Monday, January 31, 2011

Category: Be Careful What You Wish For

Nothing could be more apt when trying to figure out what may happen in any of several scenarios in the whole of the Mid East and specifically Egypt. It is an ongoing event and we view the daily scene in constant flux. Certainly I know less than the experts, but sometimes keeping things simple and hopefully logical will help us see the big picture clearly.

I can only put together certain points beginning with accepting the purely mercenary benefits of $250 billion yearly in foreign aid to the country who has supported our position in several areas and has been instrumental in keeping the peace with Israel. It should not be necessary to list the obvious here relative to allies, etc. The importance of the Suez Canal also needs to be taken into consideration.

We must be wary of the foxes who may be able to fool the younger people who are involved in the actual street battles into believing their rhetoric and end up with a Muslim Brotherhood which may or may not be a Jihadist organization. What would be the consequences of a free election if the government just became another dictatorship?

The military position is not known, but up until now it is apparent that they have avoided open antagonism and have shown restraint. In my opinion they have demonstrated that they are patriots first and do not play favorites. Historically some military have shown their partisanship or even have leveraged power and leadership into a new brand of dictatorship. I hope my optimism is not misplaced when I say I believe the Egyptian military would be the examples of discipline and strong character that the protesters may be looking for.

Watching this protest unfold has led me to hope that Mubarak retires, his VP, just appointed but almost surely acceptable to the military, will also be able to convince the protesters that he is a sincere and able leader and will be given time to form a new government which will address their concerns but keep in place whatever is necessary to stabilize the atmosphere. One can only hope and pray.

One other little story tonight. Due to an accident our car insurance had taken s jump and at just the right time an insurance company did a bulk mailing. My husband called and since we have both auto and Homeowner with the same company we asked for both quotes to compare. Surprise! Because of the market devaluation--countrywide--we would be able to get only about half the actual replacement coverage. And that was the end of that. Needless to say we're staying with our present insurer, but...

I have no idea what the statistics on catastrophic events on homes might be, but there must be an appreciable number of folks who are not only "under water" or upside down on their homes but have sustained some kind of loss and now owe more than a house was worth and there is no longer a house!!! I haven't heard of this kind of problem, but it's scary to even think of it.

I'm thinking prayers for the unemployed and for our legislators and leadership to be able to find the path out of this mess.
God bless...

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Long Awaited Speech is Over...

I DVRd it and watched the commentary and responses afterward. Maybe tomorrow I'll start looking at it in 5-10 minute snippets since that's about all I can handle at one time from our Master Teleprompter Reader. Suffice to say that Ryan gave the usual Republican response and Bachman was refreshing. Let's face it, the politeness demonstrated by Ryan is exactly the reason why the ruthless Democrats manage to roll over us ad nauseum. Those of us who are courteous in our ordinary life understand the necessity, but sometimes it's just necessary that our opponents be shown that we really, hopefully, are not going to let it happen this time. The old bulls can't pass anything without the new kids on the block.

Now to what really threw me for a loop yesterday. Regular readers know that in our lifetimes this family has owned 24 GM cars and a smattering of the other 2 of the Big Three. You also know that we lost several thousands of dollars in preferred GM stock during the takeover and I have vowed that the only car I will buy when my lease is up in June is a Ford or a foreign car manufactured in the United States.

Now King, the new head of the UAW is planning to use $40 to $60 million of their $800 million strike fund to play all the dirty tricks he can think of and then some, including sending 1000 members to Congress to lobby for help to unionize at least one of those plants located in Southern states.

Since most of us who can see the damage done by unions in this country, evidenced by the cities and states beholden to the SEIU, AFSME, NEA, AFT and private unions which have become the curse of private industry this would be a catastrophe. Therefore, my plan is to ask as many people as are sympathetic to that position to write letters of support to the newspapers in Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and as many as I can find addresses for throughout the country. We in Michigan especially need to point out to them how much damage the UAW can do.

I will try to have the names and addresses of several newspapers later in the week and I plan to make a list of those in my address book so I can email others to ask for their help and hope you will do the same.

Maybe we as citizens can help the employment situation in spite of what they are doing in Washington and some of the liberal states.

With our new legislators in office, it's time to look up their numbers and put them in the speed dial--
God bless.....

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Mind Wanders...

We've been seeing and hearing much more from Debbie Stabenow, haven't we? Oh, yes, she's up for re-election in 2012 so she needs to be a little more visible in her "home" state.

How is it that a guy who told McCain that "we won" and who passed the Healthcare bill over numerous objections and it was rammed down our throats without knowing what was in it, is now insisting that we "play nice?" Let's face it, without a costly tragedy in Arizona these comments would not have been made.

A friend of mine observed that probably the best way for civility to really take center stage would be to have Obama apologize to Bush. Not gonna happen.

