Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Obama & Chicago Olympics a Done Deal?

Does this feel like a little deja vu? Sorta like when Jennifer took her trips to Japan to "do a selling job to get Japanese businesses to locate in Michigan?" And it became painfully obvious that the deals were complete before she left--that she certainly wouldn't have gone and taken the chance of embarrassment if she failed?

Well, looking at it that way, do you think the President would take a chance of failure and embarrassment in Denmark and having to return looking like he couldn't close the deal? If the fix isn't in, this is a total waste of resources from the time away from his job to the costs of the trip. Of course, it pales in comparison with the Clinton trip to China with 900 of his closest friends, but who's counting?

No matter what happens we can assume that he has now paid back a major part of what he owes the Democrat machine of Cook County and all the lobbyists and folks who were instrumental in his rise to power. Undoubtedly there are lots of profit to be made by his supporters who will champion the games and all the building trades unions and everyone who can make a buck will be very happy. The losers are the common people in Chicago and perhaps the state who will have to pay the bill after the games are over. Not many host cities have come out even at best.

One other thing. Back in the olden days we used to try to keep the Olympics on as much of an amateur basis as possible and certainly kept politics out of it as much as possible even though we do keep score by nationality. This kind of politics by leadership is just a bit unseemly. For someone who keeps apologizing for big, bad America it seems a lot like the ugly American syndrome revisited. Oh, well, there's no understanding what goes on in this administration. We're going backward in time to the parallels with the definition of is.

Whatever will be--
God bless...........

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Consumers Energy in Denial

A customer satisfaction survey finds Consumers went from 8th place to 22nd among 26 utilities in the Midwest. "It's likely Michigan's tough economy was a factor." Really?

#1-J.D. Power added a question this year asking customers about their financial situation. Give us a break--they change the survey by adding a question and don't expect to find evidence skewing the results? Their spokesman said "Michigan utilities faced a particularly challenging year keeping customers satisfied."

Then a Consumers spokesman said the utility may need to do more to let customers know about the good things the utility does. He then said we were paying less for natural gas and delivery compared to the national average. And what does that have to do with anything?

#2-Don't they give their customers credit for an ounce of brains? They ought to do a survey to find out how many can read the back "explanation" of our bills. I defy just about anyone to make sense of the gibberish. I have talked to many engineering type friends who can't explain it.

However, let's just cut to the chase. The reason most of us are less satisfied is not that we don't have enough information. We may even have too much. I'm sure they thought it was a good idea to inform the Consumers world that they were being taxed for green power sources and freebies to people who don't need it by taking from those who can't afford to buy new appliances and giving it to those who do make such a purchase by paying them to haul away their old appliances. That front page story about the woman who was going to pay someone $60 to take away an old freezer but found that Consumers would pay her $30 for the privilege of carting it away for her is plenty of education, thank you.

Then we found out about the gas and electric tax we each pay so that they can educate us about how they are spending the $265,000,000+ generated by that tax. That's sorta like rubbing salt in the wound. Five years of watching whatever they do with that money will be like picking at a scab and wondering what will come next. We can only hope they won't be working on their next plan to tax us for some "project" which will benefit everyone but us.

I know some folks who work at Consumers who do a fine job and am certainly not blaming them. But the corporate world of Consumers who play games with an on again off again coal powered plant when they should be educating the public and either starting a new nuclear facility or re-activating the Midland plan would be a great way to use that tax we're paying. Oh, and by the way, did they get rid of all the resort property they invested in a few years ago? How about some of that international stuff they were investing in while Michigan sat in the Dark Ages? Let's hear about that.

Visualize this-everyone shaking their heads back and forth in disbelief--
God bless...........

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wanna Be Governors Answer Questions starting October 5-

We'll probably do only two a day since there are 5 candidates. The questions have to do with: the State Police building, subsidies for businesses from two angles, an automotive question, Tax or Program pledge, major problem for Michigan, going green, highest priority, personal information and King for a Day, the usual sign off.

Random comments-

Only one candidate has reacted to the Visine story.

Jennifer is at it again and wants 4000 wind turbines in Michigan. We researched that question some time ago and if memory serves, Michigan has few high wind areas. The little piece in the local paper today indicated that folks in Pigeon are already complaining about height, noise, etc. NIMBY-Not in my Backyard, right? Just happened to think--with Ted Kennedy gone, wonder if they will get turbines erected on the shores of Massachusetts now.....

Another piece on wind power indicates China wants to go from 12% to 20% wind power to supply energy, but they don't have enough grid to get the electricity to the market, so they are also building more coal powered power plants as backup power sources. Wouldn't you think in that vast country they could find the ideal spots to erect enough turbines to do the job and be able to construct the grids as well? I don't get it.

Thirteen year old grandson came up from Atlanta over the weekend to take part in the annual Youth Hunt and got his second deer. Last year's was what they call a button buck and this year's was a little larger doe. He figures he'll come back next year (his last as a youth) so he can get a buck. Ah, the eternal optimism of youth. Don't you just love it?

Not much to report as Obama has fun on his personal airplane. He just loves it.
Not much to report on the Michigan gang--do they really think they have a budget that Jennifer will sign at the last minute?

How about the straw poll surprises at the Republican Conference this weekend? Rick Snyder atop the gubernatorial contest and Paul Scott looking very respectable with a last minute entry for SOS was, if not a surprise, at least unexpected. Imagine there will be all kinds of pundits telling us exactly what it means and none of them will agree with each other.

We'll see what happens in Lansing soon enough---
God bless.............

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Obama-Hypocrite or Snake Charmer

A few days ago the President spoke to all the kids in the country through the school system. He then promptly turned around and made sure that the kids in DC would be unable to access a voucher system through which some were already benefiting and which shut the door on them as well as any future recipients.

And now, he is talking about lengthening the hours and days of school in order that kids would have more opportunity to learn. Does he have a clue? What's that old cliche about practice making perfect but what's the result of imperfect practice....

There are so many failing schools in this country that by having kids spend more time in them would only lead to higher failure and drop out rates. What is he thinking?

There's one more education piece of the puzzle rearing its ugly head. I never would have expected Bill Cosby who has been a strong voice of reason when talking about education and responsibility to start being a role model who is now fostering the idea that anyone who disagrees with the President is racist. What the heck is going on?

And do the 95% of the African American community who voted for him ever wonder why he is so supportive of abortion when the highest group of abortions is to be found in the black community? Black genocide, anyone?

As for his superlative rhetorical skills, reminiscent of a snake charmer, he's going to need a lot more than that to talk the Chinese and Russians who are beholden to Iran for energy needs and whatever deals they have going into taking part in any kind of economic boycott.

Call in the prayer warriors--
God bless...........

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Everything is a Re-hash

It seems that there is not much new going on--usually there is something that gets top billing on Friday so it won't get too much attention over the weekend, but this weekend appears to be total repetition.

So, let's go with that.

One thing: We will be formulating the questions to send to the gubernatorial candidates on Monday, so if you have anything you want included, this is the time to do it.

