Friday, May 1, 2009

Pedophiles Protected by Hate Crime Law + Football Commerce Important?

Is this world upside down or what?

Jennifer on short list for Supreme Court?

Hone, None flu is a problem.

H 1, N 1 flu is not a problem.

Granholm says Fiat taking over Chrysler is great--she is going to convince them to build Fiats in Michigan.

My husband once bought $5000 of GM preferred stock.

I drive a Pontiac.

The Marines near Yuma, AZ have cut illegal arrests from 4,000 last year to zero this year by use of radar type imaging or what I think they call a "virtual" fence at a cost of les than $150,000 per mile as opposed to the millions needed for a real fence. Duh!

On or about the first of February I picked up the phone and heard "if you'd like to take part in a conference call with Cong. Mark Schauer, please stay on the line." I was curious and reported to you that he knew everyone personally to whom he spoke and anyone else on the line listened to his canned speeches. Well, guess what. Last week we rec'd a letter thanking us for taking part in that effort followed by a three page letter listing all of Schauer's accomplishments. A full 7 weeks later?

So I called the office and asked when I might expect to hear from him as to his position on the give-away of Chrysler to Fiat which I had first asked for the second week of February. They didn't remember my call nor did they have a record of it, so I called his Washington office figuring that he should have an opinion by now. The young man said he would send a letter out. Still waiting.............. It's been over 6 weeks now......

I'm going up for a nice, relaxing hot bath. See you tomorrow. God bless.........

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