Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What the??? A Civilian Security Force?

What is that all about? A civilian force equal in strength to our military force?And medical personnel need to be trained in military methods? What is this world coming to?

And wouldn't you think Bart Stupak would be smart enough to keep a low profile and his head down rather than to team up with the likes of Henry Waxman which will only serve to embarrass him more? He should have someone on his staff if he isn't smart enough to know it himself, that those businesses are responsible to make these reports by government fiat?

What wzs that constant drum beat during the selling of the health care bill that all of us were paying $1000 per year to take care of the people who were getting care at the ER? Well, now that this is no longer the case, is there someplace in those 2800 pages where we should all have a cut in our premiums of something close to that $1000? Sounds logical to me.

Now here's a convoluted picture for you: we are working with Russia to decrease our stock of nuclear defense weapons. Russia and China are not moving very swiftly to buy into helping to force Iran into behaving themselves so when they let loose with nuclear weapons againsat Israel or some other American ally, will we be able to come to their assistance or will our huge debt to China and now Japan keep us from going to the aid of someone they aren't happy with.

What a tangled web--
God bless..........

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

REAGAN QUOTE: One Day A New Generation Will Be Able To Say They Remember When This Was A Free Country

Perhaps not an exact quote, but the thought is quite exact. He was talking about the loss of freedoms just one at a time like the proverbial frog getting used to the water getting hotter and hotter and hotter..........

The statistics are getting to the point where we might be known as "Europe West" fairly soon. The President has such faith in the CBO, but does he truly listen? 90% debt in ten years? Sounds like Doomsday to me. How does "Socialism with Overtones of Shariah Law" sound?

Every one seems to agree that the President is extremely intelligent so I'm sure he has seen what many of us have received several times through the internet indicating that 200 years is about the age of attempts by the Romans and Greeks to experiment with Democracy. Right now, if that is to be believed, we are living on borrowed time. Seems to me that Obama put two and two together and figured we were ripe for the picking and Socialism would be an easy sell.

I truly was blind--I had no idea that most Democrats were chomping at the bit to enact legislation toward that end. I did not recognize the danger inherent in the label "Progressive." Now there are many Dems who wear the badge proudly.

Hopefully this is the opportune time to stop that movement, but it is going to take a supreme effort and some heroic leadership. We need to be thinking prayerfully.

God bless..........

Monday, March 29, 2010

Leonard Pitts--At It Again

Since I no longer read the Pitts column in the Cit Pat I didn't realize that he had done his usual bit of generalization at the expense of ordinary, grass roots types of folks again. That is, until today I read a local letter to the editor alerting me and then hearing it on the national news during the day and into the evening.

On occasion I read the first couple of sentences of his column just to see who he is skewering for the day, but his predictability means I don't have to waste any time on him any more.

According to Al Sharpton he used a qualifier this time indicating "elements" of a group, but we all know what he really thinks of us, don't we? It occurs to me that I could have retired a wealthy woman if I had accumulated a nickel for every time he has uttered the word "honky" or whatever term he uses to equate people other than African American.

It seems to me that we should all realize that there are the so-called lunatic fringe in all demographic ethnic, including Caucasian, groups who will look down on some other group. The best thing might be to say a little prayer whenever (hopefully very rarely) we hear a derogatory term used about any individual or group since it's usually the reaction that causes the problem

Enjoy the great temperatures this week--
God bless..........

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jackson Cit Pat Explains Health Care Bill


The bill reads something like 2800 pages and the local paper says all we need to know is on one page of their newspaper with an accompanying article stating opinions of a few folks around town.

One lady, in particular, indicates that her household insurance and car insurance are "mandatory" so she doesn't mind, in fact welcomes, the mandatory health insurance because now she can include her 22 year old who can be included on her insurance. This is still questionable to me--are they trying to tell us that there will be no extra premium for extra dependents? I really rather doubt it.

And as for her house and car being insured, I would respectfully disagree. No one is going to fine her or put her in jail if she doesn't insure her house. She may choose not to do so, but there is no penalty for not doing so.

The same with her car insurance. The law says she must be insured and you must show proof of insurance to get a driver's license and a license plate for the vehicle. But there are any number of folks who purchase the first "time period" in order to get the proof and then let the premiums lapse. If this is not true, why do we all pay into the uninsured motorists' fund? When a young man who had been drinking but had not hit the legal limit, had no valid driver's license and no insurance hit my husband's truck and put him in the hospital, the uninsured motorists' fund paid out. The guy was ticketed for unsafe driving, but he was not jailed.

Sorry, Cit Pat, but there are still a gazillion questions in my mind about this bill. It's going to cost a lot more than $940 billion and the debt will not be reduced since the CBO was not given all the pertinent information.

Have a meaningful Holy Week--
God bless............

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Unintended Consequences

It is so hard to believe that so many people are now seemingly accepting of the health care bill as a fait accompli and they are willing to live with it for "the good that it will do." What short memories!

