography and time constraints plus personal family priorities can be considered the reasons. However, there is nothing like trying to make up for lost opportunities.

Why am I telling you this? Because there is so much wrong with what is going on in our beloved country it is satisfying to step back and look at what is right with families and their goals. To study the basic goodness of the family units which together are still keeping us together even though there are those who would pull us apart for selfish purposes.

Since I've never been shy about telling folks what activities bring great rewards I will add this one to the list. Reach out and touch someone you haven't seen or talked to in w-a-a-a-y too long. You will be glad you did.

God bless........

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tesla Motors Revisited

Back in June for faithful readers, I mentioned giving subsidies to foreign car makers including Nissan and Tesla. One person called me a retard because Tesla is an American car company of which I was unaware and would wager most of the public shared my ignorance. Be that as it may, I ran across an article this past week about Mr. Nikola Tesla. A few facts:

Nick was a scientist and inventor in the 1880s "figuring out how to make alternating current work on a grand scale, electrifying the world." He created the first big hydroelectric dam at Niagara Falls. He used to put on shows using electricity to prove points such as sending electricity through his body to illuminate a fluorescent tube. He helped Marconi develop the radio.

Although he at one time worked for Thomas Edison, leaving over a disagreement on pay, it is no stretch to say that they were rivals. (Edison bet on DC-direct current while Tesla went with AC.) Now the "nerdy snobs" at Tesla Motors delight in using an AC motor he developed in 1882 in the Tesla Roadster. Tesla is also the name video game writers at Capcom Entertainment chose for a character who could understand alien spaceships for their new Dark Void saga. Nvidia Corp. launched a new line of advanced microchip processors in 2007 and called them Tesla. He is considered a "geek god" by many.

He emigrated from Serbia to the U. S. and died at age 86 penniless, with no family or friends, but there appears to be a cadre of fans, including Larry Page, co-founder of Google who have become enamored of his work and reputation. He sold his AC patents to Westinghouse for a mint, palled around with Mark Twain, J.P. Morgan and Sarah Bernhardt, but subsequently had bad luck in baskets.

Years of work and notes were destroyed by fire, used much of his fortune testing radio transmissions in Colorado and demonstrated a pair of radio-controlled boats but was rebuffed by the U. S. military. His name wasn't mentioned when Marconi "changed the world" with trans-Atlantic radio transmissions in 1901.

He was far ahead in other areas such as lasers and x-rays and others such as robots and an outer space goal. He was a little far out saying he could use electricity to cause earthquakes and control weather and said he had detected signals from Mars.

Now here's the capper: the automotive start-up, to help boost the Tesla name, is launching a promotional sweepstakes with Capcom around the release of Dark Void. The prize--a Tesla Roadster. (Don't forget that the car carries a $300,000 price tag.)

Tesla's spokesperson says "You know you've gone into mainstream pop glory when you're in a video game aimed at 18-year-old boys." They consider this prize as overdue recognition of Tesla. Along with the movies, I guess you'd say he has really made it to the top.

And there you have just a few tidbits that most folks don't know and probably don't care about, but human interest stories are sometimes just that: interesting.

Have a good weekend--
God bless.........

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"That's a Fight I Want To Have!!!"

So Obama wants to fight against anyone who doesn't agree with his version of universal health care. Hmmmm.

How can we level the playing field? He and his cohorts in the House and Senate have unlimited taxpayer money and funds of all kinds with which to bribe those who can cast the votes to make him look like the king of the hill and our leader no matter how much public opinion is at odds with him.

It's just not fair that he has all the ammunition, the money, the media, the unions, the lawyers, the bully pulpit and lives in luxury with all the rest of the country composed of us lackeys who only live to do his bidding.

In all my nearly 80 years I have never seen such a blatant power grab and nothing he does or says ever embarrasses him. He's worse than Clinton. Old Bill used to just deny every saying it. With Obama we see media clips and You Tube videos with him saying his administration will have all negotiations available on C-Span and he doesn't bother to deny or try to explain--he just ignores it.

Just as he ignores us. He was bought and paid for and now we are feeling the effects of his creditors. The union leaders trot up to the White House and he writes out a receipt which means that they get the Cadillac health care plans while the rest of us get to pick up the scraps and do what we can with whatever we have left. And not a tax break in sight. All we can see in our futures are rising prices, more restrictions, rationed care and anything else they are dealing away behind closed doors.

The latest thing is that Schumer and Conyers are poised to submit bills in Congress so that they can register everyone in the land to vote and you can be darn sure whether they are living or dead or able to see, hear or read, someone will be voting in their names.

It's almost like a surprise party but all we get are the booby prizes.

