Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve Football All Day Long!

Bo went to the groomer's today so now looks better than either of the humans in the household. Not to worry--we'll clean up before we go to church tomorrow.

Since I'm old school and do not travel with a laptop I had to clean up 300+ emails. What a chore!

This is really just an exercise this evening since the only thing going on in this house today is football and more football. I expect tomorrow, the next day and the day after that will be full of it as well. Oh, well, this too shall pass.

I hope you enjoyed the Christmas story. It's the kind of thing that gives us hope for the future of our country. Recognizing our blessings, being thankful for them and sharing is a universal activity--at least I'm trusting that is so. It may take some of the electorate a little longer in some areas than others, but hope that all will culminate by next November.

There was a comment last week about Republicans not standing up for their platform and in some cases that is true. But handing over the election to the Democrats is not the way, in my opinion, to rectify the situation. If you want to have influence on the party activities may I suggest that the best way would be to run for precinct delegate and get active. Working for the candidate of your choice is a great way to assure his or her adherence to the principles of the party platform.

Precinct delegates do have influence in the party and in particular this year they are the ones in Michigan, at least, who will elect the nominees for Secretary of State and Attorney General. You can't get much more grass roots than that. The date for filing will be in May and you can get an application to put your name on the ballot from your local clerk. The application should be filled out, notarized and returned in a timely fashion. You can get that information when you visit the clerk's office.

Don't stay out too late tonight, watch out for the tipsy drivers, and
God bless........

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Absolutely Best Christmas Ever!

Warning: This is going to take a few minutes to read, so if you're pressed for time, come back just a bit later. First note: Just so you know, the family is described in my profile with two changes. Joe, the ER Doc is now Capt. Joe and is in the Air Force presently in Iraq and Daniel, a grandson is out of school and now working with the handicapped.

Here's the story: Last June my husband and I started thinking about Christmas.
It is very difficult to buy gifts for families and kids who are spread from California to Texas, South Carolina, Michigan, New Mexico and Georgia. I had picked up the idea, from a local pastor and an article in a magazine, to give everyone the money we would have spent and asked them to give it to a worthy cause other than just turning around and writing a check to a well known charity. Husband had no better idea so we sent off the checks and agreed that we would exchange stories as to how the money was used on Christmas.

Some time ago we had started the tradition of all the Petersons gathering in odd numbered years so the spouses could have first choice in alternate years. This year only the adult grandsons, all single, were not with us. The other two, Stuart and Daniel, are sons of our 4th kid who was killed in an accident in 1988 so we have not had the same kind of relationship as the others. But we talk to them and see them when we can. So there were 16 of us together at the youngest kid's house in the Atlanta area.

We started with Captain Joe since his mom, Sally, was reading from an email and when finished, she was emailing him through the whole process. This is a much abbreviated account since he has his dad's penchant for shaggy dog stories and they can go on and on and on. He was in the States at the Air Force Academy last summer so there wasn't much chance to see need there. Went to Germany in September and except for buying a bum a glass of Gluwein for 5 euros, didn't happen on anything that really fit the criteria. Landed in Iraq in November and since everything is furnished in the military and it's against regulations to give anything to the civilian Iraqis working on the base he was stymied. Until.....

realizing that watching television on the AFN is, in his words "painful" due to commercials, etc. he bought the 6th year of "The Office" installed in his computer, every Thursday he is hooking it up to a big screen and showing 2 episodes. They are plenty excited and he is "spreading the gift of laughter (Christmas Cheer, but now there are also small milestones every week to look forward to. Baby steps if you will......What About Bob anyone.)"

He wanted a consensus as to whether this was appropriate from his aunts, uncles and sister, etc. My response was that it always bugs me when liberals criticize churches for spending money on art and architecture and that there is "food for the soul as well as food for the body" and I think he did just great! I hope you all agree.

Then we started around the room....

#1 son, Don, is responsible for "turn arounds" in a Chevron refinery and works 12 hour days with his shift workers in 8-12 week stretches. I'm not sure how often this happens, but it seems pretty frequent. He and Connie admitted to praying over what to do and two days before they were to leave for Georgia the morning news featured a story of the Southwest Community Center having burned down and all the toys for the children stored there had been destroyed. He drove over and talked to the woman who had started the center some seventeen years earlier who insisted on giving him a receipt. He saw this as an opportunity to leverage the funds and gave her an extra $20 since he could make it up on his taxes.