When the news hit yesterday that the subsidies corporations were getting for continuing coverage for retirees will be stopped it boggles the mind to think of the total price tag when they not only stop covering them, but take their bottom line hit and raise prices to cover the costs plus what it will cost when they just stop the coverage and those folks will be added to the roles of Medicare, Medicaid and/or find they now have to pay for the coverage themselves.

This is probably pure coincidence, but we received a bill for my husband's tetanus shot because Medicare denied it and our insurance wasn't smart enough to figure out it falls into the "preventative" category so we have to get a doctor's explanation. Duh! No kidding. I asked the woman I talked to and she did not know the definition of tetanus..... First time in 13 years we have ever had a claim denied. Just wait. Undoubtedly they will just randomly deny claims so they don't have to make a pay out until later. It's always a good thing to operate on someone else's money, right?

Went to the ophthalmologist yesterday and looked around at all that sophisticated and expensive equipment which allows the doctor to help keep us in good visual health. Can't help wondering if there will be any improvements or breakthroughs in equipment which will keep someone from going blind which will not be available due to the high cost and taxes of getting it to the local office. Just thinklng.........

It is time to be very afraid for our country--
God bless.......

Friday, March 26, 2010

Not the First Time the Cngress has Mandated Personal Behavior

I am very resentful of the legislation which determined that I would have to go through all kinds of nip-ups in order to get cable TV. We don't do HBO or any of the All Sports, etc., etc. but we do enjoy some of the cable channels such as cable news, the History Channel, TNT, USA, etc.

The first time I had to connect a "box" at their behest it meant I couldn't use my GoVideo. They don't know it, but I have it in the house but just don't hook it up and until now I could get all the channels I pay for and have the ability to tape two shows while watching a third. Let's face it, generally there is either nothing on or 2-3 decent shows at once.

Now we have a new restriction which I am sure will make it impossible to do that. We will no longer be able to tape on the GoVideo which tapes on either DVD or VCR tape. We will therefore relegate one set to tape shows on major networks and to make copies of family tapes, etc. The mandate has made one of our pieces of equipment obsolete.

We have 3 sets in the house--in most folks' eyes "old" but they fit our needs and we wouldn't replace a unit until it malfunctioned. The government is hard at work, but for this one I have a feeling we have enough blame to go around and undoubtedly it is equally divided between lobbyists, Democrats and Republicans.

Oh, well, please have a good weekend--
God bless.............

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Obama Speaks with Forked Tongue - Again

Did everyone hear the Prez opine a few weeks ago that we really need to go with more nuclear power plants? The following doesn't sound as though he really meant it. Maybe he didn't think we'd pay any attention to how tough he plans to make it for anyone who decides we should follow his advice.

The following is from a friend of my brother-in-law. I'm not sure how to get the speech by Sen. Murkowski in its entirety, but I'm sure if you are interested and contact either Robert Dillon or Anne Johnson from her office you'll be directed to it. 202-224-7875 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 202-224-7875 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

The Administration plans to shut down the Yucca Mountain Commercial Nuclear Waste Repository. The Dept. of Energy is attempting to withdraw the license application (under pressure from the current administration) thus terminating the project which is generating lawsuits by those who use the facility.

Termination of the project without changing the law violates a number of laws, including the Nuclear Waste Policy Act, the Nat'l Environmental Policy Act and the Administrative Procedures Act. It placed the government in breach of contract in agreements with nuclear utilities who need disposal facilities needed to dispose of spent fuel in agreements under the Federal Facilities Compliance Act. They are piling up all around the country.

Since any fines from these lawsuits doesn't upset the administration because, guess what? The taxpayer pays. Right now it's around $100 billion with more to come. Plus $11 billion already spent being wasted by shutting down, more than $30 billion paid into the nuclear waste fund passed on to us through our utility bills.

From Sen. Murkowski's speech: Settlement costs already are at $565 million with the remainder of the 71 cases in federal court over breach of contract, 10 having been settled, 6 withdrawn and 4 fully litigated. The remaining 51 cases include 13 having received judgment at $1.3 billion with the remaining 38 cases to be entered into.

There is so much more information, please call for the link.

Much to pray about-
God bless..........

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

AARP Health Care Denies Association with AARP

I called the Health care number today to ask if they were going to send out a letter of intent or some kind of notification that premiums would not rise since that is what Obama has been saying. Also asked to be sure that the same level of coverage would be honored. The woman to whom I spoke told me that AARP Health Care did not endorse or support the bill and were not connected with the Board of Directors of the AARP Association.

She then gave me a number to call about the political support issue.

A very interesting event. The phone was "answered" by a taped message indicating that if the caller were planning to attend a rally against the loss of Medicare Advantage, the caller was requested to leave their name, number and the site where they will be rallying. This tells me that there are going to be many AARP rallies by members who will be losing their coverage.

So now AARP looks like they have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. If they have so many calls they can't answer them and need to use taped messages, they have a very large problem.

They were used by the President in attempting to sell the program to the public and now we can all see that they didn't have membership support.