One other thing: Why is no one concerned about Visine being used as a date rape drug? This boggles the mind.

See you tomorrow-
God bless..........

Friday, September 25, 2009

First Warning! Only Sixteen To Go?

If the usual pattern is followed as with Iraq, Iran has sixteen more chances for hanky panky and fooling the free world and making us look like fools. Certainly the Obama statement isn't making them cringe. And the French and British even though they sounded stronger, certainly aren't giving Iran pause.

Let's face it, nothing has changed. It looks like we have domestic terrorists who are coming to life and we're still calling that kind of activity not terrorism, but a little insurgency. Scary, huh?

Husband and I were talking over a hamburger today about the Tea Party and protests in general. He has always been adamantly opposed to them on principle anywhere in the world. I, on the other hand, have always felt that had I no little ones at home may have joined in a march or two against racial discrimination. But who knows--the opportunity did not present.

Until now. I see parallels between the systemic discrimination in our country that needed to be taken seriously for what we than called the Negro. Think of it this way. We are looking at a systemic effort by certain elites who wish to enslave a whole segment of the American population, taking away from them the freedoms which we have taken for granted and did not see a creeping socialistic enemy getting closer and closer.

Now we have by our own vote given the power to pass any legislation to a single party and its leadership and we don't even know exactly who is pulling the strings. People appear to be willing finally to protest to try to save their children and grandchildren from certain slavery. The kind that will tell them where they will work, whether they will go to college (and what classes and careers are needed by the state,) and probably how many children, if any, they shall have, and on and on and on.

Do you think we have a chance against this party? Life and death decisions are being made by the "powers that be." The only thing I can see is that we should be spending, as one of my friends put it, a lot more time on our knees. And so we shall.

God bless...........

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Over the Counter Date Rape Drug

I attended an informational presentation by staff at our local AWARE shelter, where victims of domestic and sexual violence are served here in Jackson. AWARE provides shelter, services and programs and is staffed, as I mentioned Monday evening, by a very talented and dedicated group of women who really know their stuff.

This is scary and although there is always the off chance that someone will get an idea he hadn't had before, there is a much higher chance that someone will be the victim of sexual violence if we do not publicize it which makes us complicit. So here we go--

The over the counter ocular solution containing tetrahydrozoline, known by its trade name VISINE and commonly called "eye drops" may be used to "induce an obfunded compliant victim with no memory of the period during the sexual assault." This is from an article in Legal Medicine 2007 and authored by Spiller HA et al. Mr. Spiller's email address is

Of course, given my propensity to do something about a problem NOW my first email was addressed to several friends and acquaintances who are either in branches of government or law enforcement. My first idea is that as is the case with the cold remedy ingredients which can be used in the making of meth any eye drops with similar chemical composition might be treated in the same way. These items should be protected by being behind the counter and require asking a pharmacist for the product. Anyone who would protest the little bit of extra effort in a legitimate purchase doesn't have much of a public conscience.

From the abstract: "Drug facilitated sexual assault (DFSA) has been defined as sexual activity occurring where consent is invalid or absent due to the effects of drugs and or adult male repeatedly used tetrahydrozoline to induce a comatose state in an adult female and four female children for the purposes of sexual assault. It may be warranted to include imidazoline derivatives in the testing for cases of DFSA." Much education will be needed because the presence of the chemical lasts for only 96 hours after the event.

There's a lot more to this, of course, but if you believe as I do that this is a problem which has serious repercussions, please contact your local authorities, representatives and perhaps school officials if the avenues are open for this kind of discussion. I truly hope this will be a relatively easy avenue to stop something before it gets to be a much bigger problem. Please help get the word out.

Good luck in your endeavors--
God bless..........

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rare Earth - Risky Supply Chain - Part 2

Definitions: Both SmCo (samarium cobalt) and NdFeB (neodymium iron boron) were invented in the U.S. plus Alnico (aluminum-nickel cobalt) which exhibit the highest temperature stability and maximum energy product. Produced by either Casting: cast into molds, heat treated and machined to size and magnetized or Powder metallurgy first melted, cast, crushed and milled to the 2-5 micron range, single crystals with a single magnetic domain pressed in a magnetic field, sintered and heat treated. Now you have the reference point.

In the 1980s the American magnet industry reached its peak with approx 6000 people employed in the field. In 1990 worldwide magnet production was 300,000 metric tons with sales of about $2 billion. The U.S. comprised over 50% of the totals. Incidentally there are about 600 American patents connected with this industry, but we all know how the Chinese feel about patents, copyrights, etc.

In the 1990s a dramatic decline of our production was in motion while off-shoring commenced and picked up speed. First just portions, then full lines of magnet production moved to China. Just before the turn of the century Magnequench Co. was sold off from GM to a Chinese-led investment group. Then North Carolina's operations went to Singapore in 2003. Then Elizabethtown, Kentucky's operations were moved to Germany and Slovakia. In 2005 the U.S. rejected a bid to purchase Unocal (not even realizing the danger of selling off these rare earth mines. Finally, Hitachi closed its production facility in EDMORE, MICHIGAN (where was Jennifer?!?!) effectively ending all NdFeB production in the USA!

In 2009 the Australian earth mine closed and today the U.S. magnet industry now employs about 400 people including three Alnico producers, one independent hard ferrite producer, one SmCo producer and no NdFeB producers even though that is the most recent type with worldwide magnet sales topping $9 billion before the recession. The U.S. capacity is a tiny portion of the total.

Molycorp is attempting to re-commence mining in California. The Small Motors Mfg. Assoc. plans to reintroduce a statistics program. Now predominantly importers are from Europe and (mostly) Asia.

As recently as June 2009, Congress took small but significant steps to counter these trends. First the House Armed Services Committee included important provisions in its bill expressing concern at the trends in domestic specialty metals prosecution. It specifically mentioned high performance magnets and dependence of defense systems on foreign sources of NdFeB.

They also commissioned a study by the Government Accountability Office on the effects of such dependence on defense systems. The BIG QUESTION?! WHERE IS CARL LEVIN? How is it the House is so far ahead of the Senate?

So here we are with a national strategic problem where the last firewall was in our home state and neither the Governor nor the Senior Senator were aware of or even cared about it if they heard about it. What the hell were they doing?

It won't be easy, but sleep well--
God bless us all................

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rare Earth - Risky Supply Chain - Part 1

Unless you are a geologist, this is a real slog to get through, but I'm quite sure we are all going to need this information within the next few weeks to months. Then you'll be glad we went through this.

When reviewing this information, please remember that I reported slight differences in statistics about world wide supplies, etc. This from the current article from "Advanced Materials & Processes," August issue keeping in mind that I first reported between 75% and 90% are found in China and there were 30 elements:

"Rare earths comprise a group of fourteen elements that were largely undiscovered when the periodic table of elements was developed. However, they are not rare; they are abundant within the earth's crust. The deposits are generally not deep; and are easy to access through open pit mining...."

So much for consistency. We will have to break this down into two parts since information abounds. We'll look at China and foreign influence tonight and finish with American history, production and patents tomorrow. I'm just going to quote a sentence or so at a time.