Great grandson, Joshua who is 8, is a real baseball fan and Little League is his life. His dad, Stephen, told us that the teams try to take as many kids as possible to the Little League World Series, but there are always a few who even with joint fund raisers, are unable to make the trip. Their money would tip the scales for one more little boy or girl to have an experience not otherwise available to them.

Grandkids Dane, Jr. and Anna Kate attend a Christian school in the Atlanta area and during these economic times the need for scholarships is higher than usual. They love their school and their friends and combined their funds to help out. I won't use the name, of course, but they spoke of one boy in particular who really needed the help and deserves it.

Their mom and dad, Jen and Dane, who is COO of an Atlanta hospital, helped a local doctor who has started a free clinic/health center in a neighborhood where there is great need. Interesting aside: some of the scenes in the movie "The Blind Side" were filmed in that neighborhood.

Kathy and husband, Laney, benefited a program called the "Wishing Tree" which helps single mothers. I'm thinking that is a category in which we all have friends or acquaintances.

Joshua's brother, Jayden who is 4, and Mom Julie elected to help out a family in which the Mother had died of cancer last year. The children are classmates of Joshua, who also attends a Christian school in Texas.

Paula, granddaughter who is Asst. Principal at a Middle School, knows a young family whose son has cancer and they wanted to go on a really great Thanksgiving trip. She helped.

Dave and Sal, my Regional Supt. of the Year and Sal who is Business Mgr of her ISD are around needy kids all the time. One of their projects is to try to have schools help kids go to college and get funds before graduation. They want them to be able to draw on the Legacy funds as they need them plus if they can get a year finished while still in high school, they are really saving in the long run even if the schools pick up the tuition. This could save as much as 25% and many kids are able to do this if not with ease, at least it's very doable.

They are fans of "The Outliers" theory of high expectations and helping kids by putting them in the right place at the right time. One young man in particular, couldn't afford the books even though he had the talent and time to accomplish a year of college in high school. They told him a benefactor had donated money for just such a situation, but also indicated that he could earn the extra money by shoveling walks at the school. He jumped at the chance!

So there you have it. We've had great Christmases every year. We have the Peterson Olympics which are a riot, a chance to spend 4-5 days together laughing and eating and playing games. You name it, we've done it.

But as a proud and humbled Mom, now you know why I think this was the best ever.
God bless........

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Is it Two Steps Forward, One Back or the other way around?

I had hoped to give you a description of the "best Christmas ever," but a little exhaustion after a twelve hour drive home and catching a cold made me think I should wait until I can do it justice. Will try tomorrow.

In the meantime, during those twelve hours all we heard on the radio was the latest report on the Christmas terrorist attack and the fact that Homeland Security said everything went according to plan. Really? Then the Prez came on and said it was only a potential problem and his Attorney General said it wasn't a terrorist action, but a criminal act something like drunk driving or some serious misdemeanor. You gotta be kidding.

It just seems that there is no way to make any progress and some days it goes more slowly than others.

Close Gitmo, open a Federal prison in the northern climes. Wonder how those guys will react to winter? In fact, how will they react to humidity? Do you suppose the ACLU will get us for inhumane treatment of inmates?

No way can we send some of those guys "home" when "home" is a training camp for more terrorists.

And can we get folks to quit complaining about a three day delay in the President's response to an attack that went bad at Detroit Metro? We should be glad it didn't take the time it did when he was deciding whether or not and how many troops to send to Afghanistan.

Did anyone know there is a section in the handbook on "How to Counter Terrorist Attacks" which specifies that there must be at least two civilians willing to go on the offensive in case of a dud bomb? I'm thinking they should ask for volunteers as folks check in these days.

We'll put on a happy face and share our Christmas story tomorrow. I hope and truly think you will enjoy it.

God bless.......

Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I have one foot out the door leaving for Atlanta to spend Christmas with the entire Peterson clan. Not sure if I can blog from a kid's house, but will try. Will be returning the 29th.

Good luck to us on the health care thing. I've never seen such blatant blackmail, extortion and bribery in my life and that's been a lo-o-o-ng time.

God bless..........

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ben Nelson Cannot Be Trusted

Don't you just hate it when a guy talks and talks and talks, but has the shortest walking path around?