They also asked others to leave their name and number and they'd call back. I'm not holding my breath.

Things are looking rather grim--
God bless........

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Open Letter to Mark Schauer

From the Cit Pat of Tuesday evening some of the legislative changes are questionable.

How can the 30 million people the Democrats say do not have health care, presumably because they can't afford it, receive a subsidy from those who are being taxed to pay for them, possibly pay a fine if they don't buy health care?

The Senior "donut hole" will give a $250 rebate next year. What if they are over the edge of the donut hole by , oh say, $100? And those in the gap the following year will receive a 50% discount. So, if they are still in the hole, they will get a 50% discount on 100% of their drugs? Please clear up this obfuscation.

What makes you think all seniors have co-payments on preventative services?

About those high-cost health care plans and medical devices--do all the unions in the country with Cadillac plans still get a pass? Will people have recourse to go overseas when American manufacturers stop making medical devices because they can't make a profit?

How will those with pre-existing conditions join a high risk pool for four years if they are on Medicare or Medicaid which are losing funding?

What will the pricing of health-insurance exchanges be relative to what Congress gets?

Will the tax credits to the more than 12,000 small businesses this year be a one time "fix?"

Do those "kids" up to 26 years old have to live in their parents' home? And do they have income limitations? And don't you think their marital status should be taken into account? With the social mores of the day what kind of provision will be made for those unmarried but responsible for child support? How about the fact that they may be on public assistance? If they are disabled shouldn't they be on SSI rather than their parents' plan unless they are legal dependents?

Has anyone really thought through some of these freebies?

And how about those who are making less than 25% of $250,000 and are seeing their taxes increase for health care?

Just asking---------
Does anyone think we'll get an answer?
God bless..........

Monday, March 22, 2010

Right to Life vs Bart Stupak/Democrats

Would you agree that it may be safe to say that it will be very difficult, if not impossible, for any Democrat anywhere in the country, on any level to receive an endorsement from a Right to Life PAC after the Stupak fiasco?

The man has single-handedly destroyed the credibility of anyone who would have considered following in the footsteps of well known Governor and staunch Pro-Life Democrat from Pennsylvania, Bob Casey, Sr. Now his son, Bob Jr., fills a Senate seat, but he is not the straight arrow that his father was as far as the life issue is concerned. He's more like Stupak, pragmatic and Democratic to the core.

Nobody believed me when I said that given a choice between the pro life position and following the party leader in Michigan as well as Washington the Democrat would always choose the party. Now we know for sure.

A group led by Repr. Tom McMillen are readying petitions in preparation involving getting the state to avoid putting the health care bill into active law in Michigan. If you are on Facebook you will find the information to join the effort. If not, please just leave a comment and tell me how to reach you.

One more thing this evening: a friend asked that I clarify my references to "garnisheeing Social Security." It was simply an analogy comparing the government taking the Medicare premium for seniors out of our Social Security check just as a company would take out a court ordered garnishee order for a bad debt of perhaps overdue child support. We never had the option of "opting out." It's mandatory.

Case in point: when I retired in 1997 I had excellent coverage through my company and could have simply paid the premium myself, but was not allowed to do so. We can only hope that the courts don't consider that a precedent. I hope this clears it up.

Sleep well--
God bless.........

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mark Schauer: TRAITOR?

Mark Schauer and 215 other Democrats are responsible (guilty?) of voting for a bill which will bankrupt this country. This bill will enslave every American citizen by not only forcing them to either buy their own insurance or having their employers forced to buy insurance which MUST be approved by the government or fines or imprisonment may result. And Bart Stupak must be the only person in America who believes an Executive Order can supersede a law. His vote will result in actual deaths of future citizens through abortion.

The description of this country contains the basic premise of freedom of its citizens. In my opinion this bill strikes at the very heart of a good number of those freedoms. And I expect that even those who will received subsidized programs must agree in principle even though they want the bill.

From my Webster's:

Traitor: One who violates allegiance and betrays his country; guilty of treason; one guilty of perfidy.

Perfidy: Violating faith or allegiance; breach of faith; treachery; faithlessness.

Treachery: an act or instance of perfidy.

Allegiance: loyalty and duty owed to the government; fidelity; devotion.

Treason: Disloyalty or treachery to one's country.

Country: tract of land, region, territory or nation, the PEOPLE of a district, state or nation; the PUBLIC of a district, state or nation; the PUBLIC; the BODY OF VOTERS.

WE are PAWNS in the game the liberal, progressive Democrats are playing with our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren and all future generations. This is a treasonous act against the public of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA who up until now have considered this the "land of the free." Whatever happened to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

And if anyone truly believes that Mark Schauer spent one minute "undecided" as to how he would vote on this legislation will probably buy that ocean front property in Arizona.

The homily today was about not judging your fellow man. This really boggles the mind. If we don't judge truly evil events we are, in effect, approving them. This I cannot do. My judgment says this will hurt more people than it will help and needs to be stopped in the courts.

