Sunday, May 31, 2009

Television: NBC and TLC

Watched an interview with Brian Williams the other day and he said that when he thinks about the Iraq War he gets a picture in his mind of prisoners with bags over their heads and then their treatment at Gitmo.

When I think of prisoners I get this picture in my mind of beheadings of prisoners for the camera and of Daniel Pearl in particular. And I don't get concerned about prisoners with bags over their heads because my initial thought is that they prefer to wear masks anyway. My mind always reverts to the dead Americans being dragged through the streets of Somalia and I wonder why he says "we need to get our arms around this." Around what? We know what happened and we know how many people suffered at Hussein's hands. Agree or disagree, we know humdreds of thousands more would be dead had we not stopped him.

It was an after thought for Palmer when he mentioned that his thoughts turn to the missing towers when he looks in that direction in New York and remembers that people are missing who used to be there. He calls himself a journalist when speaking of his job and I wonder how many of them are truly deserving of that title any more.

Which brings us to reality tv. Should it be capitalized? No matter. I had never heard of John and Kate and their kids until last Sunday. Got home from church and sat down with the Sunday paper, the church bulletin and paper and flipped channels for a couple of minutes and happened on a marathon of the John and Kate show. It was fun for this Grandma to watch the antics of all those little kids and appreciated the fact that Kate would need help, that John really would need a high paying job to support them and that they would have a tough time saving anything for 8 kids college educations. Doing the show really appeared to be the answer for them. And that was that.

Or so I thought. All of a sudden they were all over the news because a sister-in-law was accusing them of child abuse. My take? That lady is carrying a load of green jealousy on her shoulder. The parents have taken the route which they think is the best for their children. If it's child abuse to send a kid to school while their parents are having marital troubles and there is gossip about it, well--join the club! With more divorces than marriages and single parent families without benefit of marriage, where is the abuse? This generation, while it may not be the ideal, is certainly up to handling what are very common problems.

So get over it, people. If you want to gossip, find another topic. This is a problem for God--we have no control and neither do we have influence on anyone in a position of decision making.

God bless...........

ps-Somehow I said Brian "Palmer" rather than "Williams" when I first posted this item. Sorry.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Gift for You

A friend sent me a posting from the American which describes the case for believing that Bill Ayers wrote the book Obama gets credit for: Dreams From My Father.

Just access the website and scroll the Archives list to May 24 for "Who Wrote Dreams and Why It Matters."

Other than that, I'm working on the best way to share the SOS interviews with you.

Have a good 'rest of the weekend' and God bless...........

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Secretary of State Candidate Interviews

My first interview was with Michelle McManus, the second this evening with Anne Norlander and I should have the answers from Cameron Brown this weekend. That being said I will post the results over the first 2 or 3 days next week.

Some sample questions to look forward to:

Please prioritize the duties of the Secretary of State as you see them.

What does your expertise allow you to do better or revamp present practices?

Is the SOS budget pretty much cast in stone or would you anticipate changes in areas of emphasis?

What do you consider your particular accomplishments?

Let's get to politics: how do you think your candidacy can help the Republican ticket?

Are you in favor of nominating Republican candidates in May at an early State Convention or waiting until August after the gubernatorial primary?

What is your opinion of absentee voting at any age for any reason?

What organizations are your strongest supporters?

Do you think you can raise the money for a credible campaign?

What do you want the voter to know about you on a personal level?

If you could be Queen, or King, for a Day, what would you do?

I hope these questions pique your interest and satisfy the requests you have made.

Thanks again for your input.

Sleep well--and God bless..............

ps-I wasn't familiar with the Meijer case, but will ask the candidates if they are.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Latina Wisdom!?

Excuse me while I stiffle a giggle. Having trouble getting this picture out of my mind: The Supreme Court nominee believes Latina women have more wisdom than white men? Really? Is that what accounts for the drug smugglers, coyotes smuggling people in horrendous conditions into the U. S., gun runners, crooks of all kinds in Mexico and plying their trade throughout the Southern and up to the northeastern states, infiltrating the prison and security systems in their home country and on and on and on. What kind of Latina women trained up their sons to flaunt the law and take advantage of anyone and everyone they can?

Sorta reminds me of the wives of the Mafia who went to church every day and prayed a gazillion rosaries for their sons and husbands.

Where is the respect for the law? Oh, oh, yes--we need empathy more. At least that is how Obama would like to have the courts react to the law. Hmmmmm. I don't get it. Is this his response to N. Korea? A little tsk, tsk, tsk? Wag your finger in from of Kim's nose and say, No, no-naughty, naughty.

Let's list these under "things I can't do anything about" so it's time to watch my husband cut down that dead birch tree.

God bless.........

P.S. When big brother taxes soft drinks because they're not good for you, you'll get fat, will he exempt diet drinks? Just wondering.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who is Buried in Grant's Tomb? or Would Buy a Nuke----

What a dumb question. Some commentator today was asking who Korea would find to buy nuclear warheads or missiles. You gotta figure that anyone in just about anyplace with enough money, right? And you really think Obama has a plan to "talk nice" as State Department diplomacy is the answer........

There are so many things happening at once as we've all noted before. It seems that every day there's something new on Obama's plate. He just flits from one program to the next. And that's what has me worried.