We talked about politicians being "takers" a couple of days ago and this guy is the personification of the breed. Who the heck does Harry Reid think he is to take everyone else's money to cut a deal with good old Ben.

At one point I started to feel sorry for the people of Nebraska thinking they might lose a military base. Now I'm thinking they have their cake and are eating it too. No cost for moving the uninsured to Medicaid--someone else is paying for it and still have the base. Boy, did the rest of the country get the shaft.

And the next thing we heard was from his next door neighbor, Harkin, who hastened to tell us that this is only the starter home, the mansion is yet to come and we have to pay for that as well. It was Iowa that gave Huckabee the nod. Those people just don't get it.

And Franken to the north of Iowa. What is going on in the Midwest?

I'll bet those people are really proud.

God bless.....

Friday, December 18, 2009

Three Kinds of People

I was reminded today of a philosophy class in which we discussed "types."

This is an over-simplification, of course, because there are varying degrees in each grouping, but it holds true as a basis for discussion.

The first kind of people are those who discuss other people. This can encompass the gossips, those who ooh and ah over celebrities positively or those who are looking for derogatory information. This group can talk about neighbors or co-workers over the picket fence or the water cooler. A certain psychology determines whether they lift up or pull down.

The second group are those who talk about events--taking sides or making life decisions based on information about the stock market, socio-economic influences in their own or others' lives, or want to be on the right side of the powerful.

The third group are those who talk about ideas. These are the men and women who are concerned less with their own status in life as they are about making the world a better place. These people know they have been endowed by their Creator with the ability to tinker in a garage or over a microscope or any other tool they need to advance fields of knowledge. They care not whether they have more than one car, one house, or accumulations of any sort. If monetary rewards come their way, so be it.

Why not take a minute and put some of the movers and shakers of our own country and the world where they fall in these categories. Where do you put the leaders of the world? Where do you put those hanging out in Copenhagen this weekend? Where do you put the people you read about or hear about in Jackson County or the State of Michigan?

This exercise should help you figure out who you should support in the upcoming elections and particularly, those to avoid.

Have a good weekend-
God bless............

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mackinac Center Blog and Capitol Confidential

The Mackinac Center Blog is absolutely a success in a few short months with hits in the hundreds of thousands and used by media and politicians alike. The research is highly respected and dependable and has gained a national audience. I'm going to leave it to you to check them out--

We will still point out tidbits from the Capitol Confidential, however, with news such as IT'S NO DARN WONDER MICHIGAN CAN'T BALANCE A BUDGET WITH BILLS LIKE:

SB 552 subsidizing gas stations that increase ethanol sales; SB 777 which subsidizes a renewable power conversion manufacturer; SB 418 subsidizing energy businesses; HB 4126 subsidizing selected auto industry suppliers for job retention; and HB 4515 subsidizing electric cars. Doesn't there come a point where subsidies are counter productive? Why do the taxpayers have to make up the difference when perhaps it's just not good business in the first place?

And it's just a thought, but if GM is going to pay back their loan next year and the government will profit from it, how about a little marketing for the guys who really got hurt in this fiasco? Seems to me if GM wants to get back their customers who would rather not deal with Government Motors their Marketing Department might try a little bribery of their own and give a little credit to stockholders who, depending on when they turned in their stock, may have gotten a nickel on the dollar or other varying amounts including zero?

And tell me, please, why Nancy Pelosi should go jetting off to Copenhagen at our expense? She has no legitimate reason to be there other than to see and be seen. When many folks are depending on others to help their kids get a visit from Santa you would think that at least she might pretend to be concerned.

I'm sure the folks who peek at this blog are those who have been helping by their charitable giving and we thank you for it.

God bless.........

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Evidence on Chinese Takeover Plans/U. S. Complicity

What is it going to take to convince folks that there really is a conspiracy leading to the takeover of the United States and the rest of the world by the Chinese?

This includes the complicity or at least little or no reluctance on the part of the U. S. Government and its leadership plus the Democrat party led by the liberals who wouldn't mind seeing us on the list of Socialist countries of the world.

In less than a year of the Obama administration they are raising spending to the point that the national debt limit needs to be raised to a figure leaning against $2 trillion. Even they are unsure they can get away with doing it in one fell swoop so they are going to go incremental as is their habit when faced with major efforts. So they are using a figure in the billions for a short term fix. They know that won't scare the public quite as much.

