Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saved by the Bell? No, Just my Congressman

Couple of comments:
Where are all the protesters who usually follow the G7?
Aren't we supposed to buy low, sell high? Someone has to sell--I don't get it.
Re Michigan: Apparently we aren't so bad off. An increase in taxes last year which resulted in a surplus has us looking OK. Prediction? The Dems will spend it all and there will be another tax hike.

This is what saved by my Congressman means. I was to give a Republican greeting at the NAACP banquet today, but luckily for me Cong. Walberg was able to attend so I was dumped from the program in his favor. Big sigh of relief, but I intend to distribute my remarks at the meeting Thursday evening.

After a couple of inane remarks I identify myself as "an 8-9 year dues paying, invisible voice who retrieves the calls made to the NAACP office. Then I forward messages to those which are specific and return all other calls to get addresses so I can send them a complaint form if needed. Sometimes those calls run up to a half hour or more when someone who is hurting is calling and needs a shoulder to lean on and needs to find where to go for help. And this is the 8th year I have put together the program book for the banquet event. (They used to pay a Democrat a couple of hundred dollars to do it.)

So why am I here speaking for Republicans? Because my dad and his family did not come here from Germany seeking economic and political freedom only to be entrapped in a depression and subsequent war where he was captured on Wake Island because he went there to work rather than accept a handout. His example for me consisted in seeing honesty and a strong work ethic as an admirable goal. Because I am convinced that this country should not turn socialist; that the government should do only that which individuals cannot do themselves. Yes, we need to levy taxes to build roads. We need to collect taxes for public safety-police and fire protection. We need to defend the borders of our coutry. But throwing more and more money into the education pot has never helped a kid stay in school. You know what I'm talking about.

And because I fear for the future of the family with so many single parent households and the government making it easy for folks to send their little ones off to public programs in many cases just warehousing our little ones who eventually grow up not knowing the open arms of Moms and Dads. Yes, I know we need the safety nets like Head Start and Medicaid, but we also need to guard against making the programs into an attractive ivitation to abandon our obligations to our kids.

And although we all need to be concerned with genocide in Rwanda, Bosnia, Darfur and other places in the world, I AM MORE CONCERNED with the genocide against African Americans through abortion on demand. This is unconscionable.

It is my fervent and prayerful hope that all of the bigots in our country who will vote AGAINST Sen. Obama because he is black will be offset by all those who will vote FOR him only because he is black. Then there will be a level playing field with the future decided by those who vote for issues, character and experience.

I would be willing to bet that fewer than half of you in the room are dues-paying, card carrying members of the NAACP. Why not think about popping for the minimum $30 yearly dues?

I know you will forgive me for not sticking around, but my kid from California is visiting.

God bless us all and thanks for listening."

My work for the NAACP is limited to working with victims of discrimination. That is wrong and this is something I need to do.

Back tomorrow

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