Grant's tomb was my first analogy of the day and the second has to do with how long it takes to turn an aircraft carrier around. I understand it takes miles and miles and that's when everyone wants to turn around. What do you think our chances of getting back to capitalism after some of our largest industries and services are nationalized might be? Particularly in view of the fact that the libs want to keep the socialized system so they're not all steering in the same direction.

Let's start counting and don't forget that we're talking about some of the largest corporations in the country:

Automobiles--where will investors come from who would put money in a union/government business when the owner (Obama) considers private investors to be speculators and money grabbers.
Insurance companies--who will buy? "Protection" insurance will be totally over priced and term/life types might go under.
Banks--It's hard to wrap our arms around the myriad services and figure which ones can stand alone and which ones will need government guarantees. Who will want to take a chance?
Healthcare--I can't imagine how long (quickly) all businesses will divest their fringe benefit program of healthcare and everyone except seniors who are forced into Medicare and Medigap coverage will be in the government single payer plan. And these private plans will be forced out in that New York minute.

It will look like those intricate domino designs which takes hours and hours to construct and then the key tile is pushed and it's destroyed in minutes. Who is going to make the investment of time and money to reconstruct the design?

I just don't see how the optimism level was reported as higher today. It is really a sad scenario.

Good nite and God bless............

Monday, May 25, 2009

Heard or Read this Week-end

1-The Ten Commandments didn't come with footnotes

2-Coincidences may just be miracles God does anonymously

3-The two words I want in my obituary: disciple and patriot

4-Pray for the President to learn to respect Netanyahu - after dissing him last week

5-Repower America's website doesn't want any dialog

6-A friend wonders why I didn't entitle my blog "Whatever Lola Wants"
(Some day I'll tell you)

7-Overheard line in a classic "cowboy" show: Sometimes we work so hard at living
that we forget how to live

Last--remember when we discussed what it takes to make people react with lifestyle changes when government programs start costing more and more?

A friend of #2 son started out with 2 trucks about 14 years ago hauling different kinds of product throughout the eastern states. He did this with 2 teenage sons, himself as the mechanic and scheduler plus most driving in the early years. He now has 16 trucks and several drivers. The cost of licensing the trucks is much, much higher in Michigan than in Maine so he looked into licensing fees in Maine and determined since he is involved in interstate trucking he could legally make the change. After being threatened by the MHP he has decided to re-license in Michigan for the present. But I wonder what the back breaking straw will be that will cause the family to actually move to Maine with college educated children, a going business and an expanding family? It probably won't be too long now.

This has been an interesting Memorial Day/weekend. Outer space involving the Hubble telescope and a shuttle involved; local communities having many events including parades, picnics and fireworks; church events and memorials plus televised programming for those who can't get around so well any more including the ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. At times in the past 3 day patriotic weekends have been more well-known for their sales at the mall and elsewhere than for appropriate events. It's good to see.

It bears repeating: Not many more important things in life than discipleship and patriotism. God bless.........

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Depending on your age, guys, this could have meant WWII, the Korean Conflict, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq or any number of defensive tactics and maintenance of the military through the years.

Now there are more and more women who can answer the question as well. And it occurred to me that I might be asked the question also. How might I answer?
First I'd have to define "war" in the mind of my kid or grandkid or you.

In light of the fact that Obama says there should be no more "war on terror" or "war on drugs" or whatever, I need to say that just as he does not speak for me as far as religion is concerned, he does not speak for me as to his definition of war.

I used to say that when my children were young I feared for their physical safety and as they grew up I feared more for their spiritual and intellectual safety. Today I would add that I fear for their loss of freedom and initiative and ideas. I am concerned that in this country where we have had an abumdance of freedoms in the abstract, those same freedoms are eroding at an every increasing speed.

Whenever I am tempted to back off of what looks like a losing battle because of the political climate of the day, I need to remind myself that I should be answering this question for myself. And my answer should always be that I never retired from the "war against socialism" which is a true battle for the hearts and souls of all folks who hold core moral values based on JudeoChristian concepts because that's all I knew when I was developing my worldview during the last 50-60 years of the 20th century.

I apologize to no one except in a general sense because I was fortunate enough to live in a time when American values were admired and today's younger people are not that lucky. Too many of your generation have been influenced by those who believe that there is more wrong than right about our country and want to follow sharia or international law. Or believe that Socialism is really the way we should be going. Or don't understand that if you don't wish to look at abortion as a moral value, please look at it as an economic value. In good part due to abortion, this country has a birth rate below what it takes to replace outselves. That, friends, is the beginning of the end.

And that's the end for today, the first day of a Memorial week-end meant to honor the men and women who have given their lives for the freedoms we enjoy and so-o-o
take for granted. Democracy is not free.

God bless.........

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pelosi Needs to be Sued---

Someone from the CIA should sue Pelosi for defamation of character or whatever the legal terminology is for her accusation which amounts to accusing the CIA of treason. If she really has evidence, she owes it to the country to be sure that the "liars" are punished. She should realize that she is accusing nearly an entire department of a capital offense. (Frankly, I think she is the liar, but we need to see the truth come out.)