And what is the evidence of the end result including China? Since that is where they expect to borrow the funds, let me show you where we now stand in the world market of World Casting Production. (As you look at these figures, consider that the UAW which unilaterally supports Obama and the Dems can lose GM and Chrysler any time China thinks they need or want automobile component capacity in this country. I have a feeling this might come as a bit of a surprise to union members?)

If anyone wants specifics on Gray iron, Ductile iron, Malleable iron, Steel, Copper base, Aluminum or Nonferrous materials you need only ask. We will deal with Total Metric Tons.

First off I just rounded up and added the major players of the world.

China - 33,500,000

U. S. - 10,784,000

Others - 33,000,000'

How does that grab Ya? And you know how American auto workers moan and groan over jobs going to Mexico? Their total is 1,800,000 which is a drop in the bucket when compared to that group of "Others" which includes Mexico, India, Japan, Brazil, Germany and Russia.

And which country has their president going to Copenhagen Thursday to give away $10 billion or so (per year) to help the rest of the world with so-called global warming projects? The third world countries outnumber us, I'm not sure how the votes will be tabulated, and want the UN to control the "program" while we want the IMF or at least some agency which has not as yet been proved to be corrupt. Who do you think will win that one?

I'm scared, folks. Not for me--I'm too old to live long enough to truly suffer at the hands of Obama. But I truly fear for you readers, my kids and grandkids and you and your grandkids.

How in the heck are we going to force some sense into Levin, Stabenow, Schauer, Conyers, Dingell and all the other guys we pay the big bucks to represent us? They sure as heck are doing a lousy job of it right now.

I'm sorry to toss this at you just before Christmas, but the Modern Casting Magazine from the American Foundry Society decided we should receive this information this month.

Let's pray for guidance--
God bless............

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No Matter How You Feel About Moving Gitmo Prisoners to the Mainland

Doesn't it just get you a little bit that Illinois got the prison that Standish wanted, worked for and had done all the ground breaking effort toward? Wonder how the unions in this state will justify voting for a President and all his cohorts who have done nothing but shaft Michigan since he was elected.....

And he wears Jennifer like arm candy to make it look like he cares about our state. Oh, well--

Maybe we can figure out how to work with the Tea Party folks to make just a little justice prevail in Michigan again. Perhaps the kind of lies such as Justice Taylor sleeping will get a little closer scrutiny the next time around.

Cap and Trade=Cap and Tax. What to do.

Has anyone done the math to figure out how many trees it takes to offset the carbon dioxide each person generates just by breathing? And if we drink milk, how much will the tax be to offset the cows breathing plus the tractor exhaust when growing the crops which the cows eat? Plus what are the costs of pasteurization, transportation from the farm to the creamery and the supermarket plus driving there to buy it? Can farmers and individuals plant enough trees to be free of a tax? Would renting trees be cheaper than paying tax?

All these nagging little questions have me wondering just exactly where and how the statistics are generated. We discussed the carbon footprint some months ago and I took their word for it. Now I want to find out exactly how Gore and his friends intend to control our lives using Global Warming/Climate Change as an excuse.

However, I do believe there should be some way to figure out historically how much or how many "footprints" were generated before man and industry were a part of the equation. Any tax should be predicated on a fairly high baseline attributed to nature. I don't think it would be fair to make us pay for something for which we're not responsible. Right?

Let's make that a New Year's project. Right now I'm planning to enjoy the rest of Advent, Christmas and the holidays.

I wish you the same.
God bless..........

Tea Party Makeup

It occurs to me that no one really knows what percentage of the Tea Party group are Republicans so the pollsters shouldn't be looking at divisive actions between them and the Republicans in November 2010.

It should be obvious that both Republicans and Tea Party members have the same goals. We both want to work to destroy the factions that are trying to destroy our country. If that means tossing out a few RINOs, so be it. We simply cannot have the likes of New York's 23rd district repeated anywhere else in the country. Hopefully that was representative of a very small minority.

For that reason I ask of all who are committed to either the Republican Party or the Tea Party to work together to elect patriotic Americans who want to see our country survive and prosper long into the future. It doesn't take a seasoned politician to realize that if we don't work together, we hand everything back to or over to the Democrats and liberals.

God bless..........