When they talk about the "full faith and trust" of the American government don't you just want to barf? They lost all semblance of either of those sentiments when they started to steal the Social Security funds replacing them with worthless, non negotiable IOUs commonly known as Treasury bonds, but these can't be spent. That many years takes in a whole bunch of Congressmen and women.

Speaking of legislatures, did you hear that our State House and Senate may take a pay cut? All that would do, as I see it, is rectify just a little part of the scandal when they voted to pay themselves their astronomical salaries and Phil Hoffman said he didn't feel guilty, he earned it. Yeah, right, he and all the rest of them. Now Michigan is right up there with the worst of the states who should declare bankruptcy but there is no legislation which spells out how to do it. Duh!

Mr. Jors of Consumers has it right. We have pointed out before that there are only a couple of pockets of land in Michigan which can generate enough wind to make wind power feasible (plus shorelines which generally fall in the NIMBY category.) The plains states including Minnesota, the Dakotas, etc. are where that kind of investment should be made. We can only hope that he and some others with common sense may be able to convince the Feds that the bill that will charge us for the transmission is certainly an injustice.

Be careful out there. Icy streets and roads are in the offing.
God bless.......

Monday, January 10, 2011

Let the Blame Games Begin/Paul Krugman Notwithstanding-

You just knew that some liberal types like good old Paul would try to lay the blame for the terrible attack Saturday on Congresswoman Giffords and other innocents on Rush Limbaugh and other conservative speakers trying to make a case for hate speech/crimes. As is the usual case, there is enough blame to go around.

Let me just say that as easy as it is to get a gun in Arizona I would think it would be mandatory for, despite privacy concerns, when incidents such as the Community College faced, repeat, it would be MANDATORY that it be reported to the "gun control system," whatever its title. That's for Arizona. Lest one would think the Feds have clean hands, may I point out that they have failed in their duty to protect American citizens in border states and the fact that Arizona families have lost members to illegals crossing their land makes it understandable that a militia type "personal protection" mindset has developed in the area.

With that in mind, I share with you a few quotes from our President as he speaks to his supporters:

1- They bring a knife...We bring a gun.
2- Get in their faces!
3- I don't want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I'm angry!
4- Hit back twice as hard!
5- We talk to these I know whose ass to kick.
6- a Republican victory could mean "hand to hand combat."
7- It's time to fight for it.
8- Punish your enemies.
9-I'm itching for a fight.

(To be used only if some liberal tries to "get in your face" with liberal accusations.)
Does this sound a little like a fishy deal to you?

Mayor Richard Daly of Chicago decides not to run again...
Rahm Emanuel decides to go to Chicago to run for Mayor...
Bill Daly (Richard's brother) gets the nod to take Rahm's job...

Nah, couldn't be?

If the liberals use the term "full faith and credit of the American government" in an attempt to lift the debt ceiling, just where do you think that "full faith and credit" is buried when they talk about changing the contract with the American public and the Social Security program? It's time to separate the crooks from the honest guys in Congress.


Don't be fooled. If Obama tries to pull a Clinton and look conservative for the next two years and God forbid is re-elected, just watch him during the 2012-2016 term. Woe is us....

Try to keep warm, the forecast is nasty--
God bless........

Monday, January 3, 2011


*Can't help thinking JANET NAPOLITANO should be thinking that if she wants a "better feel for actual conditions" by 'being there' that she should visit the borders of our Southern states, especially Arizona, before she spends taxpayer monies and her time and that of her entourage and support staff traveling in areas that have little or no bearing on our homeland security.

*So Eric Holder adds a Deputy who agrees with him and the Prez that defining terrorism is not the problem since 9-11 was on a par with a criminal element or a gang war and we can take care of prosecution in neighborhood courts. Obama picks up the ball and makes an Executive appointment. Mercy me.

*Now that there is a moratorium on gulf oil drilling and we are printing money devaluing our buying power do you think the Las Vegas odds makers are laying down the line for $5 gasoline?

*Was the slow down of snow removal by the Sanitation workers in New York "business as usual" with New York union activity? Or will Bloomberg fire those responsible? What does it take to avenge the deaths of an elderly woman and a baby born on the street? How liberal can a liberal be? We'll see if or when there are repercussions.

*Added thought: Wonder what the unemployment numbers are in New York? If each of them were given a snow shovel would it have made a difference? (Would they have had to give them lesons?) And since they had to pick up 40,000 tons of litter after New Year's Eve from Times Square has anyone added their overtime pay to that picture?

*LAST BUT NOT LEAST--You all know I'm not nuts about football, but I like my kids' alma maters winning and if I have to watch or listen to Rich Rod one more year, I'M GOING TO SCREAM! I've trusted Dave Brandon and other Republicans on the Board of Regents, now as AD he needs to get that job done....

Now that Congress is going back in session, I'm considering getting back to daily posts--think about it.
God bless....