We need prayer--
God bless.........

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Lovely Time Was Had By All

Turned off the news after making a couple of observations today and enjoyed a nice dinner and conversation with the family. We'll be going to church followed by brunch before we have to see Joe off for his next assignment. God bless all those young men and women.

And that brings the first observation: Just because Obama, even though he has been known to call himself a Christian, doesn't observe Sundays by attending church and taking time for a bit of spiritual assistance, doesn't mean that he should keep others from taking part in that kind of activity should they choose to do so.

Second observation: Does it seem just a tad strange that thousands of people took part in a demonstration in front of the Capitol while on the othre side of the equation we have three people--Obama, Reid and Pelosi--using every conceivable kind of "persuasion" to force their viewpoint on the country?

This entire scenario could have accomplished giving the coverage of a few million uninsured without destroying a system which for the most part is serving us well. It certainly appears to prove the point that there is an ulterior motive behind the entire exercise which will bankrupt any number of people, lead to rationed health care for everyone but the liberal elites and extremely wealthy and cost most of us some very cherished freedoms.

Try to have a good Sunday and think Spring-
God bless..........

Friday, March 19, 2010

Are Congressmen Immune to Lawsuits?

Since our Congressman cannot be accused of being bribed--he was an easy vote since he is one of the liberal elite who believes that his conastituents are stupid and he needs to do what he thinks best for them--I'm wondering if when he is defeated in November and is no longer a member of Congress, he would lose immunity if, in fact, he has it now.

I'm thinking that he has voluntarily signed on to everything Obama says and therefore if I find my care rationed, or if I lose my doctor or any one of the promises made "for my own good" fail that test, do I have a case?

Even if I would be convicted of a frivolous lawsuit at my age, it might be worth it just to give him some of the kind of grief he is giving us now.

Incidentally, Bruce's comment about the IRS garnisheeing wages hits the same angle I was thinking of on the handouts I used at the last protest. Right now the Medicare folks are garnisheeing my Social Security check. I have no choice in whether I have to depend on them as primary source of medical care. Bummer.

I may not be online tomorrow evening since Grandson Joe will be here Saturday afternoon until early Sunday afternoon. He is returning from a stint in Iraq but was called back early. I have been cooking his favorites and I have tunnel vision.

Have a good weekend--
God bless.........

Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Living Hell" - Act I

Heard a Congressman say this has been a living hell and I'm thinking it is the world's longest First Act.

The Second Act will start when the states start suing the Feds and the whole thing goes to court and I'm not sure of the sequence, but can you imagine how many billable hours those lawyers will get out of this thing? I'm not even sure at what level they will start, but can they skip the Circuit level and go right to the Supremes?

So, what I'm thinking is that all the money they will be collecting from the public for the first 4-5 years, not sure how long before some of the medical services are due to kick in, but the funds will go to the court case and lawyers. You can be darn sure the CBO did not figure those costs into the report generated today.

On the other hand, if it doesn't go to court, a slim chance, again, what will happen to the money if the next Congress and President rescind the bill and there's no need for it? Seems to me that the CBO should have worked out a lot more than the scenario they published. This could be Act III.

Should we have acting awards? Good guy awards? Bad boy statuettes? This entire thing could be a futuristic performance art piece. At least there would be a little something to keep folks busy.

Don't mean to be facetious, but sometimes if you don't laugh, you'll cry. Has anyone out there read any of the bill online? I'm getting a headache--feeling a little sympathy for Geithner. Turbo Tax isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Take care-
God bless........

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Taken Out of Context?

First example: I was traveling this evening at 6:00 and only heard the opening remarks of the President's interview with Bret Baier. The only way I would describe it would be to call the President's remarks and attitude belligerent. If anyone saw the entire interview and wants to correct me I'm open to criticism, but frankly, it appeared that he had memorized, since he didn't have teleprompters, his message even though it was extremely lengthy and antagonistic.

Second example: What's the deal with Congressman Conyers, who pulls down nearly $200,000 in salary, not being willing or able to hire a lawyer for his wife? Are we to believe that they file separate tax returns and this is a marriage in name only? It boggles the mind to start thinking of all the possibilities for this bizarre behavior.

Third example: I took part in a "conversation" with a young woman who described abortion as a "need" in certain situations and offered two scenarios to prove the point. In the first one a woman carried a child to term, brought him up as a single parent and the kid turned into an addict and an all around bad apple. The second had to do with having a child and putting "it" up for adoption and having a total breakdown because of it--not sure about this, it didn't make a lot of sense.

When I opined that killing a baby is just not the answer to bad situations instead of addressing the statement she indicated we need to spend the necessary monies to do a better job educating women and girls and said that no Democrat is happy at the thought of advising for abortion. So, why do they fight so hard for it? I just don't get it.

We should soon know if they shortcut the system--
We could say a little prayer...
God bless.........