"Today nearly 100% of the world;s rare earth metals and over 94% of rare earth oxides come from China." In the last ten years American production has steeply declined.
"China has 85% of hard ferrite and 65% of Alnico and SmCo magnet materials. These facts are significant because magnet materials are the backbone of manufacturing technologies that support U. S. energy and defense markets." ".....intellectual property rights abuses in China resulted in a series of lawsuits in 2003 and 2004 by the two key worldwide patent holders who have cross-licensed over 600 patents in NdFeB technologies."

In sort of an upside down maneuver some license holders sued magnet users such as Walmart, Dell Computer and other retail type sales to try to recoup the nine Chinese licensees and sublicensees to these master patents. "However, as many as one hundred companies in China are now operating in stark contrast to a total lack in the united States."

Lots of shenanigans from production caps plus violation of WTO price controls while prices of some metals rose by a factor of 4 in eighteen months. Export quotas were established along with trading and selling. Export duties rose from 10% to 25% on all rare earth metals. "However, they did not include those used in magnet manufacturing.....China may consume all it produces by the year 2012.

Recycling is non-existent in China. Whereas in the rest of the world casting methods are used, China simply takes a large block and chips off material until they reach the shape they need. Future access may be dependent on agreements to have the manufacturing facilities in China. On April 21, 2008, the U.S. Commerce Dept. imposed a duty of 185.3% on Chinese imports.

On June 24, 2009 the "Wall Street Journal" reported the U.S. and European Union filed complaints with the World Trade Organization that China was unfairly dumping." This was the article which piqued my curiosity at the time. Tomorrow we will continue with the U.S. needs and manufacturing facilities.

Sleep well-
God bless...........

Monday, September 21, 2009

Remember the Alamo!! or Is the Cavalry Really Coming??

This Afghanistan thing is one big Catch 22. It seems as though if we send enough troops to put the Taliban on the run there, they'll just cross over into Pakistan. And if we don't send anyone, they are comfortable right where they are just picking us off one at a time and maintaining a standoff. But there's one thing for sure. It's just not our style to leave the guys and gals over there without support and enough men and materiel to have a certain comfort level. So why not let the military experts make the decisions instead of a neophyte Commander in Chief and his cohorts in Congress who politicize everything they touch.

One of the clips I saw from all those interviews with the President yesterday was the one when he was again talking down to us poor, dumb constituents. The quote: "they just can't get their arms around it. I need to keep talking." It is so distressing to realize that our President thinks the country is full of a bunch of imbeciles. We can get our arms around the health care issues--only too well. I'm thinking maybe he has had blinders on for so long and has that "don't confuse me with the facts I've already made up my mind" mentality that he's the one who just doesn't get it. I feel like the parent of a teenager who is in that never never land between seventeen and twenty-two or thereabouts. So smart in some ways, but so immature in others. Sort of like the genius with no common sense.

Spent a couple of hours at a presentation by some very astute and really smart and dedicated young women at the local AWARE shelter--a shelter for victims of domestic violence. Learned some very interesting, and in my view, important stuff which I will share with you as soon as we finish with the last of the rare earth info and before we go into the gubernatorial interviews.

Have patience--
and God bless.........

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Miscellaneous Wrap-up

I was looking for the Attorney General questions for reference and realized that there were a lot more comments than I remembered seeing. Realized that they don't always appear within a day or two, so opened several.

Came upon one in which the reader called me a retard because I indicated Tesla was a foreign car company and he/she said it was American. Well, folks, you know by now that one of my resource people is my husband who spent his career as an automotive parts supplier and to this day his reading includes Wards Automotive, Car and Driver, SAE Automotive Engineering and anything else someone pushes his way. It was he who brought to my attention the article about our government's largesse to companies developing electric cars and appeared upset over the Tesla millions.

So, in actuality I gave you bad information and I'm sorry if you quoted me. However, technically I'm not so sure. Apparently there will be manufacturing facilities in several countries when they are up and running according to their website. Also, in digging into press releases and archives it is apparent that financing/ownership comes from many sources including Daimler, Abu Dabai's Aabar Investments and London-based Fjord Capital partners. Tesla said there were other investors who requested their names not be disclosed.

If your curiosity is piqued, feel free to dig around and we would appreciate it if you were to share anything new with us. It sounds like quite a story. Does this really make me a retard? Frankly, I question the good manners of my critic, but it takes all kinds.

Michael Moore would be homeless were it not for capitalism. 'Nuff said.

According to one pundit today in defending Obama's promise to add not one dime to the deficit, the way to keep that promise is by limiting services. Duh----

Olympia Snowe will just change her R to a D or I, no problem. Jeffords did it.

Ohio's Dennis Kucinich is absolutely livid because the CIA intentionally "leaked" news of a potential terrorist act just when Congress is getting ready to set some limitations on the Patriot Act. He is so concerned about freedoms we might lose to gain security. Yet, he is in constant lockstep with Nancy Pelosi and Obama on any other legislation. The loss of freedoms, penalties and invasion of privacy through the Health Care bills are much more real and expensive to me on a personal level than anything that would affect me in the Patriot Act.

Had a good time at the Reagan BBQ in Jackson County with a good representation of candidates in the upcoming elections. We are so blessed to have so much talent to choose from.

God bless..........

Saturday, September 19, 2009

With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies?

That can certainly be said about us as we pick them off one at a time. Now that we have decided we don't want or need as friends, the Israelis, the Poles and the Czechs, who do you suppose is next?

What's this I hear about Obama heading a UN committee? Certainly it can't be the Human Rights group? The one Libya led for a while? Well, why not. He seems to gravitate toward dictatorships. Well, no matter. If it's composed of the few friends we have he will surely alienate some of them and if it turns out to be some of the bad guys in the world we'll hear that he is turning them around. Yeah, right.

And by the way, Mr. President, the guys at the barber shop are agreed. Start the savings now! You don't need a new Grace Commission or Stop Waste and Fraud Czar to get going. You must know exactly where all the money is being wasted or you wouldn't be able to put a dollar value on it, right? You wouldn't be fudging the truth would you? Just get going! You've wasted 8 months already. Please....

And please stop saying "I will not tolerate" or "I will not permit" or "I will now allow" if you're not prepared to do something about "it" NOW--what the heck are you waiting for? Since everything is Mr. Bush's fault you need to get the ball rolling and stop sitting on your hands. Constant speeches and campaigning are not getting the job done. Two wrongs never make a right.

We know you won, you are going to pass whatever you want by Reconciliation, so get on with it. You're wasting a lot of time and that of other folks as well. We need to know exactly what adjustments we have to make to our budgets and how much it is going to cost us after your socialized medicine and rationed health care go into effect. We really need to figure out where we make our cuts and do without as far ahead of time as is possible so we get used to it and try to plan around it.

Going to put the finishing touches on the questions for the gubernatorial candidates next week. If you have any you'd like included, send them in, please.

Blue won, Green lost but hallelujah! USC got beat.

God bless..........

Friday, September 18, 2009

Cosby plus Carter = Racism?