Sunday, December 13, 2009

There's Tiger Woods and Then There's Brad Flory--

No matter where you live, you know who Tiger is. I am so tired of hearing of him with everyone singing the same song. You can nearly always count on me to think of something different. On this subject I'm thinking that perhaps it takes the guy who has the most to lose to teach all the youngsters and some not so young folks who are just starting out to learn a lesson from this fiasco.

All the other celebrities from Kobe Bryant to OJ to Brady it seems folks are used to it and just shrug their shoulders. However, with the business empire Tiger has built perhaps people will realize that he is causing suffering to so many more people than any of the others. His foundation and all that stands for along with all the employees working as a result of his activities will suffer. Let's start setting him up as an example to listen and learn.

The other side of this I am seeing has to do with both a private and a public personality that so many people carry around. Has it occurred to anyone else that Tiger has been actually committing suicide of his public persona slowly but surely all these years along with living his private life? Just a thought.

And then there's Brad Flory. If you live in Jackson you don't have to say "Who's that?" If not, let me introduce you. Here's a guy in middle America who goes about doing his job day after day and all he really wants to do is keep that job. Along the way he gives pleasure to people who enjoy his work. He cares about different segments of the population from the elderly who have worked without recognition for a lifetime to the less fortunate who can benefit from Brad's Lunch Bunch. He supports local businesses even though it takes more effort, but sets a good example. And on top of that we smile when we read his column.

Just a thought: I'll bet his parents are proud. And unlike Tiger Woods, no one has to figure out whether or not he is a good example. He is.

Did you light your third Advent candle tonight?
God bless...........

ps-Brad's wife is a real good sport...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Finished the Book

Assuming I am old enough to be either your mother or grandmother may I make a suggestion? Talk to them before it's too late. Leaving home at twenty meant that I lost some "adult kid" time with my folks and now regret not asking them enough questions about their early lives. After a conversation with one of my kids who said "I didn't know that" about three or four times I decided to rectify the situation.

Starting in early September I had a sticky note pad in every room in the house and when I thought of something to share, wrote it down. After a month's collection put all the notes in chronological order, transferred to a legal pad (had about two pages) and started to write. Interestingly enough as I was writing related stories occurred to me and it really went fast. I called on a 90 year old cousin to help fill in the blanks and by December 1 it was pretty well wrapped up.

The last few days have been proofreading and formatting and Monday morning I will deliver it to the printer. I had no goal but here it is in time for Christmas. As it turns out I probably enjoyed the process much more than the kids will in reading it, but I've told them they have to read it, there will be a quiz, and then they can put it on a shelf forever. I've now done my duty.

I recommend the exercise and hope that you can either convince your parents to start the project or if not, start by doing interviews yourselves. I can almost guarantee you won't be sorry.

Have a good weekend--
God bless.......

ps-if you're my age, as my husband told me when I started, "You'd better hurry up."

Friday, December 11, 2009

Blackmail, Anyone? or Why do Democrats Hate the Military?

What would you call it when the bill to approve the military budget is being held hostage to an amendment raising the National Debt Limit?

Democrat politicians have the freedoms to undermine any part of this country or the components which make it great. The tyranny of the minority calling themselves atheists has the support of the liberal elements in our government.

Democrat politicians have the freedoms to subvert the goals of true educators at the behest of the NEA and AFT who care only for political power and certainly not the children who suffer at their hands.

And where are the Democrat politicians when it comes to reacting to 5 men who have traveled to Pakistan to try to find a terrorist cell to join? If they won't let the military or law enforcement do their jobs without criticism, how are they going to protect themselves (not asking them to think of anyone but themselves) from known terrorists? Let's assume that if they are protected, the people around them will also be protected. Haven't heard a word from Schumer on this one and it's his territory that gets terrorists the biggest bang for the buck. Duck, Chuck!

Have you read your energy bill lately? Mine looks like about 25% of it is comprised of surcharges, delivery costs, etc., etc. Buck passing? How about telling us who ends up with all that money in their pockets? The state? The Feds? Themselves? Some bureau or commission? Who? I thought November was fairly mild until that bill arrived.

Cuddle up and stay warm--
God bless...........

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dr. Jekyl or Mr. Hyde--

You just never know who is going to show up when our President opens his mouth.

Do you suppose he just picks a speech at random from the fishbowl of writers in his Speech Writers Department? And he got lucky this time?