If she does not follow through on this there might be a case made that by not seeing that justice is done she is, in effect, aiding or abetting in the crime and should be prosecuted herself. I'm not a lawyer, but logic tells me that there are certain steps that need to be taken to be sure accountability and responsibility are afforded to whoever is involved and to whatever extent.

A couple of other things came up in today's news. Apparently the White House is supplying the media with clips making it unnecessary for photo reports by the networks or others. Go ahead, color me cynical, but this sure smacks of CENSORSHIP. A few cameras are allowed in for specific periods of time for certain events and then shooed away. Later the photos they want published are supplied. What would you call it?

The other thing is Colin Powell trying to be on both sides of the fence. Just because he served as SOS under GW for a time before Condoleeza Rice who was truly qualified, doesn't make him a Republican. Since he endorsed and campaigned for Obama, I believe he has given up any right to be considered Republican and if he wants to give advice to the party, we should treat it as respectfully as though James Carville were making the offer.

Have a great weekend!

God bless America...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Obama in Denial?

I'm quite sure that the psychology field has a name for changing the name of something and hoping it will go away. Something like man-made disasters instead of attacks or war or terror? I can't even remember the euphemism he uses for terrorists--it's hardly related. Now he needs to come up with a new one to identify the "citizen terrorist" meaning home grown, right? When do you suppose they will put out a program with new definitions in it?

Also, if you read comments, a week or so ago someone took me to task for "ranting" about abortion. Well, gee whiz! It's like a knee jerk response for me. Every time I hear the President talk about getting back to our moral values meaning no "torture" for terrorists, this vision appears in my brain: Barak Obama standing in the well of the Illinois Senate chambers speaking in support of the bill that would deny medical procedures to a baby born in spite of the abortion meant to kill, but didn't. The baby and the terrorist. They may be both tortured, but the terrorist lives and the baby dies. And this is a moral position?

I've asked to meet with the other two prominent SOS candidates, but in the meantime let me make a point that usually comes toward the end of a study of the candidates and their positions. Viability or electability. Start thinking about what it takes to wage a statewide campaign. Yes, it takes money, lots of it. It takes dedication. It takes the right positions on the issues. It takes energy. There are other criteria which we will continue to talk about, but even though it used to be a hackneyed word which we don't hear too much any more because we take it for granted, don't forget charisma. The candidate needs to be likeable, approachable and enthusiastic. Nobody's perfect, but we do need to keep score and get as close as we can. And don't forget--the first election is a primary so Republican bona fides are totally necessary.

Have a great week-end. And remember why we have a Memorial Day. God bless..........

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Meeting with Michelle McManus

We enjoyed our visit with Michelle McManus and have a "little known fact" for those of us who do not live in her district which, by the way, is ver-r-r-y large. The lady is an avid shooter! Instead of having a golf outing or an ordinary fundraiser like most of the others, she has a "Sporting Clay Shoot." And if you visit her office you're likely to see the first turkey she ever bagged.

This is my plan: To have conversations such as today's with Michelle with Cam Brown and Anne Norlander and to be sure that we are playing on a level field, the same questions will be asked of all candidates. In order to ask good questions, I want to share with you a projected FY 2010 Budget Function. Then we all have the same basic information.

Total Budget: $213,639,000
Customer Services 131,261,400 61.4%
Information Technology 25,023,700 11.7%
Administration 27,899,200 13.1%
Elections 5,449,300 2.6%
Regulatory Services 24,005,400 11.2%

This may not turn out to be a question followed by 3 answers--each of the candidates will, I am sure, have strong points in areas which they will want to stress and this is the way I'm sure all of us want to study the total picture to figure out which one more closely resembles what we want in a Secretary of State.

See you tomorrow.

God bless............

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Primary Filing Date Just Passed

And we have two new entries in the 19th Senate District.

The Democrat entry is Sharon Renier who is well known for entering lots of races and challenging many candidates through the years. Sometimes she shows well and sometimes you wonder why she spent the time filling out the forms, but here she is at the last minute tossing her hat into the fray. I can't imagine that she will give Marty Griffin too much trouble, but you just never know about these things.

The Republican entry is for the most part an unknown from Sandstone Township, a Mr. Wellman who also entered the race at the last minute. I plead total ignorance of his qualifications or his reasons for getting into the race or his positions on any of the issues, but we will do the research and get some answers for you.

I will have some other answers for you tomorrow, however, even though you have not as yet asked the questions. I'm planning to have dinner with one of the Secretary of State candidates and will report back to you within a couple of days. This office is always one that generates much interest in Michigan and there are a number of candidates who are testing the waters. I'll try to touch base with those I don't already know and report back. And I'll really attempt to be as objective as I can be, promise.

If there is any special question or area of interest you would like me to pursue, just send me a note through the comment section and I'll report back.

Have a good day--

God bless.............

Monday, May 18, 2009



No matter what healthcare plan comes from the White House we expect that you will vote for it, but we ask your indulgence as we suggest that you bring up an amendment which would require that a 2-3 year trial period be enacted which would require a test by the Legislature and all government employees who would keep meticulous records. Then, and only then, if the test is "successful" should it be brought up for a vote. Please respond with a public statement. Thank you.