The only reason I'm even bringing up this subject is because I'm thinking of another angle as is perhaps usual for me.

Granted that there is still what for lack of a better word might be called institutional racism--always been there, always will be there. And longtime readers know of my activity with the local NAACP due to the fact that there is still discrimination in the workplace. So I'm aware of some of what they are talking about.

But here's another angle: The evidence certainly shows that most of America can no longer be accused of that mindset--we have, after all, an African American President. But if there is any kind of increase, whether it be true or just in the minds of those who are looking for it, there is another reason.

Just as sports figures are role models for young people, they are also what the public sees. And now we have a very prominent example which we see on the news every day, many times several times during each day. Since there is a general distrust of what is coming from the White House, perhaps because of that constant demonstration of stretching the truth folks who have never had a personal relationship will start thinking that all African Americans are not as trustworthy as they thought they were before and during the campaign. And it certainly didn't help when Eric Holder decided those two black guys with night sticks at a polling place was not a exercise in intimidation. Good grief!

Just a thought--

One more thing: An alert reader challenged my report on Parade magazine's article about pit bulls. It was my error, not theirs, when I said "more than half" of all attacks were by that breed. I should have said "nearly half." I didn't have the copy in front of me as I usually do-I was intent on telling my personal story. Also, he was absolutely right that the fault with the breed lies in the owners and their training methods and not the fault of individual animals. My apologies.

Have a good weekend--
God bless and Go Blue........

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is This the 3:00 A.M. Phone Call?

I can't believe I am going to admit this, but as far as the defense of our country is concerned, I'm thinking Hillary would be doing a better job. Oh, yes, she has followed the Obama line in a couple of instances and apologized for our actions abroad, but I'm thinking that was forced upon her. I can't imagine that a feisty woman like Hillary would be dismantling our defenses like this.

And on top of that, how about the timing? This is not only Constitution Day for Pete's sake! But coincidentally(?) it is also the date of the Soviet invasion of Poland 70 years ago. This time not a shot was fired. Our withdrawal makes a sitting duck of the Poland and Czechoslovakian area of Europe. Can't help wondering what they're thinking about supporting us with their troops in the Mideast.

And what is going on with people who should know better? I don't even know if it is a matter of intentionally trying to fool the American public or if they just don't know any better themselves. Know better about what? MEDICARE AND MEDICAID. They are not the same thing. Medicaid is a program administered jointly between the federal and state governments to assist the poor to get health care. It is funded entirely with PUBLIC funds.

What is Medicare? It is a mandatory government controlled health care system for seniors and for which seniors pay a premium. It is in no way a complete program--there is one way to get complete coverage which is administered by the government and it is entitled Medicare Advantage, but is PAID for by higher premiums by the individuals. (And Obama is going to stop that program. How's that for "if you like your plan you can keep it?) Those of us who did not opt for that program go into the public marketplace and purchase coverage to pick up where Medicare stops. Just gently correct anyone who uses Medicare and Medicaid jointly as though they are the same.

So give us a break when the liberals say "well, if you're on Medicare and you like it, you are already a participant in a single payer public option so what's your problem or objection?" I don't know about you, but anything that I am forced to do by government fiat is a loss of freedom to me.

And as long as I'm on a rant, there's another guy who thinks he's smarter than we are. Mark Schauer. He thinks he can call a phone call with an "audience" of 11,000 listening, many of whom were invited in at the half way point, while 15 people ask pre-approved questions, a Town Hall meeting. Who does he think he is kidding? Some wag in Washington probably coined the term and all the little congressmen lined up and promised to walk the line. The one which says if you repeat it and repeat it people will accept it whether it's true or not. A Town Hall is a relatively small building for the purposes of conducting the business of a village or town and where sometimes public meetings are held. Are you listening, Mr. Schauer? You did NOT hold any Town Hall meetings.

Why do I have a burr under my saddle? Because I'm truly depressed about the direction this country is heading and fearful for my grandchildren and great grands. And, of course, partly because I'm probably guilty about not working hard enough to have stopped some of this. My fault, I did not see this socialistic train wreck coming. I just didn't believe that many Democrats were really that far left. At this point all I can say is--

God bless us all..........

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chew On This: If It's So Important to Fix Health Care Because It is 1/6th of the Economy, Why are We Not Worried about Government Spending?

Ran across the figure that the government uses up about 18% of the GDP. And since the present administration has doubled the deficit in less than 8 months, wonder what the number will be for this fiscal year...... Also, the latest figures indicate that the private sector no longer pays more than those who work for the government/public sector doesn't it seem like misplaced emphasis? Makes one wonder how the liberal elites prioritize their agenda......Let's give this some thought.

In the meantime, HE LIES!!! Joe Wilson was right and on a lot more than one count per illegal immigrants. The proof came out today when the "powers that be" scurried around to be sure that the wording indicated that illegals would not be covered. If the President wasn't lying, what was there to change?

On top of that how about that story he tells incessantly that "buying insurance on your own costs you three times as much as the coverage you get from your employer." He said it again in Minneapolis over the weekend blaming the "marketplace." Well, it's not true. The Congressional Budget Office says "Premiums for policies purchased in the individual market are much lower--about one-third lower for single coverage and half that level for family policies." I have reported to you before that my personal policy has not doubled even after adding an extra person. This according to the federal Agency for HealthCare Research.

Another story you have heard ad nauseum is about the Illinois fellow who lost his coverage in the middle of chemotherapy because his insurer found he hadn't reported gallstones that he didn't even know about. The President finishes "They delayed his treatment, and he died because of it." Not so.

According to testimony at a June 16 hearing on industry practices before the Subcommittee of Oversight and Investigation of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, his sister testified that the insurer reinstated her brother's coverage after the Attorney General's office intervened. She said her brother received a prescribed stem-cell transplant within the 3-4 week "window" from renowned doctors, the procedure was extremely successful and that "it extended his life nearly three and a half years."

There are other stories that can be Fact Checked including a description of Alabama's insurance carriers, Blue Cross-Blue Shield which is too long to go into here. All I can say is that someone, perhaps his speech writers? is playing fast and loose with the truth.

Enough for now-
God bless..........

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Being the Party of NO Ain't So Bad!

In fact, it is more than totally necessary to keep the power hungry liberal elites from doing any more damage than they are already hell bent on accomplishing.

After writing about the photos from the Hubble telescope last week and the rare earth elements last night, the mind starts wandering and wondering about the accomplishments of man. And where and why we are all in the places we find ourselves today. The uniqueness of over 6 billion people on the planet starts the mind boggling and we go on from there.

Start at the top with the Creation. As we said about the space pictures, there are not enough zeroes to figure the odds against the universe(s) being the result of random big bangs. Okay, so we go down from there. The minds who actually understand the concepts of all the sciences and can teach them to others while others go to the lab to find ways of practical application. And don't forget those who go out in the field to turn over rocks to find another kind of history.

Most of us did not grow up aspiring to be philosophers or theologists, but where would we be without them? It gets a little tiring to try to include every possibility.....

