Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Latina Wisdom!?

Excuse me while I stiffle a giggle. Having trouble getting this picture out of my mind: The Supreme Court nominee believes Latina women have more wisdom than white men? Really? Is that what accounts for the drug smugglers, coyotes smuggling people in horrendous conditions into the U. S., gun runners, crooks of all kinds in Mexico and plying their trade throughout the Southern and up to the northeastern states, infiltrating the prison and security systems in their home country and on and on and on. What kind of Latina women trained up their sons to flaunt the law and take advantage of anyone and everyone they can?

Sorta reminds me of the wives of the Mafia who went to church every day and prayed a gazillion rosaries for their sons and husbands.

Where is the respect for the law? Oh, oh, yes--we need empathy more. At least that is how Obama would like to have the courts react to the law. Hmmmmm. I don't get it. Is this his response to N. Korea? A little tsk, tsk, tsk? Wag your finger in from of Kim's nose and say, No, no-naughty, naughty.

Let's list these under "things I can't do anything about" so it's time to watch my husband cut down that dead birch tree.

God bless.........

P.S. When big brother taxes soft drinks because they're not good for you, you'll get fat, will he exempt diet drinks? Just wondering.

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