Further, since the President is going to announce more strict CAFE regulations we would ask, since it would greatly affect Michigan's automotive industry (or what's left of it,) that you tell us exactly what it would do to our economy.

Could you have someone on your staff compile the charts/statistics necessary for a cross-section of your constituents to be able to figure out how much new restrictions would actually cost us. If our present vehicles do not meet standards will we be expected to junk them? Or will there be a fine or cap and trade fee to continue their use? And what would be the formula used to arrive at that cost? Or will licensing fees or gasoline taxes add to the cost for folks who can't afford new vehicles?

Perhaps you could also display the costs for using a motorcycle or golf cart type vehicle or even a Smart Car for getting around town. Then we could add in the costs of renting a car for out of town trips. Your constituents with longer commutes to their work place will face different sets of circumstances. Would there be allowances or rationing in the offing for unforseen problems?

We want to be as informed as possible in order for us to ask your assistanace as our Representative and thank you in advance for your efforts.

And to this blog's usual reader--God's blessings on you........

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Last Notre Dame Observations

Well, it's finally over and nobody moved--so much for dialog.

Item: He couldn't resist the opportunity to blame the "previous administration" for being short sighted.

Item: Talked about using fair minded words--wonder where that puts infanticide (I don't know of a synonym that is as descriptive.)

Item: Used levity to talk about a guy who was exercising free speech. He was prepared and appeared to welcome the interruption. It "made his point."

Item: Honorary degree is "hard to come by." Really? What did he do to earn it? Run a good campaign?

Item: Yawn. Mostly just another campaign speech.

Item: His use of the Golden Rule seemed so hypocritical when he was talking about the basic right to life. Do unto others? I would hope that he would rather not be killed as abortion kills. He approves of it, right?

Item: Last--I just can't seem to get past the echo when he says "God bless America" and Rev. Wright's echo is "God damn America."

There must not be a vow of obedience or humility in Fr. Jenkins' order.

God bless everyone--we certainly are going to need his blessings. None of us deserves them, but we'll take all we can get.

Have a good week.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Today's Notes from GiGi (aka Great Grandma)

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This is Joshua, an avid baseball player. He had his own baseball card when he was four and playing Tee ball. He's also part of the reason I keep working on all things political--it's his future and that of his brother and my other grandkids. They are the victims of what is happening in Washington and in nearly all the states that will affect his future freedoms and ability to earn a living.

In a couple of days the Notre Dame thing will be history but I want to make one thing clear at this time. When the media take polls on the subject, they really don't have a clue. "Practicing" Catholics who do not believe in the basic tenets of church teaching have in effect voluntarily excommunicated themselves from the Church. I will not judge them. The Church will not judge them. The Church will put forth its position and anyone who cares can draw there own conclusions. The judgment will only matter to them and the 50 million plus babies who have died since January 22, 1973 due to their actions.

As for those they call non-practicing Catholics, they don't count. Have you ever seen anyone use the breakdown of non-practicing Methodists, Presbyterians, etc.? It's the same thing. If you have resigned, you no longer belong, and you may now be counted as some other denomination or not. No one else should care. It's personal, right?

The other headline grabber today has been the Pelosi story. Wonder when she will realize that it's the cover-up, not the initial lie that becomes the problem. I'm thinking that she welcomes the investigation because the longer it goes on, the longer she stays Speaker. I'm thinking a lot of Democrats would rather she resign right now than take them through the next months of headlines with Pelose and Liar and CIA juxtaposed over and over again.

Do you think Obama might hint that it would be a good idea for any CIA agent who was hired during the Bush administration resign? Something like firing all those justice guys?

Again, have a good weekend.

God Bless........

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Notre Dame, Granholm and California/Pot

One of the arguments I have made through the years concerning Catholic politicians who support abortion is that message to us from God's Word: It would be better for you to end up at the bottom of the sea than to cause scandal to the least of my children. (Slightly paraphrased.) This scandal is certainly equal to well known and influential Catholics like the Kennedys, Pelosi, Biden and all the rest, who don't know their Bible all that well, certainly do trust their "Catholic" legislators. ON A RELATIVE SCALE WHAT CAN BE WORSE THAN NOTRE DAME AND OTHER SO-CALLED CATHOLIC COLLEGES SUPPORTING PRO ABORTION POLITICIANS?

Possibly the only good thing to come out of this whole mess might be the recognition by some clergy,including the Bishops who have signed a protest, are realizing that they may have let these guys/gals go too far. One can only hope.

SUPREME COURT NOMINEE? If Obama names either Granholm or Napolitano he has tipped his hand and for the rest of his term we know that his only guide is politics. These two women above all the others alone, campaigned for him, raised money for him and influenced a great many voters. This turns a Supremem Court judge into nothing more than a political hack and denial of blatant politics is impossible hereafter for him.

LEGALIZE POT IN CALIFORNIA? If the Governator would push for drilling offshore he could solve his budget woes without hooking another generation on mind altering substances. Where are the priorities?

And where is the logic? Heard today that public one-payer healthcare for the uninsured would focus on preventative medicine. Now you tell me--how illogically do your thought processes have to be to expect people to sit for a looooong time in a waiting room if you didn't already have a problem or really need to see a doctor? Everyone should accept by now that care will be rationed, there will be fewer doctors willing to take public healthcare, lower reimbursement patients, so waiting times will get longer and longer. Visualize this: me shaking my head back and forth and back and forth.