The inventors are pretty darned important also. Just look around you and then think of the types of thinking that went into making everything on your desk or in your car or on the farm or the architecture of that big building or bridge that when you get in the elevator or drive your car across you are trusting you life to perhaps a long dead designer. We could go on and on.........

But let's end this one with the politicians who think they are so darned powerful and in a way they are, but when some people reach certain "lofty heights" they are really impressed with themselves and figure they know what's best for everyone else and decide to make laws so that we all march to his and his friends' drummers.

Just because most of us lead rather mundane lives the guys at the top couldn't exist without us. We need to be eternally vigilant so that we remain, in this great country of ours, in a position to help pull up the people around the world in the under developed countries rather than be forced down to lower levels by our leadership. The world is changing, but we need to use good, common sense to be sure the basics of our freedom are not destroyed in the process.

God bless..........

Monday, September 14, 2009

Rare Earth = Thirty Elements

Thirty elements divided into the Lanthanide and Actinide Series. Never heard of any on the first list and only Uranium and Plutonium on the second list. And depending on your source anywhere upwards of 75% of the world's supply can be found in Inner Mongolia and controlled by the Chinese who say their goal is to attract high tech manufacturing to the area, not to dominate the market. Right.

Sample comments: "The industry aims to enact an annual export quota of 35,000 tons and perhaps ban at least five types." or "We do not focus on short-term gains in rare-earth prices." or "It will certainly highlight to the world that these metals are strategic."

Rare earth is used in computers, mobile phones, high-density magnets, low-energy light bulbs, computer disk drives, electric motors, lasers and catalytic converters. However, they have gained importance with the expansion of the hybrid car industry as tiny amounts of rare-earth metals can drastically improve battery performance.

In the U.S. concentrates are significantly mined in Mountain Pass, California. Japan is developing alternative sources in Kazakhstan and Vietnam. Western Australia has also developed a project. Bottom line, however, is that China accounts for 95% of global production, about 60% of consumption according to the U.S. Geological Survey and it supplies more than 90 per cent of rare earths used by U.S. industry.

It is easy to see the economic effect of this resource located strategically in one place with what we might call other piddling supplies.

Not sure that you have found this interesting, but for most of us I trust it's never a wasted day if we get a good laugh and learn something. We'll add a little more detail later because it appears that this is beginning to get more media attention.

See you tomorrow-
God bless............

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Parade Magazine has done it again. Written a piece on a subject which really sets me on edge and I'll tell you why. They made it look like there are as many pros as cons about these animals. The following is a statement I made to our County Commission in May of 2005:

"At approximately 5:00 PM Saturday, April 30, 2005, I heard my dog barking at the back door. I remember thinking he was really excited about something since he usually just barks once and waits for me to let him in.

When I opened the door I saw two pit bulls in full attack mode and my 115# Bouvier on the floor of the deck trying to get away. It looked like they were working in tandem with one at each ear and head area.

A young female teen and a younger boy were screaming at them to stop. The girl asked me to get a board or something and I got a s x 2 from the garage about 3.5' long. She hit the dog so hard it actually broke in half. I took one piece and she the other, but we could not get them off Kelly, who was "screaming" in fear and pain. (This sounds calm as I read it, but there was a lot of screaming and yelling from us and no, I didn't even think of calling 911. This was happening "now.")

I cannot even guess how events transpired from then on. I slipped in the blood on the deck. I ended up barefoot (had been wearing slippers) somewhere along the line. I sustained bite marks on my left forearm and index finger and have bruising on my right hand and both legs. I picked up a small wrought iron table and hit the dogs on the back, but that only resulted in one letting go while the other continued the attack and vice versa.

The entire incident lasted about 15 minutes. Twice the young girl went into my kitchen to try to call her father. She kept apologizing and said her brother had accidentally let the dogs out. Mr. _______ finally showed up and was able to get the dogs away from Kelly.

I immediately took Kelly to our vet, Dr. Schrauben on Spring Arbor Road. The surgery lasted over 3 hours Sunday morning (delayed because of blood loss and general trauma) which resulted in 150-200 stitches plus multiple puncture wounds with resulting deep tissue wounds. I believe his prognosis might be considered guarded--we do not know whether Kelly will survive at this time.

Note: Our back yard is fenced in with a walk through gate which swings inward so Kelly can't get out. Kelly is deaf so we have great fear of him getting away and closely monitor his activities."

We were able to bring Kelly home after 11 days in a private area at the vet's clinic where we visited him and lay on the floor to keep him company. He still had weeping wounds when we brought him home, but he survived another 2 years and died at age 11, which isn't bad for a big guy. Why am I telling you this? Because if you ever hear a discussion about pit bulls, remember this and then compound it with the fact that those animals are responsible for over half the deaths by dog attack in this country.

Deliver this country from the likes of Obama's latest Czar who believes animals should be allowed to sue humans.

We'll get back to rare earth later.
God bless us all, and by the way, Go Blue!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Rare Earth - Not the Rock Group

A couple of weeks ago I ran across an article about rare earth elements, over 90% of which can be found in Mongolia/China with smaller amounts in Australia, the U. S. and small pockets around the world. The supply and location is super important given the need for their use in electronics and particularly batteries now that the automotive use is coming on strong. Teeny tiny, itsy bitsy pieces (my word for sub particles and all the scientific jargon that goes along with it) can make a battery last a lot longer.

This is just a teaser. The political implications worldwide are huge as is obvious, so I've picked up a few articles which I'll try to put together for the weekend's posts. Hope you find it as fascinating as I have.

If any of you have any comments as to this topic, I'd sure appreciate hearing about your interest so we can try to cover the subject.

Have a good weekend-
God bless..........

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Self Imposed Censorship

Apparently the major liberal media outlets have done just that. We don't have to worry about censorship from the government because the media have beat them to it. Partners in crime, as it were.

I never in a million years thought I would be thankful for Rupert Murdoch. When I first heard of him I thought "tabloid." And I couldn't believe or imagine what he intended to do with my beloved WALL STREET JOURNAL. However, the integrity and complete coverage is still there, so not to worry. And if it weren't for Fox News we'd be blissful in our ignorance.

It is, however, scary when we consider that the powers that be are still working on their Fairness Doctrine issue and if we're not careful will succeed. We cannot afford to let that happen, so it's incumbent on those of us who care to mention it now and then so folks don't become complacent.

Remember when George H.W. was described as using "fuzzy math?" Well, last night certainly demonstrated that Democrats are outstanding in that area surpassing anything we may have seen so far. He was lying, as the man from South Carolina brought up, since denying anyone in this country anything that is supplied to all citizens according to the Constitution. As a Constitutional educator he had to know that. He feigned surprise rather well, however.

As far as "not a dime" added to the debt or deficit (his first promise was not a dime in new taxes) that math isn't even recognizable it's so fuzzy. And the list goes on. This is not only frustrating, but as I said a few days ago, this whole administration is heartbreaking.

God bless...........

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Heads Will Roll Over Health Care?