Usually his attitude toward the military and lack of common sense approach to how the world works and human nature operates is enough to gag us without a spoon.

Maybe he is a chameleon? Maybe he is some ventriloquist's dummy? Maybe he is one of a kind and there's no name for him yet.

He sounded sensible today. Maybe the world will end in 2012. Maybe, just maybe....

Who knows?

There's an old saying: Work as though everything depends on you and pray as though everything depends on God. So what do we do? Both!

God bless..........

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jewelry Store Conversation, Navy Seals and Medicare at 55--

There is a perk with my retirement watch--batteries are replaced at no cost. I was joking that they probably hadn't expected me to live this long and the woman agreed that it wasn't only watches, the government didn't expect us to live this long either. The conversation turned to politics and she said that it is really frustrating that the politicians won't listen to their constituents. I agreed, but she perked up when I reminded her that they will really be listening to us next November. Why am I telling you this? To demonstrate that ordinary people are just waiting for the opportunity to be heard. Don't think that they are just a part of a silent majority or minority. They care.

As far as the Navy Seals and their upcoming trials are concerned that is also a most frustrating situation. Frustrating for us to have to watch our servicemen be persecuted while terrorists are living what to them is the good life and getting the headlines and opportunities to expound on their belief systems at the expense of our tax base and our justice system.

And what is this crap about opening up Medicare to those age 55? Talk about making a bad situation worse! Taxes will have to go up for those workers paying into the system as well as retirees paying their premiums on all parts. Don't you wonder whether the CBO will score all the separate parts of this looking at the insolvency dates?


Keep the faith-
God bless........

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nuggets Found in Relaxing Reading

Anyone who reads what are usually dubbed "legal thrillers" for fun and relaxation are sometimes treated to bits of philosophy which I consider found pieces of profundity. Now and then there are weeks when the schedule allows the reading of 3-4books, but usually one is the norm and sometimes even that one will take several sittings.

Like one today:

The lawyer is usually over worked mostly by choice and no matter in what line of work anyone can be found, the description is the same: workaholic. Today's fellow, from an old 1995 story, is watching his nephew who is a product of the proverbial broken home:

"As I watch him disappear up the escalator, I want to spit at the self-indulgence of my generation. My guilt as a father simmering deep inside, vapors of shame. We are a society that sheds spouses and takes on new lovers faster than a rajah can work through his harem. We dissolve entire families on a whimsy of lust. We pursue bald ambition as if it were the true religion, leaving our children to come home to empty houses, to fix their own meals, to cope with the crippling insecurities of adolescence, while we engage in an endless chase after the grail of possessions. And we have the audacity to wonder who killed the innocence of childhood."

And how does this affect the whole of our communities and ultimately, the country? When it permeates the world, we know the result is reflected in global politics.

How true--
What to do--
God bless.........

Monday, December 7, 2009

Pearl Harbor Day

Reminds us that freedom for others as well as ourselves is worth fighting for. It is worth working for. It is, in some instances, worth dying for. What kind of life can we have without the freedoms in our Constitution and Bill of Rights which, even if you accuse me of being a conspiracist, I am convinced many people in our own government are trying to restrict.

Everyone on Facebook doesn't read the blog and vice versa so I need to share why at my age I am still very active in the party which I believe fosters freedom.

The first chapter of the book I am writing for my kids is "When the Music Stopped." Sunday afternoons in our house we listened to the Firestone Symphony Hour and with a 10 year old's memory perhaps not precise, midway through the music stopped and the announcement was made that Pearl Harbor had been attacked.

Because my dad was working on Wake Island, as one way to try to achieve the American dream, that affected us as well as the military people and their families on Hawaii and elsewhere. I learned many lessons through the 47 months he was gone and even more after he returned.

Not a day passes that I do not prayerfully thank those who put their lives on the line for the rest of us and I take it very personally whenever our country is attacked whether it be literally or with subservive methods. And whether it be by foreign entities or even by American citizens.

Over 400,000 men and women died during that Big War and there was no reward other than knowing that the cause was just.

As always--
God bless........

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Monarchy: A Change We Can Believe In?

It's probably pretty hard to find a Mom who didn't tell her kids that if they can't find something good to say about someone they shouldn't say anything at all....
By the same token if Mom were completely honest she should have added that if they know something dangerous about someone they are honor bound to warn other people about it.