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

State's Rights Against Health Care

I'm not sure of all the details, but I attended a meeting this evening at which St. Sen. Cameron Brown told us that a bill to give Michigan citizens rights in opposition to the health care insurance expansion as presented by the federal government aka Obamacare.

There are 38 states at present with Arizona and Virginia leading the pack which would put some restrictions on the mandates required by Obamacare. Yesterday I heard a state legislator from Virginia indicating that when they pass their bill it will mean that when the President signs his bill it will automatically be stopped and sent to the Supreme Court to determine its constitutionality.

The Michigan Senate was short by two votes since it requires a 2/3 vote. It is now waiting under a procedural process for the next attempt to pass it.

If you live in a district with a Democrat Senator, please check it out and see if you can get him or her to sign on the next time around if he's not one of the two courageous Dems already committed.

Passing a "deemed" law is sort of like not taking a vote but calling a consensus--
God bless..........

Monday, March 15, 2010

Pelosi: First Woman Speaker, Most Ruthless Speaker in History

After watching this fiasco today I'm nearly speechless. To see grown men quaking in their boots is a sight to behold.

On top of that with the President playing fast and loose with the facts it makes Clinton's perjury and the definition of "is" look like child's play.

As has been said before, Joe Wilson was right.

Keep a stiff upper lip--
God bless..........

We need all the help we can get to keep the faith.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Enough already!

I know there was a comment made about not throwing in the towel earlier, but in my humble opinion the sooner the vote is taken and win or lose, the sooner we can find out exactly what is in that twenty-hundred something pages and start campaigning to get rid of those who are mortgaging the future of our kids and grandkids.

It is just so discouraging to think of the kind of non-heroes we have in Washington and the administration these days in light of the book I'm reading about "The Grunt Padre" who was a Marine chaplain and was killed in a horrendous battle in 1967 while serving in Vietnam. It is truly inspiring to spend time getting to know, even posthumously, that kind of man. And some of the jerks we have to listen to on a daily basis aren't fit to shine the shoes of men and women who have made it possible for them to say and do just about anything they please at the expense of others.

We have just seven months and a few days to try to educate those who might be just uninformed about what that so-called health care bill really does in terms of destroying this country through economic bankruptcy and the loss of freedoms that accompany it.

Which is the worst option or choice as to the mindset of those pushing this thing? Are they just ignorant of economic reality or are they just plain evil and this is a power play on the way to total control? Which one is the easier to fight? Pray that we find out before it's too late.

God bless..........

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Can Statistics be Trusted?

We heard this past week that February figures for GDP have increased even though they had been expected to fall and no one gave a reason except that the lower figure would have included the snow storms as a contributing factor.

Toward the end of the week we found that figures for savings by Americans has hit a new high. So high, in fact, that they have surpassed nearly every quarter since record keeping started. And then we learned that reason.

So many people have walked away from debt by declaring bankruptcy, including real estate, that the average decrease in debt per person is something over $40,000! And what does that have to do with savings? Well, now that they don't have to pay debt they have that much more money in their pockets which they can spend bringing the February figures up and up and still have some left over to save. How does that grab you?

So the lending and general financial institutions are left holding the bag and one can only wonder where some of the next stimulus distribution will end up. Oh, you don't wonder? You're right. We all know that the American public will be on the hook for the stimulus grants and loans which makes our cumulative debt increase even as our individual numbers go down.

Talk aboaut fuzzy math--
Have a good Sunday,
God bless...........

How Many Last Words Can There Be?

At the beginning of this week we were informed that the President had given thirty-five (35) speeches on health care. Since he traveled to a different city every day this week and gave his last ditch effort and delayed vacation plans, one can only wonder how long this can go on. Does the phrase "Cry wolf" ring any bells? At current count it looks like he has given the last word in persuasion five times this week so the count must be at 40 now. But, who's counting.....

Didn't post last night since we had gone out to see "Late Night Catechism" and enjoyed it thoroughly. As I recall from last year's message part of the reason they are doing this series is an attempt to benefit retired nuns who gave their lives of service in either teaching or nursing for the most part and without salaries and pension plans are now hard pressed to keep body and soul together. Their message to us was "please do not ignore pleas for financial assistance if they pass through your desk or mailbox. Their years of service benefitted us even if we didn't use the services directly." I can help by passing it on.

Can't help wondering what Cong. Kildee of Michigan is receiving as a bribe for his "Yes" vote. Also can't help wondering if it comes out if he will be as embarrassed as the Nebraska Senator who had to try to disavow the promise. If you know him or know someone who lives in his district we can only hope it's not too late to try to get him to vote as he did earlier. Or if you do know him, is it a lost cause in that he really doesn't care if he is re-elected?

Enjoy the balmy temperatures of the next week, but don't become complacent. It's still March.

God bless.........

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Protest Training

Beautiful day and the rain held off. Warm for March, but welcome.

The professional rent-a-mob folks were there. Talked to some union guys from Detroit and Rochester Hills and my guess is that they got gas money but didn't get paid like the college kids from last year. Just a few of them today.