I'm putting this up at 5:00 because I don't want to forget it when it's time to talk about "the speech" later. Just my opinion, guys, but if I were the President I would look directly at all the appropriate Cabinet members and Czars sooner rather than later and FIRE them! With all that fire power, pun intended, wouldn't you think they would be smarter than to leave him twisting in the wind as he's doing this evening?

They had all the advantages: they went to school on Clinton's putt, they have myriads of avenues to get information and support, they have a president who won with a majority (Clinton didn't, remember?) and last, they have what should be a winning issue if it's handled right but they have squandered all their assets.

The other observation on "the speech" is again my opinion, which I predict he wouldn't do in a million years: he should apologize. Were he to apologize to his adoring public for underestimating their ability to study and understand an issue and tell them that he will do better for them from this day on, they would be eating out of his hand. But he won't. His arrogance won't let him. All those Democrat legislators who were elected on his coattails have not served him well as yes men.
See you later.

Well, it's later and nothing much has changed. Same song, some different words that mean the same thing as the old. So everyone will be mandated to buy insurance. Still no penalty if they don't. Tort reform? Try a few "tests" in a few locations. Save all the money necessary through efficiency and eliminating fraud, etc. Right-- When has that ever happened in a government program? No funds for abortion? From his mouth to God's ears, but not the guys who are writing the bill. (It may have had more credibility if he said he wouldn't sign a bill with that provision.) Saying that state universities show us how to save money and using subsidy in the same sentence certainly was an exercise in futility. He'll listen to any legitimate concerns....who defines legitimate? He wants to provide a choice to the uninsured--how about providing insurance?

Still playing the blame game. His inherited debt problem--never mind that he doubled it in about 6 months. It must be in the genes of Democrats to play that game. Saying he was going to save all that money being wasted in Medicare can pay for the whole program. Now how's that for putting lipstick on a pig? All doctors and nurses support his plan. Bald faced lie!

Mr. Obama, you are going to call out Republicans? Well, I'm calling you out! Tell the truth and quit talking down to the American public. We get it.

Aside-did you see the absolutely stunning photos from the Hubble telescope? The only possible response is Praise the Lord! No way could "collections of galaxies" and absolute beauty be the result of a random big bang. No way.

God bless...........

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tea Party Express, Jackson Style

Believe it! With minimal publicity we weren't shoulder to shoulder, but we pretty much filled the available space on the hillside which puts our bandshell as the focal point at the bottom. Looking up from the bandshell one sees a fan shaped crowd which at a conservative guesstimate was probably 25 across and 30 rows deep.
For a town the size of Jackson on a very rainy day I cannot tell you how pleased I was.

I had already determined that I would leave home (5 minutes away) at 11:00 for the 12:00 event because I'm not fond of walking. By the time I arrived, the paved parking lot, which I'm guessing holds about 225 cars, was about 1/3 filled. By the time I left that lot was filled, the satellite parking across the street held about 100 cars and others were parked on both sides of the street leading to the lot and more on the hill itself. Our guess would be about 400+ cars. I'm thinking just a hair less than 2 people per car puts our crowd at around 700.

I was amazed at the folks who not only arrived early, they got out of their cars with signs, flags and umbrellas and stood in the rain seeming oblivious to the weather as they chatted, made new friends and for lack of a better word, bonded. The rain did let up around noon. Thank you, God.

Since my back started feeling the strain of standing on the side hill I left about 12:40 and people were still coming in, having underestimated the time to park and walk to the venue. All in all, a rousing success!

Observations: A broad spectrum of age from children to seniors, but no color diversity. Men and women equally divided and my favorite sign: Take out the Trash Day, November 2, 2010.

Note: I saw Elise with her caregiver trudging up the hill. Elise is a young woman who is handicapped in some way whom I met last year at the Y pool where she was practicing for the Special Olympics while I was doing a little aerobic exercise. It reminded me that last week at the Townhall Meeting we met a young man whose son was autistic who was terribly concerned about what universal rationed health care would mean to their family. I'm thinking that those two are prime examples of what it will mean to this country's attitude toward non-productive or expendable citizens. We generally think of seniors in this category, but together this is a very large segment of our population with a corresponding high price tag that Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the President's Czars working on the healthcare "problem" considers when he talks about cost benefit analysis.

I saw a few friends and acquaintances, perhaps 20 in all, but the rest of the "mob" were strangers to me and obviously, each other. It seems odd and I can't understand it since I'm usually a pessimist when it comes to elections, but the Dems just seem to be in denial. So instead of getting irritated I've decided that it's just as well, let them get the surprise of their lives on Trash Day next year. Let's hope.

Sleep well-
God bless............

Monday, September 7, 2009

Liberal Democrat Socialist Takeover--SURPRISED?

Woke up very early this morning again thinking about the constant friction and disagreement among various political factions and then wondering why we might be surprised. It seems that since the beginning of recorded time there have been nothing but wars and races for control of either land or people or both.

Some of the first wars we heard about as little kids probably came from Sunday School when we heard about Joshua at Jericho followed by the Philistines, the Hittites, Jebuzites and all the other "ites" and David and Goliath and "fighting the good fight" and "finishing the race" and later on, in the name of religion, the Crusades.

And on farther east they have found the terra cotta soldiers who were even to do battle after death for the Chinese emporers and as we learned about world history found out there were Mongol Hordes and Japanese Samurai warriors.

Not to forget the European front the Romans were tramping all over the place while in the Western hemispheres American Indians and South American Incas and Mayans were doing their thing.

If it wasn't one darn war, it was another. And in more recent times, the Spanish settled in South America, with poor old Columbus going off course and ending up in North America which apparently opened the doors for other Europeans and Scandinavians. (This is not meant to be precise history--never my strongest suit.)

Our country was born out of war. It's no wonder most of us are proud of our heritage. Our forbears were courageous people who were fleeing religious persecution and economic repression to name what I think were the most prevalent and important reasons. Without putting it into these words, I think they were "mad as hell and they weren't going to take it any more!" Those people were put in a position of fighting for their freedom and I'd like to think it's in the genes. And we fight not only for ourselves, we fight to give other people the same freedoms that we have. I wouldn't bet the farm, but I don't think we have ever fought for land or control or booty of someone else.

Just to mention a few in no particular order, the Revolution, Spanish, Cuban, Civil, WWI, WWII, Korean, Vietnamese, Sarajevo and think of the other "skirmishes" going on throughout the world in modern times. The Olympic attack at Munich, the constant mideast situations, Israel's problems........and what has been the biggest change through the centuries?

Not just the sophistication of weapons, but the means of communication. From smoke signals to runners, to horses, to Morse code, to underwater telephone/type lines and finally to our computer generated instant messaging. And with computers the ability to not only track but predict through modeling the adversaries' next moves. Along with that is propaganda and mind control and the elitists ruling the world.

I'm going to stop here--if you've followed me so far, you're ready for a break.
Happy Labor Day!
God bless................

Sunday, September 6, 2009

George Will? Afghanistan? Go Home? And Then What?

