Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yippee!! Got a Letter from Mark Schauer!!

Remember when I told you I had touched base with Schauer's local office in early February about the Chrysler/Fiat situation? And then again I reminded a young staffer at the Jackson Library touted as "Congreeeman's Corner" or some such title which was, I believe sometime in late March. Then 3 weeks ago I called the local office again and they couldn't find a record of my requests and suggested I call the Washington office. So, I did.

Today I rec'd a letter dated May 4 (from the Washington office) which did not mention Chrysler but rather repeated the bullet points referred to in yesterday's piece. Examples:

Progress made in the first 3 months; primary focus - restoring our battered economy.
Although he had concerns he figures the bill will create jobs in Michigan and better than doing nothing, going on to repeat the figures used in his brag piece: 109,000 jobs in Mich., 7900 in 7th dist., and an $800 tax cut for most families. He then listed the amounts received by counties in the 7th for ARRA funds.

However, ARRA was not perfectly written.....going on to list his preferences which he is putting into an amendment.

Next paragraph is what Congress should do plus focusing on the automotive industry.
He'll do anything to solve this problem. Also wants to "stabilize" and cut foreclosures by 20% of the housing market. Being sure we have clean energy also.

The final two paragraphs were general remarks about constituent comments and "thanks for your questions."

Nary a word about Chrysler even though I had specifically asked his opinion of the deal. Oh, well.

Happy Mother's Day to those who are Moms. God bless you all........


web wedge said...

Have you noticed that Schauer is getting favorable treatment by the Citizen Patriot? He is getting credit for anything that comes out of Washington. He is the first congressman to get special attention. Walberg and Smith had to take it on the chin. Does it pay to be a Democrat? Can't understand how the newspaper will write some conserative editorials but the news columns are noticeably liberal. said...

Form letters are a beautiful thing.

And Web... I've noticed. We've all noticed. It'd take man-sized blinders NOT to notice.


Anonymous said...

Noticed what, web wedge? That the paper is continuing to fawn over Mark Schauer? Nothing new there as he has been getting great coverage out of them for years.

As for the form letters, does anyone remember there was another blog a while ago and someone posted form letters Walberg's office sent out? The bills referenced in the letter were not even related to the question and were not even the right bill numbers. At least Schauer has competent staff.

Which is why he is so dangerous. He is going to do everything right-- he is good at playing politics and will be tough to beat. We need to get our acts together ASAP.