My guess would be about 200 people with about half pro, the Schauer and health care supporters and the other half against folks mostly from Jackson with a few others from around the district. Not too many were from the Schauer contingency were from the district, but they were enthusiastic with their chants and bull horns. Well scripted.

We had originally planned to be there from 4:30 to 5:30 but having heard that we were going to have company I went over at 3:30 since they planned on 4:00 according to the radio. They were already in place when I arrived. As more people arrived it was gratifying to see that there was a mix of both sides all around the intersection.

I was able to distribute 80 position papers and am thinking we need to do more of that the next time. Taking a slightly different tack I pointed out that since the government takes $96.50 for Medicare out of Social Security checks it feels like the equivalent of having one's wages garnisheed. And it can only get worse along with fines for not getting the right kind of insurance or even, God forbid, jail time.

That old argument about everyone who purchases insurance now is paying about $1000 per year for the uninsured seems like a small price to pay for being able to keep what we have plus the freedom to choose. When I told a young lady how I felt about it I could see that she was surprised and she was very friendly until I decided to move on.

Keep plugging along, the vote is being delayed--
God bless...........

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daylight Savings Time

A friend who has a 4 year old grandson related the following conversation between him and his mom:

Mom tells him that we have to set our clocks ahead this weekend and thereby started the "why" questions. Why? Because it's the law. Why? Because the government said so. Why? Because it was voted on by the Congress and signed by the President.

Who is the President? Barak Obama. Do you mean that he is going to come to our house and turn our clocks ahead this weekend?

This was an abbreviated repeat, but I found it rather amusing. It would be really great if we could just keep him busy setting clocks, right?

Longtime readers will remember my favorite German word: schadenfreude which, for latecomers, means to take pleasure at someone else's misfortune. Am I the only one who giggled when listening to Monica Conyers trying to withdraw her guilty plea? And am I the only one who hopes Kwame doesn't get a new judge? And is anyone else waiting with bated breath to find out why an aide to Kwame's mom is being called to testify?

Called Schauer's office today and asked if he had made any promises not to vote for any tax increases and neither Washington nor Jackson had a clue. My reference was the change in the health care bill which moves the floor for being able to deduct medical costs from the excess over 7.5% of gross to 10%. This is a raise in taxes that hits anyone who itemizes taxes and it sure doesn't apply only to rich people.

If you're planning on attending the protest tomorrow, try to come early since as at the first demonstration last year there are plans to bus in Dems who will arrive early. Haven't listened to the weather report, but it might be a good idea to bring an umbrella.

See you tomorrow--
God bless..........

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Amazon, meet Toyota--

Now I remember why I said a couple of years ago that I would never use again. I placed an order for two out of print books in the used book section and they doubled the order and make it absolutely impossible to return them. And there is no way I know to get in touch with them. Does anyone have a phone # or email address?

And can anyone figure out why we received a notice today from the Census Bureau telling us that we would get a form in the mail in one week and we should return it post haste? More money down the drain......

The other piece of mail today was a fundraising letter addressed to me as a Democrat from our lovely Debbie Stabenow. Go figure. Just so you know, one Friday afternoon I called one of her District offices to give an opinion so she couldn't say she never hears the other side of an issue. All I got was an answering machine, so I called the next District office on the list and you guessed it--another answering machine. Now I'm wondering about the reason for this and called the remaining four offices in Michigan --it's 3:15 at this point--and got answering machines on each one of them.

Thinking that was a huge coincidence I dialed the D.C. office and asked what the District's office hours were and was told 9-5 every day. Didn't give them my name so maybe they do a cross check from Caller I. D. or something and now I'm on the mailing list.

Can't help wondering what the rest of this week is going to bring--
God bless..........

Monday, March 8, 2010

Stupidity of the Census Bureau Obvious/What About Congress?

Can you imagine budgeting for the costs of the 2010 census without asking just a few questions about procedures? Do any of the expenditures have to be justified? Of course the answer is obviously "no" or what we have been told to expect wouldn't be totally lacking in logic, would it?

What is the purpose of the census? To count the people, right? And if you were in charge, how would you go about it?

First off, would you spend the kind of money being bandied about to hire people off the street to go on personal interviews before you had eliminated those who could be counted automatically? Of course not.

What would be the easiest way to count I'm guessing at least 30% of the population? I'm thinking that the government has a data base which can be cross referenced and if they don't they should. At any rate, how about starting with all recipients of Social Security? Just count the number of checks sent out plus automatic deposits. Ta da! Retirees get counted plus the number of young people under 18 whose parent has died plus those on SSI. I'm thinking we'd be almost a third of the way to completion.

Second, we could kill two birds with one stone. I'm told there is a question on the long form asking how much folks spend on electricity. I'm sure there are no privacy concerns with our utility bills and Information Technology departments surely are expert enough to match randomly chosen "long form" participants with their expenditures. This would undoubtedly cut down on the time involved in asking and waiting for the research involved in ascertaining this answer.