The main topic on the Sunday talk shows appeared to be justifying withdrawal from Afghanistan and I sure do feel like a pair of brown shoes at a formal event. Granted I'm no military expert, and all their evidence appears to point to the futility of remaining in that theater of war, but why is no one and I mean not one of those people seemed concerned about what might happen if and when we pull out.

Some of them even seem to have convinced themselves or put a spin on some of the events leading to violence such as: one of those guys said the cause/effect of 9/11 was the use of offshore attacks against the Afghans in the late 90s by the Clinton administration. Don't they remember the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993?

All I can see is that if we pull out, it gives permission for Al Qaida and the Taliban to do as they please not only in Afghanistan, but Pakistan. The Palestinians have already elected the Hamas, for Pete's sake, so what do they think the rest of those Muslim countries will do? If some of us ever believed in the domino effect starting with Vietnam, why would we think any differently now?

And when I think of the cells already set up around the world just waiting for a word of direction from a centralized source and leader it makes me shiver. We've even identified a kid from Alabama who is working hard, and how about all of the Muslims being released from prisons in this country after conversions while incarcerated?

Don't you boomers and Generation X and Y kids always tell us geezers to think outside the box? Well, how about if this would generate a totally "double" volunteer army composed of young men and women who can see a need while some of us old people who don't have a ton of physical strength, but are still healthy and able to work in a kitchen, do data entry, filing and clerking, running errands, and store keeping and all the other really mundane jobs necessary to support the troops?
Nothing like a worthwhile job to make folks feel needed and contributing to the safety of our country. Just a thought, but it might wake up some folks to a need they haven't as yet recognized.

One last note about the President's message to the kids on Tuesday. Study hard, stay in school, work hard and respect your teachers. Now where have I heard that before? Maybe my folks said it? Maybe no one actually said it, it was just expected from everyone when they stepped across the schoolhouse threshold? Or maybe it was just a way of life and it was everyone's default position. Just like saying a prayer any old place you felt like it,

God bless............


Wyckham Seelig, Chairman of the 7th district shares the following information:

1-If you want to "Caravan" here is a website to help you determine the logistics-
2- The Tour method means we hire a bus and make accommodation reservations. Will leave on Friday morning, arriving Friday evening. Will start back to Michigan on Saturday night, spending the night somewhere near Gettysburg, PA, and returning to Michigan on Saturday.

The cost of the Caravan method is the cost for gasoline, tolls and whatever else you choose to spend on the trip (and you make your own reservations for lodging.)

The cost of the Tour is roughly:

1-Bus fare, $130 per person. (This cost is for 20 people and is a firm quote from a local bus company and can go down with more people. If we don't get 20 people, we probably won't do this.)
2-Room (DC) $119 room for the first night. Rooms are at the Sheraton, Arlington, each is a double with 2 double beds so can sleep as many as four occupants.
3-Room (Gettysburg), We haven't made reservations here yet, probably around $100 a night per room.
4-Other expenses;Any food, or other expenditures you decide to make.

Wyck says this is late planning, but the interest has only escalated recently so he's scrambling to get it done for us.

So--we need to know quickly. The hold on the rooms will expire Tuesday so they need to confirm with them and the bus company.

The web form that you can use to sign up is found at and you can sign up. If you have trouble go to or

If you can make it--Safe trip!
and God bless your efforts.........

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Good Grief! Missed my own Anniversary!

We started this blog back on August 25, 2008. Thanks if you've been with us the entire time--wouldn't have done it if I didn't get an occasional "Atta boy" or even a "What the hell are you thinking?"

I don't know about you, but I've certainly learned a lot in that time. Sorta reminds me of volunteer work in general. Whether it be as a Scout leader, a swim coach, serving water and books at the hospital or serving the church in various capacities it's always true that you get back a heck of a lot more than you give. We'll see how it goes. Right now I figure Election Night of 2010 is the next goal with the interim mini election for the 19th Senate District. Go Mike Nofs!

Back to business--

Quote from the WSJ on the Michigan Example: "When Ms. Granholm gave her state of the state address earlier this year, she crowed about the similarities between the Michigan and Obama Administration strategies of using tax subsidies to tilt favored businesses. 'President Obama's priorities are nearly identical to ours,' she declared, and we can only hope the results won't be."

And from a financial guy from New York: "Under current law, taxpayers who lose an argument with the IRS can generally avoid penalties by showing they tried in good faith to comply with the law. In a broad range of circumstances, the health-care bill would change the law to impose strict liability penalties for income tax underpayments, meaning that taxpayers will no longer have the luxury of making an honest mistake. The ability of even the IRS to waive penalties in sympathetic cases would be sharply curtailed........

Last June the Small Business Council of America sent some compelling tales of woe to Congress, including one in which a 72 year old owner of a coin operated car wash set up retirement plans for his seven employees and got socked for his good deed with a $900,000 penalty for not reporting the plans properly. The company and its owner are now headed for bankruptcy."

How does that grab ya?

That's enough for now--can't take any more of it. By the way, since last evening I rec'd information about a bus going from Ann Arbor to Washington for the big Tea Party Express gathering at the Mall in Washington, D.C. September 12. I'll post early tomorrow with the details if you'd like to, and are able to, make the trip.

God bless.............

Friday, September 4, 2009

Mama Always said: "You're known by the Company You Keep."

Can't help wondering whether or not anyone ever said that to Obama as he was growing up. I not only heard it from Mom, but repeated it to my own kids and have overheard others pass it on to theirs, so wouldn't you think Barak as a young man might have heard it somewhere? Just look at the people he has surrounding him---Never waste a crisis Emanuel, wasn't even born yet Ayers, Republicans are a------s Van Jones, goddam America Wright, TurboTax made me do it Geithner, cost benefit Ezekiel Emanuel, henchmen and fall guys Reid and Pelosi, and don't forget bought and paid for by George Soros. And the list goes on and on and on and on............

Regular readers will remember that many, many weeks or months ago we were trying to figure out who really was pulling the strings--maybe George Soros, maybe someone who wanted anonymity. At any rate, with Obama not putting forth his own plan after he campaigned on the health issue so strongly, pushing it off on the aforementioned Reid and Pelosi makes it look very much like his bosses wanted to test the waters before they made their final decision(s) on the final bill. Perhaps we'll find out what they really want through the Joint Session address.

Which reminds me, I also promised to develop an index of topics. I confess I started it around that time, but it's easier said than done. It's still sitting in the back of my mind and the longer we go the more difficult it will be, so I really will try to get a handle on it, but don't hold your breath. Okay if I omit the personal stuff, right?

Read a statistic today that truly surprises me. One sixth of our population is made up of folks with disabilities and with wartime casualties the rate is increasing more than usual. Not ready to write about it, just thought we should all be spending some time reflecting on the issue.

Saw a real mob scene which actually turned into a riot on TV this evening. Now I wonder how the libs would react to something like what goes on abroad instead of trying to label our little protests and requests for Town Hall meetings........

Just wondering if the White House guys read O'Reilly's piece on what kids can learn from Obama's childhood and decided to capitalize on it with an education speech to the kids......