There are men and women of integrity in this country who can replace the crooks and power brokers in Washington, but we have to do the work to get them elected. That is the only way to level the playing field with a President who has declared war against anyone who doesn't agree with him.

Enjoy the temperatures for the next few days--
God bless..........

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Okinawa and China--Hole Digging Time?

I guess no one tells there kids that they could start digging a hole if they want to go to China any more, do they? That just popped into my head. Old age at work again.

I hate when I demonstrate my stupidity, but I'm going to take a flying leap here. Why do we still have a need for an Air Force base on Okinawa? And why would we go to the expense of putting another one just a little farther away from the more populated area on the same small island? And why are we still interested in helping Japan defend their country?

We certainly don't have to be afraid of them building up armed forces to be used against us or anyone else. A lot has changed in the last 75 years. They still don't have any natural resources, their manufacturing base is maturing just like ours is, their banking system and economy have been stagnant for a good 20 years now so where's the threat?

Is Japan afraid of China? If not, they probably should be, but I doubt we could do much about it even if China decided they want or need something that Japan has. You all know I've admitted to being a lousy diplomat but there comes a time when we should be calling someone's bluff. Why not now?

And speaking of China, how about Google taking them on? They have flaunted their piracy of copyright and patent laws and have forced Google to censor certain materials particularly anything that has to do with freedom fighters, but they want to be able to trace all websites so they can identify them. Wow! That's having your cake and eating it too.

All I can say is "Go Google!"

God bless........

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Creative Thinking-One Problem at a Time

This is just something to think about--don't have the full picture yet, but looking for answers to problems one at a time.

The high cost of a college degree makes me glad to be as old as I am. I would hate to be thinking of helping 4 kids through college these days. But one is working on a plan which helps high school students do the "double enrollment" meaning taking some college courses at local Community Colleges. I'm not even sure of the nomenclature, but hope you know what I'm talking about.

Any time high school kids can get a running start on college means less money spent on a four year degree with savings up to 25% if they can put in a full year. That is an amount not to be ignored.

So it wouldn't be a waste of time if you have children or grandchildren in high school to encourage them to take a few college courses now. It can mean a large pay off later.

Just a little food for thought...

God bless......

Monday, January 11, 2010

Read a Book, Write a Book

Given the choice, I would rather read than write. It took me 3 1/2 months to write a 107 page volume--hesitate to call it that. Very slim, indeed. And it consumed time when not actually writing so it was all encompassing. If I've said this before, just ignore it, but if you are young enough to be one of my kids, start bugging your parents to start writing for you. And if you're closer to my age, start doing it for your kids. You will find it rewarding no matter your age. It took so much of my time that although I wouldn't call it an obsession, it was close to it.

Now that I'm finished I should have a lot of time on my hands, but it's like anything else, time to catch up on all the things left undone while zeroing in on a special project.

Such as Lincoln Day coming up in February. Cong. Mike Rogers is doing a Meet and Greet with our 300 Club first and then speaking at the event. We're all excited to have him visit since he has gotten a lot of recognition during the health care debates. The 7th District is hopeful that we will be able to elect a Republican who can represent us as well as Mike does his district.

If you live anywhere close to Jackson, please join us Feb. 18th for the event. You can go to the Jackson website (link on the sidebar) for more information and to order tickets.

My dad always used to say there was a January thaw as well as one in February. I hope that Wednesday and Thursday of this week with the forecast just a couple degrees above freezing isn't the extent of it.

Stay warm--
God bless........

Sunday, January 10, 2010

"We Have Our Work Cut Out For us"

Complacency is our enemy. Or is it apathy? Or someone else's problem?

It is going to be very difficult to maintain the sense of importance with what is going on when there are so many problems, we have heard so much about all of them that we feel we've heard it all before, and it is getting boring. Every thing seems to be just repetition, doesn't it?

We are now at the point where the President, and I'm afraid he is right, that if he repeats something often enough people will start believing it and by the end of the summer will consider it the gospel truth. Statements such as:

Gitmo is a recruiting tool for Al Quaida. Really? Prove it. Yes, I said, prove it and give us some evidence. When will the media start asking for proof? We need to be keeping a list so we don't forget that most of what he says is miles away from being factual.

Immigration: We have spoken before about the Catholic Church's attitude toward immigration in that they believe in fostering illegals. Now they are working really hard to be sure that all of them are counted in the upcoming census. That way they will cause a redistribution of representation in the Congress and the illegals will have representation at the expense of the rest of us. I really don't care if they count them for purposes of statistical accuracy, but representation really equates to non-representation for the rest of us.