Some of us see things in the current administration that could be dangerous not only to us as individuals, but as a nation.

This President has admitted how much he enjoys Air Force I--right from the "gitgo" as they say, it appeared to be one of his favorite things. Great perk! Not many folks have those kinds of service from their servants. How many private individuals have bodyguards ready to take a bullet for them?

Are these the kinds of perks what makes our President feel like royalty? To make people wait for anyone time after time is the mark of a power player showing how important he/she is. (Remember that old saw about being nice to folks on the way up because you will probably be meeting them on the way down?)

Example of making people wait: the cadets at West Point had to wait 3 hours to be sure things were secure for the president. You've got to be kidding! What about the Social Secretary who didn't spend the time necessary to check guest lists as they used to in that horrible Bush White House? That Security was thought to be better than West Point????

And why do we see him constantly touching people? Has he no respect for their personal space? Or does he think they should be honored that he would deign to touch them?

The President and all his Czars is very reminiscent of the old European court days when the Emperors and Kings had their nobility around at their beck and call for their entertainment and service. This is worrisome.

Busy times coming this month--
God bless...........

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Republicans: United and Divided

Today provided evidence of both in that attendance was required at both a Republican County Executive Committee meeting and a Republican State Party Committee meeting. Many times there is lively discussion as well as disagreement in coming to common ground. And sometimes it takes a rather long time and patience to deal with them.

Michigan Party chair, Ron Weiser, probably put the definition to rest comparing the members of the party to the members of a family. Family unity plus sibling rivalry with all of the ups and downs encompassing family life being a great example of the party.

The other "expert" I would draw on would be when Ronald Reagan said that if we agree on 90% of the issues, we should be working together. The only problem I would see with that would be with the totally single issue voter and there's no arguing with them--and we have them on both sides of the aisle so they probably cancel each other out.

Somehow common sense has to prevail but knowing that some of the issues involve an emotional response means we have to demonstrate how we have the answers to both. Without getting too far off base we need to remember that God endowed each of us with unique talents and intelligence and that coupled with the environment in which we live certainly makes diversity of opinion a basic position at odds with each other.

As has been said "Democracy is not a spectator sport" and we need to realize that it is not easy either. It takes much time and discernment to study a question and not depend on snap judgments in making decisions as to candidates or issues.

This is a cop out, isn't it? The poll referred to in Larry's Facebook question wasn't exactly 50-50, but it certainly wasn't that far apart. All I can say is that we all have our work cut out for ourselves in the next 12 months. It seems that every year we find ourselves saying that "this is the most important election in our lifetimes."

Hope your weekend is going well--
God bless...........

Friday, December 4, 2009

Right Michigan - Guy Thing?

I probably missed the posting that introduced the new writers who are taking Nick's place and perhaps that's the reason I just don't get it sometimes.

That bit about the squirrel seemed a little like what, with four boys in the house, I used to call 7th grade humor. The grosser the better and whoever could make Mom react was the winner for the day. Did anyone react to that? Undoubtedly all guys.

I've noticed several connections to the Mackinac Center over time, but again, what interests you guys isn't the same as what I bring up from time to time.

I could be wrong but I'm wondering if there isn't a distinct difference in the way the women look at a subject as opposed to men. Especially if that woman is heading into her 8th decade.

A friend has asked for reactions to the Washington Post's observations on the status of the Republican party. I'm going to wait a couple of days to see if the difference is as apparent as I expect it will be.

I'm watching--
God bless..........

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Job Providers Not Included?

First off, why does it take so long for the President to act? How long does it take him to recognize a problem? And how many people does he have to ask for advice or wait for them to tell him what to do? This is getting tiresome.

We first heard that the Afghanistan War was legitimate. Then we let it simmer for awhile. Then he named his own General. Then he received advice or a request for additional troops. Then he "deliberated" for 3 months. Then he goes to West Point to give another speech even though the White House had leaked the substance before he arrived. Then he telegraphed the end game so the terrorists can plan their strategy based on the information. We can only assume that he has the speech laying the blame on someone else in the can already.

We've been in a recession ever since he took office. He named a whole bunch of Czars to figure out what to do. They keep the TARP fund at less than a $trillion. And now months later they still haven't used any more than about 20% of the stimulus monies. The jobs "created or saved" so far are unionized government jobs which may or may not be permanent. Other jobs have been found to be in nonexistent districts or more than exist in any given sector and although it's been in the news, no comment has come from the White House.