Have a good weekend--
God bless............

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Public Floggings for Generals? Notre Dame Class?

Not since General MacArthur has a military man been so publicly humiliated. Why in the world can't they just use the phrase "re-assigned" or "a change in strategy" or something that wouldn't look so petty? I thought Obama was trying to make amends with our service men and women and now this. What arrogance. And has Gates always been a liberal or is he just enjoying the extra perks and notoriety that come with the job.

And as far as the photos of torture are concerned:
Does the President really think that a late "re-thinking" of the issue after all the world wide damage has been done will suffice? All of the media, without exception as far as I can tell, is cooing and fawning over how he changed his mind and how this proves what a strong, bold leader he is. He knows he can come off smelling like a rose while the legal system just goes on and does what he had planned all the time and he can bask in the glory of a press conference.

See ya tomorrow--
God bless..........

Added Thursday morning:

My take? Notre Dame has less class (and ethics?) than the State school in Arizona. They were astute enough to opine that the President is only a few weeks into his term and therefore hasn't earned an honorary degree this early in his career.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So Many Topics; So Little Space

Let's start with that "vast wasteland," Television. My favorite show for the last couple of years has been Numbers. This year I confess to taping, so I can zap the commercials, Fringe and Flashpoint. I won't miss anything else, but I hope both these are back next season. If you haven't watched either, give 'em a try next fall.

Michigan State Police. I can't believe we would spend the time, resources and money to train 83 new patrolmen only to lay them off in a budget cut so we will lose them totally. Not just temporarily, totally. They will go to some other state and use our investment to enhance another area. There has to be another way. There just has to.

Add to that some "improvements" to an intersection that I use every day. Already in the interests of safety I make a right turn and then get in a left lane at a stop light to avoid a stop sign where traffic from one direction is coming up a slight incline making visibility less than 100% and the other direction has folks turning right on red as an option for them resulting in unexpected traffic between light changes. Without going into detail, when heading west I will now turn north, move into the left lane and in a very short distance make a left turn in front of what used to be one lane turning left and one right and now both will turn left. This has disaster written all over it. But it's safer than going straight west at a 5 way intersection. Dollars to doughnuts the engineers don't use that intersection very often.

Beware of Free Healthcare! Have you heard that in the interests of "preventive" medicine, Britain now denies treatment of heart disease to smokers and refuses hip and knee replacements to the obese. Smokers and heavy folks are wondering why their lifestyle "choices" are punishable but their gay neighbors having sex with multiple partners get a pass on their lifestyle. This is just the tip of the iceberg! They have a new program where civil servants come in and check to see if you have healthy food in the refrigerator.

In two separate publications this week the question was posed: Can you name any European other than political figures? Point being that they have appeared to have lost their creativity. Where are the artists, composers, scientists, writers, etc. of yesteryear? We used to admire them. Now we are looking for approval from them in the political realm, but why? They are like infants living in a nanny state and have lost any initiative and creativity they had historically. Why should we care what these leeches on society think about us? What are they contributing to the world?

The other area we will discuss will be the demographics of Europe where they have extremely low birthrates--in the neighborhood of 1.3 replacement per couple--and we really should be looking at what is happening here in America if we continue on the way we are going, what with abortion, same sex marriage, and small families. Is it economics? Is it the lifestyle changes? We need to be looking at where we are headed.

A priest friend ended his homily with this gem the other day: Do God's word. Nothing more, Nothing less, Nothing else.

God bless............

Monday, May 11, 2009

Addendum to Stock Market Observations

They're still at it! Instead of just recognizing the trend of the market, the reporters are all agog over the fact that the market has risen 35% since its lowest point this year and made up its losses of 2009. Duh... That low was not in early January, that was some time after January 19th--Inauguration Day. From my point of view the praises should be sung after the market makes up the losses since the high of 2008. (That will be my fiscal base point.)

There are so many figures floating around. Where do you suppose the increase in new jobs comes from? Could it be the 72,000 government jobs generated? (And guess what--government jobs means more union membership. Another Duh?)

The talking heads have talked about little other than the Saturday Night Press Club event. A number of those remarks were certainly in bad taste or a lot worse, but has it ever occurred to anyone else that the reason the media types are still fawning over the new President is that they consider themselves a privileged class? The President owes them so they, along with the unions and others who gave him huge monetary support are those who are supportive of the nationalist/socialist agenda.

If I were a newspaper employee I wouldn't be so smug. The demographic of Jackson is such that we still have a print paper, but I have a feeling the reprieve is temporary. Just heard that there will be no more paper boys. All routes are to be covered by those over 18 and delivered by automobile. They call them sub-contractors.

It certainly is the end of an era. Along with Boy Scouts and baseball, the paper boy was always a rite of passage for many young boys. We parents were convinced that our kids were learning lessons in responsibility, learning to serve the public, giving good and timely service and showing respect to their customers and yes, they did have to get up on Sunday mornings and go out in bad weather. Good lessons all. I still remember how long it took #2 son to do his collecting. He always spent time with the "geezers" who were only too glad to share their life experiences with this kid.

