Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eleven Days Left

Now we're being told that there will be rioting in the streets if Obama loses. I guess that is meant as a threat so when the Ragin' Cajun' Carville says it's so, I guess we'd better take note.

Are we getting so used to violence that we can ignore or at least just take reasonable precautions when we're threatened? I'm thinking we need to consider the source of the threats--it's not just law enforcement being prudent in getting ready. They had to have had some reason to begin with to even start thinking about the possibility.

So where are the threats originating? And are they anonymous or are folks like Carville considering themselves omnipotent and above the law? And will they escalate? We can only wait and see.

So if you live in areas which have witnessed this kind of activity in the past and there is a history of unruly behavior perhaps it would be prudent on your part to use the buddy system when traveling and to avoid potential danger areas.

We can only hope these warnings are unnecessary.

See ya

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