Have an absolutely great holiday weekend!
God bless...........

ps-As is my habit I went to Right Michigan before starting this and found out that congratulations are in order for Nick. It's always been my wish that my kids and other young people find jobs that they would do for nothing if they were independently wealthy and it sounds like it came true for Nick. One favor, however, if anyone can get word to him. I think I speak for others as well when I say that I really enjoyed having him point out other blogs of interest. Not one of us has the time to go looking at everything that's available and it was great to be able to click on a link on Right Michigan. Any volunteers?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Is Commander in Chief an Oxymoron?

It's 6:30 am and I woke up about an hour ago and can't go back to sleep.

Around eight o'clock last night rec'd a call telling me that 30 year old grandson, the Air Force Doc, is being sent to the Mideast again, this time to Iraq. You'll remember he was in Kuwait for six months last year. You know, for some reason I never really worried about him much more than when he was a teen-ager learning to drive and having a good time--accidents happen.

This time I keep looking back at being proud of him because he is a truly responsible young man, serious and well-intentioned. And maybe that is why I'm having a problem. Remember when I told you he had to go through testing in the centrifuge? And he asked to push it to the point of passing out so he could identify with patients who regain consciousness? I'm also remembering that at 17 he pulled a young woman out of her burning car. He enjoys scuba diving and drives a big 150 Ford truck-red. And he's single. He does what needs to be done and considers the consequences later.

I'm thinking that God created this world and everything was good and that was His plan. And then he gave us free will. And have we ever screwed it up. Maybe the last time Joe left I had confidence that his Commander in Chief was truly involved in the men and women who serve this country. He shed tears. He made quiet visits. He cared.

Things have changed in the intervening months. Now the President has surrounded himself with men and women who use the citizenry, including the military, as pawns to be used in their power plays. And it appears everything is being done to make political points, to curry favor and to control more and more and more of our daily lives. He won. Deal with it.

I'm not sure I'll post this--maybe I just need the blog as therapy again. We'll see tonight. So here I am 15 hours later and breathing a small sigh of relief. Just found out that his entire "wing" (is that what it's called?) is going for four months. This morning I just assumed that it would be a year or longer. Prayers are always appreciated.

God bless............

It is truly heartbreaking to watch what is going on in our country.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Twilight Zone or "Scary", not Brave, New World of Obama, Van Jones and the Gang

Move over Aldous Huxley and George Orwell!

I'm a few minutes late this evening--just finished the Jeffery Deaver novel "BROKEN WINDOW" and am almost afraid to recommend it because it puts one in the mindset of actually living the story. It is chock full of just what we're all apprehensive about with computers invading every aspect of our lives and who knows who or what organization might be working at cross purposes. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can get caught in the cross hairs with devastating results. If you like contemporary thrillers this is the book for you. (I've only recommended one other, "THE OUTLIERS"
so I don't take the responsibility lightly.)

Before I share a little of the Town Hall Meeting on Health Care which occurred last evening in Jackson, I need to do a plug for the Tea Party Express which will be in Battle Creek at 7:30 on September 7 and will travel on to Jackson to the Cascades Park at Noon September 8. From what we are seeing on the news we should really add our voices to this memorable event.

Now-Dr. Gary Wolfram, Ph.D. who has a lengthy list of credentials including Professor of Economics and Public Policy at Hillsdale College and Dr. Robert Steele, who also has impressive credentials including 20 years in local Private Practice and Medical School Clinical Faculty with every kind of Cardiology experience presented an audience of about 140 with the answers to what we should be working toward in a comprehensive healthcare program.

Let's just toss out a few comments:

Guess why Cuba has a lower infant mortality rate than the U.S. - they don't start counting births until babies are 2 months old. Most countries with single payer plans use counting methods much different from ours and there is no attempt to save premature babies.

Medicare, if compared to mortgages which are "upside down", is approx $40 trillion in the red and would need a 37% tax to bring it to equilibrium. (That's not gonna happen, so can you spell r-a-t-i-o-n-i-n-g?)

We've already spoken of only 17% of Docs are members of the AMA. Be on the lookout for the organization for Doctors known as the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons. That is the one deserving of our respect.

The great equalizer-USSR, admits to 1/3 of the hospitals with no running water and half of the others have no hot water. However, there is a two tier system. The "upper" class has one kind of care, while the rest of them have the public system.

If you happened to catch the news when Dingell had an altercation with a young man in a wheelchair to whom he promised to insert language into the bill to cover a gap for the handicapped--guess what, he hasn't done it. Wanna bet if he will?

You can go to and look under Contributors and click on Gary Wolfram for a pretty complete article which would do better than I on his thoughts.

Did you know that after 2013 you won't be allowed to change insurance plans? And this goes for employers as well.

There were many questions and great answers which served to point out that the House and Senate bills will only make a bad situation worse. What we really need is a lot of effort put into a transition plan to really fix this thing.

They didn't go into a lot of detail, but I can see grandfathering in seniors who don't have the time to establish health savings accounts, which really would be the way to go. It is really a dirty shame that instead of starting out with a partisan plan which actually is socialized medicine and control of citizens" lives that they didn't take the time and resources to do the 'right thing' for everyone instead of their special interest groups and lobbyists. There would be a lot of room for varying types of coverage depending on wants and needs if we would only take the time to work it out.

Sleep well,
God bless.........

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Who Died and Left Consumers Energy over $262,245,600?

We're not dead yet and from each of us it's not back breaking except in extreme circumstances, but I'd guess this is one of the first measurable "taxes" for Green energy which wasn't supposed to happen, right?

I'm sure this is a conservative estimate because this is as far as I can go with the numbers I have, but there was an article in the CIT PAT today which started out with a story about a woman who was willing to pay $60 to have an old freezer carted away. Until, that is, she heard that Consumers in their "generosity" would pay her $30 for the privilege of taking it off her hands. Sorta reminds one of the Cash for Clunkers where folks can get something for nothing. Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch?

Where is the money coming from? The story goes on---Every electricity customer of everybody's favorite local monopoly will pay 71 cents a month for five years and every gas customer will pay $1.72 a month for five years to pay for this program. If my little solar powered calculator is right, the 1.8 million customers will pay $8.52 per year-$42.60 for the full five years for a total of $76,680,000. The 1.71 million gas customers will pay $103.20 for the same period of time for a total of $185,565,600 and together that's $262,245,600. The numbers on their website weren't exactly up to date, of course, and I'm not sure about commercial customers rate, so this is certainly the minimum.

How many refrigerators and freezers do folks have to toss out? Oh,yeah-there are some printing costs to "educate" us on how to save energy. Public Service Announcements? Aren't they free? Isn't that the definition of PSA? Maybe they will make house calls and come out so they can help you count how many light bulbs are in your house and tell you to put in some weather stripping and caulking, etc.
We certainly aren't smart enough to figure that out ourselves. They may even tell me I should put more insulation in my ceilings/attic at a cost of several hundred dollars. Problem? It's like the wind mills and solar panels we have already talked about--not gonna live long enough to recover that investment.

Over a quarter of a million dollars----
God bless us all............