One last thing tonight: You've probably already seen this, but just in case a few have missed it:

The Unholy and Anti-American Trifecta:

We have
the first President in 110 years to miss the annual Army-Navy football game.

the first President who failed to attend any Christmas religious observance.

the first President to stay on vacation after a terrorist attack.

the first President to not stay in Washington for Christmas for the last 20 years. Past Presidents didn't leave Washington for Christmas vacation until after Christmas. This was done so the staff (Secret Service, Air Force One Crew, Limousine transport, Presidential advancing logistics, etc.) could be with their families for Christmas.

Hos does that grab ya? Is it really all about him and Michelle? Or do others have any kind of importance in the grand scheme of things?

God help us-
God bless.......

Friday, January 8, 2010

Increased Productivity Equals Jobless Recovery?

A few years ago when I wanted to demonstrate increased productivity to Senior citizen groups I used the example which resonated with folks my age, particularly women, who used to take typing and shorthand in high school "just in case they had to go to work if something happened to their husbands." Don't laugh--we were given the message totally seriously.

It was easy to demonstrate what it used to take to make copies of a manuscript or letter. If one needed 4 or 5 copies, we could insert a few carbons and type really hard to get the desired result. If we needed more than that, say 100 or 200 or more copies, we could make a ditto or cut a stencil. Both were messy and took quite some time to accomplish. Oh, yes, mistakes had to be corrected one page at a time and were never very neat. And until mimeograph machines used electricity, the typist or clerk had to crank out the number needed.

Compare that to the computer. Type in the copy fixing any mistakes as made along the way with spell check, click on print, choose the number needed and walk away to do something else while the printer does all the work, including collating if needed. Voila! Perfect copies and no smearing.

Here we are 50 years or so later and in cyberspace.

Just happened to have a dinner time conversation last night when talking about ebooks and what will soon be happening to the publishing business just as newspapers are disappearing today. Even if there are costs associated with the modern methods of downloading textbooks as well as any other kind of book, it appears the wave of the future will soon become a tsunami. The fallout will spread from the actual publishing house to bookstores and all other activity associated with distribution, etc.

I'm thinking we could have a contest to list the kinds of jobs that will no longer exist due to modern inventions and changes in the ordinary habits of every day living. And there you have it, not just asking more of each individual employee to make up for a smaller staff, but the use of modern tools making people themselves unnecessary.

Not a happy thought. Long live the buggy whip.
Have a good weekend--
God bless..........

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Who Was Barak Scolding?

It felt like he was trying to make all of the audience feel guilty about something. Does he really think it was a systemic failure? No way--it's like the old days with the computer: Garbage In, Garbage Out. So if the system fails, it's because humans control it. Or is that too simple?

And he finally said that the buck stops with him or words to that effect. Yet, he didn't give any concrete apology for not being on top of things nor did he tell us what he intends to do better in the future.

Since the terrorists figure they won't go to Gitmo and will be represented by public defenders, if they live trough it, what's to stop them the next time(s.)

And on top of all that all the Democrats think we are stupid. One said today that they couldn't televise the negotiations on health care because of its complexity. Really?

And poor Government Motors, formerly known as GM. Now they're looking at putting the former CFO of Microsoft in as CEO. Anyone with silver in their hair should remember that the first time they got in trouble lo those many years ago was when they put Smith, the bean counter, in as CEO instead of an engineer who cared about the product. What's that old rule about remembering history or being doomed to repeat it?

I'm nervous. With the Tea Party, Americans for Prosperity, Citizens for Traditional Values and undoubtedly some I don't know about looking to control the conservative vote I'm afraid it will be split six ways from Sunday and the Dems will walk away with it again.

Reminds me-Ritter from Colorado was the beneficiary of the Stryker money pot. Wonder what kind of effect that might have on the Michigan relationship?

It's time for a nap--
God bless..........

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What is a "Director of Sustainability?"

Jackson Community College has a new department. A fellow from the East who has a Business Degree but didn't find it fulfilling decided to get a Master's in Sustainability Systems from the University of Michigan and is the new head of a department in the local college.

Before I read the entire article I stopped and asked Pete if he'd ever heard of such a thing and of course the answer was "No," so we tried to figure it out. Maybe sustaining fixcal responsibility (Business being the clue) or perhaps sustaining and/or increasing the graduation rate? Perhaps sustaining relationships with area business and manufacturing systems? Sustaining scholarship programs? Nothing really popped out at us so I continued reading and guess what....

If I were naming the course of study I would have called it "Environmental Studies" but what do I know? It does, however, have to do with doing what's good for the environment and how the student can learn to live in positive ways to achieve the future which will benefit all in all ways.

Just thought you'd like to know in case you ever see the word or phrase.

God bless...........

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Racism? Rare Metals? Health Care Bill?

Take your pick--there's always something going on in these areas which we have discussed before.