Little known fact: 50% of all money spent by the federal government is either printed or borrowed. We've discussed the cost of money before. When too many people are chasing too few dollars the result is higher interest rates and inflation. And for seniors, add the fact that there will be 4 years of no COLA in your Social Security check. Oh, well......

Try to sleep well and God bless........

PS-thinking about newspapers, I love the comics. In fact, you know the questions about who would you like to be stranded with on a desert island? Or what book(s) would you take? Well, I'd like to have a bunch of comic strip writers over for dinner. Lots of philosophy along with that humor!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pick a card, any card--Choose your own Memory

First card: If you are not an only child do you remember quarreling with your brother or sister? Coulda strangled 'em right? But what did you do if someone else criticized him or her? Of course! You defended them to the "death." Does anyone else feel that way about our country? So how does it make you feel when our President goes abroad and apologizes to the world for our actions? Justified, or--NOT! And when his wife has these high approval numbers it must mean that everyone but me thinks it's OK that she was never proud of our country until her husband was nominated..........

Second card: Have you ever waited and waited for someone to meet you for an appointment or for a spouse to get home so you could go somewhere as a couple? Do you remember going through the different emotional levels? First, anger. Then, worry. And depending on the situation, third, sadness and/or acceptance. That is, I believe, why we have such a benevolent attitude toward this administration. After the anger or disappointment we are dealing with the worry of the unknown and wondering just how far they will go and finally worried and sad about the consequences which will affect not only our own lives, but future generations.

Third Card: We will all pay. Take healthcare, for instance. The so-called greatest generation has benefited from so many innovations which have extended our life span, but we see how rationing of that care will become a death sentence. Sorta like going for the lowest common denominator. If you don't pass the cost-benefit analysis, you don't get the pharmaceuticals, surgery or treatment. At my age it's not a huge deal, but I hate to think what it will mean to my kids, grandkids and greats who will not only wonder whether they will qualify for care, but will have to pay the cost in dollars as well. Not a pretty picture.

Last card: If you have anything left to invest for your retirement, what will you do with it? Pension funds are now labelled the same as hedge funds--a totally negative image. Ordinary folks who invest in American industrial or manufacturing companies are called speculators with no rights. Everyone looks at financial institutions as crooks and investments there paint investors with the same brush. Makes me wonder if the President is going to issue a list of "Approved Investments for Citizens." The top of the list will probably be headed with programs which will pay "volunteers" to do the bidding of the Boards who come up with the best ideas and they won't have to pay anything back if they work in under-developed areas. It feels like a nightmare coming on.

The card I refuse to play is the Religious Discrimination card. Even if the Prez wants to label us as "not a religious country" I refuse to accept that. The old proverb "there are no atheists in foxholes" comes to mind and looking at our situation, life in the United States may end up as dangerous as life in a foxhole as far as independent thought and free speech are concerned.

My prayer is that more Americans are fighters than lovers and will refuse to accept the option of giving up to the liberals. Maybe it's time for another Tea Party.

God bless........

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yippee!! Got a Letter from Mark Schauer!!

Remember when I told you I had touched base with Schauer's local office in early February about the Chrysler/Fiat situation? And then again I reminded a young staffer at the Jackson Library touted as "Congreeeman's Corner" or some such title which was, I believe sometime in late March. Then 3 weeks ago I called the local office again and they couldn't find a record of my requests and suggested I call the Washington office. So, I did.

Today I rec'd a letter dated May 4 (from the Washington office) which did not mention Chrysler but rather repeated the bullet points referred to in yesterday's piece. Examples:

Progress made in the first 3 months; primary focus - restoring our battered economy.
Although he had concerns he figures the bill will create jobs in Michigan and better than doing nothing, going on to repeat the figures used in his brag piece: 109,000 jobs in Mich., 7900 in 7th dist., and an $800 tax cut for most families. He then listed the amounts received by counties in the 7th for ARRA funds.

However, ARRA was not perfectly written.....going on to list his preferences which he is putting into an amendment.

Next paragraph is what Congress should do plus focusing on the automotive industry.
He'll do anything to solve this problem. Also wants to "stabilize" and cut foreclosures by 20% of the housing market. Being sure we have clean energy also.

The final two paragraphs were general remarks about constituent comments and "thanks for your questions."

Nary a word about Chrysler even though I had specifically asked his opinion of the deal. Oh, well.

Happy Mother's Day to those who are Moms. God bless you all........

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mark Schauer Performs at Spring Arbor University-- Law and Politics Society Panel

Young Econ/PoliSci students at Spring Arbor University hosted Congressman Schauer with a truly astute panel of questioners, but the responses were nothing more than warmed over talking points which seemed to satisfy the students--they apparently haven't had the opportunity to look at both sides of an issue before hearing his opinion. The President of the University and a couple others were fawning fans of the Congressman or else I have been away from academia for so long I've forgotten that is SOP.

I did tape the hour+ long presentation, so will pick out a few quotes for tomorrow's blog if you're interested.