Finally he decides to have a Job Summit. The participants are generally think tank types or union members. He gives a speech which includes a remark indicating that he will listen to any "demonstrably" workable idea. And how do you demonstrate something before it has been tried? And are these ideas to come from the types invited to the summit who have never offered anyone a job in their lives? Newt Gingrich has been having Regional Summits with job providers. Will Obama take the credit if Newt is successful? Of course.

And don't get started on health care. He drops the idea into the conversation, tells Congress to work on it and waits, and waits, and waits and tells everyone to hurry up. That nothing else can be finished until health care is taken care of. Great excuse!

And before I forget: The post a few days ago concerning employees of pre-school facilities becoming public service employees if anyone who receives public assistance pays with public funds has been one-upped by the Feds. They are planning
to unionize all health care employees. It work like this: ALL EMPLOYEES WHO PROVIDE HOME CARE MUST AGREE TO BE RECLASSIFIED AS FEDERAL EMPLOYEES, IN ORDER TO BECOME ELIGIBLE FOR FEDERAL REIMBURSEMENTS, WITH COMPULSORY UNION MEMBERSHIP AND DUES ATTACHED. This to be established under the Department of Health and Human Services in exchange for allowing "Private" providers access to federal reimbursements.

So there you have it. Business as usual. Life in the Obama Slow Lane.

God bless........
We need all the help we can get.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Paddling in the Pool

The only real exercise I get is the "better than sitting on the couch" kind involved in paddling around the pool hoping it's true that the extra effort of moving through water does require a bit of work and reaps a little more benefit as well.

The neat thing is that you can be constantly moving and still are able to talk to the person next to you in the class about all kinds of things. Discussions involving books, politics, education, etc., etc.

This morning a friend who is a retired teacher shared insights into attending teacher's union conventions and when I got home and checked the newspaper found that the MEA is in a bit of a pickle. They're in the red by about $124 million but say it's a not to worry situation. It has only to do with interest rates dropping and they are still able to support the pension fund. Really?

Apparently there aren't any other unions in the Midwest having the same kind of problem and there should be more to this story. Makes me wonder if three of their executives pulling down over a quarter of a million dollars each could have any impact on the bottom line. Just under half of the 343 employees are taking home six figure incomes. We're told the raises came after a 4 year freeze due to the lower interest rates and subsequent effect on the pension fund.

Circular reasoning, anyone? We need to watch this.

I'm about a third of the way through proofing "the book" so may make a December print after all.

Sleep well--
God bless...........

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How Westerners Look At and Win Wars

Victor Hanson, Fellow at Hillsdale, Stanford, professor at CSU Fresno, and on and on is featured in this month's Imprimis from Hillsdale College. The entire piece can be accessed at and well worth your time.

After a quick and dirty description of historical Western ways of war he lists five traditional checks that are intensified today.

1-The Western tendency to limit the ferocity through rules and regulations.

2-There is no "monolithic" West, only a conglomeration.

3-Parisitism which is a nice way to say the theft of ideas.

4-The ever present anti-war movement from our freedom of dissent.

5-"Symmetry" defining the differences between the soldiers/fighters. Example: compare the young college or even West Point grad against a young kid who doesn't value life in the same way and is poorer than the poorest citizen of our country.

Trust me, you'll learn more in 5-10 minutes than a semester course anywhere else.

From the sublime to the ridiculous:

I called Levin's office to ask politely why Section 3209 would be amended from allowing people to add their own money on top of Medicare to get a better plan to not being able to do so with Secretary of Health and Human Services having unlimited discretion to refuse to allow such plans. (This was in section 1175 of the House bill as well.)

I called the Lansing office--no answer.
I called the Detroit office and have never, and I mean never, been treated so rudely in my life. This kid wouldn't let me get the question out of my mouth. He kept saying I was reading a bill that wasn't in effect-words to that effect. I kept saying "please let me speak" and he just started the tirade over and over again until I just hung up. I couldn't get in a word.
I called the Washington office--no answer.
I called the Escanaba office and the lady said she would get the answer from Washington and let me know.

And this guy supposedly works for us.
Try to keep your spirits up--
God bless.........