Third, if there isn't, there should be a way to cross reference the enrollment of school age children with their parents who are already identified. There could be any number of ways to tailor the questions to encompass only children under 5 on the questionnaire so as not to double count school age kids.

Then there are the questions about kids who are dependents, college kids for example, who could be counted in college student enrollment data bases.

You see where I'm going with this. I have no doubt that most of the count -- perhaps up to 70-75% could be done without putting one person out on the street. Now if you're really concerned about the statistical information gathered such as how many toilets in your house, do you live in an apartment or single dwelling, how many cars do you have, what is your income, etc., etc. it wouldn't be hard at all to choose at random with computer picks those who would get the long form.

Last, surely some use could be made of the Post Office and other types of lists just sitting around waiting to be counted. Do they count convicts? Group homes?

Finally, then they can hire a much smaller army of folks to go out into the highways and bi-ways to get those really hard-to-count people they are so worried about.
Give me a break, guys. I'm thinking maybe the entire census budget should come under the stimulus bill since it looks like one big employment scam. You think?

Did you know you can be fined $100 if you make a mistake in answering the questions?
Really-it's on the census website. And if you deliberately try to defraud the govt. it can be as much as $250,000. Wow!

Don't worry, Big Brother is watching over you--
God bless..........

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Obama's Bribe of the Day

It sure seems like he's buying the necessary votes.

The latest appears to be in the list of "finalists" for the $4.35 billion in the Race to the Top education grants. I truly thought Arne Duncan was just a step above the average cabinet member, but he has fallen into step on this one along with the rest of the guys/gals in the Cabinet and Czar positions. (It takes only one rotten apple to spoil the basket and there are a lot more than that in Obama's basket.)

The reported number of applicants for the grants was forty-one and the ones who have the most to brag about and are considered reformists were Florida, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Louisiana. Kentucky, which doesn't even have a charter school or law, also made the list--wonder why.

It can't be a coincidence that 10 of the 16 on the list plus Washington, D.C. are critical political states such as Ohio and all have Democrat governors.

It looks like he has ten free days -- he has bribes in the bank for that many. Depending on the makeup of the Congressional contingent, it may be more than that.

Oh, well. Look for the denial soon.

The weather for the coming week looks good--
God bless.......

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Post Office For Sale?

Well, why not? It seems the bureaucrats running the place for the last few years would screw up a two car funeral so could someone else do any worse?

Just thinking--

Perhaps UPS and FedEx could form a corporation/subsidiary or whatever and do a lot better job. It seems to me that as large as the postal service is that economies of scale must enter into the picture somewhere along the line.

As with any government entity, without any stockholders to answer to, there is no down side to not making a profit. Right now they don't even have to make a profit, they only need to break even and they can't even do that!

If no one thinks that is doable, I wonder what a joint venture or even a co-op would be able to make a success of it. As I recall one of the first major airlines to go into bankruptcy some years ago now survives with employee ownership.

And no, I have no idea about any "world view" of the postal union or how it operates. However, I'm sure it doesn't enhance the bottom line.

Why am I bringing this up? Been thinking about it since I drove away giggling the day I saw a FedEx delivery truck parked in close proximity to a USPS mailbox with the driver depositing mail. Just think about it.

Have a blessed Sunday--
God bless.........

Friday, March 5, 2010

Remember Your Catechism?

Not sure if this is common to all Christian churches but we learned about the term "unformed conscience." The definition was pretty basic--there are varying degrees to which all of us have to work to develop our consciences. This is not an easy task. We need to be surrounded with folks who have also worked to the point where they can be called good or people of conscience.

I'm thinking about how the President can hurt so many people without a worry about how his actions can affect us and future generations. He simply wants to leave a legacy. Can this really be unintentional? Hard to believe...

Granted, having not read either of his books I'm not sure of details, but it seems a little obvious that his mother didn't spend a lot of time teaching him right from wrong since she was busy changing living locations, husbands and ultimately sending her son to be brought up by others. I'm quite sure he was a well behaved child and the grandparents probably were light on discipline. No judgment here, just looking at what has gone into the makeup of a young man's growth. Things came to him easily and it was a lesson learned and still carried high expectations.

This whole health care thing can be boiled down to two broken promises:

1) the IRS deduction is changed from costs over 7 1/2% to costs over 10%. This is a tax increase on the middle class any way you want to look at it.

2) care will necessarily be rationed. This is a far cry from "if you like your insurance you can keep it." My level of care will change any way you want to look at it.

There are many other items in his so-called health care which can be added to the list, but this is certainly a "read my lips" moment and Joe Wilson was right.

Have a great weekend--
Temps in the 40s coming up--
God bless...........

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It Takes a Little More Maturity to be President--

Does it sometimes seem that little Barry is just playing Air Force, or House, or school or doctor or whatever topic he decides to when he gets up in the morning?

Like when he calls up friends and has them dress up in white lab coats? And he had his physical this past weekend but was sure to have a "virtual" colonoscopy which is much less invasive than the kind allowed by Medicare? If seniors want the less dangerous procedure they have to pay for it from their own pocket. What a guy!