For today I'd like to clean up my desk and note a couple of observations from last week. 1) Re the abortion subject yesterday, the only point I think pro life and pro abortion people can agree on would be that both sides would like fewer problem pregnancies. 2)Last week when the President was addressing the CIA someone fainted. The President's response: "Oh, did someone faint? Is there an EMT here? This happened all the time during my campaign." 3) When making reference to a personal catastrophe he remarked "My thoughts and prayers go out to them." Give me a break. Since he has gone to such great lengths to deny the religiosity of this country I wonder what that means. At first I was concerned that he didn't say "we" as the country's leader and spokesman, but now I'm thinking I don't want him speaking for me in matters of faith.

Which does remind me of one comment from Schauer today. There must be a directive to all Congressmen from the White House that they should blame their predecessors if at all possible. When he was talking about his experience with Head Start and education from "cradle to career" he brought up Tim Walberg pointing out that his was the only vote against the Head Start legislation last year because the bill spoke to being sure that churches running Head Start programs in their churches would have to hire gays and atheists. Hardly necessary.

Sleep well. God bless............

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Now I've heard everything. A lot has changed in 20 years, but a lot has stayed the same.

In 1988 I was, I believe, fortunate to be named to the Platform Committee of the National Republican Convention and landed on the committee which was responsible for keeping the pro-life plank in the platform. It was quite contentious at times, but we found some common ground without coming to any real agreement. (Yes, there were pro choice Republicans back then as well. I could name names, but you would probably not recognize them anyway.)

Long story short, the choice people were determined to put the "except in cases of rape or incest" in the language. It was at that point that I "shocked the world" by saying, "if that happens I predict an epidemic of rape and incest." I meant of course that anyone who wanted an abortion would make that statement, but it made the nightly news. However, after discussion, it also stopped them from using that angle for a time.

I also shocked both sides by saying that maybe I would agree to a first abortion if they would agree to sterilization at the time of a second abortion. In this day and age I would have said something like "be careful what you wish for" or "beware of the unintended consequences" lines.

Sometimes you need to say something so off the wall that it brings the conversation to a halt and everyone starts looking at a problem with fresh eyes. Today we call it thinking outside the box, which is getting old already, I admit.

The reason for this topic tonight is this warning: don't let Obama fool you. He and his liberal pro-abortion supporters are going to try to sound like good guys looking for agreement in any area at all. NOTHING HAS CHANGED! They want one result and one result only. Total abortion rights up to and including the infanticide practiced due to Obama's support for withholding life support for an infant who has survived an abortion.

Most folks read this during the daytime hours, but as usual I say, Sleep Well-----
After thinking about this on Friday, you may not rest easy Friday night.

God bless...........

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Obama Legacy(s)

The first, or one of the first if he's going for a record, will certainly be the demise of the big three and the nationalization of the American automotive industry. With the possible exception of Ford, but with the UAW running Chrysler and probably GM, it will be tough for Ford to remain competitive.

I know, I know. You probably wish I'd get over it, but I'm taking a lot of Obama's actions personally. He is a dream killer and some of you younger people will never even start the dream because you can see the futility of it all. I'll try not to mention it as frequently, but I can't promise not to go there again.

The other topic tonight is strictly party politics. I'd like to tell you a story about how easy it is to fall in the trap of passing the buck and blaming the other guy. We're seeing it all over the place--seems everyone has a different idea on how to revive the Republican party. Blame Specter, Colin Powell, Olympia Snow, just pick someone out of the headlines. However, my warning will fall on deaf ears as soon as it gets to the leadership--the fat cats throughout the various states and nation and those who make a living at it either in campaign mode or in holding office who think money is the answer to all our problems.

Those folks are so far away from the man and woman on the street it is difficult to fathom how they expect to appeal to them. Years ago the Republicans were known as country club, cigar smoking, rich, fat cats. Over the years we have pretty much succeeded in refuting that premise, but I'm afraid we're not defending ourselves when we are attacked with that and other name calling.

In the early 80s when Jackson County was a part of the old 2nd district, we had a young man running for Congress who decided we should use that label in reverse and we started the Skinny Cats Club. He was elected. I'd like to take a stab at re-activating that mindset and getting back to the basics. Studying issues and having volunteers really get involved rather than being told what they can do to help and keeping the enthusiasm level high are a couple of secrets in a lost art.

I mentioned this briefly when lauding Jack Kemp because he inspired that kind of loyalty and enthusiasm. I can try to remember some of our strategies and share them in the coming days and even though folks aren't inspired to comment much, perhaps you would want to share ideas in this venue. It would be most appreciated. This is a place where there is no power grab nor opportunity for it.

Sleep well--we need our energy. God bless..........

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Geithner/Obama Team up Against Tax Cheats?

For these two brilliant guys not to understand the message they are sending boggles the mind.

A cheater and his boss going after their definition of cheaters. Really?

'Nuff said.........

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Ultimate Catch-22

How's this for a riddle wrapped in an enigma and tied up with a puzzle string?

The government is looking for a few good men. Military? No, just a few really, really, really good, experienced executives to run auto companies, insurance companies, banks, you name it, whatever they decide to nationalize next.