Racism: African Americans just can't deal with the fact that it's Obama's politics, not his color, that has conservatives going nuts. The "Crisis" magazine (mouthpiece of the NAACP) has an article in the fall issue going on and on about the Right Wing's racial politics. If they could only stop whining long enough to realize that is the least of their worries they might be able to move forward and the children could find something and someone to learn from.

Remember when we posted info on the rare metals and their political implications relative to location and price? It seems that rhodium which is used in catalytic converters but is not traded on the big boards, etc. with pricing between the user and the producer is being used as a bellwether concerning an automobile economy predictor. It's going for over $2,000 per troy ounce.

The deal cut with Ben Nelson on Medicaid has more Attorneys General jumping on the bandwagon filing suit accusing the players of dealing which should be considered unconstitutional. I hear even California and New York which usually play that game themselves are calling the bill "unfair."

Last, how about the fact that by having to go for the "big one" and trying something new as far as the nuclear proliferation issue is concerned, Obama may be having to eat one of his feet. He could have just signed the expiring Start-Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty without fanfare, but didn't. Now he has to deal with allies such as Japan questioning our ability to protect them in case of trouble.

On top of that, Russia may not even be the biggest threat. Shouldn't we be more concerned with N. Korea and Iran? And an even bigger "IF" would be China's entrance into the fray. No, haven't heard anything yet, but wouldn't be surprised.

Have a good week--bundle up--
God bless..........

Monday, January 4, 2010

Winners/Losers Polling Data

It sure depends on your definition of winning, doesn't it?

When over 70% of the public see both Michelle and Hillary as winners.

This has to be based on laughing all the way to the bank in Michelle's case. You remember, the lady who had never been proud of our country until her husband captured the nomination? Wonder what she has to be proud of now? Oh, oh, yes. Her own popularity is much higher than her husband's. She has a staff of 26 at millions of dollars and is now a trend setter. What more could you want? We could write a book on it.

And poor Hillary. It must be in the eye of the beholder. It seems they let her out of her cage if they can't find someone else to speak on State Department stuff or foreign policy. As they say, it's lonely at the top.

I have no clue whether CBS' Sunday Morning Show stands in the ratings but heard a lady with a British accent tell us that we are so lucky to now have a "certified" intellectual as President. Thanks but no thanks. I'd rather have my President have and use just a bit of common sense. Except for his paid shills it's tough to find someone who legitimately believes he is honest and cares at all about this country. Even Michelle must be hard pressed to be proud.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the silver lining in this cloud will be that Joe and Mary Mainstreet will have had just as much as they can take and will take an active part in the next election. We need to get down to business and get serious about getting the best candidates for office we can find and work to get them elected and take our country back--from the top to the bottom.

Work hard, pray hard.
God bless........

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Time Out, Congress! Time for a Tutorial on Economics 101!

Before I forget, Congratulations to the Spartans for a good game while lacking 14 players! We should all be proud.

On to the obvious lack of education in Congress and the Administration.

Item: Imposition of duties on imports from China of "oil country tubular goods" which are pipes used in the oil and gas industry. We can only provide 2/3 of our needs and the rest comes from abroad. Bad news for the U.S. economy and consumers of other steel products such as cars, appliances, etc. There will probably be a shortage of pipes by the second half of next year plus the imposition of Chinese tariffs on other products we buy. So again, someone else will suffer while the steel industry makes higher profits.

Item: Obamacare on Drugs. Presently the government subsidizes businesses at $665 or 28% per person to keep private enterprise supplying coverage to retirees. With the tweaking of the new health care bill going on in the dead of night the government is thinking about taxing the businesses for that "income." When that happens more and more companies will opt for letting Medicare take care of their retirees and the net result is more cost to the government.

Item: The stimulus plan gave money to the states to hire people to help the job numbers and the economy. Now if the locals and state governments want to keep those employees they will be facing the full costs of keeping those folks on the payroll. No more dollars from Uncle Sam means they face an automatic deficit in the State budget. What to do? Woe is us! The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimates the combined deficits of the states for 2010 and 2011 will hit $260 billion.

Last Item: Eight Attorneys General at last count are joining together with other like thinking legislators to challenge the Health Care bill as unconstitutional. Don't know how this will play out, but it could amount to an end result of a whole lot of wasted time on the part of both houses of Congress and the entire Administration and much of Washington.

Now that the holidays are over, would you call this "Business as Usual?"

Sleep well--
God bless..........

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year to All!

As predicted, it has been all football all day long. It sticks in our throats, but here goes: Go Buckeyes! Good job representing the Big Ten as did Wisconsin and Penn State, not to mention N'western looking good in defeat. If I'm missing any, I'll certainly hear about it.

Looking ahead to 2010 I'm reminded of that old and sage advice: Work as though everything depends on you and pray as though everything depends on God.

God bless.........