And he'll spend a whole year on health care but won't spend whatever it would take to twist Dick Durbin's arm to get vouchers in the schools in D.C. Like, don't worry guys, you can send your kids to private schools costing tuition in the thousands, but don't give the black kids in the District a break.

Maybe he'd rather plan an outing in his biggest toy, Air Force I. Where shall we go today? Who needs an apology? Sorry, Michelle, if I go to the Middle East you can't go because they won't welcome you anywhere they practice Shariah law.

When he gets back from the last trip maybe he'll be content to play White House Baron and be "at home" to some of the big wigs or major donors spreading around his favors.

Speaking of favors I'll bet the Medicaid favor to Nebraska, the big bucks to Louisiana and the "no tax on Cadillac plans" to unions are sticking in their throats when they see one little House Rep get a lifetime job for his brother in the 10th Circuit. They should have held out for something more personal.

To change the subject: Jim Bunning is my newest hero. Anyone who can show the hypocrisy of the rest of the Senate who just voted for PayGo by insisting that an extension of unemployment be paid for "PER THE LAW" and not one of them willing to obey the law is Aces in my book. What? Stand for a principle? Ha!

Can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring. It's getting so that we're in the "if we expect the worst and it's not quite, we get a pleasant surprise" mode, but there just aren't enough surprise days. Hope springs eternal--

God bless...........

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Now They're Calling It "Climategate"

"Michigan Science" is a publication of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy which is planning to go online soon as I'll be sure to let you know when this is accomplished. They do a great job and according to one of my measurements, if I don't see anyone crying about their mistakes, I figure that the writers are trustworthy, such as the current issue including "Climategate:A Symposium."

A panel of three have researched the topic with particular emphasis on the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia which hid or destroyed data which came to light through some leaked CRU emails.

Just a couple of quotes which might pique your interest.

Stanford University's Stephen Schneider agrees with the Al Gore premise and has said "Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest." That just doesn't sound like an objective scientific opinion and is very disappointing to hear it from an institution such as Stanford.

Mark Shephard reported on CRU Director Phil Jones who talked about how he used Penn State University scientist Michael Mann's trick to cut short records of tree-ring data showing temperature declining after the year 1960 which led to a false comparison.

There are many more examples and this in a relatively short article.

The third panelist, Michael Van Beek, shares another quote which seems to point to the undercurrent of deception: Jacob Bronowski, a British mathematician and biologist has said "No science is immune to the infection of politics and the corruption of power."

I'm hoping this article will be printed in its entirety when they go online.

Warmer days ahead!
God bless.......

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


History is being made, even though the motive is probably suspect. How, you say?

Carl Levin has finally signed on to something I agree with. It seems the Congress is getting all riled up because the EPA is taking over their responsibilities and the Congress is fighting a turf war.

EPA as you know is fixing to put on the stringent controls regarding carbon footprints, etc. and figure they can get away with it because Congress really hasn't done much--probably because they've been wasting all this time on health care and letting "little" things like jobs and employment plus the Cap and Tax issue sit on the back burner.

Now that they have paused in their efforts they see what has been going on and they want their toy back.

I don't care what the reason is, but it is certainly a move in the right direction to take it away from the power hungry EPA bureaucrats.

It's stuck in my throat, but "Well done, Carl."

God bless.........

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Face is Red--

#1-I made a mistake on the post regarding the census costs of their tour--it's "only" $150 per attendee.

#2-I checked online to see where the legislation is regarding what is required "by law" as far as filling out the census forms is concerned. It turns out there is something on file, but it didn't give the date or any detailed information. I have submitted a question for more information, but I'm not sure how long it will take.

#4-If anyone has ever called me and gotten the generic voice mail which goes along with call waiting and I didn't call back, sorry. I have never taken a call since I consider it rude to the person to whom one is speaking. I didn't know there was a voice mail until I called home the other day to talk to my husband and it dropped into voice mail since he was using the phone.

Today I finally called the tech support people and asked how to retrieve a message from a call which came in today. When I dialed star 99 and followed the prompts it ended with the knowledge that there were 106 messages on that machine. They go from last July until today and that's where they start. And apparently there's no way to delete them all at once or retrieve the one from today. What a pain! And how stupid does this make me?

#5-Apology before the fact since I hadn't already written about the rampant cronyism by the President but planned to.

After we were bandying about the word "crony," as it applies to all or most of the people Obama has surrounded himself with, we decided to look up the derivation and were really surprised to see that the definition was a simple "long time friend" and other seemingly innocent words. We had thought that the current usage usually indicates a rather negative aspect such as the "gangs" in Detroit, old time Philly, New York, Chicago and other areas particularly in politics or the mafia. Now that the SEUI guy has been appointed to the Fiscal committee I'm thinking the four dictionaries in this house are sadly out of date.

Took the lining out of my coat today-
God bless..........