If you were an experienced and successful man or woman in any of these disciplines, would you really consider taking a job where the adversarial relationships would be not only two groups across the table in negotiations, but a group of government know-it-alls along with the government tax people (some newly hired) along with the union who altogether own 90% of the company and you on the other? Oh, and by the way, do they really think anyone is going to buy stock in a company when those who hold that paper now are going to be lucky to get pennies on the dollar? (And the President has the gall to call them speculators?)

What would the future hold? Being responsible for the jobs of thousands and thousands of people. Never being able to justify a bonus for meeting goals. Being on call 24 hours a day (yes, that's what responsible executives get paid for.)
Cancelling family vacations on someone's whim or sending them on without you. Going to work before your kids get up and getting home after they go to bed. Being criticized by everyone from the guy who can't or won't hold a job, doesn't pay taxes, didn't finish high school to the politicians who hired you and having no one to watch your back. And let's not even talk about company airplanes that save a lot of time and allow working while in the air. Told to hit the road when anyone needs a scapegoat.......

Would you advise your son or daughter to take that kind of job? Not on your life. So who do they think is going to do the dirty work at the top so the "taxpayers" get their money back? Especially that 40% who don't pay taxes, but I kid you not, the guys on the nightly news just said that the government is going to give everyone who makes less than $26,000 a tracfone. The guy who thought that one up? Good grief!

What is this country coming to? And Obama is just thrilled to be asked to share his worldview with includes not torturing terrorists, but does include pulling babies apart at 9 months, or if they survive an abortion, tossing them in a closet to die when he graces Notre Dame graduates with his presence.

Again.....God bless us all. Nothing nor no one else can help. Try to sleep well.

Waking Up on Monday Morning to:

Share with you if you're too young to remember, memories of Jack Kemp. I hope he's not the last but he is probably one of the last politicians who represented a microcosm of America and was respected, if not loved, even by his opponents. His character, humor and thought process is a huge loss to all of us.

Wonder why Obama and Holder don't see the precedent which will be set if they cooperate with the Spanish judge. How many of us might send money and support to any foreign judge who will bring suit for just about any reason against this administration in a few years?

How many more jobs will be lost when American businesses decide it's not worth it to incorporate in America and use foreign banks, but will just pack up and go abroad to market their services or manufacture their products?

Share with you one more item. As I told you a few months ago there was a fire in our church building. Parishioners were guests at St. Mary's and St. Stan's during this time and we thank them for their hospitality. Yesterday the Bishop re-dedicated our newly built interior and newly decorated church building which was followed by a dinner and an open house and prayer service for the community. This is also our 75th anniversary which we will be celebrating throughout the year. So, thanks, God, for the great weather and our reunion.

Wish you all could have been there..........

Saturday, May 2, 2009



The guy who was accosted by the CNN reporterette and asked him why he said Obama was a fascist is right! The evidence is in and the proof is here!

Now that Chrysler has been forced by the President to "give" the company to Fiat, put it under the control of the government and the UAW and to shaft the people who have invested in the company over time calling them speculators (and just wait, GM is next) we can only wait and wonder which industry or business he will nationalize next. Yes, I know, Healthcare is a given, but other than that.

My friends who didn't quite believe me during the campaign are now saying, "why didn't you tell us it would be this bad?" The answer is: I honestly didn't know that all of this could have happened in the first 100 days. I thought it would take a couple of years and no joke, I reckoned not at all with the government running two automobile companies and however many banks they'll have at the end of the day.

And does it all matter? The environmentalists are predicting the sea levels at levels high enough to wipe out entire cities in coastal areas, but they won't let nuclear energy be substituted for those terrible fossil fuels. So we'll all go bankrupt trying to pay fuel bills while they try to save little snails, fishes, trees and bushes to name a few. And to what end? Their worst case scenario has everyone dead in about a hundred or so years if we don't do what they say and do it right now! So we leave the world to the insects?

Somehow I don't think that was God's design, so for now we'll just say God bless us all.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Pedophiles Protected by Hate Crime Law + Football Commerce Important?

Is this world upside down or what?

Jennifer on short list for Supreme Court?

Hone, None flu is a problem.

H 1, N 1 flu is not a problem.

Granholm says Fiat taking over Chrysler is great--she is going to convince them to build Fiats in Michigan.

My husband once bought $5000 of GM preferred stock.

I drive a Pontiac.

The Marines near Yuma, AZ have cut illegal arrests from 4,000 last year to zero this year by use of radar type imaging or what I think they call a "virtual" fence at a cost of les than $150,000 per mile as opposed to the millions needed for a real fence. Duh!

On or about the first of February I picked up the phone and heard "if you'd like to take part in a conference call with Cong. Mark Schauer, please stay on the line." I was curious and reported to you that he knew everyone personally to whom he spoke and anyone else on the line listened to his canned speeches. Well, guess what. Last week we rec'd a letter thanking us for taking part in that effort followed by a three page letter listing all of Schauer's accomplishments. A full 7 weeks later?

So I called the office and asked when I might expect to hear from him as to his position on the give-away of Chrysler to Fiat which I had first asked for the second week of February. They didn't remember my call nor did they have a record of it, so I called his Washington office figuring that he should have an opinion by now. The young man said he would send a letter out. Still waiting.............. It's been over 6 weeks now......

I'm going up for a nice, relaxing hot bath. See you tomorrow. God bless.........